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It Happened to Me by Hrtofgld

There, do you see that healthy young stud on page 10? Yeah, the one in the sliding bikini swimsuit? Well, I know him VERY well, if you get my drift...what's that? Lying? Just a minute, I've got a picture of him right here in my wallet. That's right, that's him and me in the hot tub, about two months ago. Let me tell you about how I met him...

I had decided at twenty-five that it was time to get my body into shape. Sure youth and light exertion (perhaps a quick game of tennis or tag football with the guys) every so often had kept my body slender, but I figured that I needed to get myself some killer pecs and thighs. Some of my older friends, now reaching thirty, didn't heed the call and were growing rather thick around their middles. Not for me, I decided, and so I walked myself to the nearest gym and signed up.

Pumping weights and maintaining a workout schedule for the next two months really put the muscle on me, and before long I had the killer pecs and thighs that I'd desired. I'd also had quite a few admirers that seemed to collect thickly around me at the bar afterwards, where I'd have my reward: one or two lite beers before going home. Funny how a tight set of spandex shorts and tank top would draw the men towards me like bears to honey.

It was into the third month when I noticed this young guy at the gym. He was about my height, just under six feet, and with a build on him that could just make you cry. Long blonde hair, which he kept tied back in a pony tail as he worked out, fell just to his shoulders. He had a nice sprinkling of hair over the middle of his chest, a slightly darker line down his abdominals, and nicely furred arms and legs. We always seemed to work out together, I would be just ahead of him on a machine and he would take my machine as I moved onto the next one. After a few days of this (we also took the same days off) he smiled at me and started talking.

"We seem quite alike, you know, perhaps we should be workout buddies," he said as he straddled the weight bench I'd just moved from and leaned back to start bench pressing, "it really looks like we are already."

I wiped a trickle of sweat from my forehead and watched him pump away for a few minutes, then began my own arm work. He finished his set and waited for me to complete mine, then held out his hand.

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He smiled as we shook hands and said, "I just moved here from Los Angeles. This is a great gym, almost like the one I left in L.A. My name's Eric."

"Pleased to meet you, Eric. My name's Mike." We talked briefly about the differences between the two gyms and then continued along with our workout. At the end of the workout schedule, we both sat for a half-hour on the lifecycles to cool down, and I returned to our conversation.

"What brings you here to San Diego, Eric?"

"I guess you could say that my employer moved down here and I had to follow. I really didn't like L.A. that much, although I did enjoy parts of it."

I studied the pumped muscles of his thighs as he worked the lifecycle, and allowed my eyes to roam briefly at the lump in the front of his shorts. He talked a little about growing up in L.A., and then mentioned something about modeling.

"I'm sorry, Eric, I didn't quite catch that. What did you say about modeling?"

"I said that I was a fashion model, have been for a few years. That's why I keep in shape, it's much easier to get jobs when your body is in great shape, why, you could be a model, Mike!"

I just grinned and we laughed briefly, then our time was up and we hit the showers. It turned out that this time he'd taken a locker near mine, so we undressed and entered the shower room together. His body was true perfection: an even tan over his body, broken only by graduating shades down to his ass. His butt was a gayman's dream, milky white, firmly muscled, yet still slightly rounded when relaxed.

He turned around to rinse his back, and the lump in his shorts that I had been watching on the lifecycles was revealed. Twin golden globes hung heavily between his legs, the ballsack stretched downward by the weight of the nuts. Resting on top of the sack was a good five inches of cut, USDA Prime cock. A golden thatch of hair surrounded the orbs and cock, trimmed to a small but dense triangle at his crotch.

He caught me looking at this bundle of joy and smiled as he soaped the area carefully. We were the only ones in the locker room, most of the other guys having left already to the bars. I, too, would have been gone except for the golden god next to me. He took the bar of soap and laid his dick on top of it, soaping the shaft by grasping the bar and dick together in one hand. The bar moved down the ballsack to the nuts and caused the sack to sway between his slightly spread legs. He soaped between his legs carefully and then turned around to push the bar of soap around the asscheeks. My own cock was thickening just by watching this, but when the bar of soap moved into the asscrack to lave the pink rosebud inside, my cock locked into full erection.

Eric turned and saw the results of his little "tease" and laughed, slapping playfully at my engorged dick, causing it to slap against my hard belly. "I guess you like looking at my body, huh, Mike? Could you help scrub my back before we leave?"

I murmured something as he thrust the bar of soap into my hand, the brief contact of our hands touching sent an electric bolt from my hand to my cockhead. He turned around, that sweet ass now so close to my cock that it ached to go exploring, and I began to move my hands and the bar of soap over his muscular back.

My hands moved over the hardness of his back muscles, the soap frothing as it glided over his supple skin. I slowly worked his shoulders, then the center of his back, and finally moved over the small of the back, just above the beginning of the asscrack. My hands rested on the upper swell of his asscheeks briefly, then suddenly he turned and my hands fell forward to rest upon his cock, now as rigid as my own.

Not letting a chance like this get away, one hand curved around his shaft while the other moved to grasp the ballsack. I looked into his baby blue eyes and smiled, my hands slowly stroking the parts of his body they held. "Guess you're liking this, Eric. What are we going to do now? We just can't drop to our knees here, the attendants might enter and catch us.

He smiled and with a little apologetic murmur, pulled away from me. "Let's sit in the jacuzzi a minute, then after we're relaxed, we can go to my place." I agreed and walked to the jacuzzi. A few minutes later, he arrived, carrying a small automatic camera. "My hobby is photography, and I was planning to go after my workout and take a few shots of the boys on the beach. However, I'd like a picture of the two of us, if you don't mind."

I spread my arms over the sides of the jacuzzi and grinned delightedly. "Only if I get a copy myself, Eric," I said as he grinned back and set up the camera on a bench facing the jacuzzi. He climbed quickly into the jacuzzi, wrapped a beefy arm around my neck and sat close beside me as the camera made a slight whirring noise, the flash went off, and a light "click" was heard. "Don't move yet, Mike," he whispered in my ear as his tongue found a sensitive area on my earlobe. A second flash occurred, then a third. After ten minutes of flashes and whirring, the camera made a little chirping sound, and then became silent.

Eric climbed out of the jacuzzi and picked up a couple of towels. As I climbed out he handed me one, and we dried ourselves off, providing each other a little assistance and a lot of horseplay before he picked up the camera and we returned to the locker room. An attendant was there picking up a few loose towels and told us that the gym was closing in five minutes. We hustled our clothes on, packed our gym bags and left the gym. I had walked, but Eric had brought his car, a little blue two seater. "Get in, " he said as he tossed his gym bag and mine into the tiny trunk, and we sped off down the road.

We rode quietly, only a soft rock station on the radio playing a mournful new tune. Every so often, Eric would shift gears, and then rest his hand upon my bare leg, lightly squeezing and massaging my pumped thigh muscle. I would have reached across to continue working on that muscle between his legs, but didn't want to cause an accident. Eric slowed down, turned, and we arrived in a nicely appointed apartment building complex. Pressing a remote button on the dash of the car, one of the garage doors opened and we slipped inside.

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"Stay a minute," Eric said, as he turned off the car and waited for the garage door to close. "The light will stay on for at least a half hour longer, and I can control it with this remote as well." His hand, which had up to this point, been on my thigh and working its way up underneath my shorts (except for shifting and manipulating the remote control) now grasped its prize firmly enough to make me jump. Eric grinned and, with his other hand, pulled his own shorts down enough so that his engorged cock was fully visible. "Go ahead, let's party!"

I grasped his cock and began pumping it's nine long inches lightly. The shaft was only lightly bumpy with veins, and the head was just a bit bigger than the main part of the shaft. Eric's hands became busy in my crotch region, pulling and stroking my own hard on. He would pull his hand out every so often and lick up the palm, the droplets of precum I was oozing disappearing from his hand onto his tongue. He smiled and we continued beating each other's meat, then abruptly he stopped and swatted away my hand from his crotch. "C'mon, let's go upstairs."

I don't think that his clothes stayed on him more than five seconds after the front door was closed to his apartment. I know that my own clothes disappeared from my body almost that fast, since I had four eager hands to help me strip. We fell to our knees on the plush living room carpeting, and silently went down all the way into a sixty-nine position, Eric's proud cock working it's way down my throat while he gave my balls a heavy tongue bath. It was almost a shock to feel the moist warmth of his mouth around my cock, and a surge of precum from me made his eyes widen.

I kept thinking that I knew him from somewhere, and my mind was busy trying to sort out where I'd seen him before the gym. This bothered me, because I'm usually quite good with faces (and cocks) and remember them. Another surge of precum shot from me, and Eric stopped, laughing slightly at my eagerness. "Geez, man, you're sure full of juice!"

He stood up and helped me to stand, then we walked naked together into the bedroom. We stopped only long enough to pull the top covers off the bed, and then fell onto it, hands and legs entwining tightly. Eric seemed to know what I was thinking, and grabbed some lube and a rubber from the dressing table beside the bed, pulling the rubber over his thick cock and liberally coating it with lubricant. A goodly amount of lube went onto his finger, and after hoisting my ankles onto his shoulders, he inserted his finger into me.

Before too long, I had three fingers inside me and was feeling pretty fired up, a lake of precum filling my navel and all the ridges of my belly. Each time Eric pushed up against my prostate with his firm fingers, another rivulet of precum dripped from my cock. He put the lube away, saying that I made enough natural to use it, and leaned forward, dragging his cock through the puddles on my chest to coat the rubber with my lube. Then, with a hard thrust, he entered me.

I thought that his cock was going to come out through my mouth, it filled me so much! He began a slow fucking rhythm that made my hole sing with pleasure as he pulled out past the flared end of his cock, then shoved the entire length back inside. Smiling, he bent slightly and stroked my hard pecs, squeezing them lightly before carefully twisting my nipples between his strong fingers. I was moaning with pleasure, the fullness of his cock in my asshole and his hands working my chest bringing me to the edge of my orgasm.

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"I'm getting too close, Eric!" I cried, as my cock flexed upwards and slapped his tight belly in spasm. He smiled back and, bending closer so that his belly ridge of hair touched my throbbing cock, pressed his lips hard on mine. Our chests touched, my sensitized nipples registering the meat on top of them, while my cock began to hump the ridge of hairy muscle it felt along its length. He thrust his tongue into my mouth as he gave a hard shove with his cock into me, and that was it.

I began jetting, my cock a wild thing against his belly as I shot over and over, the wetness between our bodies getting more pronounced with each shot. The tightening of my inner muscles around his cock started Eric's orgasm, and I felt his pulsing deep within me, the rubber catching his liquid love in its reservoir. He collapsed against me, his cock softening and sliding out of my butt with the rubber's tip completely full of his man juice.

After a few minutes, he slowly levered himself up onto his arms, my legs still spread and his crotch still pressed against mine. Strands of cum tied our bellies and upper abs together, an especially thick pearly rope tied the tip of my cock to his belly button! Eric laughed and said, "Looks like we're joined now, although not quite at the hip!" I laughed with him, and he carefully broke our connections and got up off the bed.

"I'm sorry the shower isn't as big as the gym's, Mike, but if we stay close together, we can both fit and shower now."

I hopped out of bed and hugged him, saying, "I don't see a problem with that, Eric, you'll just have to clean me off if I don't have enough room to do it myself." I looked at his tight, muscular body and said, "Shit, I'll be happy to do the same for you!"

He put his arm around my shoulders and we walked into the bathroom, Eric adjusting the shower temperature before we stepped inside. We soaped each other, stroking each other's bodies lovingly as we cleaned off the cum and lubricant around our private parts. As I worked Eric's swollen cock, he groaned with pleasure and said, "I sure could get used to this. Want to be my workout buddy now?"

I squeezed his cock hard and pulled him close to me, then put my mouth close to his ear. I nibbled his earlobe briefly, then whispered, "you bet. A workout with you is much more pleasant than by myself!" We kissed, and completed our shower, taking a bit more time to get every expanding inch of our bodies clean, inside and out.

...So, what do you think? Pretty lucky? I have to admit that my life has been made far better by meeting Eric. The extra special part is that we fell in love together and have been a couple ever since that shower at his apartment. We're keeping our separate apartments right now, to keep up appearances for his modeling career with the various companies, but we spend every extra minute together. In fact, there he is right now for our workout, at least the public part of it. I'll talk with you later.

The model in these pictures is Alexander

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