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Ken by Ryan Wilson-Foley

Badpuppy Model - Roman & Boleslav I sat in my chair in first class, a bit tipsy from nervousness and the champagne that still lingered on my palette. Looking out the window, the jet lurching a bit as the wheels hit the ground and the plane began braking. I waited until the plane stopped and the air hostess announced we could begin leaving the plane, butterflies in a tumultuous battle in my stomach, "Why am I so nervous, we have talked hundreds of times, we have known each other longer than I have known just about any other gay friend I have right now" I thought to myself, an upward turn at the corner of my mouth. "God.. any minute I will see him.. for the first time.. he will touch me, I will touch him.." the thought drifted away as my cock began to stiffen in my pants. I forced the thought away, not wanting to walk about the airport so obviously in a state of desire, as I headed to the exit.

As I crossed the Security check after exiting my gate, I saw him, that tall, handsome, red headed man who had equally aroused my cock and my interest for so long. Our smiles were both brightening our faces, I started to say one of those stupid little inane things one says when nervous, unsure of how to put to words, what the body has long been feeling. "Hi Ryan" he said, and before I could even think, he had his arms around me drawing me to his body, his lips seeking out my own. Before I realized it my eyes closed, as they always do instinctually in a kiss, my mouth opening to his probing tongue, the scent of his cologne and his skin, making a heady thoughtlessness in my head. He had one arm around my waist, holding us close together, his other hand behind my neck, holding my head, as if to say this was his moment to end, not mine, and only when he allowed. Minutes had to have passed in that kiss, his tongue pushing at my own, tugging at my tongue piercing, my knees starting to feel weak, my body beginning to shudder delicately. After what seemed an eternity of bliss, he released me, his mouth closing the kiss, my mouth holding the lingering taste of him. He smiled at me, licking his lips, "Champagne, eh?" he said obviously amused. "It is a good start for this weekend. I must admit it will be nice to finally get my hands on you after all this time, and all those emails you have sent me. I think you have made me hard more often over the last few years than any and all of the porn I have seen." His expression, while smiling and friendly had a devious, shadowy, almost predatory aura. I think I understood how a rabbit felt before the falcon, and for some reason, it made me blush.

"So what do you have on the schedule for the weekend?" I asked, doing my best to act casual and not showing how excited I was to be with him at long last, as well as trying to change the subject. I was not sure if I should be turned on, or embarrassed, or what I should be feeling. I knew I had been using his desires as my own toy for some time, taking delight and pleasure in knowing I made his cock hard with a few typed words. I could not stop myself. I am a cocktease. I love to make men hard, and when it is a man I want to fuck, the thrill becomes limitless for me, if not an addiction. For most men I tease, that is the only interest for me. I have long held my motto is "Talk like a whore, live like a Nun." Ken, however, was one of those rare exceptions. I teased his cock because I wanted it, and I wanted him. I teased his cock because I wanted to know I could make him hard, even if we were half a country away from each other, it turned me on... made me hard, to know that his cock was rock hard and oozing pre-cum at the thought of having me.

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"I don't know... I was thinking dinner and a movie. We could do cocktails with some friends of mine, if you want." he said nonchalantly, his easygoing manner making me feel a little like a schoolgirl. I wondered if I was the only one that was nervous. He pulled his keys out, clicking the remote to unlock the doors and popped open the trunk. We threw my Prada duffel in the trunk of his Mercedes coupe, where we embraced again, I savored the feel of his body against mine, resting my head momentarily on his shoulders, facing his neck where I could savor the subtle clean scent of his body. Just as I started to realize I could feel the erection he was starting to sport, he ended the embrace, a soft sigh escaping my lips. We got in the car, and sped off into the early evening. As we drove in his Mercedes, I kept stealing glances out of the corner of my eye, almost in shock that I was finally here. I felt cheap and slutty, for the number of times my eyes flickered towards the bulge of his crotch, my body yearning to mount him, and ride him like a wild beast run amok in carnal knowledge.

Badpuppy Model - Roman & Boleslav We decided on a quiet evening, dinner at some cozy-cool bohemian place he knew that had great food without a lot of extraneous noise though a fair sized crowd, largely other gay men. We opted to end the evening with a few bottles of choice wine and some bakery bread, olives, and some lovely cheeses from a European import shop (being part Swiss I am very partial to a good cheese). As we drove home, I could not help but see in my mind, what a gorgeous couple we made. We both were tall, fit, and handsome by anyone's standard. I mused to myself how many people saw us and imagined us as some archetype "power couple", and read into our every gesture and look. My reverie was broken as Ken's hand found my thigh and began to rub it in a gesture that thrilled me with the electricity his touch generated in me, while at the same time, the gesture felt familiar, somehow "right", as if we had been in this sleek Mercedes speeding on our way home after a wonderful evening countless times before. A tiny moan emanated in my throat, I felt almost embarrassed at this, but the squeeze he gave my thigh reassured me that he understood. God, how I wanted to kiss him right there. Instead, I placed my hand on top of his, and meshing our fingers together, squeezed his hand gently, holding it the rest of the drive home.

Once we had arrived at his home, he led me to his room, where I left my duffel, and hanging up my shirts for the weekend in his closet, I kept looking at his bed, and in my thought was the realization that in a short time I could very well be experiencing the most intense pleasure I have felt in a very long time, if not ever. My mouth started to water slightly at the thought. As we started to leave his room I caught his hand in mine and squeezed it.

We enjoyed a long night of wonderful conversation, the wine working magic, all awkwardness I felt upon arrival gone. The feeling of intimacy I felt for him, emotionally, was unexpected, but added a sort of afterglow to the room. Ken, being a wonderful host, had been so very gracious being more of a gentleman than I would have preferred, I had more than half hoped when we got home he would ravage me relentlessly as soon as he could find a surface to bend me over. I was awash in what can only be described as an exquisite, wanton desire.

I excused myself to the bathroom, and rinsed my face with some cool water and took a few deep breaths to try and calm my burning lust before I returned. Steeling myself for the thought that maybe he was just not interested in anything carnal at this time, and telling myself it WAS ok if nothing physical happened. He is a great guy, and sometimes that is enough.. sometimes that HAS to be enough. I came back out and the lights were off, and he had one candle lit. I could not see him, but as I re-entered the room I felt his hands on my shoulders that snaked down to wrap around my waist drawing me to him tightly. His breath was hot and primal on my neck, I gasped as I felt his stubble scratching the sensitive skin on my neck. "Do you want this?" Ken whispered into my ear, pressing his body against me, I could feel his erect cock in the cleft of my ass through the fabric of our pants. My hands trembled slightly as I reached behind to try and draw him closer to me; my mouth seemingly lost all power of speech. I felt one of his hands leave my shoulders to wrap around my waist. I shivered with my entire body at that gesture. A quick, but sharp smack to my ass followed almost instantly, "I asked a question, Ryan. Do you want this?"

My first thought was indignation, not being accustomed to being handled in such a manner, but as the warmth of the smack spread through my bottom, I felt a mounting desire that burned all other thought of my head. My mouth had opened to voice my indignation, but I turned my neck, to face him, instead breathily saying, "Yes." I wanted to say so much more, to say how much, or how long, or the intensity of which I wanted him. I could not. I was already so enraptured at that point it was all I could to remain standing, as Ken was kissing, licking, and gently biting my neck, an echo of a thought that my neck would show every touch it received tonight, but gone almost before it appeared. My body began to take over, reveling in what it knew to be its release to a passion it has craved for over three years. Turning me around so that we faced one another, Ken once again sought out my lips with his own, our arms racing the curves of each others bodies in an almost frenzied pace, in a comical appearance of a many armed Hindu god of male lust. "Come on Ryan, let's go to bed. I owe you a great deal for the last few years" the words carried some meaning to them. He kissed my neck one more time, his lips then finding my own, our tongues entwined briefly, before taking me by the hand and leading me to his room, no light but the lone candle he carried in his other hand. He set the candle down on his nightstand. The light cast by that flickering beeswax candle, its light licking at our bodies while casting obscene caricatures of our flesh on the wall. He turned back to me, and while kissing my neck and the cleft of my jaw near my ear, Ken pulled my shirt out of my pants and slowly pulled it up to my shoulders, stopping his kisses long enough to disentangle my shirt from my body. Deciding to take a similar liberty, I placed a hand on the fly of his pants, pressing just enough to feel his erection in all its magnificent glory. His hand gently, but firmly, took mine and said "None of that. You have teased that enough. Tonight is mine to tease you." I giggled a little bit, and nodded, only then beginning to grasp that he had obviously thought many times about this night, and especially the moment almost upon us.

Badpuppy Model - Roman & Boleslav He then undid my pants, and slowly slid them down to my feet, stopping occasionally to kiss and touch my body. He then slid his hands into the waistband of my 2xist briefs, his hands grasping my erect cock, his thumb rubbing the head and slit of my cock, feeling the dew drop of precum on it. His hands moved down, and grasped my balls. My back arched slightly at this sensation, I was reveling in the feeling of sexual energy and the vulnerability of his holding my balls in his hand. He withdrew his hands, and slowly peeled my underwear down, kissing the head of my cock. He gestured roughly for me to step out of my pants and underwear now on the floor at my ankles. He led me to the bed, and told me to lie down, which I did without a word. He looked down at me, a soft, but intense expression on his face as he slowly disrobed. I moaned when he unzipped his pants, his cock bouncing in time with his pulse, a slight string of precum starting to roll off his cockhead towards the floor. My mouth watered at the thought of taking him in my mouth. I started to move, just the slightest of movement begun when he sternly said "No." I almost cringed, but did as I was told, and remained where he put me. He slowly stepped out of his pants, his cock leaking precum out like a long thread that he used a finger to gather up. He climbed on to the bed, and rubbed his slick finger over my lips, my body responding to the gesture, my own cock starting to bob in time with my heartbeat, I grasped his hand and sucked on his finger, as a babe would a teat, my eyes closed, savoring the taste of him on my tongue. After a minute or so, he pulled his finger out of my mouth, and leaned in, his entire body pressing against my own, his cock against my cock, his lips against mine. I yielded quickly, surrendering my body to him before I fully realized, opening my mouth to him. His tongue was in my mouth, flickering in and out, in time to the slight roll of his hips, pushing his cock against my body as he painted my torso and groin in his precum that was pulsing out of him. His mouth left mine, and once again returned to my neck and shoulders, his teeth and lips and tongue all making for a need to release in my body while his hands gripped my own, leaving me unable to try and reciprocate or to satisfy my desire to physically touch him, or to try and take some control of our path that night. His legs came between my own, forcing my body to open to him, he moved so that he was between my knee's, allowing him access to my most secret places.

With preternatural movement he moved his mouth from my shoulders and clamped his mouth around one of my nipples, his tongue roughly licking it as his teeth used just the perfect amount of pressure to send me instantly to the point where pleasure is on the threshold of pain, and pain erodes back to pleasure. An inarticulate cry of desire and need welled in my throat, which I could not suppress. He looked up slightly, my nipple still in his mouth, just enough of a pause to make me aware he had paused, our eyes meeting, and he smiled. He opened his mouth, letting my nipple free, and said "You thought I was kidding when I said I would punish you for all those dirty stories and emails you sent me, didn't you? I will make you beg before the night is over." He then attacked my nipple again, grinding his cock against me, our stomachs turning slick with all of the precum. Again, without warning, I found myself rolled over on my stomach, getting a spanking, but strangely, I felt no inclination to resist, held prisoner by my own desire. Smack! Smack! Smack! His hand kept coming down again and again, and my ass soon felt as if it was on fire. "Do you remember all of those emails, those countless smoldering emails you sent me at work? All the times you took glee in making my cock hard and dripping? All the times I had to jerk off into tissue at work because you had inflamed my desire beyond all containable bounds? You are getting a spanking for each one of those." He said while he spanked me, his voice quivering in what can only be described as incarnate pleasure. I soon found myself wiggling my ass, hoping he would stop, but I could make no sound to stop, my mouth could not ask him to stop, it would only moan, as some wanton whore, the sensation consumed me, and held me prisoner as much as if I had been chained down.

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My mind became numb to the delirium of sensation he was accosting me with. An avalanche of pleasure I had not imagined possible nearly overwhelmed me. Ken was relentless in his treatment of my body, never hurting me, just running me through a gamut of pleasure that almost bordered on torture.

I was nearly senseless when Ken stopped, and I realized he was holding me in his arms, kissing my sweat-drenched face and neck, his hands embracing my body tightly. "You begged me to stop. I guess that will have to be your punishment, for now. Next time though...." I could feel his erect penis pressing against my butt, trying to fit in the cleft of my ass. I pushed myself against him, I almost laughed at the thought of the fire that burned on my ass, yet it was nothing to the fire that burned inside to have him filling me from within.

Badpuppy Model - Roman & Boleslav I pushed myself back against him again, rolling my hips just a little, I sighed, savoring the feeling. I knew I wanted him in me, I knew it like I knew I needed oxygen or water. I started to turn my neck, when he whispered in my ears "Are you sure?" he asked me before I could even get the question out. Knowing we were in sync made me smile. "I have rarely been so sure of anything. I need to do this, I need to feel you in me. I would get on my knee's and beg it of you, if that is what it took." He laughed softly, and slightly breathily, into my neck, "That, I won't require, this time anyway. Let me get out some stuff."

He reached over, and got out some condoms and with a smile, the silicon lubricant I had brought with me. I turned my eyes on him, willing them to their bluest and most beseeching, and asked, "Please, let me just taste it first." With a look of faux suffering that quickly turned to blazing desire, he nodded his head and leaned back against his headboard, spreading his legs for me.

I lacked even the slightest pretense at taking my time, hungrily clamping my lips to his cock, sucking and licking it up and down its long, thick girth, as if it were the source of life and eternal youth. My hands massaged his inner thighs as I sucked and licked at his cock, nearly mad with the object of my desire at long last in my mouth, and in my grasp. His precum filling my mouth like a fountain of lust. His taste was rich, manly, and inflaming my desire for more and more. His balls started to tighten up to his body, and the precum began coming in heavier flows when I felt his hands gently on my shoulders, drawing me up to him for a kiss. I moaned into his mouth as we kissed, my desire having totally taken over my mind and body. He chuckled, his hands smoothing down my sweat slick hair, and holding my face in his hands briefly for one more kiss, while his tongue lapped at my mouth, eagerly tasting himself on my tongue.

"Here Ryan.. lay down on your stomach. I don't think either of us can, or wants to, wait any longer to consummate this lust." Without a word I did as he said, raising my ass in the air a bit as he put a pillow under my stomach. I heard him open the condom and the tiny sounds it made as he rolled it over his thick, rock hard cock, and we both snickered at the rude sounds the lube made as he squirted some out on his hands. A moment later, I felt his hand on my ass, the cool lubricant, rekindling the fire of my spanking earlier. It only lasted a moment, and I felt Ken massaging lubricant into my butt crack, trying to slip a finger inside me, in my most secret of places. It took effort on my part to concentrate enough to relax enough to allow him to slip a finger inside me which sent a shudder down my body leaving little ripples every time he moved his finger, my body moved in reflection. Soon enough he had worked a second, and then a third finger inside me, he had started kissing my neck again, whispering words of desire that I was not able to comprehend in the state he was maintaining me.

He laid on top of me, prying his legs between my own, slowly spreading my legs apart with his own, and using his knee's nudging my thighs further apart to expose my ass to him completely. I felt him on my back as he withdrew his fingers, and I smiled to myself as I realized he was wiping the lubricant off them on a washcloth briefly before his hands came up underneath my chest, to hold on to my shoulders. His cock lay thick and heavy on my ass, and I could not stop myself from pushing back, to which he thrust back at me. We did that for awhile, this sex without penetration, his cock running up and down my asscrack, his balls making heavy sounds every time they slapped into me.

It was not long before I heard this sex ravened beast within me say "Oh God in heaven, Ken. I need to feel you in me right now or I think my heart will explode!" Ken leaned back a bit, and pulled a hand out from under my chest and shoulders. He pulled me over slightly so we lay on our side, and using his leg, pushed my own even further from my body. I felt his cockhead pushing against my anus, guided by his hand. "Are you ready?" he asked me breathily. "Yeah, but go easy... it has been awhile. Just start slow, and don't go fast until I say it is ok," I said. He whispered back "ok", and I felt him push his hips forward, pushing first his cockhead, and then slowly, and relentlessly, the entire length of his massive, thick, throbbing cock into my body. I fought to stop myself from crying out in pain, as always happens to me on first penetration of every sexual encounter. A loud, almost bellowing, moan came from Ken as he pushed himself into me, up to the hilt, his body pushed firmly against mine, his entire rubber sheathed cock, sheathed in my body. I shuddered in that moment of power when pain transmogrifies into utter and total ecstasy. My personal rapture was almost broken when Ken bit off the words "Fuck Ryan... you are so tight. Your ass feels like a vice grip. This is fucking amazing" in my ear, his breath heavy with the effort it took him to enter me.

Badpuppy Model - Roman & Boleslav After a minute or two of shuddering and shaking , his arms and hands holding me tightly against his body, little butterfly kisses covering the side of my face and neck, I said "Ok.. let's roll over so I am back on my stomach.. and just go slow." With his cock still embedded in my body, we slowly rolled back so I was on my stomach, and he was laying on my back, his cock in my body, his balls resting on my balls. He snaked his hands back under my chest, his hands grasping my shoulders, I could feel him start to slowly pull back out until he had nothing in but the head of his cock, and then he slowly pushed his way back in. He did that for the next 3-4 minutes until he could feel me starting to push back against him when he was pushing his cock back into my body. He then started to increase the speed of his pistoning into an erratic rhythm. Sometimes he would go slow/slow/fast, or fast/fast/slow, or slow/fast/slow.. never any constant rhythm, only erratic, but constant movement, as if trying to hold back any chance to climax I might have.

I have no idea how long we kept this up, I only know that the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of my body, the frenzied pace we maintained, the feel of his lips and mouth on my neck as he kissed and bit my neck, grazing my skin with his teeth, lips, and tongue, the contact of his body on mine bubbled and boiled until I could feel he was struggling to hold back his orgasm. His body was shaking slightly, his thrusts into my body had more of a slam to them as he shoved himself inside me almost violently in his need.

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In mid-stroke, he pulled me up so we were doggy-style in bed, his stomach still pressed to my back as I was on all fours, his pumping and pistoning an onslaught of sex I never want to end. he reaches down and begins to pump my cock in time to his own pounding. I feel the orgasm welling up in me almost immediately, having been on the cusp of one for a few hours at that point. I begin to whimper incoherently, trying to tell him I am going to cum, no words able to escape the cage that is my primal desire. Ken begins to groan louder and louder when he pushes me back down into the bed, and in an almost ninja style flips me onto my back, his cock still in me, my legs clamped around his waist like a vice. My eyes start to roll up into their sockets, my body thrashing and convulsing as if in a seizure. My brain was no longer registering any thoughts, just explosions of color and light, and with a few quick jerks of his hand, he has my cock erupting in a fountain of cum, drenching my torso. Before I was done cumming, my dick drool still spurting out of my cock, Ken pulled his cock out of me, almost causing me pain to feel its loss. He snapped the condom off his cock, and before I was aware of anything, his cock exploded, sending cum everywhere. Ropes of his cum flung about our torsos like silly string. I felt like I was now marked territory, and I liked it. Pulling a warm, wet, heavy towel out of something near the bed, Ken cleaned us both up, our DNA soaking into the towel. I fell asleep with his arms around me, his fat cock pressed against me, and satisfaction oozing from every pore of my body. I had no idea how long this would last, for a weekend or longer, but for that night, it was enough.

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