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Journey to Heaven Part 3 by Mike Lyons

Badpuppy Model - Dominik Danda and Bartolomej Hrosik John looked closely at Ian and Randy. They both appeared to be unconscious and the abuse he had interrupted had obviously been going on for a couple of hours. They sagged against their restraints and Randy had obviously been badly beaten.

"Right, you two, tie him up. Fasten his arms behind his back. I'm gonna give him a treat before we hang him on the bar."

The two thugs who had taken John to the loo tied his hands tightly behind his back then stood away.

"Right, cocksucker, lets see you suck your mate's cock. This one!

He pulled Ian's cock again, stretching it painfully. Ian groaned.

"You two, get the other one out of the way." He ordered.

Again, the two young thugs obeyed though obviously not quickly enough for the 'boss' as he yelled at them and punched them both in the side. They laid Randy out on the floor behind a table.

"Now come over here and hold this one in place."

The young thugs obviously knew what to do, as they caught hold of Ian's sides and twisted him around to face John. Ian sucked in a harsh gasp as the ropes tightened on his hands and feet.

"Right, you, let me see you suck this."

John looked at the pathetic body of his friend as it hung there like a side of beef in a butcher's window.

"I can't," he thought, "I just can't."

"No! I won't." he said.

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"Oh yes you will!" Said the leader and grabbed John by the hair.

John was helplessly dragged forwards and bent towards Ian's erect penis. He felt the iron grip of the thug leader pushing him towards Ian's cock and heard Ian's gasp as his cock was cruelly dragged towards John's mouth. With a surge of revulsion, John pushed back and at the same time brought his leg up in a kick he had learned in self-defence. He was gratified to hear an agonised scream followed by retching sounds. He turned quickly and saw the thug's leader curled up on the floor writhing in agony. Before the two younger thugs could even grasp what was happening, John Kicked the groaning man solidly in the side of the head, knocking him unconscious.

Badpuppy Model - Dominik Danda and Bartolomej Hrosik The two younger thugs were paralysed with surprise. John ran at them where they stood and hit one of them with a good solid shoulder. The three of them went down in a heap. One of them hit his head on the corner of a table as he went down and lay still. The third thug saw he was outclassed and ran for the door. John let him go.

Working quickly, John found a knife behind the bar and managed to cut the ropes binding his arms without doing himself too much damage in the process. Then he went to the two thugs he had knocked out and tied them up with more rope, which they had obviously brought with them. Finally, he went to release Ian and Randy from their bonds. Ian was already beginning to come round, but Randy looked quite badly off.

"He took quite a beating," whispered Ian as he began to come to. "He was trying to protect me."

John checked Randy's pulse. It was a bit ragged, but quite strong.

"I think he'll be alright." He said.

"What shall we do now?" asked Ian.

"Well, I don't really know." Said John. "This bastard I'd like to give some of his own treatment, but I'm afraid I'd be sick."

"I wouldn't." said Ian, recovering a little of his strength. "I want to pay him back in full for what he did to us. I'm sure Randy will feel the same when he wakes up."

"Let's sleep on it." John replied.

The two friends carried Randy up the stairs after checking the bonds on the two thugs to make sure they couldn't get away. Before they went to bed, they applied antiseptic and bandages and plasters to their wounds, which thankfully weren't too serious. Randy came round and called for them, so they locked the place up and went to see what he wanted.

"Look, guys, I don't want to be alone tonight." Said Randy when they got to the room. "Would you stay with me, please?"

Ian and John looked at each other and nodded.

"We don't want to be alone after that experience either," John said for both of them. "This bed is big enough for three, so we might as well stay in this room together."

Badpuppy Model - Dominik Danda and Bartolomej Hrosik All three men spent most of the rest of the night awake. They talked, but not about what had happened and gave comfort when it was needed. When one of them was overcome by the shock, the other two were able to cuddle him and help him through it. Even though they had met through casual lust in a car, they were rapidly becoming close friends.

As dawn's light crept under the curtains, they got up, showered, checked their dressings and got dressed. After putting it off for a couple of hours, they went down stairs together to see how the thugs were faring. Both of the men were awake. John and Ian hadn't gagged them in case they choked during the night, so they were inundated with filth and abuse as soon as they walked into the snug.

"Less of that!" Shouted John, and kicked the erstwhile leader solidly in the ribs. "Any more shouting and we'll fill your mouth with shit."

"Right! Here's what we are going to do to you two bastards. We're going to give you some of your own medicine. My friends here are going to tie you up the same way you tied them up and then we are going to play with a few toys."

Randy looked a bit surprised at that, but soon cottoned on.

"I'll go and get them from the car." He said. "Looking straight at the leader he said "You'll love this!" and smiled wickedly.

While Randy went for his toys, John and Ian managed to tie the two men up to the bar and removed their clothes in the same way that theirs had been.

"If you make one sound that I don't like, I'll break both your arms and leave you hanging." John said to the leader. "Then I will cut off your prick and feed it straight down your own throat."

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The man just glared at him.

Randy returned with a large box. When it was opened, it revealed a very large assortment of dildos and vibrators - more than John had seen before.

"I had some of the larger ones in the boot." Randy explained.

John examined the contents of the box with interest and selected a number of dildos in different sizes. He was particularly impressed by one which was a good 2 1/2" thick and looked to be about a foot long.

"Can you really get this inside you?" He asked Randy.

"I couldn't, but I think we'll see whether our friend here can cope with it after we've worked on him a bit." Randy's grin as he said this was positively evil.

"Let's leave it where he can see it." Ian said, putting the monster imitation cock on the bar in front of their captive.

"Now, you," said John to the younger thug, "Get around here, your master is going to get a service from you."

Badpuppy Model - Dominik Danda and Bartolomej Hrosik He signalled to Ian to drag the younger man across to the bar in front of his master. The older man's cock was limp, but Randy started stroking it while Ian got the young thug into a position where it was level with his mouth and it began to respond. John found a metal cocktail stick on the bar.

"If you don't suck that cock properly," John said to him, "I will apply this to yours."

It was obvious that the younger thug was terrified. He began to guzzle on his former master's swelling prick as if his life depended on it. The sight of this young straight man sucking on that swelling cock was quite erotic - made even more so by the fear that showed in his eyes. The leader of the thugs was groaning softly, unable to resist the surges of lust brought on by the hot wet mouth sucking his entire length of cock. The younger man didn't even gag as he nuzzled his nose into his boss's pubic hair with the full length of his 7" dick down his throat.

While this was going on, John selected a smallish dildo, and went over to the leader's back. When the leader groaned again, John quickly shoved the dildo into the man's arse. He yelled, and as John looked around his side, he saw the younger thug swallowing hard as streams of white spunk shot into his mouth and throat. Watching all the time, John removed the small dildo and replaced it with a bigger one. Again, the leader yelled and again, the younger thug sucked hard on the fresh jism that shot into his mouth.

John was enjoying himself now. "Take him down from there and put him across that table." He told Ian.

With Randy's help, Ian got the man down and held him spread-eagled across the table top. John was as hard as a rock now and was leaking pre-cum onto his trousers. He could see that Ian and Randy were in the same position in spite of their earlier ordeal. This was going to be so good! Slowly, now, John removed the dildo, and inserted yet another from Randy's stock, larger again. In fact, about the same size as his own cock. This was a vibrating one and as he inserted it into the guy's well-used arse, he turned the switch that set it going. He could tell that the guy was beginning to enjoy the feeling. He checked the guy's cock to make certain, and, sure enough, there was pre-cum leaking out of the end.

He turned to the younger thug and said, "See, your boss is really queer! He's enjoying this."

The young man obviously believed this, and was speechless.

"I bet he was real cruel to you and your mate, eh?" John said to him. "How would you like to get your own back now?"

The thug nodded and licked his lips.

Badpuppy Model - Dominik Danda and Bartolomej Hrosik "How would you like to fuck him?" John said. Again the thug nodded. "Go ahead." John said and stepped back. The young thug unloosed his belt and dropped his trousers. For a moment or two, he stood watching his erstwhile boss writhing in lust at the sensations generated by the vibrator in his arse. John and Ian both gaped at the monster cock that was rising from the ashes of his blonde pubic hair. Randy sighed gustily.

"Go to it big boy." He said.

The thug removed the dildo from the leader's arse, not gently, but abruptly, causing him to gasp in pain. Then, just as abruptly, he shoved his 10" monster cock straight in up to the hilt. The man screeched with pain, but John socked him on the jaw and he quieted. They could see the glazed look in his eyes turn to lust as the young thug bottomed out and withdrew in one lunge. John felt his own flesh get even harder and suddenly felt something warm surround his dick. He looked down and was surprised to see Ian taking his cock down his throat. He hadn't even felt his trousers being lowered, so occupied had he been with what was going on on the table.

He watched avidly as the young thug fucked his boss with long steady strokes, like a piston, filling that nicely worked arse with his young meat. He gained speed with each thrust and withdrawal. John pushed his own cock as far down Ian's throat as he could, and Ian clung there. Randy, convinced now that he could let go of the leader came over behind John and stroked his hairy arse. Gently, he spread John's arse cheeks apart and inserted in quick progression one, then two, then three fingers. John responded by welcoming those probing digits, groaning and releasing a small lake of pre-cum into Ian's mouth. He was almost on the point of cumming when Ian stood up.

Disappointed, John stared at him until he realised that Ian was just turning round to let John fuck him. Ian hoisted himself onto John's rigid prick and John felt again the incredible sensation of soft flesh surrounding him, caressing his tool, sucking it into a place of ecstasy. When he was firmly in place, he began to gently roll his hips, giving Ian the ride of his life.

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After a short while, he heard gasps and moans coming from the table. The young thug and his boss were both reaching their limits. Distracted by the noises, he didn't realise what Randy was doing until he felt the first pressure on his arse hole. This time, however, it wasn't a dildo, it was Randy's cock that was entering his body. John groaned in supreme ecstasy. This was one of his most treasured fantasies, to be the middle of a human sandwich. He relaxed the muscles of his sphincter and gave Randy full permission to enter him. The result was an immediate orgasm which, by pure coincidence, coincided with the two thugs coming. The younger inside his master, the master all over the table leg and the floor. Ian, too, came at that moment - shuddering and groaning as his white spunk flew in great gouts from his untouched penis. All five men were gasping and shuddering from the release of their orgasms. Randy held tight to John, who had his arms around Ian. The young thug had his arms around the waist of his erstwhile leader, who was gripping the table with white knuckles. All of them were totally spent. For the time being...

The models in these pictures are Dominik Danda and Bartolomej Hrosik

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