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Knight in Shining Armour by Hrtofgld

Badpuppy Model - Zach Daniels & KC I guess I have known Eric for nearly half of my life. We first met in elementary school, sort of by accident. I was a skinny little runt at that age, and several bigger boys started picking on me one day in the school yard. After taunting me with verbal abuse for a time, one of them punched me in the stomach and threw me to the ground. I was scared shitless, but I struggled to hold back from crying so that they wouldn't think that I was a total wimp. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, Eric appeared and drove the gang of bullies away. He was a big kid for his age, so nobody wanted to fuck with him at all. I looked up startled at my knight in shining armor, and he just smiled and extended a hand to help me to my feet. When I thanked him for helping me out of the situation, he just laughed and said that he couldn't stand guys who pushed other people around for no good reason. From that day on, we became fast friends and almost constant companions. He even taught me how to defend myself in a fight, although he voiced a dislike for needless violence in any form.

As I grew older, my body began to fill-out nicely, although I still had a tall thin build. I shot up like a weed in height during my middle-to-late teens, and I now stand 6 feet 2 inches tall and weigh about 195 pounds. Eric, on the other hand, only grew to be about 6 feet tall, but his body continued to bulk-up to around 210 pounds of bulging musculature. He became a varsity wrestler in high school, and he won nearly all of his matches during those years. With my build, I decided to join the swim team, and I did quite well in most of my meets. By our senior year in high school, both Eric and I had varsity letters in our respective sports, and we were two of the big men on campus. Naturally, we both had plenty of high school chicks chasing after us, and we usually double-dated on the weekends.

It was around this time that I started to realize something about our relationship. I found that I wasn't happy unless Eric was hanging around with me. When we would take our dates up to the park to make-out, I would catch myself stealing glances over at Eric's half-naked body, even as I ravaged my latest girlfriend's body. I shot a load all over my date's big tits one time, but my eyes were glued to Eric's naked round bubble butt when it happened. To my confused horror, I realized that I was becoming sexually attracted to my best friend. I feared that he would punch my lights out if he ever discovered my hidden feelings. But the more that I tried to fight it, the more fixated I became about seeing his butch muscular body. We would workout in the school gym together in an effort to buildup our teenaged bodies. It almost became a personal competition to see who could get the most cut definition to his muscles. Eric seemed to love showing off his buff body to everyone in the gym, but most especially to me. He would taunt me about being his 'wimpy little muscle buddy,' then he would smile and flex his muscles in various bodybuilding poses.

The summer following our high school graduation, Eric suggested that we go on an overnight camping trip into the mountains. We both loved the great outdoors, and this was our way of relaxing before our big plans in the fall. I had talked Eric into enlisting in the Marines with me, although I doubted that he wanted to do it for the same reasons that I did. For two energetic 18-year-old dudes, it was a time to pause and savor the wide realm of possibilities that lay ahead of us. It was a warm day as we headed out from the trail head into the woods, and before long we stopped beside a slow-moving brook to rest. Eric took the opportunity to remove his sweaty T-shirt, and my eyes unconsciously scanned his buff upper torso. His pectoral muscles were massive, and his big brown male nipples were surrounded by tufts of golden blond hair. A thin wispy trail of hair ran down the middle of his rock-hard abdomen, before it vanished into the waistband of his loose-fitting jeans. The front of his worn-out 501's sported a generous bulge in the crotch. I knew from the locker room that Eric was hung at least 7 inches even when soft, and that he had huge low-hanging balls. I licked my lips remembering from our double-dates how big his rod got when it was hard. From glances that I stole a few times, I estimate that it grew to 11 throbbing inches of prime male meat.

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"Damn Adam, it feels so good to be out here. All this clean fresh air and warm summer breezes. And being able to share it all with my best buddy. Come on dude, strip that fucking soggy shirt off and relax. We have a ways to go until we get to the first camp site," stated Eric cheerfully as he drank from his water bottle. I chuckled and pulled my sweaty swim team jersey over my head and off. The skin on my totally smooth hairless chest tingled from the hot sun shining on it, and my nipples became erect from a cool wind blowing over them. I ran my hands down over my firm nicely rippled swimmer's abs and unconsciously fingered my deeply indented navel. My underwear clung tightly to my sweat-soaked cock and balls, and an almost lewd bulge showed in the crotch of my torn ripped jeans. It might have just been my imagination, but I could swear that Eric licked his lips hungrily when I stretched my arms above my head to get the kinks out of my muscles. We resumed our hike before long, and I kept staring at Eric's big round butt as he walked ahead of me on the trail.

When we arrived at the camp site beside a small mountain lake, we quickly went about the task of unpacking the tent and setting it up. As soon as the work was done, Eric stripped stark-naked and ran into the refreshing waters of the lake. His short cropped blond hair shone with a golden hue in the bright sunlight, as he shouted for me to join him. I was halfway to a hard-on by the time I removed my own sweaty clothing and dove into the water. We swam and horsed around in the sparkling pond for about half an hour. At one point, Eric snuck up on me from under water and he grabbed me by the waist to pull me down. For a brief moment, his hand brushed over my cock and pulled down on my hairless balls. I choked and nearly swallowed a mouthful of water as I threw an instant boner. Eric just laughed and shouted as he swam back to the shore, and then stood there drying his body with a towel. By the time that I had composed myself and headed to shore, Eric had his eyes glued to my crotch. As I stepped out of the water, I realized that my cock was still half erect. I paused to watch his massive chest rising and falling in rhythm with his breathing, and I noticed that his own thick cock was twitching on his beefy thigh.

I quickly grabbed my own towel and began to dry my short light-brown hair. When I dropped the towel down from my face to briskly rub my damp crotch, I looked over at Eric and saw his deep-blue eyes staring me down. He had a strange look on his face that made my horny adolescent cock begin to swell uncontrollably. I froze like a deer in headlights and my breathing became a series of short gasps. I trembled with humiliation as I lost all control over my body, and my dick became rock-hard betraying my faggot lust for my best friend's huge muscular teenaged body. I whimpered like a hurt puppy dog and lowered my eyes to the ground in total terror.

Badpuppy Model - Zach Daniels & KC "Yea, I knew it. I just knew it, dude. My so-called butch jock-boy pal gets excited by just the sight of my naked muscle-stud body. Admit it, you pathetic little punk," growled Eric roughly as I watched his big tool getting harder by the minute. Stunned, I fell onto my knees in the sand next to Eric, and my horny cock started to drip pre-cum. Looking up into his deep-blue eyes, I reached out with a trembling hand and touched his firm rippled stomach. I felt Eric's hand slide over and wrap itself around mine. Pulling my arm toward his heaving abdomen, he pressed my palm against his rock-hard dick. I gasped audibly when I felt the heat of his huge pulsing member. Eric groaned and I felt a few drops of pre-cum leak out into my hand from the head of his erect rod.

"Yea, that's it, you wimp. Feel me up with your hungry muscle-pup hands. I know you really want to. I bet you've had wet dreams just waiting for this to happen. Yea baby, this hard fucking dick is all ready for you. Open your faggot mouth, you punk. Gonna pound that sweet cocksucking mouth, pretty-boy," gasped my gorgeous muscle-bound buddy as his hands grabbed the sides of my head. I whimpered in lust and started sucking Eric's delicious cock roughly down into my hungry throat. Quickly my hand moved to my own crotch, and I stared up at the handsome butch jock as I began pumping my throbbing erection. Sitting up slightly, I reached up with my other hand and pinched Eric's erect male nipples between my fingers. He opened his deep-blue eyes and his mouth fell open gasping for air. Staring straight into my eyes, the big hunk moaned and bolts of his creamy white spunk began to shoot straight down my throat. Kneeling beside his heaving abdomen, I whimpered like a little puppy as I continued fisting my 9-inch pulsing cock. Eric reached down and yanked my head back by the hair, and the look in his eyes soon caused me to blow my load onto my hard swimmer's abs, all of the way up to the bottom of my bulging pecs.

Grabbing my shoulders, Eric pulled my cum-covered chest up against him, and he started kissing me frantically right on the mouth. This big macho jock was kissing me like one of his slutty bitches. It was then that I realized that my childhood hero was just as queer as I was. Digging his fingers into my tight round butt cheeks, he ground our sweaty groins together with unbridled lust. My fucking cock was still rock-hard rubbing against his thick monster rod, even after blowing my wad. I grasped both sides of Eric's handsome face as I drove my tongue deep inside his hungry jock-boy mouth. Finally breaking our passionate lip-lock, I brutally yanked his head back and slapped the side of his flushed face, and I growled, "You fucking muscle-bound gym-slut. Yea, I've been turned-on to your gorgeous body for a few years now. I should be, the way you love to display your half-naked body to every guy in the gym. You pathetic closet queer, now I know what kind of attention that you really want. I should rape your worthless muscle-hungry ass."

Eric whimpered in lust, then stood back and started flexing his muscles in a series of bodybuilding poses. His huge biceps bulged and his pectorals rippled with awesome power, as he panted, "Oh please, baby-stud. Pose-off with me like this. I want to see your gorgeous muscles pump and show off for this hungry jock. Make me show what a muscle-loving gym-punk I really am. Begging to worship another stud's manly body like a cock-hungry queer." With his eyes glued to my torso, I growled and started striking a pose with my rock-hard abdominal muscles revealing a firm six-pack of indented ripples. My bulging thigh muscles tensed as I fell to one knee and flexed my arms above my head. Looking over at Eric, I heard him moan as he stared directly at the totally erect rod sticking out from my groin. Flexing his beefy arms in front of him, he kissed his own bulging biceps and leered at me suggestively.

As I posed in front of Eric like a Greek statue, he moved closer to my smooth sweaty torso and I reached out to viscously pinch his big pink erect nipples. He fell onto his knees and then moaned loudly from the pain in his beefy pecs. The poor butch jock reached up and ran his big paws all over my sharply defined swimmer's abs, then buried his face into my sweaty crotch to lick my low-hanging balls. I pumped my throbbing jock-boy rod directly over his face, and began dick-slapping his flushed cheeks with my dripping penis. When he whimpered and moaned at this treatment, I yanked his head back by the hair and spit into his upturned face several times. As my saliva dripped down his forehead, he gazed up at me with a look of total lust and defiance in his deep-blue eyes. I growled down at him, "My hot butch-looking pussy-boy likes being humiliated. I bet you got aroused those few times that you were forced to submit to another hunky wrestler on the mat. You probably wished that he would flip you over and fuck that tight butt of yours. Oh yea, Eric, how long have you been hiding these feelings from me? You want me to take control and let you become my jock-boy bitch. That's what you've always wanted, isn't it faggot?"

When Eric struggled to his feet and tried to hit me, I sidestepped his punch and landed my fist right into his midsection (the poor slob had taught me to fight all too well). As he gasped for air, I swiftly moved around behind him and got him in a tight choke hold. Even as he flailed his muscular arms in an attempt to wriggle free, my stiff boner lodged up into the crack of his firm bubble-butt. Eric's struggling became weaker as the oxygen drained from his lungs, and soon his arms fell limp at his sides. I lowered his buff torso to the ground and pulled his arms behind his back as I sat on his ass. I leaned forward and hissed into his ear, "Submit fucker. I've watched you wrestle long enough to know all of your weaknesses. You know that I've got your number, muscle-boy."

Eric started sobbing uncontrollably, and he whimpered, "Oh God...Oh no, man...I just wanted to make you...shit, this can't be happening...I'm supposed best friend is...please Adam, let me...Oh fuck...I submit...I admit're right about me...I'm tired of trying to pretend that I'm something I'm not...I'm queer for that gorgeous muscular body of yours...fuck my butch ass like some cheap whore...I've always wanted you to take me." Panting with passion, I pulled the muscle-bound stud to his feet and pushed him back toward our campsite. Quickly grabbing some soft cotton rope, I bound the exhausted jock's arms above his head to a hanging tree branch. With his hard abdomen stretched taut, I ran my hands down his chest and fondled his now totally erect monster cock. I taunted him about having such a huge rod for a pussy-boy, and the helpless slut moaned and dropped his head down in humiliation.

Badpuppy Model - Zach Daniels & KC Leaving Eric hanging there, I went to the tent and fished around in the pockets of my varsity jacket and found my date kit. After preparing my throbbing erection with some lube and a condom, I returned to my bound buddy and stood behind him. Out of control with pent-up lust, I started slapping his firm round butt cheeks hard with my open hand. I growled into his ear, "That's for taunting me all of these years with your buff muscle-pup body. You pumped yourself up just to make me drool over you, didn't you faggot boy? Well, congratulations baby, it worked. Now I'm going to do what I've wanted for so long." With those words, I grabbed his muscular hips and plunged my hard cock brutally into his cherry ass. When Eric screamed from the sudden invasion of his anal passage, I clamped my hand over his mouth until he settled down and began moaning softly. His warm hole felt so good around my rod as I started pounding his butch ass deeply. The horny little queer began begging me to fuck him harder and faster like the bitch-boy that he wanted to become.

I reached around his waist and started jacking him off with my fist. I bit into his neck as my sweaty torso smacked against his smooth well-muscled back. With a loud grunt, his erect monster rod fired huge bolts of his male seed all over my hand and the insides of his own beefy jock-boy thighs. As the white spunk dribbled down his gorgeous sinewy legs, I yanked my hard cock from his hot hole and I ripped off the rubber. Grinding my erection against his backside, I soon spilled a huge load of spunk all over Eric's sweet round buns. Panting from my sudden release, I raised my hand to Eric's mouth and forced him to lick his cum from my fingers. Standing back from Eric's bound body, I unconsciously rubbed my rippled abdomen watching the two loads of sperm dripping down his buff torso. His spent cock and balls swung limply between his powerful legs, and his head was hung down in shame, with his once-proud spirit now totally broken.

After a few minutes, I reached up and released Eric from his bondage. Hugging his damp sweaty body in my arms, I guided him into the tent and lowered his nude torso down onto the soft sleeping bags that we had spread-out earlier. Laying down beside my handsome buddy, I let his head rest up into the crook of my muscular arm, and I started tenderly stroking the side of his face with my fingers. When the poor stud began to sob once again, I whispered to him, "It's OK, baby-stud. Let it all out. Now it's my turn to be the strong one. In case you haven't noticed, I'm not that skinny little runt from the school yard any more. I know that you're confused and afraid about your feelings for me, but now I think that you're ready to accept what I'm about to tell you in the proper way. I love you, dude, in every way possible. You're more than just my best friend to me. I'm in love with the most gorgeous hunk of manly muscles that I could ever imagine. A man who has been too busy protecting others to allow himself to be protected. Please, Eric, let me take care of you from now on."

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Eric crawled on top of me and started grinding our sweaty groins together. Straddling my chest with his muscular arms, he licked my entire face with his tongue like a puppy dog. As I felt his big cock becoming rock-hard pressed against my abdomen, the horny hunk began kissing me deeply. Forcing his tongue inside my mouth, Eric moaned in lust when I dug my fingers into the massive glutes that formed his ass. He suddenly broke the kiss and gasped, "Oh Adam, I love you so much. God, it feels good to finally say that out loud. I was so afraid that you would be repulsed by my desires for you. I was certain that my incredible man-stud buddy couldn't possibly love me as much as I loved him. I invited you up here to at least have your sweet lips wrapped around my rod, even if it was only a one-time shot. I was so tired of trying to remain under control. Please forgive me, Adam. I need your love so badly."

Shifting my weight around, I flipped Eric over onto his back and quickly sat on his chest. Leaning forward on my arms, I aimed my throbbing cock at his face and rubbed it across his full red lips. Growling that he owed me something, I plunged my dripping erection into his open mouth and started fucking his handsome face hard. The butch queer moaned and grabbed my tight butt with his strong hands, forcing my shaft more deeply into his cocksucking mouth. It was like he wanted me to totally choke him with my stiff boner. Suddenly, he gurgled loudly around my dick and I felt big globs of muscle-spunk splatting against the crack of my ass and the bottom of my ballsack. Yanking my tool from between his sweet lips, I sat back and jacked a huge load of creamy white cum all over the fucking faggot's gorgeous face. Sliding forward, I rubbed the sperm into his skin with the back of my still-erect rod and the underside of my low-hanging balls. The hungry jock wrapped his lips around my gonads and sucked them clean of my tasty spunk. When I fell exhausted beside my muscular lover, he curled his cum-covered body up against mine, and he proceeded to suck on one of my erect nipples like a nursing baby.

A couple of months after our journey of discovery, it was time for Eric and I to report to the Marine Corps for our two months plus of boot camp. After signing our life away to Uncle Sam's tender mercy, we were herded into the huge induction building. One of our first stops was to have all of the hair on our heads shorn. This was no big deal for Eric and I, since we always had worn our hair in a buzz cut anyway. But for some of these pretty-boys, it was quite a sight to see their long curls dropping to the floor. Watching them gave me my first hard-on of the day. Following the required medical exams, they strip you of every stitch of your former civilian clothing. Then they issue you several sets of military gear, including olive-green skivvies (T-shirts and underwear), cammies (camouflage pants and shirts), and of course, the black military hiking boots. After what seemed like a very long day, we were marched over to the barracks and assigned bunks in the various units. Eric and I had enlisted on the buddy system, and we were lucky enough to get adjoining beds.

Badpuppy Model - Zach Daniels & KC In basic training, they don't allow you much free social time in the beginning. But eventually Eric was able to pull me aside to compare notes about some of the other grunts. He had the hots for a big blond 20-year-old from Texas who was a buff package of bulging muscles. This stud named Jason had a bunk right across from ours in the same barracks. He must have stood about 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighed in excess of 200 pounds, and from what we could tell he was hung at least as well as my buddy Eric. I was horny for a cute 19-year-old redheaded kid that was about my height, but a whole lot thinner. I just fell in love with his gorgeous smooth baby-faced looks, and I learned that his name was David. He was from the New England area, somewhere around Boston. After the first week of basic, I was disappointed when he had to be assigned to the PTP (physical training platoon) to get his skinny body built-up to withstand the rigors of Marine training.

Both Eric and I did quite well in the training drills, as our pumped bodies were well-suited to the task of being military grunts. Eric was a bit jealous of me when I scored the highest marks in the platoon on the rifle range. Thank God for sharp eyesight. Eric was a natural in the hand-to-hand combat drills, and he put all of us to shame. To Eric's total delight, Jason started becoming very chummy with both of us. I thought that I noticed his eyes grabbing every chance to steal a glance at Eric's muscular body around the barracks. From the showers, everyone knew how well my sweet lover-boy was hung. And as we had guessed, Jason was no slouch in that department either. We were all horny as rutting bulls, but as I mentioned earlier, basic leaves you very little personal time.

Toward the end of our training cycle, I was pleased when David was reassigned back into our platoon. Man, what a difference a little strength training can make in a dude. The fucking kid was now a well-toned bundle of smooth hard muscles. His cute baby-face looked so hot attached to a tough muscular man's body. He also seemed quite happy when I went out of my way to be friendly to him. I wanted to become very friendly with him, if you know what I mean. I didn't notice it at first, but Eric pointed out to me that David always tried to get the shower head right next to mine most of the time. I kidded him about having his eyes glued to Jason's crotch at those moments, so how could he have noticed. He shot me a look, then laughed and glanced around quickly. Seeing that the coast was clear, he grabbed my crotch and whispered, "I still love this package the most. And I always will."

Finally it was time for the last exercise of our basic training -- a rigorous three-day march into the woods, including some live-fire combat drills. Talk about building Marine camaraderie, by the end of this fucking ordeal we had to help each other stumble across the finish under the Marine arch. The next day, after cleaning the dirt from every pore of our tired bodies, we put on our brand-new classic 'devil dog' dress uniforms and assembled on the parade grounds. After taking the official Marine oath, we were each awarded our 'eagle and anchor' pins as full-fledged United States Marine Corps jarheads. Once the graduation ceremony was over, I turned to Eric and gave him a manly hug. Whispering in his ear, I told him, "Now you're really my knight in shining armor, stud. Semper Fi, man."

With basic training over, we finally had some time off to ourselves. Although most of the guys wanted to head back to their home towns before assignment, the four of us decided to rent a motel room for a few days a short distance from the base. I knew what Eric and I hoped would happen there, but we weren't sure about what Jason and David desired. We got a single room with two double beds. After unpacking our gear, we all stripped down to our skivvies to get ready for bed. Jason and David looked kind of sad when Eric and I sat together on one of the beds. Eric noticed this first, and he turned to our Marine brothers and asked, "Did you guys have some other arrangement in mind?"

Jason stood up and walked over to Eric, saying to him, "Yea I did, stud. I want to rub my naked torso against that gorgeous muscular Marine body of yours. Then we'll find out whose big cock gets shoved up into whose hungry tight butch butt." Grabbing Eric around the neck, Jason dragged my handsome lover over toward the other bed, while ripping the front of his skivvy T-shirt wide open. As Jason brutally twisted his exposed erect nipples, Eric dropped to his knees and moaned loudly. Then while staring down at the whimpering jock-boy before him, the big blond hunk lowered his boxers and freed his rock-hard 12-inch rod. Eric's deep-blue eyes widened when he realized that Jason was hung even longer than him. He tried in vain to hold his head back as Jason forced his mouth toward the dripping shaft. Angrily slapping the side of Eric's face, the horny soldier-boy pressed the head of his tool against my defeated lover's wet lips. When Eric gasped for air, the pulsing shaft was rammed deeply down into his cocksucking throat.

David groaned at the sight of the two blond hunks going at it, and he crawled over to my feet. Looking up at me with his deep-brown eyes, he humped his bulging crotch against my leg. With a look of lust on his angelic face, he gasped, "Please Adam. I want you to be rough with me, just like that. Make me take it like a man who needs training. Force me to service your jock-stud body like the wimpy pussy-boy faggot that I've always been." Pushing the horny redhead down onto his back, I dropped my knee right into his tight abdomen, knocking the wind out of him. As the stunned kid lay there moaning, I straddled his chest and ground my cotton-covered bulge against his cute young face. He frantically clawed at my muscular bubble-butt with his hands, desperate for air. His frantic actions caused the back of my briefs to slide down over my ass, and somehow several of his fingers jammed up into my pink fuck hole. I grunted and pushed my ass back against his invading hand. Panting with lust, I wedged the front of my skivvies underneath my balls, letting my throbbing cock dangle over David's sweet red lips. "You fucking queer grunt. Finger my hot hole while I pound your pretty-boy face with my stiff jarhead rod. Make me shoot my load down that wimpy cocksucking throat of yours," I snarled at the helpless fag as he stared up at me with a look of total passion.

Badpuppy Model - Zach Daniels & KC Meanwhile, Eric was gasping and choking trying to suck on Jason's thick monster cock. Tears streamed down his cheeks from the realization of his total degradation. But from deep within his mind came the thought that this was exactly what he needed. He wanted his butch Marine brother to completely desecrate his worthless muscle-punk body like the bitch that he was. As if on cue, Jason yanked his dripping shaft from Eric's sucking mouth, and he tossed the stunned hunk onto the bed. Swiftly removing all of his own clothing, Jason pulled Eric's damp sweaty boxers down his legs. He then jammed these into my butch lover's pussy mouth and secured them with some of the shreds from his torn shirt. Eric heard a metallic noise just as his muscular arms were forced behind his back. Jason locked a pair of silver handcuffs around his wrists, then Eric felt several stinging slaps being applied to his massive glutes. As Jason prepared his big dick with a condom, Eric sobbed into the bed knowing what was about to happen to his tight ass.

By this time, I was brutally fucking David's baby-face with my rock-hard erection. The hungry stud had pulled off his own underwear to fist his wimpy 8-inch throbber. He had continued to finger my twitching hole roughly, and the hot little shit was pushing me to the edge. When he stopped jacking his muscle-boy rod to begin viciously spanking my round bubble-butt, my balls started pumping their creamy contents up into the shaft of my cock. "Oh you fucking little bitch. Beat my muscular ass hard. Show me how you punish a horny faggot for trying to rape your masculine Marine body. Oh shit, baby, I'm shooting down your warm throat. Drink my muscle-spunk and drain the virility from my wimpy body," I whimpered as a steady stream of cum filled David's open mouth. He suddenly pushed me over backwards and he pinned my arms to the floor. Glaring down at me with a wild look in his eyes, he spit the load of my own dripping semen all over my face and neck. Quickly grabbing one of Jason's condoms from the floor, he pushed my legs back toward my chest as he prepared his thick uncut tool. Pumping some lube into his hand, he applied the slick liquid to my exposed butt crack. Lifting my legs up onto his muscular shoulders, David screamed at me, "I changed my mind, punk. I just realized that you're a bigger pussy-boy than I'll ever be. Jason was sure that you two muscle-boys were just submissive cock-hungry wimps, but I wasn't certain. Now look at both of you, with your hungry butts up in the air waiting to be fucked."

I could see Eric's gagged face staring down at me on the floor, and I saw a look of dejection in his deep-blue eyes. He had heard what David had said, and we both realized that we had failed to protect the other from sexual humiliation. Our once-proud macho holes were now being fucked brutally by two of the USMCs toughest members. My sweet lover's sweaty butt cheeks stuck up from the surface of the bed, as Jason reamed his chute and spanked his buns with an open hand. Large red welts began to appear on his tight white glutes. David reached forward and started to brutally twist my pink nipples between his strong fingers. His cock shaft was so thick that it was really ripping open my tight virgin ass. After what seemed like an eternity, both of the fucking studs grunted, and they shot their loads into the rubbers.

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After Jason released Eric from his bondage, he grabbed David by the waist and pulled him against his chest. The two butch jarheads started kissing each other passionately right on the mouth. Poor Eric crawled over to me, and we both fell onto the other bed and hugged each other tightly. Eric licked the semi-dried cum from my face as I tenderly stroked his muscular back. When he was finished cleaning me up, Eric nuzzled his face into the crook of my neck and he started softly sobbing. Over on the other side of the room, David had pushed Jason down onto his back on the bed. I was shocked to see him apply a fresh condom to Jason's monster rod, then crouch over the muscular blond's groin and lower his ass. He impaled his own hungry butt on the stiff tool, then started riding Jason's bucking torso. David began talking like a total slut, heaping verbal abuse on both himself and Jason. When Jason slapped him hard on the side of his face several times, David moaned and he fired thick bolts of spunk all over Jason's muscular chest and handsome face. Jason reacted by forcing the horny faggot's face down into the pools of cum and he ordered the guy to lick it all up.

The End

The models in these pictures are Zach Daniels & KC

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