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How I Spent Election Night 2000 by GaryS

Badpuppy Model - Blake & Jereme November 7, 2000. George W. Bush and Albert Gore battle it out for the Presidency and I finally get laid. Like all of my personal sex stories, this one is absolutely true...

I'd recently become single after nearly seven years of "marriage", and I hadn't quite kick-started my social life back into action, so I hadn't had sex in more than two months. Then I met a guy online. "Dave" was cute and really intelligent. He's also *slightly* kinky like me, in that he likes to be ruff, but only in a playful way. He lives an hour away and we're both fairly busy, though, so it was difficult to even try to arrange to meet (plus I'm a big ol' chicken-shit when it comes to meeting online guys).

Finally, I bit the bullet and agreed to meet with him last night. Problem was, it was election-night Tuesday, and we both wanted to watch the results.

Solution? Have him over to my house, and we'll watch the election returns together!

7:25 pm EST

Bush has just won Indiana and Kentucky and there's a knock at my door. I swing the door open to find my new friend standing on my porch. Dave turns out to be even cuter - MUCH more cute, actually - than he was in the pictures he sent to me. His first words? "Damn, they just called the first two states for Bush." We both agree it's going to be a long night. Little did we know ...

8:00 pm EST

Dave and I are into our second beer, lounging on my sofa and talking. On my TV the MSNBC folks are pouring over their electoral college U.S. Map.

8:20 pm EST

Gore is in the lead, as many of the East-coast states in his stronghold are reporting in. David and I are standing in my dining room entryway, arms around each other and sharing deep, soulful kisses.

8:30 pm EST

My TV's large screen is filled with the image of a victorious Hillary Clinton, who has just won her race for a New York Senate seat. My lips have parted from Dave's, and we are posturing - pushing each other around a little, talking really dirty to each other and giggling. Finally we embrace again and he happily buries his face into the crook of my neck. He has a cute bit of blond hair on his chin and it tickles me. Gore is still leading in Electoral College votes, but both of us feel a dual-sense of impending ... doom: Bush's strong-hold midwest States have yet to report, and I can feel something hard and scarily big in David's jeans...

8:45 pm EST

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I'm pinned down on my own sofa and Dave is tickling the shit out of me. He's always wanted to tickle someone and I've reluctantly agreed (I'm EXTREMELY ticklish). He has me TOTALLY pinned down and his fingers are playfully jabbing my sides and underarms and tummy. I am laughing and convulsing like crazy and while I don't quite "get" the turn-on, I find I'm quite enjoying myself. I can also see Dave's cock pushing VERY hard against the inside of his jeans, and I'm hoping to be enjoying myself even MORE soon. On TV, Bush is gaining in electoral votes. Neither of us notice.

9 pm EST

Badpuppy Model - Blake & Jereme The electoral college results are dead-even, and David's cock is in my mouth. I've wrestled his pants open to reveal his fantastic dick ... it's maybe 7 or 7.5 inches, and his cockhead is *extremely* swollen. He has his pants down and is play-raping my mouth - humping my face like a madman, shoving his swollen dickhead into the back of my throat - telling me what a good little cock-sucking bitch I am. I'm gagging a little bit and I'm using all my strength to truly push and fight him away, but I'm still pinned and I don't really want him to stop anyway...

9:10 pm EST

David has collapsed back onto my sofa, gasping in pain and sitting with his legs spread wide-open. While play-raping my face he made the mistake of shoving his balls into my mouth. I made my OWN mistake - biting down a *little* too hard on his nuts - and now he's recovering. I haven't really hurt him badly but I'm feeling very sorry, so I crawl between his legs to kiss all over his cute little balls and to softly apologize. I offer him an opportunity for revenge, saying that I'll do anything he asks in order to make amends. Dave thinks for a few moments and then grins, saying "get your belt." Something is happening on TV, I'm not sure what.

9:13 pm EST

My jeans are at my ankles, and a standing Dave has me bent part-way over. He's talking dirty to me and playfully touching my doubled-over belt to my boxer-clad ass. Neither of us are into severe pain or true S&M, but he's playing with me and teasing me. His hard cock is bobbing against my tummy as he asks how many "licks" I should receive for biting his nuts. I playfully suggest five, and he delivers five light, non-painful strokes over my boxers. I then feel him grab the elastic band of my underwear and jerk them down HARD. That fucker then proceded to belt me a few times for REAL, on my bare ass. It stings like hell, and he's testing me. I stand up and we fall into a violent kiss. I slap his bared ass and he responds with a slap to mine. I smack him harder and he responds in kind. We fall into an impromptu game of "chicken", smacking each other's bare butts in turn, until it really *does* start to hurt and we both bail out.

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9:17 pm EST

David is on his knees, and my hard prick is in his face. He's staring at it as it flexes in mid-air before him. I'm looking down on him and calling him every nasty name I can think of, making sure he knows he's about to suck my hard cock. I grasp the front locks of his blond hair and jerk his face upward, so that he can look up and into my eyes. My open hand delivers a firm slap on his face and I tell him to suck my dick. He greedily obeys and soon my prick is buried into the warm depths of his mouth, and my balls are slapping against the cute bit of scruff on his chin.

9:30 pm EST

Badpuppy Model - Blake & Jereme Bush is ahead in the electoral count. He's racking up state-after-midwestern state, though the tight-race states (Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, etc.) have yet to report in. Dave and I are laying together on my sofa - making out, talking, lightly touching and feeling each other. He is truly a great kisser and a very passionate guy, I discover. We begin to talk about meeting again, perhaps this coming Friday. We've both grown soft, and he's leaking a bit of precum onto my bare hip.

9:47 pm EST

David has pulled off my shirt, leaving me totally naked. His hot little lips are wrapped around one of my nipples and he's found one of my "hot spots." He's licking, sucking and biting one of my tits, while working the other over with his hand. Then he switches, sliding his cute face across my bare chest to kiss and suck the other one. I am TOTALLY his now, as such nipple-attention creates orgasm-like waves of pleasure throughout my body.

9:55 pm EST

On TV, they're reporting that Gore has caught up, leaving the electoral college vote virtually dead-even. Dave's face is buried between my ass-cheeks. He's slid down my naked body and he is kissing my asshole just as he was kissing my mouth and tits just a moment ago. My hands are wrapped around the back of his head, pulling his face into me, and I can feel his wet tongue slide inside of me. I'm getting a deep tongue-fucking and the hairs on his chin are both tickling and pricking me down there. It feels wonderful. My body is a rubbery mass of pleasure ... this hot guy has discovered ALL of my pleasure centers and he had worked them over expertly.

10 pm EST

California polls have just closed, and MSNBC has projected a Gore win. Dave and I are kissing again, and I draw his hot tongue - which was just in my ass - into my mouth and twirl my own tongue around it playfully.

10:20 pm EST

We're at it again. Dave is sitting on my sofa and I've straddled him. I'm delivering a good face-fucking when I get the brilliant idea that my new little cock-sucker friend should suck my BALLS too. I order him to open his mouth wider and I stuff my nuts into him. Soon he's got my hard prick AND my balls in his mouth and he's stuffed full. I push my pubic hair hard against his nose and face-fuck him with my entire package.

10:45 pm EST

Badpuppy Model - Blake & Jereme This is a tight race. While Bush is slightly ahead in electoral college votes (it's gone back-and-forth for a while now), all the decisive states have yet to report in, leaving the ultimate result up in the air. I'm seated on the middle of my leather sofa, and Dave is laying down across my body. His hard cock is pressed against my own, and his cute little butt (he really DOES have a cute butt, I discover) is laying bare before me. I am running my hands over his cheeks, which are dusted with just the lightest sprinkling of blond hair, and occasionally I'll slip a finger or two into his crack to explore his slightly-haired asshole. As I slide a finger-tip into him, I decide that this is - indeed - a hot boy. He's nice looking and intelligent and he's really well connected to himself sexually. His lily-white ass flexes around my slightly-inserted finger, and I can feel a big puddle of pre-cum and sweat forming between us.

10:50 pm EST

We're in the same position - me seated, him laying across my lap. Dave is humping me like crazy - grinding his hard prick into my own - and I'm talking dirty again, saying he's a GOOD little slut - a good little cocksucking slut - but that he's much more of a pussy-boy than he presented himself to be online. He asks why I said that. I respond by saying that he can't really take real pain, that he's too much of a sissy to really play ruff. I'm just dicking with him, but my nasty-talk makes him hornier than ever, and he's really pressing his hard dick against him. I start making him repeat what I say, and suddenly he's "admitting" that he's a nasty little fuck-boy, that he needs a hard schoolboy spanking, and all sorts of other embarrassing things. I give him a playful smack or two - very lightly, actually, and the muscles in his butt are flexing like mad...

10:53 pm EST

I am smacking the SHIT out of this cute boy's butt. I've opened my hand and - just to see if he can take it or not, I guess - I've begun to whale on him. He's taking it like a man, however, and his cock is jerking and flexing so much against my dick and balls I'm afraid he's going to shoot off right there. I don't go TOO hard on him, but I got my revenge for the hard belt-smacks he surprised me with. I shove my middle finger deep inside of him and Dave groans, pushing back against my finger. On TV, this Presidential race is proving to be as tight as this hot boy's butt.

10:56 pm EST

We're kissing again. We've been at it for three and a half hours and, to be honest, I'm getting exhausted. Though cumming doesn't seem to be a "goal" for either of us, we finally decide to jerk ourselves off. We both lay end-to-end on my sofa, so that our bare asses and balls are pressed HARD together. Our legs are in the air and our cocks are in our hands. We look into each others' eyes as we stroke ourselves, and we're both talking dirty to each other. I can literally feel the heat from his just-smacked ass radiating on my bare ass-cheeks. Our balls are bouncing together & against each other and we're both getting close. I breathlessly urge him to aim his prickhead at me and shoot off, and he obliges - shooting his cum all over my hand, dick and balls. Seconds later I return the gesture, and I gasp loudly as my sperm shoots from my cockhead all over my new buddy's cock and balls.

11 pm EST

Badpuppy Model - Blake & Jereme We're both hot and catching our breath, and our mutual cum is dripping and running from our nuts and dicks and hands, forming little streams between our asscheeks and our bared assholes. I will later discover a little collective pool of our cum laying on the leather of my sofa seat. As we recover, still pressed ass-to-ass, we actually start discussing the election results we're hearing on TV. Florida has been "called" for Gore, and Pennsylvania & Michigan are both either "called" or trending to Gore, so it seems he'll be our next President.

11:30 pm EST

Dave and I have dressed and we're in my car, searching for an open fast-food restaurant. We're disappointed to find that the only place still open is a Taco Bell. I buy him a "Mucho Nachos BellGrande" and a soft drink I've never heard of (called "Fizz" or "Slurp" or some such thing) and we head back to my house...

11:40 pm EST

We're munching on our cheap "Mexican" food, watching TV and talking politics. The electoral college count is dead-even, 242 votes each. I decide that Dave is a great guy and that he's more fun sexually than I could have ever imagined, and I'm determined to "play" again. Gradually we eat the last of our Nachos, share a long Taco-Bell flavored kiss, and he heads for home, an hour away. I feel badly to have sent him packing, but it IS a worknight and we both need to get up in the morning ...

Midnight - 8 am EST

The election drama continues into the night, with no apparent resolution. Gore has started to admit defeat, then he withdrew that admission. The Networks back off from their predictions and Florida - and the Presidency itself - is up for grabs. I am, unfortunately, awake for all of this, not falling asleep until 5 a.m. and ultimately getting only three hour's sleep...

As I type this, we still have no President. I am tired as shit, my ribs and legs and arms ache from my wrestling-fun with my new friend, and I've broken a blood-vessel in the palm of my hand while smacking him, so I now have the most oddly-located bruise. All in all, though, it's been a great night: I've made a new friend and I finally got laid and all hope is *NOT* yet lost for Democrats.

God, I love politics!

The models in these pictures are Blake & Jereme

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