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Journey to Heaven by Mike Lyons

Badpuppy Model - Karlos and Rainier It was going to be one of those dull and boring English Septembers. Overcast, drizzling, but muggy, and with no prospect of meeting anyone suitable for long nights of passion. The local gay community was small, and the one pub which didn't mind gays was closed for the holiday due to the manager going down with flu.

John was feeling restless and, with the prospect of entertainment so vanishingly small, he decided to go for a walk down the country lanes near his cottage. Dressed in light slacks and a short sleeved shirt under his trench coat, but with no underwear because of the sultry heat, he strolled rather listlessly through the grey Cumbrian countryside.

After about a half-hour of this he found himself walking along a narrow lane between the high hedges of a farmer's fields. It was getting quite dark and he began to worry about the dangers of walking along the roadside. His trench coat was light stone colour, but he worried about not being very visible on a night like this. He was bout to turn back when he heard the sound of a car engine approaching. There seemed to be something wrong with it, as the sound was anything but smooth and there were odd grinding noises accompanying it. The next moment, it appeared, preceded by the faint spots of its headlights. It was an old Citroen CV, which chose that particular moment to expire with a loud hiss-grate and what sounded very like a sigh of relief.

John sauntered over to the wreck, trying desperately not to smile, and was confronted by a handsome young man of about 20. This young man was dressed in T-shirt and jeans, which were both tight enough to outline the well-defined curves of muscle and crotch even in the dim light.

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"Damn! Damn! Damn!" bellowed the man. "As if I wasn't late enough already!"

"It's in a pretty sorry state," said John.

"Don't laugh," said the young man, "it's my first car. At this rate it'll be my last."

"Can I help?" asked John, restraining his humour with difficulty.

"Only if you've got another car. My name's Ian, by the way."

Badpuppy Model - Karlos and Rainier "I'm John. As it happens, I only live about half a mile away, and I have a Landrover 4x4. Where are you going?"

"I've been asked by my friend to look after his pub in the village while he's down with flu. This old wreck has brought me all the way from London, but chose this moment to break down.

"Which pub is that?"

"'The Singing Lamb!'"

"That's my local." Said John.

He didn't think it needed mentioning that it was a gay pub. All the time they had been talking, Ian had been searching his body with his eyes, noting what little he could see in the dim light and through the hiding trench coat.

"Let's push this alleged car over onto the verge then it won't cause an accident," John said, "Then I'll go get my car."

Taking off his outer coat, John made sure that he showed Ian as much of his body as possible. He almost caressed the coat as he took it off, moving deliberately, bending in what he hoped was a provocative way as he placed the coat on the Citroen's back seat. He knew his bum showed off well in these slacks. He thought he felt a slight caress as Ian moved to the back of the car to get into pushing position - which coincided with him moving backwards, as he closed the door.

"You steer," said Ian.

John got hold of the doorframe and pushed, gently, turning the wheel to steer the car onto the verge. He could feel Ian's eyes burning into his back. He glanced into the mirror and caught a look at Ian's face as he pushed. Their eyes met and Ian smiled back at him.

"This thing usually gets me into trouble once or twice a week." Ian said. "But I usually don't have such welcome help with it."

Badpuppy Model - Karlos and Rainier As the car came to a stop on the grass, Ian came forward to lock the driver's door and his hand touched John on the thigh. It was electric! Before he knew what he had done, John caught the hand and moved it to the front of his slacks, where a bulge was obvious through the thin material. Words were unnecessary. Ian pressed gently against John's zip and rubbed lightly across the shape he found under the material, curving his hand around the firm flesh through the material, rubbing his thumb across the place where John's pre-cum was oozing into the inside. John reached for Ian's cock, stroking it lightly, feeling it harden more. Their breath was beginning to come in gasps as each manipulated the other's cock.

Just then, they heard a warning burr of an engine and a car, headlights full on, careered around the corner. They dived for cover, hoping that they hadn't been seen. It was dark in the wake of the car's passing and they couldn't see each other. The next thing they heard was a sudden screech of brakes and crashing gears. The car recklessly reversed up the road and stopped.

"You guys got a problem?" asked the sandy-haired man in the driving seat. His accent was richly American.

"I thought you was having a disagreement... or somethin'?"

The man's look was intense. John took a few seconds to think of a response.

"Er... I was helping Ian to move his car. It's broken down." He said.

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"Yeah." Said Ian, helpfully, licking his lips.

"Well, can I help?" asked the American. "Can I drive you anyplace?"

"That's OK." Said John.

"No, thanks!" said Ian, at the same time. They looked at each other. The driver, seeming to misunderstand, said "Hop in, I'm Randy."

Badpuppy Model - Karlos and Rainier With nothing else they could do, Ian and John introduced themselves, and got into the car. They both sat on the back seat.

"Where to?" asked Randy.

"My place." Mumbled John.

"Where's that, John?" said Randy, looking a little confused.

John gave directions, and Randy proceeded along the road. John felt a slight movement near his leg, and looked down, momentarily distracted to find Ian's hand trying to squeeze under his thigh. He eased his leg up a little. As he moved, he caught sight of Randy, watching in the mirror, smiling.

"I guess I was right about you two. You're queers."

Ian and John stared open-mouthed.

"It's alright, so'm I!"

This declaration seemed to open up the floodgate of lust. Ian began to openly massage John's leg, concentrating on the area where his cock could be seen pressing against the thin material. John responded in kind, reaching across to Ian and stroking his nipples to hardness through the thin material of his T-shirt. All of this Randy watched through the rear-view mirror. John's cock was painfully constricted in his slacks, and it was obvious that Ian was also in some discomfort for a similar reason.

"Go to it you guys!" said Randy from the driver's seat.

Those words of release caused both John and Ian to ooze pre-cum onto the inside of their trousers, as the sudden damp patches revealed. Ian reached across with his other hand and began to stroke John's nipples through the thin shirt. They came erect quickly and John felt the gooseflesh rise across his wide chest. The aureoles darkened and could be clearly seen through the fine cotton. He moaned quietly. As he closed his eyes in ecstasy, he could feel Ian's hands undoing his shirt buttons in an expert manner, then felt the brush of fingertips against his bare chest.

Badpuppy Model - Karlos and Rainier John could stand it no longer. He leaned across the seat and unbuttoned Ian's fly. Out popped a wonderful 8" cut cock which must have been at least 1 1/2" thick. Wondering how he was ever going to cope with it, he began to suck gently on the tip, licking at the oozing pre-cum, tasting its salty freshness as he moved down to encircle the glans with his lips. He felt his lips stretch as his teeth parted to accommodate the huge head of Ian's dick. He could barely breathe.

Meanwhile, Ian kept stroking his chest and back, encouraging him to take more of that cock. His hands eventually found John's fly and unzipped him. He reached inside and released John's cock from its confinement and stroked it to fuller hardness. John groaned around the mouthful of cock. Releasing it for a moment, he turned and manoeuvred so that Ian could get at his own 7" uncut meat. Both men crammed hot leaking dick into their hungry mouths as fast and as far as possible.

"I'd better pull over." Said Randy. "I can't drive like this!" As soon as he saw a passing point, he pulled in and doused the lights. It was unlikely that they would be discovered, as it was fully dark. John glanced up as the car stopped and saw that Randy had a huge 8 1/2" uncut dick. The full foreskin was already pulled back as Randy began to wank himself slowly while watching the action in the back of the car.

"I'm gonna cum!" moaned Ian around John's fat cock.

He promptly shot a load of hot, salty cum down John's throat, nearly choking him with surprise. John tasted that wonderful salt liquid and gulped as fast as he could to get it all down. His increased sucking serving to force another three loads out of Ian's dick. As Ian let go of him in ecstasy, he shouted.

"Fuck me! Fuck me, John!"

"Yeah, John, let him have it!" cried Randy.

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John turned around, and Ian rolled onto his stomach on the back seat. His pert buns were waiting for John to squeeze and enter. John Stroked and then slapped each in turn, finally parting them with careful fingers. He spat on Ian's tight little hole, seeing the rosebud relaxing, even in the dark - it was so hot it glowed. He eased a finger gently into the waiting arse, rubbing and building up the tension. Then another followed. As he did this, he could feel Randy's hands wandering over his own arse, exploring his crack and pressing gently but insistently against his own tight hole. As he moved his arse in response, he was surprised to feel a wet tongue licking each of his buns. He got Ian to turn his arse more to the centre of the car. He hoped he knew what Randy was after and the excitement sent fresh blood into his already engorged member.

When he was in position, he added a third finger to the two already massaging Ian's hole. It was a wonderful sensation. He was ready. He moved his cock to the relaxed entrance to Ian's body and pressed gently but firmly. The waiting arse was ready and he entered smoothly. Ian groaned in pleasure as he felt that massive cock enter him. Moving forward, and keeping his buns at a slight angle, John withdrew and then entered Ian from a slightly different angle. He kept his movements slow and stately, almost like a dance. Ian was whimpering in pleasure at this treatment.

Badpuppy Model - Karlos and Rainier "Oh God! That's good." He murmured.

"Yeah it is!" muttered Randy from behind.

As he rose up again, John felt a cool sensation on his sphincter, then a slight, but increasing pressure. As he moved, so the pressure increased until it was almost painful. Then, suddenly the pressure eased and he felt something hard and cool enter his body.

"Yes!" he shouted aloud. "Yes!"

Randy had inserted a dildo into his waiting anus as he fucked Ian. This was a journey to heaven! Randy had hold of the dildo with one hand and was wanking himself more quickly now. As John moved up and down inside Ian's body, the dildo was forced into and out of his body. He felt himself reaching a climax which would explode his balls. His arse gripped the dildo tighter and tighter and he shafted the young body beneath him faster and faster.

Suddenly, the dildo was withdrawn. Before he could complain, he felt hot spots of jism hit his open arsehole and warm fingers begin to massage it into his hole. Randy groaned a long sighing moan and he felt his orgasmic release come. The climax was the most intense he had ever had as he shot load after load into the tightly clinging body beneath. From the groans issuing from Ian, he guessed that the lad had cum again. The rain of hot man-juice seemed to last forever. Soon, however, Randy stopped cumming and Ian stopped groaning. John's softening cock slipped out of Ian's hole as if reluctant to leave that warm womb.

When they had collected themselves they smiled at each other.

"That was one hell of a fuck guys!" beamed Randy. "Any chance of a repeat performance?"

To Be Continued....

The models in these pictures are Karlos and Rainier

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