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Jump Start by Joncy

Badpuppy Model - Ondra I’m writing to you from Denmark. You see in May I was out of work and depressed so I answered an ad for a private tutor to a boy in Copenhagen. I didn’t particularly want to go to Denmark but it was ten weeks bed and board and quite a good salary. I thought I might give it a go and also have a vacation although I would have preferred somewhere a little more ‘gay’ like Amsterdam.

The boy I had to teach was seventeen, officially going on eighteen, but he was very immature for his age. He had a really weird name. Ondra. Sounded more like a girl’s name to me. He was fair and willowy like a girl as well, with blue eyes and rimless glasses. Pretty serious looking but not at all a serious student. His parents wanted him to attend a business management course in September. Part of my job was to help him prepare for the entrance exam which was in English. So, like it or not, I was in Copenhagen from mid-June to the end of August. I was pretty darn lonely at first and didn’t really get on with Ondra who was spoilt and surly and didn’t seem to want to learn a thing. Still I persevered and got to like Copenhagen even though it wasn’t what you might call jumping gaywise. Also there was the ‘small’ problem of living in and missing my independence.

I picked up a few tricks and made out in cars or behind trees or in cinemas. Just to keep my hand in so to speak. Nothing serious. And always with a condom. But mostly I kept myself to myself and concentrated on Ondra who began to grow on me after a while. There was something really sad and complex about him. His parents didn’t seem to have much time for him and didn’t show him much affection either which was probably why he was so immature. His bedroom was like a nursery and there were still a lot of his fluffy toys lying around. Weird. Most guys of seventeen I know are into computers and stuff. Not much sign of a sex life either. No posters on the wall or anything to give you an idea of his sexual orientation. Also he seemed totally lacking in friends. We played tennis a couple of times but mostly I left him to his own devices when I wasn’t teaching him. In actual fact ‘de-viced’ would have been a good description of him. To me he was absolutely sexless. Without one iota of passion. Silly, silly me. Eventually, as you can no doubt already imagine, I got turned on by trying to figure out what made him tick. Or maybe it was vice versa. Anyway,‘vice’ definitely had something to do with it even if I was too dumb to recognize it at first.

The writing should have been on the wall for me long before he seduced me. It’s just that I hadn’t really thought of him in sexual terms. I mean he was seventeen going on fifteen and I was his tutor. Also he’d sulk a lot and give me doleful looks which I took to mean that he couldn’t stand me and only supported me out of politeness or for the sake of his parents. Physically he wasn’t my type. He was ok in a Danish sort of way but he was certainly no pastry although I must admit I did notice his ass one day when he was coming out of the bathroom but that was on account of his old fashioned snow-white underpants which highlighted his butterchurn butt. It was quite spectacular actually. However when you’re a teacher you tend to blot thoughts like that out. At least I do. Or try to.

I’d been there five weeks when his parents had to go away for a few days. A close friend of theirs had been involved in a serious road accident. Even though he’d just turned eighteen they asked me to keep an eye on Ondra and to help myself to anything in the kitchen. As things turned out I didn’t spend much time in the kitchen but helped myself to Ondra.

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It all started when he offered me some fruit in the middle of one of our lessons. I took an apple just to appease him as he was very insistent.

“Don’t you like bananas?” he asked.

“They’re ok,” I said.

Badpuppy Model - Ondra “I love bananas,” he said and stripped one bare right before my eyes.

Now there are different ways of eating bananas. Some very refined folk even cut them open with a knife and fork. But there was nothing refined about Ondra. He ‘undressed’ his banana. That’s the only word for it. Then he gave it a long, slow blow-job. Again that’s the only way to describe it. He sucked it into his mouth without biting it and then drew it slowly out again. Then he began to nibble at it erotically and, from time to time, lick it with his tongue. All the time looking at me. I suppose put ‘nudely and crudely’ like that it probably sounds gross, ludicrous or even downright childish to you. But if you’d been there watching Ondra’s extraordinary performance I swear you’d have been as hot under the collar as I was. And he didn’t utter a single word. Just made a lot of horny sounds.

Still, as we all know, actions speak much louder than any words especially when you’re slurping on a fleshy overripe banana. “Sure you don’t want one,” he said innocently.

“Maybe later,” I said, unable to take action and at a loss for words.

I knew now that sex was definitely on his agenda and that I was top of the list.

“Come over here,” he said. “I want to get a close look at your beautiful face.”

It was a croon more than an order.

I moved forward, like a charmed snake rising drunkenly from its basket. Paradoxically he took off his glasses and put them on the table next to the fruit. He began to unbutton his shirt so I could see his firm flesh, his hard nipples. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I felt I was getting the benefit of some passion he had stored up for someone his own age. Someone stronger. More virile. Or maybe he enjoyed turning the tables on me, being in full command of his teacher.

“Take off your shirt too,” he said. “No, on second thoughts I’ll take it off for you.”

He began to open me up in much the same way as he had peeled the banana. My knees buckled. He grabbed hold of my shirt and pulled me towards him until our foreheads were pressed firmly together like two stags about to engage in combat.

“I’m shortsighted,” he said.

“Nobody’s that shortsighted,” I said as his hand slipped brazenly down to touch my cock and his tongue slipped easily into my surprised mouth which was already open to receive him.

His tongue felt like it was an extension to his dick the tip of which had hitherto been an iceberg as far as I was concerned. Now as I felt its warmth pressed against me I was like the Titanic ready to go down. My blood was flowing through my veins like molten lava and I wanted to erupt all over him. I’d never responded so physically to anyone in all my twenty-five years. I’d been there five weeks with no idea that all this sex and passion was seething away under the surface.

Badpuppy Model - Ondra I helped him open the front of my jeans and at the same time managed to work my hands under his waistband and pull down the pants of his tracksuit. Our cocks sprang up like two uninhibited native dancers eager to engage in some wild new dance. As if they’d finally found the perfect partner and were now at long last able to practice steps they’d never dared risk trying out on somebody else. Our mouths and dicks morphed and I found myself feeding off him with the gnawing hunger that follows a long period of abstinence. I could have kicked myself for being such an asshole. He’d been sending me beautiful unheeded messages for five whole weeks and I knew now that I’d been subconsciously, subliminally receiving them all the time. Feelings I’d kept locked out now came suddenly flooding in. The soft touch of his body, the thrust of his tongue told me just how much I’d wanted him. In fact I loved him already. It was as simple as that. As yet I hadn’t possessed him but I already felt powerfully and joyfully possessive as I exalted over the fact that I was going to be the first to open his rosebud to a garden of infinite possibilities and shower him with sensations that I hoped would last him a lifetime. As I kissed this anything but sexless, passionless creature with my ravenous mouth and dick, I fought the urge to say, “I love you,” although these were the only words in my head and they had to be said.

“I love you,” I said.

“I know,” he said “I love you too.”

“I want to do things to you nobody has ever done before.”

“I want you to do them”

“I want to fuck you.”

“I know,” he said and kissed me softly on the lips as if he were giving me his blessing.

Useless to ask him if he had condoms and lube. Anyway these were hardly in keeping with the romantic mood that was sweeping over me. I hugged him to me and swept my hands across his sleek and trusting back down to his beautiful butt. He looked at me with a half smile and an air of relaxed anticipation as if we had already come to an agreement and were accomplices in love.

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“I’ve got some Johnson’s baby oil and some condoms in the bathroom,” he said.

Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings, I thought and loved him even more.

Badpuppy Model - Ondra I was intoxicated by the horny mixture of knowing innocence and untouched youth his beautiful smooth body promised me and couldn’t wait to tap his sexuality and lap it all up. Obviously he’d been planning this moment for quite some time and, unlike me, was entirely ready for the earth moving event.

I followed him into the bathroom and grabbed him tenderly round the waist as he bent down to get his treasure trove from a drawer. I looked at our reflections in the bathroom mirror revelling in this new intimacy between us as I slipped my thirsty dick into the dry well of his butt cheeks.

“Can I fuck you in front of the mirror?” I said.

“Ok,” he said like a five-year-old whose been asked to share his plastic duck.

“That way I’ll be able to watch your expressions. Make sure I’m not hurting you.”

“I want you to hurt me,” he said. “I want you to bust my butt.”

“You’ve been watching too many adult movies.”

“Only one,” he said.

“Did they have big dicks?”

“Not as big as yours,” he smiled, his ass cheeks tightening their grip and making it bigger.

I cupped his balls in the palm of my hand and squeezed them. His dick responded accordingly.

“You aren’t doing so badly yourself,” I said and hand-fisted him until his dick stiffened further.

I tried to imagine it unfolding inside me. It looked like it could pack quite a wallop.

“I want you to cum a bit in my hand. Lubricate my fingers. I want to mix your pre-cum with mine.”

He closed his eyes and let himself go to the rhythm of my hand.

“Don’t make me come,” he said. “Not yet.”

“Don’t worry. Just give me enough juice and I’ll stop.” I said. ”That’s it. Great.”

I almost came myself at the sight of his lips slightly parting with the pleasure I was feeding him and the reciprocal pleasure I was feeling as his sweet love juice fed my hand. Suddenly I wanted my dick inside his mouth and inside his ass simultaneously. Instinctively I ran one of my cum-covered fingers over his lower lip and shivered deliciously as he licked it clean. I knew now, that at least in one subject, my student was going to learn fast.

I let him suck on my fingers and then lubricated them again and inserted them in his ass. Then I alternated hands and fingers until I was finger fucking him at both ends. Man it was wild. There was almost no need of lube. He got me so excited I nearly went bareback but good sense prevailed and together we managed to get the condom on. Actually he did most of the work. He was pretty deft too. Maybe he’d been practising on the banana. Didn’t take him long to suck my dick into his ass either although he didn’t like the feel of the rubber and persuaded me to whip it off.

Badpuppy Model - Ondra That was ok by me as in previous sexual encounters I had always worn a rubber so was pretty sure I was clean. Besides, this thing between us was really special to me and didn’t lend itself to latex. Also I wanted us both to feel the tip of my dick massaging his prostate. I knew it would have the desired effect. And I was proved right. It drove him absolutely apeshit. Drove me absolutely apeshit too. In fact the whole divine process set his teeth chattering and had me fairly drooling at the mouth. And dick. In the end he got just as much of a kick out of seeing my expressions in the mirror as I did watching his. That is until his eyes lost focus and his tongue lolled wantonly out of his mouth.

In a way it was a first for both of us. I’d never fucked anyone quite like that and I told him so. This made him hornier still and he asked me what else I’d never done so I had him kneeling on the edge of the tub hanging onto the towel rail while I stepped in behind him and made a roller towel out of his butt. I kept drawing my dick in and out of him at ever longer intervals and with deeper thrusts. We nearly brought the ceiling down with our cries and he nearly pulled the rail out of the wall.

You’ll have to excuse me if I ask you to write your own dialogue here as I find an overblown list of ows and wows and fucks is more of a dick-downer than a dick-rouser although we almost roused the devil himself with our ‘cumly’ curses. In fact I’ve never heard such language come out of one of my students. And one so young and ‘innocent’ too. But then he’s the first one I’ve fucked.

At the beginning I was feeling hellish guilty about it too but consoled myself with the thought that it was he who had seduced me with his banana. Of course you might say I could have gone all stoic about it and resisted. But have you ever seen a stoic dick?

Then we changed places. I sat on the edge of the huge old-fashioned tub and he lay down inside it, his legs akimbo his arms wrapped around my neck as I plowed my way into him. He buckled and bucked and almost levitated from the bath to meet me. Sometimes it felt as if I was fucking him in mid-air. Once I rammed him so hard he slipped and hit his head against the gold faucets and nearly knocked himself unconscious but he hung on to me in hot breathed recovery and we came to a magnificent croaking climax.

Once again please write your own dialogue and try to visualize us.

As I said before, actions speak so much louder than words.

Actually the words came later as we nestled up against each other in bed and relived that absolutely awesome afternoon. Especially the horny beginning when he started on the banana.

Naturally enough he started on my banana just to show me what he could do with the real thing. He was really good too and I produced enough cream to cover a whole plantation.

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He looked at me in sublime satisfaction and smiled.

“What’s so funny?” I asked him.

“I was just wondering what we’d have done if I hadn’t got you hot with that banana,” he said. “Would you have needed another five weeks to make a move?”

“Probably,” I said.

“That’s why I gave you a jump start,” he said and kissed me.

Now we’ve got five weeks ahead of us and I can make all the moves I want.

Life is good and I’m developing a real passion for fleshy overripe bananas.

Especially his. Wish I could send you some samples.


The Badpuppy.com model in these pictures is Ondra

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