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In My Garden by Will
In My Garden

This was my second week at Gavin’s house. When I turned eighteen he told me I could move in and he would support me until I decided what I wanted to be. So here I am. Of course Gavin is 35 years old and my family and friends think he’s just doing the altruistic big brother thing, but that ain’t the deal at all….wink wink! And, naw, I ain’t in love with him, but I love dick, and the handsome stud of a Construction company owner is more than willing to give me his dick anytime I want. And, hell, I’m a pretty studly looking guy myself with my green eyes, blonde hair, medium height and trim muscular swimmer’s build. Both girls and boys are always trying to get with me. So I’m just giving good ol’ Gavin the pleasure of my company while he foots the bills.

Usually its always so quiet in this big four bedroom ranch house after Gavin leaves in the morning. He’s always so loud, stomping around, calling to me when he’s on the other side of the house or shouting orders on the phone to his staff every five minutes. Yup, good ol Gavin is a real man, alright.

So in the quiet of these morning I’m usually lying here on the crumpled sheets watching my cock start to fill up again only 20 minutes after me and Gavin have our rough and tumble morning-session. Yeah, I’m super proud of my ever-ready cock. It’s an impressive sight for sure. I take after my dad. A couple of times when I was a kid I burst into the bathroom when dad was in there whacking off. What a sight, man! But each time I caught dad he almost killed me. Screamin’ and shoutin’ at me like I had just set the house on fire or something. I’d duck and run, scared shitless. But the memory of his big stiff boner always made me feel all warm inside for a long time after. And now, I can look at my own cock and feel all that warmth and heat inside me.

Anyway, my bedroom is at the far end of the house that looks out onto lawn of the lush north garden and I have these two big windows on either side of my huge room. And this morning as I lay there naked, on the crumpled sheets, happily fondling and massaging my stiffening meat and balls, a shadow fell across my body. I looked up and saw the gardener.

He had eased into the shrubbery that bordered the window and was staring through the glass at me. Staring him down, I quickly covered myself. Nonchalantly, he just casually turned and walked on. He was new; I’d only seen him once before on the grounds. He had been hired recently to help out the older gardener who was in his 50’s.

This gardener was about 18 or 19 years old, and was from somewhere in either Guatemala or Costa Rica.

He had walked to the other side of the house to my other window. I quickly pulled on a pair of ratty denim shorts and headed over to the other window to check out what was going on.

He was about my height, 5’8” or 5’9”, but seemed much taller. He was going around watering the plants and shrubbery along the hillside at the back of the property. He was wearing a tan T-shirt and tan, slightly form-hugging cargo pants. A thick leather belt pulled snug just above his hipbones, and one pant leg covered a thick long mound that hung low down his inner thigh.

He turned and crossed the twenty-five foot expanse of the back garden to a corner where shrubbery, trees and a wooden fence bordered the property, and started unzipping his pants. He then began pulling out an incredibly long, uncircumcised cock and instantly started splattering an avalanche of piss up against the wall. The force of his urine blew my mind. Wow. What a sight. His cock was dark and amazingly thick. My eyes felt as if they were being dazzled at the wondrous sight of it. I wanted to bathe in that torrential golden shower.

Finally he caressed the last few drop of piss out of it. It was soft and it was still seven or eight inches. Holy Shit! Slowly he loaded the massive meat back into his pants. A fierce fire of adventure was urging me on. I just had to check this dude out. There was an exciting seductive energy about him that was strongly beckoning me.

I only had on the tattered denim shorts that loosely hung on the hips of my trim frame as I made my way out the bedroom door, down the hallway to the side entrance, and stepped out into the garden. He stood there nonchalantly, pretending to be concentrating on some chore, but he knew I was there.

Crossing the lawn in the low-cut, dew-damp grass, I introduced myself as I moved up behind him. Those intense black eyes turned in my direction, and mesmerized me with their sparkling glance. What a feeling. A slight, almost playful, smile hung at the corners of his wide sensual mouth. Those sparkling black eyes darted and traveled all over me, taking me in as if I were some prize mare at a horse trading. His eyes lingered just a bit longer when they reached my crotch.

“Hi”, he finally said, and began commenting on how hot the weather was and would I get him a glass of water.

It seemed like an hour before I was able to disentangle myself from his heady stare and put myself in motion.

“Sha sha…sure; sure! I’ll be right back.” I finally said, and quickly made straightway back for the side entrance.

With a cold glass of ice water in my hand, I was almost running down the back hallway to bring it to him. When I got out into the back yard, he was bending over some tools. When he straightened up I got another look at his crotch. With that dazzling smile that revealed a mouthful of even, white teeth, he stepped the few feet between us and took the water from my hand. The heady scent of his masculine musk caused me to reel there in space for a few elated seconds.

He downed the 8-ounce glass of water in almost one gulp. Licking his lips he outstretched his right arm returning me the empty glass, saying ‘thanks’. Then, indifferently, he went back to his tools as though I weren’t even there.

Super confused, I awkwardly turned, made my way back across the lawn and kinda stumbled back into the house, dumbfounded, trying to figure out if he were straight or not.

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I went back to my room and watched him work outside in the yard. About 10 minutes later he walked towards my window. He went to the corner where the outside wall of my room joins another wall. Quickly I moved to the side of the window. I saw him over in the corner turned away from me, and although I couldn’t see it all, he slowly unzipped his pants and eagerly fished out his heavy dick again. Slowly, in a seeming self-hypnotized trance, he unbuckled his belt and shoved down his pants to mid-calf. His tan T-sheet grazed the top of his buttocks and I could see part of his hanging dick between the wide-stance of his legs. He began to lasciviously slide his foreskin back and forth over his bulbous purple head. I felt my body violently jerk and spasm with lust – it was as if he were doing the same thing to my cock. My heart began to thump and pound like the sound of a Brazilian Conga drum.

His cock began to furiously stretch, jerk, and expand. It was soon horizontal and then, even sooner it was slapping moistly and lewdly up against his flat, taut, muscular stomach and chest. My audible tortured groans of lust echoed loudly around my room. The heated twitching and itching in my balls and sphincter was becoming unbearable. It was like this was the very first time I’d ever seen a guy in the state of full, sex-obsessed arousal. Damn! He was a hell of lot better than any gay fuck-flic I‘d ever seen, My eyes, mind and body were completely controlled by the overwhelming fire of this trim, five-foot nine-inch Guatemalan Indian gratifying himself.

My cobalt blue eyes teared with joy at the sight of those perfectly-rounded ass cheeks. They seemed to glow in the few shafts of bright sunlight that sporadically flowed down through the thick tree-foliage overhead. The small, firm, creamy, golden buns clenched and released as he wantonly tantalized his massive cock with his huge workman’s hands. Soon his left hand reached back and grabbed his left ass cheek savagely. He began to lasciviously massage and pull at the juicy sweaty globe. At one point he spread open his little cheeks and I could see a small thatch of black curly hair. Holy Shit!!

He commenced to take his index finger and caress and massage his sweaty ass hole. His right hand was feverishly tantalizing his humongous cock and the index finger of his left hand had started to explore the inner walls of his anus.

I was going crazy. My cock was throbbing like a mofo through a hole of my raggedy denim shorts. It was doing a lust dance of its own as a river of pre-cum flowed from my love-eye all over its pink crown.

I glanced back up and he had taken off his T-shirt and turned sideways again. Oh, mercy, mercy, mercy! He was leaning back, shoving his raging 10 or 11 inch cock into the air as it jerked and twitched as if it were about to explode.

Then, as quickly as he’d begun, he reached down, pulled up his pants, forced his elephant-trunk of a cock inside, pulled back on his shirt, and walked off across the lawn, disappearing around the side of the house.

Son of a bitch, I thought. What’s going on? I was in a total outta-my-mind lust-craze! Aww, no, I’m thinking. I had to find out what was going on.

I rapidly charged out of my room, and crazily headed down the hallway toward the side entrance – when -- I suddenly heard a faint knock at the back door. Spinning around I headed towards the back door. Opening the door, there he stood.

Shut the fuck up! I thought.

There he stood. His handsome dark features sweetly accented by a slight layer of glistening sweat. And his huge hard-on was still deliciously visible inside the throbbing pant leg of his slightly form-hugging pants.

With a detached, slightly aloof expression, he asked if I could help him with something in the storage room.

Trying to maintain my cool, because I wasn’t sure what was going on this guy, I unceremoniously said “sure” and headed outside with him.

When we reached the room behind the garage, we opened the door to a somewhat dusty, mold-scented, semi-dark storage room. He hadn’t said a word as we walked the distance to the room -- but as we stepped inside my heart began racing again. I could hear it thundering in my ears.

He stopped, turned around, and began to tell me that he’d come to America a month ago on a work visa, and he had no family here. And whenever he had a problem he had no one to talk to.

Empathetically, I listened.

He went on to tell me that he had an itch on his culo or butt, and would I please look at it. “Sure!” was my reply, again. He told me to sit down on some boxes. And then facing me, he took off his shirt again, unfastened his pants again, and pulled them all the way down to the floor. His big dark cock sprang up and out toward my face. At last, a good look and a heady whiff of that gorgeous king-sized pinga.

He then slowly turned around giving me a spectacular view of that amazingly awesome ass. In a throaty whisper he said “see”, and his right hand came around pointing to his asshole….which was where his ‘itch’ was.

Bending over, he asked me if I could “see anything strange? Move in as close as you can”, he implored. And man did I ever get up close. I almost passed out with too much mind-expanding pleasure. I deeply inhaled the earthy sweaty natural smell of a young Latino male. My dick got hard enough to break in half when my eyes were only a hair’s-breath away from that little curly black patch of hair that circumvented his little dark virginal pin-prick of an anus. Damn! Damn! Damn!

Reaching up I gratefully touched those two velvety cheeks with my eager trembling hands. I then spread them even wider to get a more soul-satisfying look. I could even see a little pink inside his inner hole and I had a deep and burning urge to stick out my salivating tongue and shove it way up inside that love niche and eat it out until he cried for his momma.

He must have gleaned my perversion because he began to moan that it itched way up in side there and he backed his butt further into my face to demand I “kiss it, lick it, suck it! “Please!” Now!”

My tongue hungrily dined on that little honey-pot-of-a-hole while he wildly twisted, slammed and ground his tiny sphincter on my wet, hot, intruding licker, while screaming “yeah! Yeah! Like that…Juz like that! Oh, man, go deeper go deep! I itch! I itch! Help me!”

In his delirium he told me to spit on my finger and shove that “up in there” instead.

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His long trim shapely muscular legs were trembling; his body jerked and shook with the overmastering pangs of lust and he released a loud growl of primal satisfaction when I shoved my saliva coated forefinger way up inside that tight little fiery furnace of a hole. Soon I joined him in his sexual insanity as I crazily matched twisting rhythms with his body’s frenetic movements.

The intoxicatedly musky sex-scent of him fiercely attacked my brain and I also shouted out in an echoing pagan wail as I felt my steel-hard cock almost explode. But by some magic feat I halted the eruption. I didn’t want to collapse with a ball-busting orgasm just yet.

This was fucking hot! With my probing finger I eagerly titillated the satiny walls of his tight little fuck chute. It was so warm and moist in there. I was imaging my finger to be my tongue. His moans grew louder and more guttural; his exclamations soon became slang Espanola and I couldn’t understand a word he said.

But I was so totally loving what I was doing to him. I had never pleased another male the way I was pleasing him before. Because for some bizarre reason his pleasure was becoming my pleasure -- and at this moment I had become king of the world!

Deeper and deeper my finger went. Then I thought of what two fingers would do for his pleasure. Slowly I began easing out my finger. When it was just about to pop out he screamed out like some spoiled child, “NO! NO! PUT IT BACK!! PUT IT BACK!”

Quickly massaging his ass cheeks with my right had, I spat on both index finger of my left and instantly sent them back into the contact point. When the fingers made contact and began reentry, the squeal he released was that of little boy enjoying his first scary ride down a steep shiny sliding board.

Instantly shouting out, “yeah, baby, yeah, yeah, yeah! That’s it!” he impaled his little butt cheeks deeply on my fingers with such a ferocity that almost knocked me over backward.

But with such intense unrelenting friction I knew it was only a matter of time before he got his nut. I turned him sideways so I could look at, and lick his big stiff twitching meat that was oozing a river of pre-come down the undersides of the huge shaft. Greedily my tongue went out to lick and snatch up that flowing ambrosia.

With my left hand, I was finger-fucking him; with my right hand, I was massaging his balls and furiously licking up all that pre-juice cascading down.

Then, with no warning, he pulled himself from me and jumped down between my legs and buried his face in my crotch. He was sucking at my stiff cock through my tattered denim cutoffs. Finally his hands freed my cock from within the tattered fabric and his hot Latino lips went to the massive head of my throbbing prick.

DAYUM! I didn’t see that one coming. His mouth was warm and moist and skillful. His tongue, and even his teeth, expertly joined in to pleasure me as I’d never been pleasure before. His mouth watered with saliva as he took my big stiff shaft further down his throat. I don’t know now he was doing it, but it sure as hell felt mighty damn good! When he’d taken in about five of my eight inches I felt my fat sensitive cockhead being mercilessly titillated by his constricting throat muscles. Several minutes later he began to slowly pull up off my happy pulsing dick, “No!” I shouted, “Please don’t stop now, man!”

Ignoring me, he stood up, stepped out of his cargo pants that were around his ankles, and turned away from me. Then, reaching back, he grabbed my cock, aimed it at his stretched, spit-imbued hole, and savagely impaled himself down on it.

It all happened so fast. For several seconds I couldn’t stop taking in deep inhales of breath. It was too surreal. This golden skinned angel, with his satiny body, with the scent of heaven itself was owning me with his hot, itching ass.

Suddenly, gaining presence of mind, I heard myself releasing an echoing cry of exhalation as his throbbing innards met rhythm with my throbbing cock. I began to wildly push forward up into him. A deep quiet pleasurable moan came up from somewhere inside him, and I pushed upward again, more forcefully. I was soon rapturously aware of the spreading wonderful warmth of him on my very ecstatic cock.

Slowly my hands went up and I began to caress him and hold him tightly as I stood up. I pressed further into him. Then I really began to fuck him. I wanted to get all my dick way up into him. The more I pushed all the more louder he moaned with noises of pleasure and appreciation. “Fuck me! Please fuck me! Oh yeah, yeah…”

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” I finally groaned, as I grabbed him tightly around his tight little belly and began pumping loads of cum up inside him. Looking over his shoulder, I saw him pounding his own huge cock until its huge inflamed cockhead erupted with huge explosions of white sperm.

Slowly he eased forward, carefully pulling me out of him. He turned around and gave me a kiss. Pulling his clothes back on, he nonchalantly thanked me for helping him with his problem, but he now he had to get back to work.

Indifferently, he marched out of the storage room as though the only thing that had occurred in there was that I’d just found an old pair of hedge clippers for him to finish sculpting the front lawn. There, I stood, with my tattered denim shorts down around my ankles and his ass juice on my semi-erect cock.

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Pulling up my shorts I made my way back out onto the lawn, the hushed symphony of birds and the seductive hum of bumblebees filled the balmy air of the sultry sunny morning. As I made my way to the back door, I spied him as he wheelbarrowed a load of cut grass across the lawn. He turned and looked, dispassionately, in my direction, and continued on..

Cool, I thought, as I stepped inside the back door. I took a shower, and then tossed myself across my bed for a nap before noon. I lay there for no longer than ten minutes when I sensed a shadow at the window again. Raising my head, I saw the young gardener standing there. He beamed that hypnotic smile as he began gently rapping on the window with one hand -- the other hand fiercely clutched his roaring hand-on.

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