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Hollywood Seduction by PeterAinLA

Badpuppy Model - Dominik Jurka Life in Hollywood can be very strange at times, especially if you are personally involved in "the industry". The more successful you become, the more restrictions are imposed upon your personal freedom and lifestyle. In my case, I knew from the beginning of my career to keep certain things to myself, even if doing so caused me to suffer a lot of mental anguish. Just about the time that I landed my first job in the business, I became aware that I was a homosexual. There was no sense in fighting these urges, although early on, as I was coming to sexual maturity, I wasn't sure what I felt. But gradually, I realized that I was hung-up on the sensual aspects of the male body, including my own. I think perhaps that was one reason that I got into modeling.

It probably didn't help matters that my first job was as a boy's underwear model for one of the major brands. My casting agent told me that I had been chosen because of my young boyish-looking face and smooth lightly muscled physique. Even though I was 18, my blond hair, blue eyes, and boy-next-door looks made me appear to be about 15. That's what the ad campaign required, since they were trying to sell a new line of sexy designer briefs for young teens.

So I went to the studio shoot along with several other young male models, all with similar looks to my own. It was a real struggle for me to keep my eyes from staring too openly at the other model's teenage bodies as we changed into various styles of this new underwear. From what I observed, I don't think I was the only one sneaking glances at the other dude's nearly naked bodies. Most good-looking guys in this line of work are naturally narcissistic anyway. I'll admit that I am. At one point, I had to model a really tight low-rise pair of pure white mesh briefs. As the photographer snapped away and barked posing directions to me, my horny dick began to swell a bit due to the sexy feel of the elastic waistband sitting low on my smooth muscular groin. Believe it or not, they wound up using that shot with my bulging crotch to sell that particular style of briefs. I still get a hard-on whenever I see an old copy of those ads, when I see the aroused look on my face. And to this day, I have a strong fetish for male underwear and swimwear.

After a year or two of print ad modeling, at the age of 20 I was lucky enough to be cast in a few minor roles on one of those Saturday morning teen comedy shows. I had one scene where the script called for me to get into a fight with one of the lead male characters. This guy was a gorgeous hunk, who like me was playing someone younger than his actual age. He had light-brown hair and blue eyes, and a young but very handsome face. Off camera, this slightly muscular stud came across with a very macho tough attitude, like he was God's gift to the world. His real name was Jason, but like most actors, used a totally different stage name.

Anyway, when it came time to shoot our fight scene, he pulled me aside beforehand and told me, "Listen Doug, try to be sure that you keep your pretty-boy candy-ass out of my camera line. OK?" I was surprised by both the tone of his request and the fact that he had used my real name. I didn't think that he knew it. As we proceeded with the take of the fight scene, things called for me to wrestle him to the floor and pin him down with my body. I was startled as I lay on top of him and felt a rock-hard cock pressing against my groin. The director yelled, "Cut...Print" (thank goodness) and we both stayed in that position for a moment. Jason had a look of terror and confusion on his face that had not been there during shooting. I finally rose to my feet, and Jason quickly headed off to his dressing room.

I had to hang around for one more scene that included me, before I could head back to my dressing room and relax for a bit. Jason's dressing room was right next door to mine, and was separated only by a thin plywood wall. These cubicles had been rather hastily built, so you could peek through small openings in the walls. I heard a moan coming from next door and curiosity got the best of me. My jaw dropped and my horny cock stirred as I saw Jason standing there half-naked pounding his thick 8-inch hard-on.

The horny handsome hunk had pulled the front of his tight T-shirt back behind his neck, exposing his smooth muscular pecs and washboard abs. His tight denim jeans and cotton briefs were shoved down his thighs, giving me a clear look at his bulging dick and gorgeous low-hanging balls. Jason was totally lost in lust as he rubbed his hand over his rippled stomach and erect male nipples on his defined pecs. I shoved my hand down inside my loose-fitting jeans and began massaging my own stiff tool through my mesh briefs as I sensed Jason nearing climax. Jason threw his head back and I heard him moan softly, "Oh shit, Dougy." Just as he said this, huge bolts of milky sperm shot from his pulsing dick and landed all over his taut abs. Seeing that and hearing this handsome stud moan my name caused my cock to soak my cotton briefs with a steady flow of cum.

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Jason had to quickly clean himself up and leave to go shoot more of his scenes. I watched him strip out of his briefs and use them to wipe down his cum-covered groin. After he dressed and headed out the door of his dressing room, I snuck into Jason's cubicle and stripped off most of my clothing. Standing there alone in my underwear, I bent down and picked-up his damp white mesh briefs from under a chair. My pulse raced and my cock began to rise again as I felt the sticky liquid soaked into the soft cotton material. Lust overtook my mind as I remembered the lurid sight of his naked torso, and I placed the soggy briefs over my face as I roughly rubbed my engorged dick right through my underwear. After a few minutes, I moaned, "Oh shit, Jason, " and filled my wet cotton shorts with another thick flow of sperm. I stashed both pairs of cummy briefs into my gym bag and got dressed for my next set of scenes.

Badpuppy Model - Dominik Jurka Now that my career was getting involved more with TV and films, my sexual social life was becoming more restricted. When I was younger, I had been brave enough to have sex with a few guys, but even that had been limited to anonymous encounters in public restrooms and usually consisted of giving or receiving a simple quick blowjob. Now I limited myself to cruising the internet and getting off on hot cyber-sex or raunchy E-mail. I exchanged JPG pics of sexy males in underwear or naked that I had collected. One time, I slipped one of my old underwear ad pics into the mix without identifying it as mine. The horny stud on the other end commented about it saying, "Man, that young hunk sure is cute...I'd love to fuck his pretty-boy face with my stiff dripping cock." I smiled to myself and rubbed my horny crotch wishing I could oblige his fantasy.

I gradually started getting bigger and better roles offered to me as my career progressed nicely along. After doing a lot of TV, a big-time producer noticed my work and offered me a key supporting role in a high-budget action movie. As it happened, Jason was also cast in a supporting part in the movie. We had not worked together in a couple of years, and I was a little surprised at how much older he now looked. He was still quite handsome, but he looked more like his actual age of 25 than before. At the age of 22, I still looked like I was about 17 or so.

As it happened, Jason and I were assigned a private dressing room trailer to share. It was nicely furnished, with comfortable stuffed chairs and a couch, as well as two small twin beds for us to grab some sleep in between shooting scenes. The first day of filming, I was relaxing on the couch studying the script when Jason finally arrived. The handsome stud smiled broadly at me and said, "Hey dude, nice to see you. I'm looking forward to working with you again. I've been following your career. You've done some pretty cool stuff lately." I thanked him for the compliment as he flopped down on the couch right next to me.

"I think this should be a fun movie for both of us to work in. There are plenty of physical action scenes to let us show our stuff. And, I notice that most of the hot scenes are between the two of us, " I commented to Jason as he glanced at the script in my hands. He was sitting so close to me that his beefy thigh was rubbing against my leg, and my cock twitched as he placed his hand on my knee. I could smell his sexy cologne as his hand slid down to my inner thigh, and he said, "Uh yea, I know. I'm really looking forward to those shots with you, Dougy." He suddenly seemed to get very flustered and he sat back against the back of the couch. I glanced over at his crotch and noticed a huge bulge showing through his tight jeans.

Jason's first set of scenes was scheduled for early that first day, but did not include me. My first scenes did not call for me to be on the set until late in the day. As he got dressed in his first wardrobe change, I stripped down to my briefs and told Jason that I was going to catch some sleep. His eyes were glued to my half-naked body as I stretched out on the bed rubbing my abs. I looked at him and asked, "Hey buddy, wake me when you get back from shooting. Ok, stud?" He licked his lips nervously and he stuttered out, "Yea, ah...sure, babe...ah, no problem." His eyes had a strange glazed look as he turned and left for the set.

I was half-asleep later that afternoon when I sensed that Jason had returned to our trailer. I was lying on my back with one arm slung across my face. As I pretended to be sound asleep, Jason stripped-down to his underwear and he came over and knelt down next to my bed. I could hear his breathing getting heavy as I felt his hand on my naked thigh. Soon his hand wandered up over my crotch and he started feeling-up my thick cock-and-balls through my tight briefs. My rod swelled a bit as he moved his hand and gently stroked the blond hairs of my crab-trail on my taut rippled abs. Suddenly, I heard him moan softly, "Oh man, Dougy." and I could tell from his ragged breathing that he shot a load into his briefs.

I heard Jason scrambling to change into a fresh pair of underwear. Eventually, he walked back over to my bed and started shaking me to wake me up. I feigned having been in a deep sleep, and lewdly stretched my muscles and said, "Oh hi stud...thanks for waking me up...how did your scenes go, dude?" He responded that things had gone well, and he smiled weakly as he watched me stand up and pull-off my mesh briefs and toss them on the bed. I was deliberately giving him a full view of my naked body as I stood there rubbing my abs. My thick half-hard cock dangled between my legs as I told him, "Well Jason, I hope my shots go as well. You're such a handsome fucking hunk that you never look bad on camera." He looked up at me with his deep-blue eyes and he croaked, "What uh...oh sure...I guess...uh, thanks man." As I turned to get dressed, I smiled to myself noting that Jason's dick had gotten totally hard and was leaking a spot of pre-cum into the front of his fresh pair of briefs.

When I returned later after shooting wrapped, Jason was asleep on his bed. He was lying on his back and his tight briefs had slipped very low on his hips. I saw that his light-brown pubic hair was all stuck together with dried white globs of liquid. I then discovered that the pair of briefs that I had left on top of my bed were now balled-up on the floor next to his bed. Just what my perverted mind had been hoping would happen. I was getting-off on teasing this gorgeous hunk.

In the movie, I was playing a young criminal punk who kidnaps Jason's character for ransom. I loved the wardrobe that both of us had to wear for most of the scenes. I wore a black leather jacket over a ripped cutoff T-shirt that left my hard abs exposed, and a baggy pair of denim jeans that sat very low on my hips. This left a hot looking pair of white mesh briefs showing a couple of inches above the waistline of my worn 501's. Jason's outfit consisted of a grey muscle shirt that revealed his muscular biceps and rounded pecs. His tight 501's had several large rips in the crotch and at the knees, and under these he wore a jockstrap that gave him a huge bulge showing in the front of his jeans.

Badpuppy Model - Dominik Jurka One of the key scenes had me dragging Jason into a warehouse with his hands tied behind his back. As he pretended to struggle, I had to slap his handsome face several times and punch him in the stomach. Because a lot of this action was being shot close-up, the director had told me that I had to actually hit him. As we went through with the shot, I noticed a strange look of lust in Jason's eyes, almost like he was enjoying the abuse. The next part of the plot called for me to bind him with rope onto a heavy chair and to gag his mouth with several old rags. As he moaned and struggled in character, I wound the rope around his upper torso, then down between his legs so as to bind his ankles to the side rungs on the chair. This position left his legs spread wide exposing his heaving crotch. The script then called for me to grab his neck as I delivered a flow of threatening dialogue inches from his face. All of this went off without a hitch and the director called it a wrap for the day. As I untied Jason following the scene, he had that look in his eyes again.

Jason and I returned to the trailer we shared, and the two of us grabbed some beers and I flopped into a stuffed chair to relax. Jason stood there sipping his beer and rubbing his muscular chest as he said, "Wow man, you really tied me up tight...I can still feel the pressure in my chest...and my leg muscles hurt too...you really got into the part, you fucker." I stood up and walked toward Jason and looked right into his deep blue eyes. I saw that look of lust and confusion that I had noticed several years before on the set of that teen TV show. I knew I had his number as I confronted him.

"Yea, well speaking of getting into the part...I can tell that you did...you liked having to let me do those things to you...you were getting off on it...for real." I told the hunky butch actor as he stood there like a deer in headlights. His macho facade was crumbling away as he licked his lips and ran his eyes over my body. He took his beer and set it down on the table, then he reached out and touched my taut abs with a trembling hand as his voice croaked, "Yes I...I guess...maybe I did...shit Dougy you're such a hot looking young hunk...I'll let you do anything you want to me...I've been queer for you for the longest time...I want it bad."

I knocked Jason's hand away from my belly and grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back. I forced his other arm back and used a length of rope from the set to tie his arms together. I walked over to the door of the trailer and locked it, then returned and yanked the front of his muscle shirt behind his neck. I reached down and released the buttons on his 501's and pulled the flaps open exposing his white mesh jock. As my hand brushed across it, I was surprised to find it was soaked with a sticky load. "You fucking horny fag... you shot your wad on camera while I was abusing you... didn't you?" I growled at the handsome stud as I slapped his face with my hand. The humiliated hunk stood there panting and looked into my eyes with lust and whispered, "Yes, I'm sorry."

I slowly started removing my leather jacket and T-shirt. He moaned as I paused and ran my own hands over my smooth hairless chest and abs. As I fingered the blond hairs of my crab-trail and dropped my hand over my crotch, he pleaded, "Oh jeez, man...please don't tease me any longer...I've got to see your bulging hard rod...a man's fuck-tool on a hot blond young teen body...shit, fuck my handsome faggot face with it, please Dougy."

I slipped my worn jeans down my slim hips and kicked them off along with my shoes. My dripping hard-on leaked pre-cum into the mesh of my briefs as I forced Jason to kneel down in front of me. His rigid cock tented the front of his white jock struggling to get free. I pulled the front of my briefs down under my shaved balls and grabbed the moaning stud's hair as I plunged my erect cock into his waiting mouth. As he went to work, I slapped his tensed hard abs and growled, "Yea, that's what you wanted slut...take my man-tool down your hungry pretty-boy throat...fucking handsome macho-hunk is really a horny cocksucking fag...man, if they could see you now."

As the helpless bound hunk groaned with pleasure, I reached out with my hand and started roughly twisting his erect male tits. Before long, I heard the poor dude whimper and his engorged rod filled his jock pouch again with a huge flow of sperm. That pushed me over the edge, and I filled Jason's sweet mouth with bolts of thick cum. Some of my load drooled out the sides of his lips, and I rubbed it and my dripping rod all over his pretty face. As he gasped for air, I untied his arms and went over and stretched out on the bed. Jason finished removing the rest of his clothing, but left his soggy jock on as he cuddled his muscular body against me.

We both lay there on the bed for several minutes enjoying the moment, but soon Jason got horny again. I could feel his big rod begin to stiffen inside his jock as he humped his hips against my thigh. I moaned as he began rubbing my thick cock through the tight cotton mesh of my briefs. He planted his lips over my tender erect nipples and I gasped in lust as he chewed on them with his teeth. "Oh fuck baby-stud...work my hard fag-puppy male tits...that always drives me crazy...Ooohhh."

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Jason had me just where he wanted as my fucking dick became rock-hard and poked out above the waistband of my low-rise briefs. As a drop of pre-cum dripped onto my taut abs, the horny dude scrambled up to straddle my chest and grind his damp jock-covered hard-on against my face. "Alright you cute blond pretty-boy...taste my soggy cum-soaked jock...I'm going to fuck that sweet teen-punk face...I know you want to, cocksucker."

Badpuppy Model - Dominik Jurka I gasped for air and looked up into his lust-crazed eyes, "Oh man...give it to me...I want to taste your hard pulsing man-tool...I've always been a cock-hungry queer." Jason growled and yanked his tight jock under his beefy balls as he plunged his engorged dick down my throat. He pinned my arms down to the bed as he brutally pounded my panting face. I was totally turned-on to this gorgeous stud fucking my sweet mouth and my lower torso was bucking wildly up off of the bed. My skimpy briefs slipped lower on my groin as the tight waistband masturbated the shaft of my aching dick.

Suddenly, the exposed head of my hard cock pulsed and began spraying jets of spunk all over my clenched abdomen. Some of my jizz even splattered onto Jason's tensed butt cheeks and I heard him groan with pleasure. He pulled his hard rod from my lips and he grabbed my blond hair and held my face in front of his dripping tool. "Shit you hot blond slut...I'm cumming man...oh yea, going to drown your pretty teen face with my cum...Uuugh...Oooohhh...look at it dribbling down your nose and lips...you hot cocksucking faggot." As Jason slapped his thick cock against the side of my face, I hungrily licked at the shaft and tried to drink-up as much of the manly ball-juice as my tongue could reach. Jason soon collapsed on top of me, gluing our sweaty cum-drenched bodies together.

The movie scenes the next day called for Jason's character to escape and exact revenge on his teen punk captor. As he played his role to the hilt, he pounded my stomach with several punches knocking the wind out of me. He wrestled my character to the ground and laid on top of me as he rubbed his crotch into my tight bubble-butt. As he grabbed my blond hair and yanked my head back, he delivered a scripted dialogue of verbal abuse. I could feel his rock-hard dick pressing against my butt, and my mind flashed with images of his naked body. As the director yelled cut, my nuts snapped and filled my briefs with a load of cum. Jason whispered into my ear, "Did you enjoy that, you horny pup?"

As Jason and I returned to our trailer, he locked the door behind him and shoved me against the wall. He reached down and copped a feel of my crotch. "Yea, just as I thought...my gorgeous pretty-boy hunk shot his load on camera...now who's the fucking queer slut...I know what you really want," growled the muscular stud as he punched me in the gut, dropping me to my knees. I gasped and looked-up into his beautiful deep blue eyes, "Oh shit, Jason...I don't know if...please, I've never...oh damn, I want...hell stud, I want you to fuck my tight boy-butt...I need to feel you inside my queer hole."

Jason quickly stripped all of my clothing from my shaking body and strung my arms up to a beam in the ceiling. He brutally spanked my round buns several times then shoved my own damp cummy briefs into my gasping mouth. Then he stood in front of me and slowly removed pieces of his clothing, taunting me as he rubbed his hands across his smooth muscled torso. I whimpered in frustration as my dripping cock dangled from my stretched groin. Jason applied some lube and a condom to his hard thick rod and he moved behind my clenched butt muscles. He ran his finger up into my ass crack and probed my puckered fuck-hole. I moaned with pleasure as he placed a couple more fingers in and pushed deeper.

"You gorgeous blond stud-puppy...I've wanted a piece of your round bubble-butt since I met you...now I'm going to take your pussy-boy cherry...you want me to, don't you, bitch?" grunted Jason as he replaced his fingers with his throbbing cock and pushed it into my butt. I screamed into the underwear gag as the first few inches of his rod plowed into my fuck-hole. He reached around and massaged my hard rippled abs as I got used to the anal invasion. Soon the pain was replaced with a rush of pleasure, and Jason drove his entire cock into me. He started pumping his thick tool in and out of my virgin ass and my senses went into overload. His hands were roughly twisting my hard nipples as he whispered in my ear, "Shit Dougy...I'm fucking my sweet teenaged fantasy boy...do you know how many times I jacked-off looking at your underwear ads...now I'm fucking his queer tight butt."

Jason was over the edge as he abruptly slid his dripping cock from my ravaged hole and tore off the rubber. He moved back in front of my heaving strung-up torso and fisted a stream of white ball-juice all over my taut abdomen. As his load dribbled down my groin, he knelt and sucked one of my low-hanging balls into his mouth. My rock-hard dick pulsed and covered his handsome face with pulses of sticky sperm. The horny stud moaned and spread the dripping globs over his smooth manly face as I slumped exhausted upon the ropes binding my body.

Jason recovered his senses and carefully released my bound arms. He hugged my sweaty torso against his chest and cradled me in his muscular arms as he stroked my blond hair. The handsome hunk kissed me softly on the lips and ran his strong hands all over my smooth young body as he told me, "Doug, I have no right to ask this...but I think that I'm in love with you...I want us to live together...I know that it won't be easy to keep a secret...but I need you to be a part of my life." I smiled at the gorgeous stud and looked deep into his eyes, "Shit Jason...I need you in my life as well...I'm sick of not having a warm body next to mine at night...fuck what the tabloids might say...I love you, stud."

We finished shooting on the film, which became a big box-office hit, and I moved in with Jason in his large house in the Hollywood hills. You could lounge beside the pool and look-up and see the Hollywood sign on the hills above. One day, Jason and I were sunning ourselves by the pool wearing our usual skimpy tight Speedos. He announced that his kid brother Scott would be coming out to California to become a fitness trainer. He asked if it would be OK if he stayed with us for a while until he got settled in his own place. I told him, "Of course, dude...but does he know about our relationship?"

Badpuppy Model - Dominik Jurka "Well, no, I haven't come-out to any of my family yet...I guess we'll just have to be discreet around him...I'm not quite sure how he would react if he knew," said Jason as he gave me further details about his brother. Scott was 20 years old and totally into the muscle-building scene. Jason had not seen him in a couple of years as his family all still lived back east. I thought to myself that if Jason's brother was as handsome as he was, it was going to be tough to be "discreet" around him.

About a week later, Jason was out at a script meeting at one of the studios when I heard the doorbell ring. I had been swimming in the pool and had to quickly towel-off and head to the front door in my damp Speedo. I opened the door and saw the most gorgeous blond-haired muscle-pup that I've ever seen. He had on a loose fitting cropped T-shirt that revealed a mass of smooth hairless muscles. His baggy jeans were slung low on his massive thighs revealing a pair of mesh briefs below rippled six-pack abs. "Hi, I'm Scott...Jason's brother...you must be his roommate Doug," said the cute stud as I shook his hand. I gulped and showed him inside as I hoped my bulging cock wouldn't get too out of control.

I explained that Jason should be home soon and that I had been in the pool when he arrived. Scott said that he'd love to take a dip in the pool also as soon as he got his luggage unpacked. I returned to the pool after showing Scott his room and waited for him to join me. I nearly creamed my Speedo when Scott came out wearing a very skimpy thong swimsuit. I sat in a chaise beside the pool trying to hide my hard-on as the young muscle-god dove into the water. His powerful legs and arms glided through the water with graceful ease. After several laps of the pool, the handsome muscle-hunk pulled himself out of the water and grabbed a chaise next to me to get some sun. "Boy, this is the life, man," Scott stated as he closed his eyes and rubbed his taut abdomen. His big dick and beefy balls were just barely covered by his tiny damp thong. I hoped that Jason would get home soon to save me from myself as I drooled over his brother's nearly naked body.

Jason got home about an hour later, and I could see the shocked glazed look on his face when he saw his hunky younger brother dozing under the sun. I heard him gasp as Scott stood and hugged him in his muscular arms. "Hey brother, looks like I should start by training you two Hollywood movie hunks," chuckled Scott, as he looked his brother over. "Fuck you, kid...Doug and I are built just fine for what we do...you do look awfully buff though, baby-brother," retorted Jason as he gave his brother a playful punch in the arm.

Later that night, after Scott went to bed early to rest after his long trip, Jason and I sat in bed talking. "Do you think your brother will question us both sleeping in the same king-sized bed?" I asked Jason as he rubbed my chest. "I hope not baby-stud, but I'm not giving up having your body next to me, especially tonight...God, Doug, I'm so fucking horny...I'm ashamed to admit that I'm totally turned-on by my muscle-bound brother...I think you are too, aren't you?" asked Jason as he began rubbing my growing cock. I moaned and told him, "Oh shit Jason...it's like looking at a muscle-pumped version of you...you dudes look so much alike."

I was torn apart with passion as I threw the covers back and gulped Jason's thick tool down my throat. He grabbed the sides of my head and groaned as he thrust his hips up pounding my sucking mouth. We both froze when we heard a voice in the doorway of our bedroom say, "Shit, my brother is a fucking homo." Jason and I sat up startled and saw his muscular kid brother standing in the door naked. His long dick and smooth hairless balls dangled from his groin and began to grow.

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"Scott please...I wanted...Uh I mean you never...Oh shit," stuttered Jason as his brother came over next to our bed and glared at us. "You fucking queers...I noticed you both drooling over my ripped body all day...you pitiful pretty-boy wimps...both of you get down here on your knees in front of me...I know you want to, faggots," ordered Scott as he began stroking his thick muscle-cock. When we both hesitated for a moment, Scott grabbed our arms and dragged us down onto the floor. Jason started to whimper and his brother slapped the side of his face hard and he grabbed both of our heads by the hair.

Badpuppy Model - Dominik Jurka "Worship my young buff muscle-body, you fucking cocksuckers...you can start by cleaning off the sweat from my armpits, punks," growled the dominant muscle-pup. We both moaned and went to work with our tongues on the handsome stud's stinky pits. Our erect cocks were drooling pre-cum as they rubbed against the young hunk's massive thighs and legs. Scott suddenly grabbed his brother's head and forced him to chew on one of his erect male nipples. As Jason went wild with lust, Scott began to brutally spank his brother's tight round butt cheeks. I moved back behind the butch kid's glorious bubble-butt and buried my face into his ass-crack.

"Oh shit, yea...you horny fags...suck on my hard bulging muscles...do it, you hot fucking sluts," growled Scott as he pushed my face deeper into his beefy buns. After a few minutes of this forced muscle worship, Scott pulled back and ordered us both to stand. "I want to watch you two fags making love...stand there face-to-face and jack each other off...Doug, you fucking blond pussy-boy, kiss my queer brother on the mouth...yea, just like a horny bitch would." panted Scott as he pounded his own engorged muscle-prick.

The humiliation of being forced to perform for this hot horny muscle-bound stud drove both of us into a passionate frenzy. As we deep-throated each other's tongues, our swollen pricks pulsed and we covered each other's crotch with bolts of creamy white sperm. Seeing this happen, Scott pushed us both to our knees in front of his sweaty groin, and he fisted long streams of cum over both of our panting faces. He smeared his dripping load all over our faces and Jason licked the last globs of juice from his brother's hung dong.

While his brother was still in a sexual haze, Jason stood and pulled his kid brother's arms behind his back and forced him facedown onto the floor. He grabbed Scott's blond hair and yanked his head back saying, "You hung-up muscle freak...I've wanted to fuck your tight ass since we were kids...now we'll see if you can take it like a man." Jason motioned for me to hold his brother down as he lubed his engorged fuck-rod. I knelt down and shoved my pulsing cock into the panting blonde's mouth. Jason plunged his tool into the kid's tight butt and began fucking him hard. He slapped the whimpering jock's buns and soon I saw him tense as he shot his load deep inside his baby-brother. I yanked my hard cock from the kid's mouth and shot my load right into his golden blond hair. Jason whispered into his brother's ear, "You fucking muscle slut."

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