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James Bondage by Barringer

Met a guy recently whoís into bondage. Unfortunately for him his mother christened him James so you can guess what everybody calls him. Those in the know of course. Itís amazing how many guys are ashamed to admit they have this sexual preference. As you may remember from ďIn-laws and OutlawsĒ, I refer to it as tie me up and tie me down. I got the expression from a Spanish movie although it was my ex father-in-law who initiated me originally. He turned my world around so to speak as until then I had always been Ďon topí of things. He put me in touch with my feminine side and taught me to take it up the ass. Now, I prefer to play variations on a theme depending who my partner is.

So far Iíve been very successful. Iím usually pretty good at sussing out whoís who so I havenít made too many mistakes in leading willing lambs to the sexual slaughter. Of course Iíve learned to ease off if I find my dick isnít taking us up the right path. I mean after a while you develop an instinct as to whoís bread and whoís butter. Or who wants a combination of the two. As I said I like my bread buttered on both sides and sometimes even a little toasted. But Iím not into excessive pain or too many accessories. I prefer the genuine article. Consequently I always check that one out before I start. I mean someone might compensate for having a small dick by presenting you with a great ass but personally I need a firm mast to hold on to when Iím stirring up a storm. Know what I mean.

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James was very well equipped all round. Great body. Stupendous ass. Five star dick. Juicy nipples. And absolutely luscious lips that made my mouth and dick fairly water. When he kissed me, my toes curled and my hair stood on end. Or vice versa. And he turned my dick into a rambling rose. In fact he made every inch of me stick up and stretch out. Literally sometimes. Of course the downside of being tied up and tied down is that certain parts of your anatomy canít always get to places where they would like to be. You find your partnerís ass is either two inches out of dick reach or he is making sure that the tip of your tongue is just that teeny tenth of an inch too far below its target. So you stretch and lunge and squirm and plunge waiting for him to lower his butt until your flailing weapon turns into a contorted replica of Jim Carrey in ĎĎThe Mask.íí James made me so wild with frustration once that I tore a tuft of hair out of his asshole with my teeth. He made me pay for that by stuffing his meatloaf of a dick into my mouth and nearly choking me. But it was well worth it.

I suppose, when push comes to shove, bondage is basically a battle for supremacy. Between master and slave. But during it you are changing roles constantly. Seeing just how far you can go as you tease, torture and torment your partner. Also with James you have to be careful not to wear your best bib and tucker, as he tends to be scissor happy and can cut his way through your favourite tee shirt or a pair of your D&G major Army and Navy brando briefs.

Thereís something coolly erotic about being strapped to the bed as the man of your dreams opens you up like a Christmas parcel. The cold feel of steel on your hot body as he slits you open with a knife or a pair of scissors is a real turn on. The tear of cotton or silk as a succulent nipple comes into view, or you reveal just enough flesh to make his dick thirst for more, gives a feeling of power to both the seduced and the seducer. If youíve got it flaunt it takes on a new connotation. If youíve got it taunt it. Itís also a question of what you donít quite see is what you eventually get. Still thereís always an element of danger because even if you trust your trick with your dick you can sometimes get him so excited that he oversteps the mark.

James really turned me on once by singeing my pubes with the ash from his cigar but I was hellish scared all the time that he was going to set fire to my love nest. Thatís why I say I donít like objects. I have absolutely no desire to have a dildo or a vibrator shoved up my ass. The bigger the dick the better but, lacking that, ability and creativity are really the order of the day. Searching out all the erotic nooks and horny crannies. Getting your partner hot and making him beg for more. Stuff like that.

In my opinion James should be given a gold medal for sexual excavation. He had me shuddering with unmitigated delight many a time. Licking between my toes. Plating the sole of my foot. Getting his tongue half way up my ass. Rinsing out my ears. Nipping at my nipples and chewing my testicles. Making apple purťe out of my butt as he sucked my Adamís apple. And, last but not least, standing high above me and jerking off all over me. All pretty harmless stuff but, when youíre tied hand and foot and canít lift a finger to defend yourself, it can be terrific and terrifying at one and the same time. Most of the above was taken like a man while lying in the missionary position. Things got even hotter when he turned me over and gagged me. At times like this I either got spanked till my ass was raw or he flicked my back and butt with a small whip and made me buck like a mare in heat before he finally fucked me.

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Not being able to see what was cuming was all part of the fun. He liked to be on the receiving end too so I was able to get my own back, so to speak, for all the pleasant pain heíd given me. I also had to take my dick on a ride to Fantasy Island and think up new ways to turn James on. As a starter Iíd have him strung up like a newly cured ham, while he was still fully clothed, and then Iíd slowly cut him open bit by bit till he was lying, or hanging there, butt and everything else naked.

Sometimes it took forever which was a turn on in itself. Iíd cut up the inside leg of his tight pants till I arrived at the knee and then open up a few peep holes round his dick, balls and nipples so I could get my tongue in there to give him a good time. Often his engorged dick would work its way through the gaping gaps and I would tear the tattered threads with my teeth until there was enough room for me to get my mouth round him.

He had a great body as I said so it was fun to watch his biceps bursting as he struggled to get free or see his pecs protruding through the flimsy fronds of his torn tee shirt. I made a nice circle round his armpits too and teased him to death with my tongue. I soon discovered that heíd developed a taste for having bits of his hair torn out by my teeth. I worked round his nipples and the thistledown stuff on his stomach and put the finishing touch to him by thinning out his pubic brush. By this time my mouth was full of little fur balls. I made him eat them. We spat at each other like wildcats. He ended up by taking it out on my dick and I was lucky to get out of there alive.

My speciality was working my way under him and shearing the cotton from his briefs. This was dangerous stuff as there wasnít much space and if he jerked too hard he got the point of the knife in his derriere. This of course made him jerk even more. He was rare steak by the time Iíd finished with him. Then, as he agitated his butt in feigned agony, I thrust my dick right in there and really gave him something to shout about. I tore off what was left of his clothes and while I tore into his ass used his dick as a lever to bring us both to a climax.

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For a little variation weíve ventured outdoors. Generally in the summer. Iíve chained him up to the wooden beams of my boathouse near the lake many a time, and beaten his butt with a boat oar before battering it with my dick. Heís really into chains and rubber and things. In fact, unlike me, he canít get enough accessories.

He brings along stuff heís picked up in a sex shop. The kind of gadget that looks like itís intended to jump-start your car. Only you attach it to your nipples and connect it to your cock.

These gadgets donít do much for me but they certainly turn James into a real live wire. In fact, once or twice Iíve been tempted to attach him to the electricity system. Plug him in as I plug it in him, so to speak, but that would be taking it a bit far I think. We could both end up with a short circuit.

Sometimes we go deep into the woods and I tie him to a tree and play William Tell with his balls and invent all sorts of ugly tortures in this beautiful environment. Of course here part of the excitement is that weíre going to get caught mid-fuck by a forest ranger or something. Or catch our death of cold when it rains.

Thatís another sexual turn on. Ripping through and ripping off wet clothes. As I might have mentioned earlier, thereís little new under the sun. Itís what you do with it that counts and the fact that youíre on a constant voyage of sexual discovery and tripping out while you travel.

And I never know what James is going to think up next. As a final turn on heís quite capable of trussing me up like a chicken and then leaving me there for the maid to discover in the morning. And, after a hot night of torrid sex with our tongues in and out of each otherís mouths, or even more unhygienic places, heíll ask me politely if he can borrow my toothbrush.

Thatís one reason I like him I suppose. Or should I say bonded with him?

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