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Jocks Don't Cry by PeterAinLA

Tony let out a deep sigh as the warm water from the shower ran down his well-built chest. The 24-year-old rookie professional fullback had just finished another grueling football practice, and every muscle in his body ached. The 255-pound beefy jock stuck his close-cropped blond hair under the pulsing stream of water to wash the shampoo from his head. After using his huge hands to brush the liquid from his face, he found them wandering down over his muscular torso. His fingers bumped over his big eraser-sized nipples, causing them to grow erect and stand out from his massive pectorals. Continuing on down, they traveled over his nearly hairless washboard abdomen until they found their ultimate target. The aroused jock wrapped his fingers around his uncut 8-inch cock shaft. Tony moaned slightly as he slapped his low-hanging balls sharply with his other hand. He was punishing himself for allowing those lurid sexual images to once again take control of his mind.

Lately, the star bonus-baby football athlete had begun to have erotic fantasies about other guys. Just like some wimpy little faggot boy. His conscious brain was totally repulsed by these thoughts, but more and more his inner mind was becoming obsessed with dreams of other men's hard naked bodies. At first, he thought that it was just mutual admiration for another jock's assets in comparison to his own. Hell, he had even fooled around with a few close buddies during his teenaged and college years. But poor Tony soon realized that he was imagining himself becoming totally involved sexually with other males. Worst of all, many of the scenes that aroused his latent desires the most included himself in a passive role, being dominated and humiliated in any number of perverted ways. He was one confused and frustrated muscle-bound jock.

Suddenly, Tony was startled from his private thoughts as several of his teammates entered the shower room. He had to quickly turn his body toward the wall, so that the other dudes wouldn't spot his throbbing erection. After his hard rod had begun to deflate a bit, he looked across the room to see the firm round butt cheeks and smooth muscular back of the team's starting quarterback. Brad was a totally cocky son-of-a-bitch, who thought that he was some sort of Roman God come back to life. The 28-year-old stud had thick dark black body hair that grew in swirls over his upper chest and then plunged down the middle of his defined and ripped abdomen. A bushy forest of curly pubic hair framed the built jock's huge thick 10-inch monster cock. Tony felt like a boyish teenager when he compared his smooth body to Brad's manly masculine appearance. This guy was the subject of some of Tony's darkest sexual fantasies.

After a few minutes, everyone but Tony and Brad had finished their showers and had retreated to the locker room to get dressed. Tony should have been out of the showers a long time ago, but he couldn't resist the urge to steal a few more brief glimpses of Brad's buff naked body. Just as the horny hunk was turning to take another glance, he felt a muscular arm wrap around his throat and a hand roughly yanked his head back by his short blond hair. Tony waved his arms in a futile attempt to escape as he desperately gasped for air. His blood ran cold and his tumescent cock began to harden when Brad growled into his ear.

"You fucking wimpy pretty-boy. Did you really think that your filthy lurid cruising of my butch body was going unnoticed? The whole fucking team is aware of your wandering baby-blue eyes. In fact, that's what we call you behind your back. Baby-blue. You cocksucking queer, one of these days I'm going to rape your useless faggot ass. I bet your pussy hole is real nice and tight. You'll be begging me to rip your pansy butt wide open."

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Tony reached back with his arms, and he felt the bulging musculature of Brad's massive thighs. The moaning jock could also feel his attacker's beer-can thick cock shaft lodged between his vulnerable butt cheeks. Suddenly, Brad reached around his victim's waist, and he viciously yanked on Tony's low-hanging balls. This caused the stunned fullback to fall onto his knees, and within seconds, he had his mouth stuffed with 10-inches of man meat. The big hairy football star started to brutally fuck the handsome young face of his smooth muscular teammate, as he hurled more humiliating verbal abuse at him.

"Oh yea, sweet cheeks. Look up at me with those pretty baby-blue eyes while I rape your hungry mouth. Suck my dick, you worthless piece of shit. If only all your adoring fans could see you now. The big macho star fullback on his knees in front of another man. Letting himself be turned into a slobbering cocksucker. Come on, baby-blue, service your man's tasty love muscle. Oh God, I'm getting ready to pop my nut. Take my creamy load down your hot faggot throat, you butch slut."

Tony was gasping and choking on the enormous sausage that was sodomizing his face. He looked up into Brad's eyes just as gallons of the hairy jock's sperm started firing into his mouth. After a moment, Brad pulled out and drained the rest of his creamy white spunk all over Tony's exhausted face. The dominating jock then slapped his dripping cock back and forth against the drenched cheeks of his teammate. Poor Tony moaned in shame as his own rock-hard erection erupted with bolts of cum that shot up onto his taut six-pack abdomen. When Brad saw that his victim had gotten off on being forced to perform for another man, he grabbed Tony's head by the hair, and he spit right into the whimpering jock's face. Tony broke down and started to cry in humiliation.

"You pathetic faggot. Jocks don't cry. Take it like a man, you cock-hungry pig. Now I know how you really like to be treated. You like serving the needs of a real man, don't you? I guess we'll be seeing a lot more of each other in the future, baby-blue. I've always wanted to have a butch bottom to become my personal slut. Tell me, pretty-boy, is that what you want? Fucking look at me when I'm talking to you."

Brad reached out with his beefy paw and slapped the side of Tony's downcast face. With strings of the man's thick white spunk dribbling down his chin, he looked up at his macho teammate and in a strained voice said, "Yes, it's what I want. God help me, because I don't know why. Oh please, Brad, don't tell the other guys about this. Fuck, you have such a gorgeous body." The otherwise masculine appearing rookie athlete wrapped his arms around the taller hairy hunk's waist, and the miserable young jock started licking the sweat from the man's taut rippling abdomen. Brad stroked the side of the submissive blond stud's head for a moment, then he shoved the pathetic queer away from his body. Tony landed on his tight butt in a pool of dirty water on the filthy damp shower room floor. Even though he was sobbing like a young boy, his adult male endowment was rock-hard and poking up into his muscular stomach.

Following that incident, Tony played like a man possessed in the next regular season game. The star rookie scored three rushing touchdowns in his team's total blowout victory. But every time that he looked at Brad, his jockstrap-clad crotch would twitch and bulge inside his tight football uniform pants. Despite his best efforts to ignore the facts, he knew what he had become. The athletic jock on the field was turning into a cock-hungry queer behind closed doors. After the game, an exhausted Tony was sitting by his locker dressed in only his shoulder pads and snow-white jockstrap. As he bent down to remove the athletic tape from his ankles, he felt a sharp slap against his beefy bubble-butt. It was Brad.

"Great game today, baby-blue. After you get yourself cleaned up and dressed, how about you come over to my place to celebrate? There's someone that I want you to meet. He's been following your career since your college days. He thinks that you're such a stud. You really don't want to say no to me, if you catch my drift, Tony boy."

The sweaty blond fullback looked up and locked eyes with his teammate. In a submissive voice, Tony simply responded, "Yes Sir, I would love to come." After a quick shower, Tony jammed his half-erect cock into a fresh jockstrap and a pair of tight button-fly jeans. The young athlete pulled a ribbed white cotton-mesh T-shirt on over his muscular torso, and he grabbed his leather jacket as he headed out of the locker room. He met Brad outside and jumped into his shiny black pickup truck to follow the guy back to his house. Tony whistled when he caught sight of Brad's big modern gated mansion. His small apartment was nothing like this place.

As Brad ushered his guest through the front door, a big playful German Shepherd puppy came scrambling up the front hallway to greet his master. As Tony watched his host scratching and petting the eager dog, something more interesting came bounding down the stairs from the second floor of the house. Standing before Tony's hungry eyes was the most gorgeous young man that he had ever seen. The dude appeared to be about 18-years-old (he was actually 20), with short light-brown hair and the deepest green bedroom eyes. The cute little hunk was wearing a pair of worn ripped jeans, a cropped mesh nylon athletic shirt, and one of their team's logo ball caps on his head backwards. Tony drooled as he gazed over the hot kid's muscular post-adolescent body, especially the prominent bulge at the dude's crotch. The good-looking young hunk smiled and scratched his exposed tightly muscled abdomen. He licked his lips and stuck out his hand to Tony.

"Hi there, Tony. It's so cool to finally meet you in person. My name's Sean, and I'm one of your biggest fans. I was so excited when you were signed to my brother's team. I'm a running back too, for my college team. But I'm nowhere as good as you are, at least not yet."

Tony stood there and smiled weakly as Brad gave him a serious look. Then the star quarterback moved forward to clutch his baby brother in a big bear hug. To Tony's utter amazement, the two brothers started grinding their well-packed groins against each other. Young Sean threw his head back and moaned when his older brother reached between their bodies and twisted the boy's right nipple hard. Poor Tony's trapped cock grew to an instant erection as he watched the erotic scene before him.

"Yea, that's the way, baby brother. Show this closet-case jock what a hot horny young faggot slut you are. Look at your hero's pathetic crotch bulging watching us. I told you that he was just another cocksucking muscle queer. Now do you believe me? Likes it rough too, just like you, my butch collegiate punk. Now crawl over there on your knees and get to work on his throbbing jock bulge."

A stunned, but totally aroused Tony stood there as the beautiful younger brother of his teammate ripped open the crotch of his jeans. The panting college queer started sucking the buff jock's hard rod right through the material of his jockstrap. Brad stepped over to them and he began spanking his brother's jeans-covered butt with his hand. Tony reached down and yanked his erect tool free and shoved it into the moaning frat boy's open mouth. Brad kept chanting for his cute brother to suck the butch queer's cock. As Tony locked eyes with Brad once again, the hairy jock tore apart the front of the blond hunk's mesh T-shirt and twisted both of his erect nipples between his fingers. Tony's baby-blue eyes rolled back in his head.

"Fucking macho slut pig. Now it's your turn to show my pussy brother what a submissive wimp his pathetic hero really is. Spit that man out of your mouth, Sean, and go stand over there for a minute and watch. OK, baby-blue, time to take you down another peg."

Brad grabbed onto the collar of Tony's black leather jacket, and he forced it down over his shoulders behind his back. With his muscular arms hobbled, the panting blond jock had the rest of his tattered mesh T-shirt ripped off and his tight jeans were yanked down below his knees. Brad snapped the waistband of the submissive hunk's jockstrap back up over his dripping erection, causing the helpless athlete to emit a sharp yelp. This angered the aroused hairy muscleman, and he promptly slapped Tony's handsome face several times. As the poor stunned queer looked over at young Sean, who now had his erect 9-inch frat boy cock wrapped in his fist, he found the shreds of his shirt being used to gag his hungry mouth.

"Shut-up, you worthless punk. It's time for me to take your macho closet-homo cherry. I know you've been waiting for me to take the last element of your straight dignity. Oh yea, baby-blue, I'm going to fuck those muscular round globes of butch flesh. Hey, Sean, watch this pathetic faggot being turned into a whimpering slut, just like I did to you."

Tony's eyes locked onto the horny young college boy's face across the room, as the kid hiked the front of his shirt behind his neck and lowered his ripped jeans to his ankles. For the first time, Tony realized that the cute college varsity athlete was totally shaved smooth from his neck on down. As his gaze lingered on the erotic sight before him, the muscular blond felt a huge shaft of male flesh being forced up into his tight butt. His agonizing screams of pain were muffled by the cloth gagging his butch mouth, and he nearly passed out as Brad pushed all 10-inches slowly inside his tormented fuck hole.

"Oh shit, man. So hot and tight, baby-blue. What a sweet feeling to have your proud athletic butt impaled on my monster rod. Yea, stud, go ahead and moan and whimper like the helpless cock slut that you are. It turns me on to hear your miserable sobbing, realizing what a total queer you've become. Right in front of one of your biggest hero worshipers. Hey, Sean, I think that it's time for you to join the party. Get your wimpy ass over here and fuck this butch bottom boy's sweet mouth. Let's gang fuck this sorry bitch."

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The horny young frat jock quickly obeyed his brother's command, and he removed the gag from Tony's mouth. When the fucked blond gasped for air, Sean rammed his throbbing erection into his hero's open mouth, and he grabbed onto the older stud's ears. The aroused college queer fucked Tony's handsome masculine face with the same wild brutality that his brother was using to rip into the guy's butt. By this point, the poor star football player was going wild and was thrusting his beefy glutes back against Brad's sweaty crotch. He wanted to have his butch pansy ass ripped wide-open, just like Brad had predicted.

"Oh shit, Brad. I can't believe that I'm fucking this gorgeous jock's butch face. Big brother, this hot stud is one hungry cocksucker. Look at the handsome queer slobbering on my stiff tool like a total slut. Yea, do it pussy boy, suck this faggot frat boy's spunk down your heroic throat. Oh, pound his butt hard now brother, I think I'm going to blow my nuts any second."

As his younger brother's smooth body started to shake, Brad yanked on Tony's blond hair and pulled his head back. Sean's cock slipped from the hunk's mouth, and long strings of white cum started landing all over the fucked jock's face. Almost at the same time, the hairy dominant football stud pulled out of his victim's violated hole, and he humped his ejaculating 10-inch rod against Tony's smooth creamy white bubble-butt. Sean looked down into his hero's spunk covered face, and the moaning blond's blue eyes had a crazed look in them. Suddenly, Tony's entire muscular body shook, and he creamed a huge load inside his snow-white jockstrap. Within seconds, a huge wet spot appeared in the sweaty elastic material.

The two fraternal jock rapists crouched down on either side of Tony's still-shaking body, and young Sean began to lick his own sperm from his idol's contorted face. The cute college hunk then looked directly into Tony's deep-blue eyes, and started to kiss the gasping blond athlete full on the mouth. In the meantime, Brad was licking his teammate's ear and sucking on the fucked jock's muscular neck. Tony had tears forming in his eyes as the brothers made love to his body with surprising affection.

"Oh God, you two. You guys are just too much. I never imagined that it would be this erotic to be raped. How long have you hot hunks been fooling around with each other like this? Oh man, Sean, I've got to tell you that you're the cutest young stud that I've ever met. Shit, Brad, when did you turn your baby brother queer? Not that I blame him, because you are one totally masculine muscle jock who would make any cock-hungry male lose control."

Brad laughed at his teammate's comments, and he pulled his baby brother's face over to his own. Within seconds, the two brothers were locked in a deeply passionate kiss, with each incestuous sibling trying to jam his tongue into the other's hot mouth. Tony's recently spent cock grew back to full erection inside his soggy jockstrap, as he watched the brothers displaying their obvious love for each other. Brad finally broke the kiss and smiled at Tony.

"Shit, Tony, do you really think that I would be that bad? Actually, it's the other way around. This gorgeous little horny fucker was queer for other studs long before I offered to let him move in with me. He had just turned 18 and was starting college in town. I hadn't seen him before that for a couple of years. The very first night that he moved in, I almost creamed my shorts when he boldly walked stark-naked into my bedroom to say goodnight. After he left the room, something snapped inside my head that I had been fighting since my college years. That's right, baby-blue, don't look so shocked. I guess that I'm as queer as you are. The next day, Sean came home early from his first day of classes, and caught me sitting on his bedroom floor naked. I was sucking on one of his used sweaty jockstraps and pounding away on my dripping cock."

"Yea, Tony, it was such a hot scene. My big butch football jock brother getting off on my dirty gear. He didn't have a clue that I was gay, and I pretended to be angry. When he scrambled to his feet and tried to rush out of the room, I grabbed onto his muscular arm and dropped onto my knees. Before he could react, I had all 10-inches of his magnificent tool gulped down my throat. By then, I was already an experienced cocksucker. I had dreamt so many times about being in that position with my stud brother, and I shot my load into the crotch of my ripped jeans long before I could whip out my dick. Minutes later, I was swallowing my first tasty load of this handsome stud's creamy spunk."

All three of the muscular jocks were sticky and sweaty by this point, and they all went upstairs to strip and shower together. Brad's home had a huge master bath, with a large open shower enclosure with room for several people. As the horny jocks cleaned their three athletic bodies, Tony looked over at Brad and joked, "Hey, stud, I think this is where I came in." Both Brad and Sean laughed and they started poking and tickling their well-built guest's buff body. When Tony finally begged them to stop, Brad had a wild look in his eyes. Young Sean was sporting a throbbing totally rock-hard erection.

"You handsome slut. I want to see you fuck the hell out of my sweet baby brother. Look at the horny little bastard. He's got the nicest pair of tight rounded butt cheeks. The hopeless bitch loves to have his glutes spanked to a bright red glow while being plugged. Rip into him now, you handsome blond butch boy-lover."

Tony walked over to Sean, and he kissed the panting young frat boy on the lips. As the cute college hunk moaned, the bigger pro football jock spun the kid around and whacked his creamy white bubble-butt hard several times. Fisting his dripping cock shaft, the built blond stud then swiftly and brutally rammed his rock-hard rod home. Poor Sean screamed in a mixture of lust and pain as his young body was viciously sodomized. This turned on Tony even more, and he began spanking the dude's ass hard with his big paws.

"You filthy little bitch. Damned college frat boy whore, turning your butch brother into a butt-hungry faggot hunk. Because of you, he's now turned me into his cocksucking pussy slut. I'm a submissive muscle-bound queer thanks to you. Oh God, but your sweet hole is so fucking tight. Why do you have to be such a beautiful young stud? Tempting every man with your charms and forbidden desires."

At this point, Brad growled and moved around to plug his thick hard boner into his baby brother's whimpering mouth. Like he had done so many times in the past two years. The hairy muscular jock pounded away in the kid's hungry throat as he thought about their recent sexual history. How he soon learned that the horny hunk liked to be treated rough. How he had gotten carried away one day, bound and gagged the hot young fucker, then proceeded to shave the college jock's hair from his muscular torso. The perverted little slut liked the look so much, that he has his brother shave him every week. Sean told him that he was aroused by the humiliation of explaining his smooth condition to his college frat brothers. But because of the situation, this allowed him to discover several other faggot boys on campus with similar desires. Yes, Brad thought, his little brother really is a total jock slut.

The hairy hunk was startled from his erotic memories when Tony moaned loudly and yanked his cock from Sean's bright red butt. The aroused blond muscle jock totally covered the raped college queer's rounded cheeks and sweaty back with gallons of dripping spunk. That sight set Brad off, and he forced his baby brother to swallow an endless flow of his creamy male sperm. When the two buff football teammates fell to their knees panting on either side of Sean, the still horny young stud yanked on Tony's blond hair. He then spit several times into the handsome jock's face and watched it dribble down the guy's nose.

"You gorgeous hunk of muscles. Such a butch acting stud, and you're just another submissive cock-hungry slut under my brother's control. You like to be humiliated even more than I do. Come on, baby-blue, let me hear you beg like the worthless whore you are."

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Poor Tony started to whimper like a baby, then he looked up into the college jock's eyes and begged to have him cream all over his face. Sean slapped his hero's cheeks several times before fisting his erupting load of frat boy spunk over the guy's lips, nose, and forehead. He wiped the last globs of his cum into the submissive jock's short blond hair. Even though he had just shot a load minutes ago, the humiliated stud leaned back on his legs and pounded his rod, until he covered his taut six-pack abs with long bolts of his own seed.

As the fucked-out star football player lay on the floor of the shower, Sean sat down on the buff jock's prone body, planting his cum-drenched butt on the hunk's face. As Tony was forced to lick away the remnants of his own spunk from the cute kid's butt crack, Brad was returning to the shower room with a straight razor and a can of shaving foam. When the panicked stud tried to sit up, young Sean showed surprising strength and pinned his arms to the floor above his head. Brad sat on his teammate's legs, and he swiftly proceeded to shave every single hair from the cursing queer hunk's muscular body.

"Damn it all, Brad, stop. Don't fucking do this to me. What will all those homophobic bastards on our team think when they see me like this? My sparse body hair is at least some proof of my masculinity. Oh shit, you vicious son-of-a-bitch. You really want to fuck with my head."

Sean silenced Tony's enraged tirade by cramming the fingers of his right hand into the pathetic muscle-bound wimp's open mouth. As his curly golden-colored pubic bush was being trimmed away, Tony's body went limp and he started sobbing. His steady fall from manhood was now complete. The mighty football hero's spirit was totally broken. He was the submissive sexual slave of two perverted muscle jocks. When the brothers stood back to admire their work, the humiliated athlete crawled up onto his knees and hung his head down in abject submission. Brad responded by dragging Tony's denuded boyish body over under the shower heads and he turned the water to a cold setting. The poor muscular faggot jock just knelt there and whimpered.

Events finally moved to Brad's private upstairs exercise gym, equipped with all kinds of modern strength-training machines and sets of free-weights. Brad used white athletic tape to secure Tony's bulging arms out and above his head to the supports of a nautilus machine. He dragged a weight bench over and positioned it between the passive blond jock's spread legs. Grabbing onto his struggling baby brother's arms, he forced the cute frat hunk to lay down on the bench, with his face only inches below his hero's low-hanging balls. Sean's smooth body was then tightly bound to the bench with reams of tape around his chest, waist, knees, and ankles. Brad asserted his domination of the moaning pair of boy-toys by gagging them with each other's dirty jockstraps.

Tony whimpered and thrashed about in his bondage when Brad applied a set of tit clamps to his sensitive male nipples. Young Sean received similar treatment, and when Brad put the clamps on his baby brother's erect nipples, he tied the two sets together with a short chain. If either of them moved at all, they would cause a sharp reaction in the other. Of course, even just the weight of the connecting chain was causing intense sensations in Tony's eraser-sized nubs. The wanton muscle slut found himself becoming intoxicated with lust from the feelings in his rounded pectorals. Both of the bound bottom boys were sporting rock-hard erections, and Brad was certainly enjoying himself.

"What a gorgeous sight. Two smooth shaved muscle boys, moaning and squirming with their pansy cocks at full mast. Oh fuck, baby-blue, your buff groin looks so hot without a trace of your manhood. My little slut of a brother can't take his eyes off of your crotch. What's the matter, Sean, are you jealous of his hard muscle definition? Well, you should be, you pathetic college cock slut. Go ahead, whimper like the conceited little bitch you are. By the way, Tony, I've got several dates lined up for you with other horny guys on our team. I'm going to loan you out like the cheap faggot whore that you've become. You'll be the team's secret slut."

When the helpless blond jock heard Brad's plans, he started thrusting his hips into the air and he groaned in frustration. As he pictured himself servicing the entire team, his erect cock began firing jets of white spunk that landed all over the cute bound frat boy's face and buff muscular chest below him. This set off Sean's stiff tool, and soon his collegiate jock body was dripping with globs of his own cum. Brad moved over and he stood straddling his kid brother's body, fisting his monster rod until he fired strings of sperm at Tony's ripped washboard abdomen and dangling cock. The big hairy football stud then used his hands to smear the pooled globs of three loads of spunk all over each of the bound slut's handsome gagged faces. Both of the humiliated hunks were staring up at their dominant master with a look of love and lust in their eyes.

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