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Jamie’s Confessions by Jamie Buck

Badpuppy Model - Jack Hi there! My name is Jamie and Master Nick has instructed to write what you are about to read as part of my humiliation. If it is not to his liking I shall be severely punished.

I am totally at my Master's command, and on his instructions I have been marked as a slave. Firstly, I had both my tender nipples pierced and rings inserted in them. However, that was only the first test of my obedience, because I was then ordered to have a frenum piercing through my cock. This piercing has a large ring which encircles the ridge at the head of my cock, where the purple glans joins the shaft.

My Master likes to work these rings often to keep me in order. If he is feeling gentle he may just lick or finger my pierced nipples, which causes mild - but exquisite - pain. Sometimes he fastens a slender silver chain between my two nipple rings, which he then uses to keep me in check. This causes me to suffer more, but it is still less painful than when he hangs heavy weights from my nipples, which he has previously made tender my a thorough working over. The frenum ring is very useful, as my Master often ties me up by a chain through this ring, knowing I dare not move in case I tear out my piercing. He can then whip my ass, fuck my face or shaft me. He fastens a dog leash to this when he takes me for a walk in his garden.

My Master also determines my appearance, as befits a slave. I have my hair cropped short on my head and my pubes, and I keep my cock, balls and ass shaved. I am also instructed what to wear each day. If I go out I wear normal clothes, but will be reminded of my lowly status by wearing a cock ring under my Calvins (or - more usually - a pure white jock-strap or a tight leather thong). Sometimes my Master will place a huge latex butt plug up my ass, which is kept in place by the thong. The pressure from this on my prostate regularly gives me a hard-on, which I can't do anything about in public.

Around the house I have a number of different uniforms. (1) Black leather full body harness, black 10 hole Doc Martin boots with white socks and leather wrist restraints. (2) Studded leather slave collar, black cotton jock strap or thong, wrist and ankle restraints. (3) White cotton jock strap or thong, short white socks and trainers (if I am waiting at table he may add a white bow tie round my neck like in old movies and white shirt cuffs round my wrists like the Chippendales used to wear). He will often push a butt plug up me and fasten nipple weights to my tender teats, just to watch them move when I walk or bend over.

Last week I offended my Master. He told me he would devise a special punishment for me at the week-end. He had four days to work out a new scenario.

On Saturday he had four friends round for lunch, which I cooked and served. I had to wear Uniform Number 1, with the additional humiliation of a butt plug up my ass and a slender silver chain between my nipples, which he tweaked every time I bent over to serve him. If I spilt any wine, which I did when I was nervous, he made me lick it off the smooth polished surface while he played with my ass toy, working it further up my abused (but very willing) hole. I wasn't permitted the luxury of a jock to cover my nakedness from his friends, but had to serve them with my equipment thrust out obscenely before me, ready to be fondled by everyone present.

When I had cleared the dishes after the meal, I thought I could at last escape to the kitchen. But my Master had further plans for me. I was ordered to go to his bedroom and

This involves kneeling on the rug at the foot of his bed, with my head on the floor and my ass pointing high in the air in a gesture of submission. I have to kneel with my ass facing the door, so that the first thing my Master sees when he enters the room are my upraised cheeks and my waiting fuck-hole.

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I knelt on the floor as usual. Because of the strain on the leather harness strap between my butt cheeks, the plug was pushed even further up my aching hole. I could see my reflection in the full-length wardrobe mirrors, and must admit I looked pretty horny. My toned body was straining to maintain the position and I could make out the strap forcing the butt plug up my rectum as it passed between my buttocks to the cock ring around my already stiffening manhood. I was leaking pre-cum, and I knew I should be additionally punished for making a mess. So, in an attempt to minimise the flow, I wiped my piss slit with my fingers and sucked them dry.

Big Mistake! Master Nick and his friends were watching me from the doorway and had seen my feeble attempts to escape punishment. The first I knew about it was the sharp sting of my Master's hand making contact with my firm buttocks. Another slap followed, and another, and another. The sound alone turned me on, as I heard the slapping noise of male flesh meeting male flesh.

"You lascivious slave! Who gave you permission to touch your cock? Did I give you permission to pleasure yourself?"

I was whimpering with pain - and pleasure - by now, My beloved Master gave me the punishment that was my due as a disobedient slave. His firm hands chastised me, as only they could, by showering my ass with his loving correction.

Badpuppy Model - Jack The spanking finally came to an end, and he moved in front of me.

"Look at me, you fucking worthless cunt."

I took a hesitant glance upwards at his proud body. He was dressed, as he had been at brunch, in shining black boots - which I had cleaned with my tongue that very morning. His legs were encased in supple leather chaps, which highlighted the sinuous curve of his muscular thighs. The ensemble was complemented by a leather upper harness that emphasised his jutting pecs, and on each arm was a broad leather wrist strap and leather bicep strap.

My Master's proud manhood was already erect, staining from his perfectly cropped pubic hair that he always kept short and neat. His foreskin was pulled back in his excited state, exposing his swollen purple glans - that rich, ripe plum that I loved to kiss - and his piss slit was speared by the gleaming ring of his Prince Albert. He was wearing a shining chrome cock ring that caught up and thrust out his exquisitely formed shaved balls.

On his orders, I leant forward to touch the head of his hard member with my puckered lips, flicking my tongue over the glans and working the point of my tongue inside his Prince Albert. That usually turned him on, but today he turned round and presented his rear view to my hungry gaze. There is something special about my Master's ass and I often fantasise about it and what I would like to do to it. As my handsome Master clenched and released the tight cheeks of his sexy ass I licked him tenderly with my rasping tongue. I washed every inch of his butt, alternately showering him with adoring kisses and playfully nipping his flesh in a way I knew he liked - even though he often punished me for it afterwards. He bent forward, allowing my darting tongue to slither nearer and nearer to his puckered opening. And then I was in! I was rimming my Master. Cleaning his hole with my tongue. Eating him out. In and out went my pink tip, tasting the clean velvety flesh in my quest for more of his mushy maleness. All too soon he pulled away, leaving my tongue gasping for more.

Steve, one of my Master's hunky guests, now appeared in front of me. He was really handsome, with short dark hair and long manicured sideboards extending down his masculine face and ending in neat points towards his full sensuous lips.

He had already stripped down to a sexy black cotton thong, which he positioned in front of my face. I produced plenty of saliva in my mouth and quickly went down on him. I ran my lips and tongue over every inch of his tight black pouch, mouthing and tonguing him, making the moist fabric cling to his smooth tanned body.

I quickly discovered he was wearing a broad leather cock-strap, ridged with numerous tiny studs over the entire surface. When I tongued beneath his proud bollocks I could feel the rounded domes of the fastening studs. From the way his balls jutted forward I guessed the strap was done up on its tightest setting. Having made Steve’s well filled pouch wet with my saliva, I could see through the now semi-transparent material. I was able to make out the outline of his cut cock; I could see the jutting ridge where the glans joined the stiffening shaft. To my amazement I could see that, like me, he was pierced with a gleaming silver frenum ring.

The winking ring was about 1.5 inches in diameter. It pierced the soft flesh of Steve’s frenum, immediately below the ridge of his cock, forming a ring which tightly encircled the entire head of his engorged purple glans. I think this is one of the sexiest piercings, and it drew my gaze to the supreme tip of his man sex like a magnet. I hoped to be permitted to receive this butch stud in my ass if my Master would permit it. The sensation as Steve fucked me with his hard ring entering and re-entering my hole would be fantastic.

Steve writhed and moaned under my practised ministrations. I began to knead his firm ass, while continuing to bathe his cock and balls in their sopping cotton prison. I tenderly kissed the metal ring round his cock-head and gently teased it with my tongue, worshipping the entire circumference. I ran my hands up and down his hairy legs, enjoying the feel of the soft down on the inside of Steve’s thighs. I knew I was giving him pleasure from the soft, contented sighs emanating from his full, succulent lips. Gradually I moved my hands up to his smooth shaved chest, and began massaging his firm pumped pecs. I risked tweaking his left nipple. When he didn’t pull away I tweaked the other one, equally gently at first, but then - emboldened by his pleasurable responses - more firmly. So many Masters seem to like their teats worked on, and I was only too happy to oblige. They were soon erect nubs between my busily working fingers. They jutted out sharply from the shaven brown aureoles surrounding them – twin peaks of pert flesh. Sighing loudly, Steve pulled me to my feet and forced my mouth over his tender mounds.

"Suck my tits, slave boy. Chew my tender nubs." He commanded, "Work on my nips. Make them stand out proud, like a Master’s nips should."

I sucked and licked, nipped and kissed, and all the time his passionate groans grew louder and wilder. What a fucking turn-on!

Steve still hadn’t touched himself at all. The thin black fabric of his thong appeared to be causing him some discomfort, because he hadn’t adjusted his rampant erection. His cock was thrusting straight down, and the frenum ring was clearly visible imprisoning his twitching manhood. Uncertain of his response, I gently pushed downwards on his pulsating shaft with the flat of my hand, slowly forcing his proud tool between his legs and stretching the thong into wild new contortions.

Badpuppy Model - Jack "Shit!" he yelled, "You fucking whore slave."

He bucked wildly against my insistent hand, arching his back and forcing his cock yet further back between his legs. His ball sac, constricted by the studded cock-strap, had nowhere to go except sideways and the pain as his cock thrust its passage between them must have been tremendous. However, he didn’t resist or move away, so I worked him some more. I now had one hand pressed hard against his thrusting shaft and another working a very sore nipple, cruelly twisting it and pulling it away from his body. My lips, meanwhile, were firmly clamped over his other tit, sucking and chewing on it.

Steve was loving every moment of his cock and tit torture, as I brought him on to ever greater heights of passion and desire. He was also eyeing up another lunch guest, Rick, who happened to be a gay cousin of my Master. Unlike Master Nick, Rick was a true submissive slave, proud only to be subservient to the desires of others. He was leaning by the patio doors, nude except for a cock ring, and emulating my actions on his own cock. It was something he didn’t seem to be used to, but with perseverance he got it right down and a fair way between his legs. Seeing his interest in our actions, my Master ordered him to work on Steve as well. Master Nick then left the room with the two remaining guests, Tony and Jon, each running their hands over his undulating ass cheeks.

Master Nick came back into the room. Having removed his chaps, he was just dressed in his boots with white socks and his harness. He asked Steve if he was enjoying the servicing we were giving him. Steve assured him that we were getting him really hot, but my Master wasn’t convinced. He removed the leather strap connecting his cock ring to the rest of his harness and lashed my unprotected ass with it until my prime rump glowed. He warned Rick that the same would happen to him if he didn’t improve his performance. Then he went and sat on the edge of the bed and prepared to watch the show. What a fantastic sight he was! He sat with his thighs spread wide, so we could see his massive cock, with his round balls thrust forward by the gleaming ring. Knowing he was receiving our admiring glances he sat there on open an unashamed display.

My strapped up leather Master encouraged us in our lascivious worship of the thonged stud. As he watched us acting out his orders he continually fingered his balls and perineum, exciting himself in full view. He ordered us to kiss Steve’s peachy ass - to lave again the clinging moist fabric covering his horny shaft - to tweak his nipples - to kneel low to kiss his feet while provocatively wiggling our asses in the air so he could see right up Rick’s tight hole (a hole he assured him would soon be satisfied).

We needed no further encouragement. How we worked Steve – and each other. Our eager hands were all over our thonged Master, kneading his buns, running our fingers through his hair, probing inside his mouth with our fingers and our tongues, nibbling his cute ears, chewing his pointed nips.

"Stop!" He begged us, "Please stop. I can’t take any more or I’ll come."

To stop him cumming I pushed my leg hard into his cotton clad crotch, forcing his stiff shaft backwards again in its tight black prison. He was bucking in agony, but his words told a very different story.

"Ouch! That hurts……Stop Jamie……Stop……No, don’t stop……Give me more, I can take it……Give me more pain……Let me prove what a hard stud I am……Let me show you how very much more I can take."

My fellow slave quickly dropped to the floor and put his mouth over Steve’s hot rod, kissing the shaft and forcing it backwards. I move to kneel behind Steve, and was greeted by a beautiful vision. His hard ringed equipment, pointing to the floor, was being pushed towards me by Rick’s hot lips and his smooth round balls were being spread apart. I inserted the tips of my fingers inside the elastic of his wildly distended pouch. I played with the hard mound that was his perineum. I trailed my fingers over his dripping purple head. I squeezed the studded strap encircling his genitals. I took both of his hairless balls into my warm mouth.

"Yes! Yes! Suck on my bollocks" he groaned, "Roll your tongue round those shaved spunk sacs……Mouth my balls good."

I could see Rick in front of him as he pushed even harder against Steve’s dripping tool and he brought his hands round the thong-stud’s muscular thighs to manipulate my pierced nipples. He pulled on my chain, causing me to gasp with the pain, and the pleasure, and to renew my frenzied assault on the contents of the black cotton pouch. Steve groaned in sheer delight, watching us work him and watching Master Nick pleasure himself. He muttered lewdly, telling us how much he was enjoying our attentions, and rousing us to new heights of lust.

"Frig my sweet shaved hole." he ordered me. "Tongue my tight fanny." He was in an orgiastic frenzy.

"Mmmm……Mouth my hairless balls……Make that black fabric cling to the contours of my hot weapon……Lube my cock up with your moist lips……Lube my hot shaft you cocksucker……Beg me to slip it between the moist lips of your ass."

What a wonderful prospect – being impaled on his studly shaft! We were both further aroused by the thought.

We were so engrossed in our own pleasure that we barely noticed Jon and Tony come back into the bedroom. They padded in silently, and Jon went and laid down on the pillows piled high on the bed. Jon was now stripped down to a pair of white satin boxer shorts and a tight black sleeveless tee shirt, which accentuated his smooth body to perfection. He had clear blue eyes, and his bleach-blonde hair was close cropped at the sides, exposing neat ears, each pierced by gold stud. His long slender legs were covered in short silky hairs. They stretched away elegantly from the growing package in his boxers until they disappeared into the tops of his clean white socks. He could only be about 21 or 22, and he was incredibly sexy. He had a leather thong around his neck and a gold amulet on each wrist. From that, and from his camp manner over lunch, I assumed he was the submissive partner.

Jon was obviously very turned on by what we were doing, and he pulled up his tee to reveal his still hairless chest and pert nipples. To my surprise, I saw his left nipple was pierced – he must be a Master after all. He began to absently fondle his inviting nipple, making it grow hard and stand out from his chest, not taking his eyes off the three of us squirming and performing on the floor. Tony, his partner, was a good bit older than the young boy (for that was how I thought of Jon – more boy than man), probably in his late twenties like me. He had a firm gym-toned body, which he was obviously very proud of it, judging from the way he held himself. He was wearing a harness like mine and had a shaved chest too, though whether that was on the orders of Jon or because it showed off his torso at the gym I wasn’t sure. On being ordered to squat, Tony went to the corner of the room and crouched on the chest where Master Nick kept the toys he used on me.

My Master obviously liked the appearance of the two new arrivals. He wriggled up beside Jon and began to nibble his ears and stroke his face. He fondled the boy’s satin shorts and ran his fingers inside the legs. There was no resistance from Jon, who merely sighed contentedly and moved closer to my Master’s hard body. My Master undid the fly buttons on the boy’s shorts and slid his hand into the narrow slit. As his hands reached their objective, he began to massage Jon’s stiff cock in its silky prison.

"Stop pleasuring yourself slave." shouted Master Nick, "Get over to the corner and service Tony; he’s my guest as well. You’d better make it good too, or I’ll come over there and whip both your asses."

Badpuppy Model - Jack I approached Tony from behind. I kissed his broad shoulders and the back of his neck and ran a hand down his leather harness. I followed the course of the strap as it split his ass cheeks asunder, but teasingly ignored his puckered butt for now. I went on underneath him till my fingers made contact with his jewel sac. I massaged his tight drawn-up balls with one hand and ran the other through the soft stubble at the back of his neck. Many people ignore this erogenous zone, by Master Nick was a good teacher and had taught me many tricks like this for the pleasure of his guests. Because I couldn’t feel Tony’s cock dangling down beyond his ball sac, I knew it must already be thrusting rampantly upwards.

"Turn the fucker around." Jon ordered me, "We want to see you eat his big bollocks. Suck his dick and make him real hard – you won’t regret it, I promise."

Tony, still squatting, turned to face me as I knelt before him. Jon came over and forced my head down low. Then he looped my nipple chain under Tony’s ball sac and fixed me to his slave’s leather harness with the snap fastening behind his cock ring. Tied to the slave in such an intimate position, my vision was filled by his rearing manhood, and I quickly gobbled it down.

"Mmm……that feels real good……You’re making me real horny" he moaned as his shining head slipped down my throat.

I reached under him until I was Able to swirl my hands over his ass, while he bent to run his fingers over my chest, twisting my nip rings hard. I massaged the hard leather strap passing across his perineum, and his shaft grew firmer inside my throat as he filled me with his throbbing man-sex. He was in ecstasy.

"Hey, slave" called Jon, "Get to work on Jamie. Give his pierced nips some real attention. Show him what true pain is and see if he can take it like a real man."

Tony released me from his sac and I stood up warily. When a slave is ordered to work over another slave he often vents all his frustration and stifled emotions on the poor unfortunate. This was no exception.

"Call yourself a man, punk? You’re just a prissy fuck toy……You’re not even a real slave, you’re just a hole, - a male fanny – a boy cunt……Take it you fucking wimp……You’ve got soft, you’re no man!"

All the time the verbal abuse was accompanied by physical abuse. He worked my pierced nips with his strong, brutal fingers. He twisted them this way and that, forcing them up and out. He pulled on the silver rings with his lips and flicked his tongue over the tender flesh beneath the rings that is usually protected by those rings. I was soon begging him to ease up on me, but he only grinned wickedly and continued his assault.

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"You think you can’t take this, you little cunt? This is just for starters……You wait till you see what I’ve got in store for you later, you fuck-fanny. Then you’ll know what a real man’s pain is!"

Suddenly I flinched with additional pain, as my ass was spanked from behind. I tried to turn my head, but Tony grabbed my jaw and kissed me hard, roughly forcing his tongue between my lips and invading my mouth. H stood back and looked at me with distaste. Holding me tight, he spat at me. Twice. The spittle landed on my face and trickled down my cheeks as I looked down. I was ashamed and humiliated – this was not my scene. Meanwhile, whoever was behind me eased up on the spanking. He covered my sore ass with hot kisses and prodded the hard butt plug still filling my rectum.

Tony forced my head down till it was level with his dick again. He was now so turned on that he was bigger than ever. If I was to be fucked by him, as he obviously intended, I should be split open. He was rough, sadistic even, and would not take me gently. He forced himself down, down inside my mouth, and I sucked him deep, gagging and trying not to displease him. I tried to lubricate him as much as possible, while I fingered his sac and his perineum. Anything to try to placate this rearing monster.

There was a fumbling behind me, and then under my balls, as the long strap up my back was withdrawn from between my cheeks. With the restraining leather gone, I couldn’t hold the latex butt plug up my hole any longer and, with a lewd explosion, it fell to the floor. Someone tenderly wiped my ass lips clean with a soft cloth and ran exploratory fingers over my vacated opening. Then I felt a cool gel being smeared over me. A finger gently invaded the yawning hole, then it was two fingers, then three – working my hole wide open again. The fingers probed my inmost parts, feeling up my prostate and loosening me up.

What a sight I must have looked to those watching. I was bent almost in half, with my lips firmly clamped round one man’s dick, and another man’s fingers were gently frigging my ass, spreading those lips for the punishment to follow.

Tony withdrew his flaring member from my throat and walked round behind me. I was ordered to stand up. There in front of me stood Rick, his dribbling lips wet with Steve’s flowing pre-cum, and Steve himself, still in his sopping black pouch. Jon came over with a narrow leather thong, which he proceeded to tie to Rick’s cock ring, before tying the other end to my cock ring like an umbilical cord. Then Steve came over to me and whispered in my ear.

"You caused me pain earlier, slave boy, so now you must be punished for it."

With that he knelt down and, taking hold of my frenum ring, tied another leather thong to it so that it dangled to the floor. He gave it a few tugs – painful, but not unbearable - and then passed it back between my legs. He explained what he was doing.

"I am fastening the other end round Tony’s balls like a ball divider and separator" he said. "He doesn’t like the idea much, because his balls are now squeezed painfully tight. I think he might need to take that pain away by emptying his nuts. How could he best achieve that?"

I knew what the solution would be. Tony was going to fuck me rigid – and enjoy it.

Badpuppy Model - Jack All three Masters came and stood beside us, with wicked anticipatory grins on their faces. Master Nick and Jon dropped to the floor either side of Steve. They reached up and ran their hands lovingly over his body, paying special attention to his hairless nipples and velvety ass. They ran their hands over his moist cotton pouch and eased it down over his hips. After they had stripped him, Steve took the thong pouch from Jon and sniffed it, inhaling deeply. Then he thrust the moist cotton under my nose, forcing me to breathe in the heady odours of his sweat and his man juices. Withdrawing it, he did the same to Rick, before thrusting the skimpy fabric into Rick’s mouth as a sodden gag.

With Steve naked at last, we could see the proud stud in all his wanton glory. His pierced cock rode high out of his cropped pubes – a rampant, glorious weapon. He was tightly constricted by his studded cock strap, which forced his shaved nuts provocatively forward, towards me and Rick.

The other two Masters now came and stood beside us, one on each side, after my Master had picked up a studded leather paddle. Jon had a fearsome looking ball-stretcher in his hand. However, it was not destined for my sac, but his. He kissed it lovingly and held it out to my Master, while he pushed his hips forward so my Master could have easy access. My Master knelt at the boy’s feet and fondled his smooth balls. Then, taking the harsh leather, he pulled Jon’s sac away from his manly shaft and snapped it in place. Looking down at his crotch, the young Boy Master shook his head.

"I can take it tighter than that" he said, "Please do it up on the last row of poppers, it’ll increase my pleasure."

Master Nick tightened the strap and gave Jon’s balls a gentle tug. He seemed to be in agony, but he smiled through his pain.

"Wow! Great!" he said, "That feels super……it feels so hard……so tight……so constricting……so fucking horny."

My loving Master gave me a long deep kiss. He told me I should be grateful to him for arranging to discipline me in a way I should always remember. I thanked my Master for the pain that was about to be inflicted on his unworthy slave.

Steve moved in close behind Rick and reached round to fondle my nipple rings. Then, with a sudden grasp on my teats, he lunged inside the slave without stopping till he was all the way in.

"Receive me, slave" he groaned, "Take all my throbbing tool……let me rest my aching balls against your butt……my thick shaft is going to open you up wide……soon you’ll be begging for it, you fuck slut……you’ll be begging for man cock all your life, but you’ll never get filled like today."

He began to move rhythmically in and out of Rick’s love passage, withdrawing fully each time, so that the almost-virgin ass would feel Steve’s frenum ring stretch his willing hole wider on each entry and withdrawal. How I wished it was my ass Steve was fucking.

Jon told me to kiss his pierced nipple, which I was delighted to do. Putting my tongue to the hard metal, I took the nip ring between my lips and sucked on it, making him gasp in sudden pleasure. I inserted my tongue inside the ring and used it to pull the point into me, biting down on the flesh behind the ring. He held my lips against his nip, mouthing his ring and chewing on him, while he stroked my cropped hair.

He was still holding me in his tender embrace when I was speared from behind by the huge girth of his slave. I was tight for Tony’s enormous tool, even after the butt plug that had been up my ass most of the day. He had to go in fairly slowly, so he didn’t injure himself – it was hardly out of consideration for me.

"Open up boy, let me inside you. You’ve been ordered to receive my cock, and you’re going to take every inch."

His thick shaft filled me more fully than anything human I had ever felt up there before, and after a few thrusts I felt the prickle of his pubic bush against by spread-eagled cheeks and the cold metal of his cock ring surrounding my gaping hole. It was all I could do not to leap into the air, but Jon had my lips clamped fast to his nipple so I couldn’t move. He was stroking my face and murmuring endearments in a soft, soothing voice, calming me and helping me relax.

"God, you slave stud, you’re so damned handsome……I wish you were mine, I’d love to take you home with me……You work my tit so beautifully……Yes, bite it! Bite it!……That’s lovely……It’s OK……Relax and let him in……That’s right, I knew you could take him……You’ll get used to my slave……Loosen up a bit……Good, good."

Jon was so caring, so gentle, that I felt I would do anything for him, suffer anything for him, would do whatever pleased him most.

Steve was getting into his rhythm now, and I could hear the steady slap each time his balls pounded the cheeks of his fuck-slave before me. Rick was writhing in ecstasy and covering my nipples with kisses. We both had raging hard-ons, and our twitching cocks waved and touched as we attempted to get away from our tormentors. Each time my fierce fucker withdrew too far, the leather thong on my frenum piercing jerked my cock painfully downwards. While he was enthusiastically fucking Rick, Steve was also masturbating my Master, working his fingers up and down the long virile shaft. My Master was wildly lashing out, thrashing Tony’s bucking ass with his studded paddle, adding to the noise, the pain and the pleasure.

Steve climaxed first, with a great shout and a thrust that nearly sent me and Rick off balance. Then, while he was still spurting hot cum up his fuck-buddy’s ass, my Master shot his own creamy load between us, spattering both our slave bodies with his hot jism, washing us with his warm man-milk.

Jon reluctantly withdrew his nipple from my adoring lips, and dragged his slave out of my battered ass before either of them had come. He untied us, then ordered his slave to wash the spunk off our chests. Reluctantly Tony came and licked me and Rick clean, till not a drop of my Master’s cum remained. Then he went to his Master, who took his strong jaws in his hands and guided their mouths together. They kissed deeply and lovingly, opening their mouths wide as the slave gave his young Master a spunky mouthwash, some of the cream escaping and running down their chins.

Withdrawing from Tony, Jon ordered him to remove his boots and kneel up on my Master’s bed. We all went and stood by the bed to watch. Each unfulfilled slave was being kept hot by being gently frigged by a finger up his anus. Jon went to the foot of the bed, where his slave knelt before him.

His slave’s ass was still glowing pink from the paddling he had received and was dimpled where the cruel studs had driven into his tight cheeks. He presented his ass to his Master, shamed by exposing himself to all of us as well. Jon spanked him with his upraised hand, and told him how he had hurt me, how he had wounded another Master’s slave property. After a few minutes of this, the Boy picked up the dildo that had been up my ass earlier. He took it to his slave’s face and ordered him to kiss it. The red-faced slave lavished the ass toy with kisses and with muttered thanks.

"Thank you Master Jon, for graciously using my ass as you wish……I will endeavour to please you in all things……I will willingly receive this dildo up my ass on your instructions – it is what I deserve as a slave……Please Master, make me lube this dildo that has already violated one slave today……I am eager to receive it up my tight boy-fanny as you wish."

Badpuppy Model - Jack Jon removed the butt plug and covered his slave’s face with a leather executioner’s mask, making him look even sexier in his servile position. Moving behind Tony, he pulled aside the leather thong between his cheeks and spat on his slave’s small pink entrance. He spread the saliva around and fingered it into the opening to Tony’s love passage. He slapped his slave’s ass a few times and pressed the point of the plug close up against the puckered lips, talking dirty to his slave all the time.

"Now, you proud bastard, I am going to open up your virgin fuck hole. Your tight virgin cunt has been long enough without anything up it, but you’re not worth wasting a male cock on. You’re not yet worthy to take a real dick, so you’ll have to have this used butt plug instead."

As he slid it gently into Tony’s very tight hole, lewd words continued to pour from his sweet lips.

"Beg for it, cunt……Feel that used latex sliding in……Feel it invading your virgin body……Thank me for being such a considerate Master……Be grateful I’m taking you gently……Feel it sliding up you inch by inch, taking possession of you……That’s right, beg for it, beg for this black rubber up your virgin ass……Take this mark of your slavery……Show us all what a butch slave like you loves to be filled with……Thank me for buggering you so gently."

To his slave’s obvious delight, Boy/Master Jon pushed the huge butt plug further and further between the muscular slave’s unresisting ass lips. The latex parted his lips, stretching his virgin hole wide open just as it had stretched my hole wide open; the shaft filled his virgin passage just as it had filled my passage, the big tool split his virgin ass in two just as it had split me. When the thick latex had slid deep inside his slave, and his lips had closed hungrily closed round it, Jon replaced the leather harness thong back over Tony’s entrance, holding the sex toy firmly in place. His slave looked so lascivious knelt up on the bed, with his accommodating ass spread wide by the rubber tool and a wicked grin on his masculine face. He had huskily begged his Master to deflower his virgin butt in front of an audience, and how the manly stud loved it!

Jon carefully turned Tony over and laid him on his back in the centre of the big bed, exposing his still stiff cock. Jon proceeded to kneel between his slave’s spread legs, exposing his own pink shaved hole high in the air, as if waiting for his slave to rim him. Then we had a big surprise. He handed Tony a thick double-ended dildo, which the slave put in his mouth and lubricated thoroughly. Then the slave put the other end in his mouth and rested the lubed end against his Master’s butt. The Boy/Master reached around and parted his ass cheeks , exposing his cute shaved hole. Gradually he eased the latex dildo inside himself, with his slave pushing on the other end still in his mouth.

"Yes, slave" he demanded, "Push that dildo up my ass……Feed it to me……Open my hole with its thick head……Force me wide open with its hardness……shove that dildo inside me……let me feel that hot rubber shaft."

Jon’s pert ass-lips slowly parted for the dildo, and we watched as he eagerly took the dildo. The broad head was swallowed up, and the Boy’s lips closed gratefully round it, sucking it into himself. An inch of shaft disappeared inside the same opening, another inch followed, and another and another. As he neared the centre, the latex cock grew thicker, but the Boy only pulled his lips wider and begged for more until, when about 7 or 8 inches had penetrated him, he gave a contented sigh.

The Boy/Master now bent low and began to clean his slave’s cock – the same cock that had previously been up my ass. He lovingly licked every inch of his hard dick, tasting the mingled flavours of his slave and the lingering scent of my musky innards. He washed his slave-stud’s balls with his tongue and then, taking some oil, he massaged it into his slave’s man-meat. He paid particular attention to the tip of the dick head and the smooth balls trapped inside the glinting cock-ring. He worshiped his slave’s jewels with the tips of his fingers, teasing the purple glans and trailing across his smooth rounded sac, making the slave beg for relief. Tony was writhing and grunting as his Master toyed with him, rousing him to almost uncontrollable heat as his manhood bucked and reared under the Boy’s expert ministrations. Each time the slave moved his head from side to side the dildo clamped between his lips moved inside the Boy’s ass, causing him to wriggle with delight.

Steve, who was gently frigging me, was getting hot as he watched this variant of a 69, and his cock was growing tumescent again. My Master, who was frigging his cousin’s ass, went over to the toy cupboard and brought back a few items. First he came and slipped a leather waistcoat (vest) over Steve’s manly torso. Next he beckoned his cousin across and buckled a broad leather slave collar round Rick’s neck. He buckled on leather wrist and ankle restraints and stood back admiringly. Talk about incest!

Then Master Nick turned to me and fastened silver bicep straps round each arm and his own leather chaps over my legs. He put a pair of wicked alligator clips in my hand. Instead of ordering me to wear them myself, he told me to fix them to his surprised cousin instead. Rick tried to back off, but he was firmly held in position by Steve, and he had to submit to the cruel torture. As the teeth bit into his soft flesh a glazed look came over his face, and he subsided gratefully into Steve’s muscular embrace.

Returning to the cupboard, my Master brought back a tube of lube and a set of anal balls. Bending me over, he smeared lube over his hand, spread it over my ass crack and fingered it inside my hole. Then he gradually inserted the first bright red ball.

"Open wide boy. Show them what you can take."

I felt the first ball slide home and almost immediately the second was nudging at the entrance, followed by the third. I felt filled by the rubber spheres, but was not to be left like that for long – not when there were more balls to play with.

Steve came to watch my humiliation.

"You need filling, boy" he whispered, and with that my Master thrust the fourth ball up my tight, protesting passage. "Look Nick, there’s only one ball left. I think you should push it up his hot ass, it’s a shame to waste it."

Painfully I took the final, largest, ball up my well-stretched orifice, and muttered my humble thanks to my abusers. Steve then took the leather thong from the end of the balls and fed it between my legs. With some difficulty he slid the chrome ring at its end over my glans and down my prick, working it right down as far as it would go. Excluding my two nipple rings, I was now sporting three rings; The chrome cock-ring forming part of my slave harness, the smaller ring now round the base of my shaft and my ever present frenum ring circling my cock-head.

My Master was satisfied that I was in agony, so he walked back round the bed with his cousin, using the nipple clamps to guide him. This drew our attention back to the bed.

The Boy/Master stopped massaging his slave’s equipment and slowly stood upright, withdrawing from the latex cock-substitute. He turned around to face his slave and, making sure we were all watching intently, squatted above the upright penis of his male sex-toy. It must have been at least 8 inches of man-flesh, with an incredibly bulbous head. The shaft was hugely impressive, it was so thick that I was amazed I had been able to receive it earlier that afternoon. It was something to watch as the Boy (who was supposed to be the Master) gently lowered himself towards his excited slave’s oiled pole, the flaring cock-head resting teasingly at the entry to his shaved velvety ass.

The Boy smiled angelically, and then pulled his butt cheeks wide apart before impaling himself on the shaft. It was obvious that he was accustomed to receiving this slave-stud, for the engorged tool slid up his hole with almost no delay. First the enlarged purple head disappeared from view, then inch by thick inch he lowered himself down the greased shaft until he was resting on the cropped pubes of his slave. Once astride his muscular stud, Jon parted his butt cheeks as far as he could stretch them. We watched his young ass being dilated each time he regally slid up and down on the studly pole. Each time he sank back down on the shaft he eased his buttocks apart, greedily ensuring that Tony’s cock was inserted right up to the broad hilt.

He sighed loudly, with a heady mix of pleasure and pain, and gave his slave a wicked grin.

"Mmm……Oh yes, Master" breathed his slave-fucker, "Let my cock pleasure you……Spread your young cheeks……Spread them wide open to receive me……Yes, Master!……Yes! Yes!……Take all of me……Please let me fill all your beautiful ass."

"Give it to me, you fucking whore, give me your thick cock!" shouted Jon, as he proudly rode his horny stallion. "Shaft me……Ram your studly pole up my willing ass……Ram it up hard."

Badpuppy Model - Jack It was as if talking dirty turned him on more.

"Yes! Yes!……Give me more of your cock, give me more……Thrust your randy cock up me……Let me ride you, stud-slave……Bugger me……Bugger my willing ass you fuck-slave……Your pleasure is to serve your Master, serve me by worshipping my ass with your manly shaft."

The slave reached up and began to work on his Master’s pierced nipple, further exciting the Boy.

"Yes, slave, work my pierced nip……Twist it……Pull on it……And the other one……Work both my poor teats……Work them real hard, give your Master some pain……I need hard nip work……Yes, that’s good……Give me more……More……"

The Boy squirmed with the pain in his tits, but he didn’t stop wanking, or let up on his filthy instructions.

"Fuck my tight boy fanny……Get your stiff shaft up my ass……Trust yourself deep inside me……Please let me feel your hardness inside me……I need to be impaled on your horny slave-meat……Stuff me full, you sexy stud……I’m begging you……I’m begging you to fill my boy cunt."

The slave used his free hand to grasp Jon’s balls - which were sticking out wildly, because he was still encased in the leather ball divider/separator.

"Oh, that’s good! So good……Play with my shaved bollocks……Pull on my sac, pull it away from me……Squeeze that tight black leather and get me really hot……You’re making me feel so horny, so fucking horny……Yes! More! Please give me more……Abuse your Sex-Master……I love being punished with your hot rod…..I need it bad, really really bad……I need to take you up my tight cunt……I need it……I need it."

While the Boy/Master writhed and bucked on his pleasurable ride our two Masters were also working us over. My Master played with cousin’s nipples, finger fucking him at the same time. Rick was beating off furiously, and I could hardly see his hand, because it moved over his shaft so rapidly. Steve was behind me, hugging me to him, with his cock tantalisingly between my legs. I could feel his heart beating as I wanked off, wishing he would fuck me instead. I was getting so hot watching all Rick and Master Nick’s action opposite and the violent fuck scene on the bed. All the steamy sex was mesmerising.

Unable to hold back any longer under my Master’s delightful frigging and prostate torture, Rick shot his hot load all over the slave on the bed. Jon ran his fingers through it, spreading the warm cream over his slave’s chest. Raising his sticky fingers to his face, he tasted Rick’s love juices.

The Boy was squealing with delight at having his slave in so intimate a place.

"Give it to me" he shrieked, "Bugger me……Stuff me with your huge manhood……Let me feel its hardness up my fuck-hole."

The taste of Rick’s cum only served to heighten his passion, and he beckoned to Steve and my Master.

"Spank my ass, you studs……Come and spank my sexy ass……Let me feel you spanking me with your firm hands……Spank my spread cheeks while my slave fucks me……Force me down onto his manhood……Make me ride him hard."

Both Masters moved over to do Jon’s bidding.

"Right! You want it – you’ll get it!" grinned Steve, "Your bouncing ass is going to be spanked raw."

They both spanked him soundly, while he egged them on at the top of his voice.

"Do it to me!……Spank me!……Do it again, you studs!" he yelled at them, "Spank me!……Spank me some more!……Spank my boy quim!……Make my butt hot!……Spank my faggot-ass."

He turned to me.

"Come here slave. Get over here and squat over my slave, so he can rim your well-filled ass."

I squatted over Tony, as instructed, while facing the bucking Boy. The slave beneath me cushioned my spread-eagled cheeks in his powerful hands and began to ply his tongue over my ball-filled ass-hole. I was stuffed so full that there was no way the anal balls would drop out – they were too big and too tight for that. They would have to be dragged out. Jon gave up beating his meat for a moment, and reached across to hang on to my nipple rings as he bounced up and down. The spanking he could feel and I could hear was turning us both on, and I stretched out to his cock and began tenderly touching him up.

"Please Master, I need to cum" begged the slave beneath me. "Please permit me to cum Sir. I want to fill your masterful boy-cunt with my cream."

However, he was forbidden to cum by Master Nick. He was ordered to control his own lusts more, in order to prolong his Master’s pleasure.

Steve came and knelt on the bed behind me, and I felt a firm, insistent tugging on the love balls.

"Release them boy" he ordered, and I strained to do his bidding.

One by one, they plopped out, watched by the fascinated slave beneath me. Tony was then instructed to clean out my ass. He was reluctant at first, but I eventually felt the cool leather of his mask graze my buttocks. Tentatively he poked the tip of his tongue into my crack. Growing bolder, he laved the entry to my ass and lubricated it with his saliva.

Badpuppy Model - Jack Then my thighs were gripped by Steve as he moved in closer. The tip of his tool paused at my opening before probing gently up my passageway. I gave up fondling Jon and spread my cheeks for my fucker, so he would have an uninterrupted view of his manhood taking me. Feeling really horny, I wiggled my butt at Steve in invitation. There was a sharp intake of breath behind me, though whether it was from Steve or from the slave getting an eyeful I wasn’t sure.

As I was entered I felt a hardness that could only be Steve’s silver frenum ring. He entered me fully and I felt his studded cock-strap nudging my cheeks. Then he withdrew fully, leaving me gaping and begging to be re-filled. All the time I held my ass cheeks wide for him, so that he could see as well as feel the sensation. Every time he passed between my ass lips I could feel the silver ring entering and leaving me – a hardness that was even harder than the stud fucking me.

This was bloody fantastic! (1) I was having both tits worked by a foul-mouthed beauty, while he rode his own stallion at the same time as having his butt tenderised. (2) The slave below me was teasing my aching balls with his finger tips, while shafting his screaming Boy/Master and while watching Steve fucking me just above his face. (3) My own Master was watching me being serviced by his friend, his unconcealed love and pleasure reaching out to me as he watched me enjoy my punishment. (4) Best of all, I was being powerfully violated by Steve. Buggered for the first time in my life by a frenum-wearing stud.

Jon returned his attentions to his quivering shaft and so I now kissed his pierced nip again, tonguing the ring and biting into his tender flesh just as he had enjoyed earlier.

"I’m cumming Tony" the Boy shouted in delight, "You’re all making me cum……Fill me stud-slave, fill my hole with your cum……empty your juicy bollocks of their milk……spread my ass cheeks wider……I need to feel all of you deep inside me……I need to feel your slave-spunk showering me."

My Master spread the Boy’s cheeks as wide as possible, but he refused to let him down onto his slave’s cock. He wanted to watch the slave’s balls contract as they emptied their precious load. He wanted to see the twitching erection as the fluid travelled up the slave’s shaft, before it erupted into the Boy’s well used cunt.

"Yes slave, fill me with your cream" Jon squealed, "Bathe my ass with your soothing love-milk……Bugger me……bugger me hard……Shaft me with your proud stallion’s cock……I want to overflow with your warm man-juices."

Rick reared up inside his master, but he couldn’t penetrate him far enough, because of my Master’s grip on the Boy’s cheeks.

"Fill me!……Fill me!……Please Nick, please let him fill me……Please let me feel his full length penetrating me……I’m begging you to give him to me Nick."

But it was too late. The slave came. Some of his cum leaked from his Master’s hole and dribbled down his pulsating shaft. My Master gently lowered Jon onto Tony, after first wiping his hand in the warm cum. He brought it round to the Boy’s eager lips, smearing it over his face and letting him lick it off his fingers with his slurping pink tongue. The Boy’s own cum arched out from his jerking body and splashed over my chest, before dribbling down warmly onto my cock and balls. Jon ran his fingers through his own cum and wiped it over my stiff member. Then he made me clean his fingers with my mouth.

Steve picked up his pace and fucked me wildly. My Master took pity on me, the only one not to have had any release, and placed my hand on my cock as a signal that I could now work for my own satisfaction, as well as Steve’s. Unable to hold back, I wanked madly, begging passionately, desperate for more of the ringed stud , hard inside me.

"Please Sir, give me all of your hot shaft……I can take all of you Sir……Please let me receive you Sir, I’m a willing slave……I need to be punished by you for hurting you earlier......I need to be fucked......I need it bad Sir......Please fuck me with your proud frenum ring Sir......Please let me feel your hard ring sliding in and out of me Sir……Please bugger me with your proud ring!……I’m proud to take you Sir!……All the way in Sir! All the way Sir!……Bugger me you butch stud!……Bugger me……Bugger me!……Bugger me!"

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I was hot and hard as hell, and shouting at the top of my voice. Steve reached round and fondled my nipples, squeezing them painfully, but causing exquisite pleasure and making me harder than ever. I clenched my ass-lips to increase the pleasure and bring him off too.

"I need to come!" I screamed, "Please may I come Sir?……Please permit me to come Sir." My voice grew husky with desire and with pent-up frustration. I grovelled on the end of his shafting dick, begging and begging for release. I felt my fucker come for the second time that day, washing my male love-hole that had been filled with ass-toys and hot cocks in a never ending stream of pain and pleasure.

"Come slave……Come now" he ordered.

And I did!!!

"Yes Master, I’m coming……You’re making me shoot……Let me feel you right up me……Bathe my sore ass with your love-juices……Work my pierced tits while I shoot my wad……Make them hurt……Good Sir, that’s real good……Oh Sir, yes please Sir……Yes Sir!……Yes Sir!……Yes!……Arghhhhhhhhh!……."

Pulling on my spunk-slicked shaft, I shot my sticky load high into the air. There was gallons of the stuff which I had been foced to store up for days. It flew everywhere. It shot over Jon and Tony. It shot onto the sheets. Some landed on the floor at my Master’s feet. My offering of love and devotion.

To Be Continued....

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