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Job Application by Cucciolo

Badpuppy Model - Dane Hyde Last week, I applied for a job as computer programmer and had a very unexpected adventure. I was expecting something pretty straightforward however the guy who interviewed me was anything but straight and turned out to be extremely forward. I’m going to tell you about it but first I have to give you a few dictionary definitions so I can take you step by step through the whole horny process.

I was a little confused by the job description I received during my interview so looked up the word ‘application’ in my Funk & Wagnall to make sure I’d gotten hold of the right end of the stick, so to speak. I mean I wasn’t born yesterday but I’m a little naïve sometimes. Here’s what I found:

The action or process of making a formal request. Well I did that alright. Filled out the form and everything and answered all the questions.

Intense effort or hard work. I was ready for that too but didn’t think I’d have to prove it during the interview.

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A program designed to perform a particular task for the user. You can say that again.

The action of putting or spreading something onto something else. I did both.

The action of making a rule take effect. And how.

To put on the skin – not swallowed. No comment.

Badpuppy Model - Dane Hyde Needless to say I fell hook, line and sinker into all six categories. And really scored. The guy who interviewed me was not quite as old as my dad but heading that way. Still, he had a great body on him. It was fairly bursting out of his pinstriped suit. The body was the first thing that impressed me and the fact he was awfully formally dressed for a modern day manager. Silk tie and everything. His belt buckle was pretty heavy metal though and contrasted a bit with the rest. There was no air-conditioning and the elevator was out of order. I asked if I could take my jacket off. I was late and had run up seven flights of stairs so I was hot. He nodded and took a cursory look at my application form but seemed more interested in my physical credentials. I undid my tie and laid my coat over a chair. I’ve got quite a tight butt and made sure that registered before I sat down. He wanted to know if I had a cool head for emergencies. Before I could answer he went over to the icebox and took out a jug of water. I thought he was going to offer me a glass but instead he poured the whole lot over my head. The icebox must have been working ok for the water was freezing cold. I gasped.

“Just putting you to the test,” he said but I knew he wanted to see how transparent he could make my shirt. I’m pretty buffed myself and my nipples stick out when I’m wet or excited and I was both.

He took a handkerchief out of his pocket and came over to wipe me down. And I mean down. My nipples were spearing my shirt so that was the first place he visited. With his lips. It felt so good he had me squirming in my chair. He didn’t stop at my shirt either but rubbed the piece of white linen roughly across my crotch. Of course that gave me quite a boner. So I was erect in three places at once. I mean what’s a hot-blooded guy supposed to do even if he has had a jug of ice-cold water thrown all over him. He didn’t say anything but knelt down in front of me and opened my legs so he could finish off his dry cleaning. I closed my eyes and threw my head back as he undid my fly and sucked away at the wet cotton of my boxers. They have a slit down the front so naturally my dick jumped out and made a welcome mat out of his mouth.

I soon began to wonder who was interviewing who because he was doing such a great job of sucking me off. That’s when I realized I was part of a program “designed to perform a particular task for the user.” And I tell you man I didn’t need an instruction book.

Badpuppy Model - Dane Hyde I raised my hips and pushed my teenage dick further into his mouth. His throat muscles gripped and caressed my throbbing shaft and his powerful hands grasped my butt cheeks and made pizza dough out of them. I could feel his fingers ferreting their way into my ass crack and I moaned. I knew this was going to be a really special kind of interview and I quickly applied myself. Somehow I got my shoes off and buried my toes in his crotch so I could get the lay of the land and some idea of just how much I was going to have to deal with. I rubbed the soles of my feet across his rock hard pole and made it even harder. Now it was his turn to make appreciative noises and spur me on. He left off making a hot ice-cream cone out of my dick long enough to lift his head and kiss me. That was completely unexpected and I learned what a lip lock is and what it’s like to get behind a guy’s teeth.

Seeing that he was being so informal, I ripped his shirt open to see what he was like underneath. He was not bad at all. In good shape for a guy twice my age. He stood up and lowered his pants, his tie dangling in mid-air, his mouth drooling. His dick was drooling quite a bit too. By now, the sexual current between us was so intense it set off sparks that ignited us both. A horny scenario developed between us. It included gnashing teeth, torn shirts, dangling ties, humping thighs and a ten-inch dick thrusting its way halfway down my throat. Some very memorable moments followed. He chucked me under the chin like my grandfather used to do only my grandfather had never thrust his dick in and out of my mouth like this guy was doing. He also put his fingers in my ears and manipulated my head and held the nape of my neck like swimming instructors do when they’re teaching you how to float only he was giving me an altogether different kind of lesson. It made my head float pretty much all the same.

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When his dick was nicely lubricated by the hot juices of my mouth he really got down to business and Part Two of the interview: “the action of putting or spreading something onto something else.” He spread my ass cheeks and put something hard against my tight little pucker. I felt my sphincter give way to the pressure of the fat mushroom head and thick stalk as it entered me. I bit my tongue as he buried his monster dick all the way up my ass. I felt like a rocket being launched and let out a shrill scream of protest but the scream turned to a low groan of pleasure as he built up a slow steady rhythm and slid that fucker in and out of me, to and fro, in and almost out, and then plunged it back in again right up to the hilt. Soon I realized that it was feeling better and better and started to rock my ass backward into his forward thrusts. It felt so good I thought I was going to shoot a load just from being fucked.

“You like that,” he said hanging onto my shirttails as he was riding me. “You like that don’t you?” There was no need for me to reply. My body was bucking like a bronco and I never wanted him to stop. Suddenly, he reached underneath me and grabbed my rod as he rammed me. It was difficult to hold back my rising orgasm. It felt so incredibly good. I grunted like the dirty pig-on-a-spit I was fast becoming and my cock began firing cum beneath me. I don't think I’ve ever cum so much in my life. I came like a fire hydrant.

Badpuppy Model - Dane Hyde “Yeah shoot that cum! Now I know you like it!" he said.

Soon I felt him shudder. He was feeling my asshole spasm around his cock as I shot my load.

"Oh fuck yeah."

He slammed into me even harder and I felt his cock throbbing as it exploded in my ass. When he finished, I just lay there. I thought it was over. No way. He shot load after load of hot cum up my ass and each time he shot he would squeeze my cock until he’d drained my nuts totally dry. Finally he collapsed on top of me and I found myself lying in a pool of my own spunk and could feel his dribbling out of my hole and between my thighs as he pulled out of me.

My ass felt like it had been turned inside out.

But the interview wasn’t completely over.

Let’s get back to Funk & Wagnall’s definitions and the last item on my list: “to put on the skin – not swallowed.” Would you believe, the bastard rubbed that spunk all over me. I even got my face in it. Then he kissed me. So technically I swallowed it as well. It was a real turn on and as you probably know you develop a taste for these things.

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Afterwards, my future boss told me he would need me for another interview. He had two or three more applicants and had to decide. I wondered what I would be subjected to next time but from the way he tugged at his belt and patted my ass I had a feeling I was going to pass from spunk to spank. Another new experience for me. I think I’ll give it a whirl. I mean with the credit crunch and all that a guy can’t afford to be too picky. After all, there aren’t that many jobs to apply for and even if the competition is stiff, pun intended, I consider myself the perfect job applicant.

I bet you’d give me a job any day!

The model in these pictures is Dane Hyde

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