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Kool Katt by Will
Badpuppy Model - Teodor

“You can’t always get what you want; but sometimes you’ll find you get what you need.” Mick Jaggar

After eyeballing website model, Kool Katt’s blistering hot photo gallery on the Homeboyz.com website, Jake Cassidy was sure as hell that he was totally in love with the awesome angel. He had never before in his life seen himself more fully in anyone else as he did in that of the young blonde Scandinavian rascal.

Quickly, he contacted the webmaster at the website to see if he could meet the stellar hunk of youthful manmeat. Following the usual screening procedures at the website, Jake was soon scheduled to meet with one of the internet’s newest and most popular models, Kool Katt.

The two handsome young men came face to face several days later at a cyber café in center city. It turned out that the beautiful male model was ten months younger than the twenty-two year old Jake. Which somehow made it all the more exciting for the older guy. Kook Kat was charming, personable, rather bright, and extraordinarily sexy. An even though he had appeared naked on a celebrated gay website, he didn’t appear to be the least bit gay -- despite the fact that Jake had definitely picked up a gay-vibe from his photos. In person he seemed to be a bit emotionally-guarded, even slightly brutish in some instances. Nonetheless, the innate feelings the two guys experienced for each other at first sight was unmistakable. There was instant likability. When they encountered each other the scene closely resembled two powerful male tigers sizing the other up. The sexual energy surrounding them was palpable. But whether or not those feelings would segue into a heated toss in the hay was difficult to tell.

They discovered they had many likes in common and spent the rest of the day and the next, skateboarding, soccer playing, talking about girls, and shooting-the-bull with friends at a pizzeria. Both eventually confessed that they enjoyed getting their pictures taken in the nude to be posted on the gay website. But it was only for the thrill of exhibitionism and for the extra money earned -- and nothing else!

Each realizing the crippling awkwardness of the other when the subject of homosexuality came up, they both decided on claiming to be heterosexual. Still, that did not keep either of them from fantasizing at night - as the mental naked and aroused image of the other brought each to unbelievably gratifying orgasms. And despite all of Kool Katt’s pretense at being straight and sexually aloof, Jake’s feelings for the handsome, tortured boy deepened all the more for him. The sexual vibes of Kool Katt versus the emotionally-detached words of Kool Katt spoke two disparate languages. But Jake would not, nor could not, abandon his all-consuming thirst to own and bed-down that hot luscious body and the warm, very confused heart of Kool Katt.

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Yet still, each time they were out and about and certain intense degrees of sizzling intimacy surfaced between them, all that reality-bonding was swiftly and immediately squashed whenever a friend or family member of the younger guy happened into view. As if by cue, he would automatically tense, shoot up some huge protective wall, and then lapse into some awkward, paranoiac stance. It was really painful for Jake to handle.

Going into the second week of his dalliance with Kool Katt, Jake decided he was going to either shit or get off the pot, with the homophobic website model. He was going to blurt out to the guy his deep feelings for him and then paint a picture of just how badly he wanted to get it on with him.

Badpuppy Model - Teodor Phoning the model’s house, Jake was informed that Lars Katzendyner was spending the week at his Uncle’s ranch in Lemon Grove, 25 miles northeast of San Diego. Following many failed attempts, he finally reached Lars “Kool Katt” Katzendyner at his uncle’s ranch. After a brief conversation, Jake, trying to be as cool as he could, asked if he could come up for a visit. Seemingly, almost reluctantly, Kool Katt agreed. After some directions had been provided, Jake was on his way.

Almost forty minutes later, as promised, Jake had traveled the 25 mile distance from San Diego, steering his motor bike onto the property of Kool Katt’s uncle at 11:22am. Jumping off the bike, he went in search of his friend. Turning the corner on the walkway, he encountered Uncle Karl, who was repairing a broken fence or trellis. The two exchanged greetings and Jake was told that “…the very pensive and insightful Lars was up on a hill struggling with his dreams of a better world”.

Eying the direction in which the old man looked, Jake politely smiled, offered thanks, then broke into a jog across the lush terrain, up the hill toward his beautiful, introspective friend.

There dangling amid the thick sturdy branches of a huge old Maple tree, reposed the magnificent Kool Katt. His summer blonde hair glistened like beams of spun gold amid the lustrous bright green leaves of the branches – his trim muscular physique, a magnificent work of Anglo art.

The rich scent of the fertile southern California’s soil flirtatiously teased the vulnerable senses of Jake Cassidy. He was fully aroused by the wondrous magic of nature. The babbling waters of a nearby stream insistently inspired a torrential surging within him – perhaps as consequence of his transfixion with the reposing sexually-robust beauty within the branches above him. Suddenly, he tensed, being somewhat daunted by the exquisite tableau created by the beautiful pagan in the Bo Tree. Was he deserving of such a perfect specimen” True, he sensed it, but didn’t know for sure, if Kool Katt’s feelings actually equaled the strength and power of his own. For even though the younger male did his utmost to manifest the contrary, his energy and body language often spoke the opposite. But he had to know. He had to know at this exact moment. Jake Cassidy was tired of chasing a shadow.

Almost whispering, he spoke up to one of Nature’s most alluring wonders. “Do any of those worldly daydreams in which you now indulge include me?”

Slowly craning his head in the direction of the familiar voice, Kool Katt sent down a look of detached surprise … and then, seeing who it was .. a look of loving excitement.

“Ah, Jake…” he said.

Badpuppy Model - Teodor Gazing down at his new friend, Kool Katt lowered himself out from among the sheltering branches and soon stood before Jake. They both postured there nervously and awkwardly – noiselessly searching each other’s presence. Confounding emotions traveled to the surface – then were shoved back down. An enormous need to hungrily touch each other was that which powerfully mastered each. Within their chests, their hearts beat with such ferocity, it seemed the clamor of each would soon deafen them both. An upwelling of tears in his eyes soon found Kool Katt placing a trembling hand upon Jake’s chest. “I know that you’re really a super cool guy, Jake, but I want more than just friendship with you!”

Following his confession, Kool Katt swiftly turned away. Jake’s heart exploded with warmth and clarity.

“Come on, dude, don’t spazz out on me. I wanna bang boots with you too! BOY do I wanna git in your stuff” whispered Jake, thrusting his hands around Kool Katt’s waist – pulling him close.

“But it’s wrong, man!” cried Kool Katt, aggressively struggling against the older and taller guy’s embraces.

Jake stood back from the resistance. He suffered at being rebuffed by someone he’d come to like so well – and by one who it had taken him so long to get the courage to hit on. “Come on..” Jake finally said, “… you don’t believe all that shit, do you? All the dumbass hell and brimstone, and God’s merciless wrath do you? It’s all bullshit and poppycock! You know that don’t you??”

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“NO! I don’t believe all that shit, man,” blurted Kook Kat, “but other people believe it! Ever since I did that photo spread with HomeBoyz I’ve been scared to death that some of my family or friends might find out! It’s a nightmare, man! All the more popular I get, all the more afraid I am!” Swiftly turning back around, he bravely threw himself against the older guy. Jake eagerly greeted the contact.

“Oh, dude, this is 2008! Not 1908! Now you can be whoever the hell you want to be, without any shame or regret! Self denial is not a healthy way to live, man…it’s one of the major causes for cancer.” said Jake.

“Oh, jeez, man. You got my head all strangled up. I thought I had all the answers. I was content in my game of denial. Then you had to come long, stirring up all these real and deep feelings I thought I’d never have to feel again”, began Kool Katt placing his arms around Jake and gently rubbing his body against the older guy. He felt the commanding erection of the other. Looking into Jake’s cool, understanding eyes eyes, he almost whispered “…I don’t know how to do what we’re about to do, man, but my body and heart are all yours.”

Badpuppy Model - Teodor Taking a sharp breath to steady himself, Jake looked into the warm, innocent smile and radiant blue eyes of the other. Following a seemingly very lengthy pause he felt his hands slowly traveling down to massage the buttocks of the younger guy. He suddenly felt an unyielding impulse to sob and didn’t know why. His heart still loudly pounded and the sound in his ears was like that of powerful waves wildly thrashing upon a rock-lined shore. Kool Katt patiently smiled - tiny lines next to his young eyes forced Jake’s gaze to his fine-lipped mouth. Slowly and effortlessly, Kool Katt’s hands finally went to the older guy’s pants – unzipping the unbelted jeans, and shoving them down. Emboldened by the move, Jake did likewise, and then slipped the shirt up over the younger guy’s beautiful shoulders and head.

Almost blinded by the satiny, effervescent skin that covered the masterful physique of Lars “Kool Katt’ Katzendyner, Jake’s whole body shook as he gently cupped the smooth muscular shoulders. Then the same grateful hands streamed down the sculpted chest, resting it upon the rapid pulsing just beneath the ribs. The other hand went out to firmly grasp the hand of Kool Katt’s, and guiding it through the air, placed it on his throbbing, jerking cock.

The obedient Lars felt the thunder of Jake’s heartbeat in the rigid column of flesh that his hand now encircled. He reveled in the exciting thrill of touching Jake’s stiff angry cock. Running his grip all over its full length, he was elated by its perfect size, its manly intention, and its radiant heat. A soft purring sound seemed to usher from deep within him as he contentedly worshiped his new friend’s penis.

Finally divested of their clothes, they rapturously pressed warm naked flesh against warm naked flesh. Jake’s strong arms fiercely surrounded Kool Katt’s perfect body as the musky, life-giving scent of the younger guy mercilessly engulfed him. Clumsily, the older guy pressed his lips wetly upon the younger male's lips - his tongue parting the cool teeth and exploring the landscape of his sweetly-scented mouth. Their bodies seemed to float as they both gently tumbled down upon the warm grass in the early afternoon shade. Curious hands discovered parts never before touched; grateful mouths happily gave, and both greedily took pleasures and gave pleasure. Each mimicked what had been done to the other – so much more than they both had done while alone, with their own hand, as they had so feverishly dreamed of doing it to each other.

Jake’s breath carried a voice he thought was his own, “I love you; I have longed for someone like you for so long”. But it was not his voice. This prompted him to lick the salt from Kool Katt’s face, from his ears, from the blue vein that vined down his neck. His tongue traveled and traveled all over that princely body until it discovered a haven between two sweet mounds of peaches and crème flesh. And there he lengthily dined on a taut pink rosebud while his partner thrashed bucked and squirmed in the throes of Dionysian pleasure. There Jake Cassidy took his the soul-stirring pleasure he had long imagined; there Kool Katt feverishly enjoyed the mind-exploding pleasure he had long anticipated.

Being brave against the fleeting explosion of fear, Jake soon eased up against the younger guy’s ear and said, “Let’s take this further. Lie still, okay?”. Kool Katt enthusiastically did as he was told. Jake was now even braver when his powerful hands tenderly parted those legs further and felt his weight savagely sink into the lush satiny flesh of Kool Katt.

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“Take it out! Jake…Take it out!” cried out a pain-wracked Kool Katt. But the train was now on the tracks, with no working brakes to halt it, “Wait just a minute, babe…just wait a minute”, breathlessly murmured Jake smoothing the boy upon the shoulders, “please wait a minute and we’ll both be in the same place.”

Badpuppy Model - Teodor With this soothing utterance, the older guy felt his young friend opening for him, as he happily hurt, sweetly. Reaching beneath Kool Katt, Jake stroked the rigid cock of the other as if it were his own.

As the older male rocked and rocked and rocked into him – the winds of his great pleasure howled loudly into Kool Katt’s ears. An urgency whirled within each and they found themselves wetly dancing to the beat of their own flesh-on-flesh clapping.

Finally, both at the edge of a moan they could no longer suppress, Kool Katt’s thick maleness copiously jetted into the older boy’s waiting fingertips. With that, Jake gasped, his body flexing in several waves, then savagely jetting his abundant male liquid into the hot, moist pleading shadow of Kool Katt’s intestines.

Collapsing atop the younger guy while still inside him, both felt their heartbeats eventually slow to a rhythm of sleep. With his lips grazing Kool Katt’s ear, Jake whispered “Of all the madness in the world today, I would not want a better tomorrow if you aren’t mine to share it with”. Stirring ever so softly, Kool Katt returned, “As usual, Jake, again you’re saying what I’m thinking”. Both snuggled closer as they surrendered themselves to a few minutes of unconsciousness there on the warm grass in the balmy midday sun.

What had been blossoming in their searching hearts for the past eight days, but unspoken by their innocent, insecure tongues, had been eloquently accomplished there upon the fertile good earth of Southern California.

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