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In-Laws and Outlaws by Barringer

Hi everyone, my name’s Barringer and I’ve just written my first erotic story. It’s partly autobiographical and I wrote it because I had a lot to get off my chest. Hope it’ll give you the inspiration and courage to write one for yourself.

I’m from Boise, Idaho which kind of says it all, doesn’t it ? I’m what they call your original macho man. At least that’s how people like to see me. Still, as we all know, you can’t always judge the book by the cover, and I come from a conservative state which can be very judgemental. Had a lot to cover up too. Mind you my sex life was pretty conventional until quite recently when it took off on a tangent. Got to marry my childhood sweetheart when I was just twenty and got fucked by her father just before I was twenty-one. Sounds gross, doesn’t it, but it was great. Of course nobody knows about it yet, but if I keep popping off to foreign parts to meet Derrick, the lid’s bound to blow off our little love nest sooner or later. It’s inevitable. You can’t keep that kind of thing quiet forever.

Actually, he’s talking about moving to Europe since he’s an airline pilot, so it doesn’t really matter where he’s based, and I’m just starting out in life. I suppose we could pretend to be father and son over there, but I’m sick of pretending. Besides, nobody seems to give a shit who you fuck nowadays. Within limits, that is. But we’ve probably overstepped those limits somewhat. I’m twenty-two now and he’s coming up on forty-five, although he’s in such good shape you’d never know it. We’ve both been leading a double life for nearly eighteen months, and it’s killing us. He’s been playing the faithful husband, and I’ve been pretending to be the perfect “son”, although I’ve been seeing other guys on the side. Of course the fact that he travels a lot has made things a lot easier. I’ve been able to join him in Boston or Toronto or Chicago. Even in Paris and Rome. That’s where I’ve been building up my ‘sidelines’. There are some really sexy hunks over there, some of them dying to be your slave and lick out of your hand. Especially if you have a little money in it. You see Derrick gave me a taste for bondage the first night he fucked me.

It all started in the middle of a hayfield on the family farm. Things hadn’t been going so well for me and Susan, and I knew I’d made a big mistake marrying her. I’d had a finger in other guys’ pies since I was in college, but I’d never taken anything or anyone really seriously. After all, I was “Mr. Macho Man”, and all the girls wanted to get in my pants. Of course I played along and convinced everyone, including myself, that I was going to settle down and raise a family. Unfortunately, I found I had a few problems even raising my dick when I was with Susan. Something which never happened when I was balling some guy. Anyway, Derrick appeared on my sexual horizon one Sunday when I was mooning around the farm instead of doing what everybody else was doing. Picking apples.

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Susan’s uncle had a passion for vintage cars which he kept in one of the barns, and I drifted off to have a look at them. Derrick followed me, ostensibly to tell me about the family cars which went right back to the twenties. Instead we ended up talking about my problems with Susan. There was a huge hayfield behind the farmhouse which stretched for miles. The hay was shoulder high, so we were soon lost from sight in a wonderland of golden splendour. I felt his hand on my dick even before he actually put it there. Our hips had ‘touched base’ more than once as we walked through the hay, and the sexual attraction between us, together with all the talk of erections and possible remedies, had given us gigantic hard-ons. As we were both wearing tight jeans, there was no way we could hide the fact.

At first he joked about it and laughingly told me that my problems seemed to be solved. Then he suddenly became serious and, opening the front of my jeans, said, “Maybe we’d better give it some air so it can grow a little more.” And grow some more it certainly did. Our sublime isolation and the fact that my father-in-law was touching my dick in broad daylight almost had me coming in my pants. Except I was no longer wearing pants, so perhaps I should have said almost coming in his hand. Which I almost did. He pulled my jeans down over my knees and made a cup of my balls. My legs gave way. No one had ever touched me there before. I felt that at any moment he was going to use my dick as a gear stick, and we would take off together. And, of course, he did. In fact, I seemed to anticipate his every move, but that was only because my subconscious was willing him to go ahead and do what he most expertly went ahead and did. He unbuttoned my shirt and touched my nipples as if he was testing the air pressure. I shuddered. He smiled and pulled me towards him by my open shirt. He kissed my neck, my throat, my ears. I thought he was never going to arrive where I really wanted him to be. At my lips and at my feet. He put his cool hands through my open shirt and brought them down my back to rest on my burning butt.

Then he finally kissed me. A strong, thrusting kiss which had my knees buckling again. Susan had never kissed me like that. Suddenly a strange thought came into my head. “Mr. Macho” was a fraud. All this time he’d been acting like a man, and he had a woman’s feelings. He was being completely passive for the first time in his life and, more than anything in the world, wanted to be well and truly fucked. I let this God honest truth penetrate my mind while I let his dick penetrate my ass. I also thanked God for revealing all this to me before it was too late. I was only twenty and hadn’t let my life go to waste. My ass was already in heaven and I had the rest of my life before me. We were lying on our clothes as the hay was pretty spiky. And so was his dick so whichever way I turned I ended up being impaled on something. This was my first taste of pain combined with pleasure.

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I’d always been tender with Susan, but her father was anything but tender with me. The strange thing is I liked it. Later on when he beat me with a belt or threatened to singe my nipples or my balls with a cigarette, my dick swelled with joy. Derrick had picked up some kinky habits on his international travels, and I became the perfect foil. When we got back to the farm I was covered in scratches and bruises, but I managed to cover them up with my clothes. We had an early supper, and everybody said they were going to bed since they were pooped. Derrick suggested taking in a movie, but I was the only one who volunteered to join him. What a pair of crafty foxes. Instead of the movie, he booked us into a motel and fucked the ass off me for two hours. The bed sheets were covered in blood by the time he’d finished. Some of it was from my superficial scratches in the hayfield, but a lot more was from new wounds he inflicted on me. He made me lie face down on the bed and tied my wrists to the bedposts.

As if this wasn’t enough, he blindfolded and gagged me. Then I heard him take off his belt and beat my butt with it. I wanted to scream with pain, but fortunately the gag impeded me. He only hit me once that night. “Just to prime my ass and give me a taste of things to come,” he said. Then he fucked me until my teeth wanted to chatter, but once again the gag put a stop to that. As he dug his dick deep into my sphincter, he also dug his teeth deep into my back. For my part, I almost bit

my way clear through the handkerchief he used to gag me. It was just as well I had it though, otherwise I might have bitten through my tongue. Still the wolf turned into a lamb under the shower, and as he soaped me gently, he apologized for the wreck he’d made of my athlete’s body. I didn’t know how I was going to explain all this to Susan. Luckily she never saw any of it, but couldn’t understand why I insisted on wearing pajamas to bed, and why I never wanted to take a shower. In the summer I usually slept in the buff or in my shorts, and I took a shower two or three times a day.

When we got back from the farm, I had to make up an excuse to go visit my parents so I could get some privacy, and maybe put some balm on my wounds. Dad asked me to come swimming or fishing several times, but I declined. Eventually I was obliged to pick up some trick at the movies. It seemed to be the only solution. When we got back to his place, I fucked him out of courtesy, but all I really wanted to do was have him bathe and medicate my back. Naturally, he was curious, but I made up some excuse about a drunken orgy and he seemed to swallow it. In fact, he was quite fascinated and asked me to take him to the next one. Meanwhile Derrick kept a very low profile for about a week or so after that. In my innocence, I didn’t realize that in sexual activities people want you to do unto them what they’ve done unto you. Derrick dropped some heavy hints from time to time, and then finally plucked up enough courage to ask me directly.

It took me a while to get used to the idea. After all, it’s one thing to be fucked and beaten by your father-in-law, and quite another to beat and screw the ass off him. It’s a matter of respect and convention and all that. Also I’d never fucked anyone older than me. It was going to be a whole new ball game. As I lay in bed and thought of it, the idea began to appeal to me more and more. It would serve the old bastard right for what he’d done to me. I even let malicious thoughts creep into my head. For example, I’d tie him up and tie him down like the Spanish woman did to Antonio Banderas. Or was it the other way round? Then I’d gag and blindfold him as he had me. Maybe even put some headphones on him. Then I would hire some thugs and get them to whip the hide off him and tear his ass to shreds.

Instead I waited till the moment was right, and when we were on another dirty weekend, I decided to do the job myself. He was in Seattle, and I went to join him. We had a great hotel room with a great view, and I got to eat some great food too. We drank two or three bottles of wine at dinner and ordered a bottle of champagne from room service. Then I went to work on him. He was spread-eagled on the bed, and I trussed him up real good. His body was brown all over, and he had an ass exactly like that great guy in Nip and Tuck, or whatever it’s called. Must have been about the same age too. Anyway that will give you some idea just how gorgeous he was and why I took a shine to him. He looked like a turkey on a spit, and I got ready to baste him.

Unfortunately, or fortunately as it turned out, we’d forgotten about room service. Just as I was about to beat the hell out of him with the bell rope or something, this absolutely fucking fabulous waiter walked in. I put my finger to my lips and beckoned him in. He’d probably seen something similar before and showed no surprise. Forgot to say that I’d given Daddy-in-law a pair of earplugs as well as the blindfold and gag. On top of this, he seemed to have dozed off. Not very sexually stimulating but we had drunk a lot of wine. The waiter put down the champagne and turned to go. There was fifty dollars on the bedside table, so I gave it to him as a tip. He got the message and said he’d be back as soon as he got someone to cover for him. I got another fifty dollars ready and undressed. I’d been “restoring” my body in the gym and soaking up the sun, so I looked pretty good. And no sign of scratches, bites or bruises. He was back before you could say lubricant, and we began to make love in the bathroom. He stood there immobile and let me undress him. I unbuttoned his shirt and drooled over his perfect pecs. I had a bit of trouble with his bow tie but managed to get the shirt off from under it. He looked really cute and very fuckable. His pants opened like the petals of a flower, and his huge stem of a dick rose to meet my mouth. Believe it or not, I had never sucked a guy’s cock before, but I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity.

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He knew in two seconds flat that I was a novice, so proceeded to blow me just to show how it was done. I tell you, man, he made my hair curl. Susan had never done that to me. Neither had her Dad. I thought of all the things I’d been missing, and then of what I’d come to Seattle to do. If I came in the waiter’s mouth I wouldn’t be able to fuck Big Daddy and if he came in my mouth he wouldn’t be able to fuck me. Not until much later anyway. I thought what the hell, and wrapped my lips round his big dick. God, it was good. Difficult to digest, but good. As an extra bonus I was able to watch us both in the mirror. His body really was awesome, and he could only have been eighteen or nineteen. I felt like a Big Daddy myself except, once again, I was flipping the coin sexually and beginning to play the feminine part. But I didn’t give a shit. I had a lot of good wine inside me, and I knew I wanted all of him inside me too. He had to use some soap as lube, but he satisfied my fondest desire. He actually lifted me clear off the ground with his dick, and sort of fucked me in mid-air. It was wild. And to see all that in the mirror too. Meanwhile, I heard faint stirrings from the other room, but there were much stronger stirrings in my ass, so I let myself go as I felt him flow. Fucked in mid-air. Fucking phenomenal.

I have to start writing a diary. Derrick was still asleep when we got back to the bedroom and opened the champagne. Of course the pop woke him up, earplugs or no earplugs, or perhaps he was beginning to wake up anyway. Mauricio was dressed by now and we had exchanged names and phone numbers. Of course I felt guilty as hell when I kissed Mauricio and let my champagne swill round in his mouth. I offered him a glass but he said he was on duty until breakfast time. He told me to call him should I require any more ‘servicing’ and wickedly suggested coming back later and fucking me while I was fucking Big Daddy. I said Why not? but knew I wouldn’t have the guts to go through with it. Maybe next time I was back in the saddle in Seattle. I unveiled and unplugged Big Daddy.

He asked who I was talking to. I told him room service. The champagne had arrived. We lay in bed and drank some then fell asleep in each other’s arms. Maybe Daddy was feeling his age. Me, I was still feeling Mauricio’s dick in my ass. I knew I would soon be back in Seattle. I wanted to tie him up and tie him down and fuck the ass off him too. Daddy-in-law had given me quite a taste for it but I knew I was going to have to tell him that ‘out of respect for him’ I preferred to be a bottom rather than a top. He took me to many places: London, Paris and Rome. I always made sure he drank a lot of good wine at dinner and I made a point of calling room service when he fell asleep. I know I’m a double dealing son of a bitch, but he’s only got himself to blame. To paraphrase a popular song, “Dicks rush in where wise men fear to tread and so I travel round the world my friend, my dick before my head.” Why not give me a call some time.

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