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His Secret Admirer by PeterAinLA

Badpuppy Model - Armond & Mich Josh sauntered down the hallway of his suburban high school with his usual cocky swagger. The handsome young 18-year-old baseball jock was looking forward to his last year of school before heading on to college. Being a senior meant that he and his buddies would finally be the big men on campus. As he turned a corner heading for his locker, he spotted a cute chick named Suzy whom he had dated a few times in the past. Brushing his fingers through his closely cropped light-brown hair, he smiled at Suzy and gave her a wink. Her eyes were glued to the front of Josh's skintight blue jeans, where his thick 8-inch rod formed a huge bulge in the crotch of the faded button-fly denim. Josh liked to wear his clothing tight, unlike most of his classmates who preferred the loose-fitting casual fashions of the day. He wanted to show off his buff toned body to the world, and loved seeing the gals all drool over him.

Arriving at his locker, Josh dialed his combination and removed the heavy padlock from the latch. Opening the door, he threw some books from his backpack inside and grabbed some new volumes for his next class. It was at this point that he noticed a folded slip of paper sitting on the bottom of the locker. Someone had pushed the note inside through the crack at the bottom of the door. Mildly amused by this, Josh chuckled to himself, thinking that some girl was leaving him love notes. The smile vanished from his face, however, when he started reading.

"I hate you, Josh. I thought that I had my feelings under control until you entered my life. Now all of my perverted desires have overwhelmed my mind once again. I should be a happy young stud with everything to look forward to, but now I find myself at night jacking my stiff cock thinking about your body. Why do you have to wear those tight slutty jeans? Your big rod and cum-filled balls bulging inside your sweaty jockstrap, just out of sight. And those thin cotton-mesh T-shirts that you wear, with your erect male nipples sticking out into the material from your muscular pectorals. Oh man, how I would love to ram my hard dick into your tight rounded bubble-butt. Yea, pretty-boy, I've decided that you're too wrapped up in yourself to realize what a hot slut you could be. Very soon, baby, I'm going to have my way with you."

Josh stood there in front of his locker in a daze. When the class bell sounded to bring his mind back to reality, the teenaged jock realized, to his shame, that he had a hard-on. "Oh fuck, some weird closet-fag wimp has the hots for me. Who the hell could it be?" thought the disturbed good-looking teen as he stuffed the note into his pack. He had to run to his first class, and just barely made it there on time. His morning classes were a total blur and he absorbed nothing of what was being taught. Josh was relieved when the lunch-break finally rolled around. Even though he knew he could not speak about the incident to anyone, he hoped that being around his jock pals would make him feel better. After loading up his tray with food, he sat amongst several of his baseball teammates to eat in silence. He started feeling a little better as he listened to their friendly banter and good-natured taunting of each other.

After a few minutes, Josh's best bud Matt joined them, and he took a seat right next to Josh. Matt playfully tussled his friend's hair as he swung his massive muscular frame down into the chair. Matt was the school's All-American starting football quarterback, and he weighed about 210 pounds and stood 6 feet 3 inches tall. He was a brutally handsome stud with short buzz-cut blond hair and deep blue eyes that drove the ladies all crazy. He and Josh went on many a double-date with the prettiest girls in the school. They had been best friends since Matt had transferred into the school in his junior year. Even though Josh was not as tall as his buddy and was not as muscular, the two jocks hit it off from the beginning. Matt always tried to make it to each of Josh's baseball games in the spring, and Josh went to all of the football games in the fall. Josh felt most relaxed and secure when he was around Matt.

Toward the end of the lunch period, Matt noticed that his pal was being very quiet and somber. After most of the other jocks had drifted away from the table, Matt asked Josh why he was in such a dark mood. Josh snapped back that he didn't want to talk about it, but immediately felt bad about being so harsh with his buddy. He looked sadly into Matt's eyes, then stood up to leave for his next class. Matt slapped Josh's left butt cheek hard with one of his massive hands and growled, "Well, fucker. You know I'm here for you when you're ready." For some reason, Josh's cock twitched at the tone of Matt's voice and the slight sting in his tight ass. After finishing his lunch, 18-year-old Matt headed to the gym to get ready for an early afternoon varsity football practice. It was the middle of the season for the team, and they had a big game coming up against their biggest cross-town rivals. The muscular blond jock opened his locker and started stripping out of his street clothing. Once he was stark-naked, the buff teenaged athlete started to reach into the locker for his jockstrap, but stopped short. A folded slip of paper was jammed inside the pouch of the snow-white strap. None of the athletic team lockers are ever kept locked, so that the uniforms can be cleaned and replaced. Matt started reading the note, thinking that it must be a message from one of the coaches.

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"Hi there, muscleboy. I bet you're standing there naked right about now, reading this. Your big thick cock is dangling between your built muscular legs, and your sweet low-hanging gonads are swinging freely in the warm sweaty locker room air. Yea, you big dumb jock, you just love the smell of all the other studs' damp sweat-soaked bodies that permeate the entire gym. I know that you do, because I'm a muscle-hungry jock just like you. Don't look now, but I bet that your beefy love-muscle is growing harder by the minute. Oh fuck, baby stud, how I would love to be there right now. I've always wanted to shove you down onto your knees and ram my stiff erection into your warm wet mouth. You like that idea, don't you, you horny macho cocksucker? You've thought about that every time some huge lineman has pounded your butch body into the turf, and ground his bulging crotch into your face. Yea, I know all of those secret desires you have. I can see it in your eyes every day. We'll be together soon, my handsome blond jock-slut."

Badpuppy Model - Armond & Mich Matt let the note drop from his hand, and he unconsciously cupped his sweaty balls in his right hand. He looked down and saw that his 9-inch adolescent rod was rock-hard and dripping pre-cum from the slit of his moist piss hole. Knowing that he was the only football player to have arrived yet in the gym, the muscular hunk fell to his knees. Unable to stop himself, he gave into the desperate desires that the raunchy note had planted into his mind. No actually, those desires had already been lurking in the back of his thoughts from an early age, he realized. Even as his body had blossomed into a mass of sculpted musculature, he had had these sordid ideas of being forced to humiliate himself before another muscular male. His dark feelings of inadequacy around other built macho jocks fed his secret longing to be shamed and stripped of his dignity.

As these thoughts raped his mind, Matt moaned and reached out for his jockstrap. Pretending that it was one of his teammate's used sweaty stained straps, he jammed it into his own mouth. Rubbing his rippled six-pack abdomen with his left hand, the horny blond leaned back and pounded his erect tool frantically with his right. As he neared a building climax in his loins, poor Matt pinched his nipples hard between his fingers. That pushed him quickly over the edge, and his pulsing cock started firing bolts of spunk all over his heaving chest. Several globs of creamy sperm shot up onto his face and dribbled down the side of his nose and his ruby-red lips.

When he heard a door on the far side of the gym being opened, Matt scrambled to wipe the cum from his face and body using his jockstrap. As one of his buff teammates approached, he was forced to pull the slimy strap on over his still-throbbing rod to hide the evidence of his debasement. Later, as he went through the motions of football practice, he could feel his own sticky spunk coating his entire sweaty crotch. He wondered if any of his teammates could smell the scent of his muscle-jock seed. In the showers after practice, Matt found himself openly checking out the thick cocks of his fellow players. The confused and aroused high school athlete had never before allowed himself to notice that many of the other guys were hung like horses. More than a few of them also seemed to be sporting half-hard erections as they played around and slapped each other's hard round butts. Matt had to cover his crotch when an image of himself down on his knees being spanked by the entire team popped into his head. When Matt got home that night, he sucked on his cum-encrusted jockstrap and fisted another creamy load onto his abdomen. As he fell asleep, rubbing the sticky cum all over his nearly hairless torso, the blond teen mumbled to himself, "You cocksucker."

Poor Josh was a basket case for the rest of his day. He quickly jumped into his vintage Camaro Z-28 and gunned the engine a few times, before peeling out of the school parking lot. When he finally got home, he went straight up to his room and locked the door. Falling onto his bed face down, the otherwise macho jock started sobbing like a baby. His brain was filled with a confusing mix of emotions, as he tried to erase the memory of that morning's incident from his mind. But the harder that he tried, the more his thoughts drifted back to that note. He had never considered how his actions might affect other males around him. What disturbed him most was how the lurid suggestive talk in the note had cracked open some deeply hidden place within his mind. A place that hid a secret desire for other muscular males like himself.

Josh emitted a guttural moan as he stood up and wandered over to the mirror on his closet door. Standing there with his legs spread, he began rubbing his own bulging crotch with his hand. His pulsing rod grew rock-hard inside his tight jeans, and he pushed his T-shirt up above his pecs to reveal his washboard abdomen. Fingering his deeply indented navel, he looked straight into his own dark-brown eyes and moaned out loud, "Yea, you think you're a hot stud. That's it, feel yourself up. You're pathetic, you fucking punk. What did that dude call you, a slut? Yea, that's what you really want to be, isn't it pretty-boy?"

Yanking open his button-fly jeans, the aroused teen pulled out his throbbing erection and let it slap against his pumped abdomen several times. Drops of pre-cum sprayed into the light-brown hairs of his narrow crab-trail. Pushing his briefs and jeans down his thighs, he fondled his shaved balls and twisted them brutally in his hand. The narcissistic dude liked to keep his crotch shaved smooth, except for a neatly trimmed patch just above his rod, because he thought the gals would like it. In truth, it made his cock and balls more sensitive to the constant rubbing against his tight clothing. Josh started moaning and fisted his thick cock brutally with his right hand. With his left, he slapped his low-hanging gonads hard, imagining a muscular stud punishing the horny jock for coming onto him. The out-of-control muscleboy groaned and a stream of juicy sperm started shooting from his erect tool. His knees buckled, and the young high school punk's ripped stomach was covered in thick globs of spunk. Panting with wanton lust, Josh began lifting the steamy seed up to his own lips with his fingers. He imagined the muscular stud forcing his hand down into his pathetic open mouth.

Early the following morning, Josh woke up with his usual urgent hard-on, and he stretched out his lanky frame and threw aside the sheets. He suddenly remembered his perverted private masturbation show from the night before, because his smooth abdomen was caked with his own dried sperm. The helpless stud whimpered to himself as he dragged his sorry ass into the bathroom shower. With the warm water cascading down his chest, he felt his big thick rod growing harder between his legs. His mind flashed on images of naked muscular young men, and the pathetic teen yanked hard on his hairless balls and gasped out loud, "Oh God. You really are turning into a fucking faggot."

As Josh started getting dressed for school, he decided to wear an old pair of loose-fitting jeans over a new pair of cotton-mesh boxer-briefs. Pulling an oversized varsity sweatshirt on over his muscular chest, the confused athlete suddenly wanted to avoid his usual habit of displaying his body in tight clothing. Jumping into his car, the poor jock's mind raced as he drove to school, trying to figure out who could have written that sordid note to him. Just as he pulled into the high school's parking lot, a horrible thought popped into his head. That reference in the note about Josh coming into his admirer's life a short time ago fit his best friend Matt's situation exactly. Josh's cock began to stiffen at the notion that his muscular buddy might be warm for his form.

Badpuppy Model - Armond & Mich Matt leaned against his pickup truck reading through his football playbook. But his mind was elsewhere, thinking about the lurid note from the day before. For some reason, the football stud's thoughts started drifting toward an image of his best friend Josh's muscular body. They had showered together many times, but now Matt suddenly could not stop thinking about what Josh's thick cock might look like with an erection. Josh had often joked with Matt about the relative size of their endowments. Even though Matt had about an inch on his buddy in that department, Josh would taunt him, saying that he made better use of his tool. Matt suddenly wondered if his butch pal was the one who wanted to fuck his face. Just like the insult from the note, Josh had often called him a big dumb jock.

As these mutual suspicions of perverted desires clouded each teen's mind, Josh pulled his car into the space next to Matt's truck. As Josh stepped out of his Camaro, Matt was surprised by his best friend's more modest looking outfit. When he made a comment about it to Josh, Matt was shocked when he replied, "Well, stud. I don't want my admirers to get too worked up about my gorgeous bod. They might try something that we'd both regret later. Sorry to disappoint you, dude." Matt just stood there nervously, as his rod began to throb and push down the leg of his jeans, showing an obvious bulge. Josh looked directly into his helpless friend's deep-blue eyes, and he licked his lips in a suggestive fashion.

The spell between the two horny jocks was broken when a mutual buddy joined them. Ryan was a brutally handsome 18-year-old dark-haired muscle hunk who was the starting center on Matt's football squad. His chest had the massive bulging pectorals of a bodybuilder, and his trim waist only accentuated the look of his built thighs and rounded butt. Unlike Matt and Josh's relatively smooth bodies, Ryan had thick hair covering his upper chest that spilled out over the top of his cutoff sweatshirt. He greeted his two pals with a hearty, "Hey dudes. How's it hanging?" Ryan chuckled to himself when he caught the fading looks of desire on each of their smooth teenaged faces. He smiled, knowing that the notes that he had written were starting to have the desired effect. The closet muscle-loving queer had wanted both of these butch jocks since the first time he had met them. The first step of his plan was to turn them on to each other. The next step would allow him to have his way with each of them.

The two horny aroused teens spent most of the rest of the day eying each other closely. They did not have a chance to be alone together to pursue the situation further, but they tried to act normally around their other friends. Neither of them noticed how much Ryan was hanging around each of them. Toward the end of the school day, Ryan planted another note to each boy in their lockers. Both notes read, "Listen up, stud. Meet me in the school's weight room tonight. I can't wait any longer to get it on with you. Be there at the following time, and don't be late." Ryan wrote 7:00PM on Josh's note, and 7:30PM on Matt's version. The devious muscle-jock had managed to get a copy of the gym key from the coach, pretending that he wanted to get in some extra exercise time.

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At around 7:25PM, Matt pulled into the darkened parking lot and turned off the engine of his pickup. He sat there for a few minutes rubbing the growing bulge in his crotch. Sure enough, he noticed that Josh's boss Camaro was parked outside of the gym. Finally gathering up his courage, Matt entered the gym through a side door that he found unlocked. When he got to the doorway of the weight room, the blond stud stopped short and moaned. There on one of the weight benches was a stark-naked Josh. The butch jock was tied to the bench face down, and his mouth was gagged with several dirty jockstraps. Sticking out of his sweaty round bubble-butt was the end of a thick flesh-colored dildo. Josh's eyes grew wide when he spotted his muscular buddy enter the room, and he tried in vain to shout a warning to Matt through the straps stuffing his hungry mouth.

Matt had no time to react, as a strong arm wrapped around his neck and started choking him. All too soon, the struggling blond hunk passed out and slumped to the floor. A pair of muscular hands started stripping the poor jock's worn denim jeans and thin cotton T-shirt from his helpless body. Once he had the pretty-boy quarterback stripped nude, Ryan dragged the dazed stud over to a steel chair and quickly bound him tightly with lengths of white athletic tape. Once he was done, the naked hairy football center slapped Matt's face hard several times to wake him up. Matt's groggy eyes began to focus on a dripping 11-inch cock positioned right in front of his gasping mouth.

"Oh Matty boy. You really are such a dumb young jock. Both you and your cute faggot buddy over there fell right into my plan. You both thought that the other had the balls to admit his secret desires. Neither of you pussy-boys would have ever dared to reveal your buried lust for other muscular men. You both needed my help to out yourselves to each other. But like I said in my dirty notes, I can spot a cock-hungry queer from a mile away. Now stud, let's hear what sexual fantasies are rattling around in that dumb blond head of yours."

Badpuppy Model - Armond & Mich Matt moaned and struggled against his bondage, trying to clear his mind. Ryan dragged the head of his pulsing cock over the side of Matt's handsome face, leaving a trail of pre-cum across his flushed cheek. Growing impatient, Ryan grabbed a fistful of the whimpering jock's hair and forced him to look up. When the dazed athlete's mouth fell open, the muscle-bound hairy football player rammed his thick tool down Matt's warm wet throat. The helpless young stud gasped and choked on the hard rod invading his virgin mouth, as globs of spit dribbled out from the edges of his lips. Acting on instinct, the horny blond hunk gradually learned to control his breathing, and he started sucking on his teammate's manhood with a hungry passion. When Ryan noticed his prey's building lust, he yanked the throbbing toy from the boy's masculine face.

"Oh God, Ryan. Why are you doing this to us? I thought that you were our buddy. Oh shit, I can't help myself, Josh. I can't resist these perverted urges any longer. You're my best friend, but you look so hot over there with that fucking dildo up your sweet tight butt. Oh damn, I admit it. I'm just a cock-hungry faggot. Fuck it, Ryan. Is that what you wanted to hear? You want me to humiliate myself in front of my closest buddy? Yea, I'm a cocksucker."

Ryan let out a nasty laugh, then plunged his erection back into Matt's cute muscleboy mouth. Reaching down, he began to brutally twist the blond jock's erect male nipples between his strong fingers. The aroused young stud moaned loudly as his virile athletic body was assaulted by his hairy muscle-bound teammate. Ryan went wild and fucked the groaning quarterback's cocksucking mouth for over 15 minutes, occasionally slapping the side of the bound jock's sweat-soaked face. Finally on the edge, Ryan yanked his tool from the exhausted hunk's sucking lips, and he frantically fisted his wet rod in front of Matt's face. As long white bolts of sperm splashed all over the muscular jock's lips, nose, and cheeks, Ryan screamed, "Oh yea. Take my hot load, you little cocksucking queer. Fucking closet homo."

With the creamy wet muscle cum dripping down his face, Matt hung his head and started whimpering from the shame of his debasement. Those emotions turned to alarm when he noticed that Ryan was pulling on his clothing. Turning to leave, Ryan laughed and said, "Sorry, pussy-boys. I've got to run. Tomorrow morning's gym class will enjoy seeing your wimpy naked bodies. The whole school will know about your hidden desires. Bye, faggots."

Matt knew that, at that hour of the day, it would be useless to try and yell for help. Struggling with all of his strength, he finally managed to tip the chair that he was bound to over onto the floor. As it fell, his head hit the floor really hard, and he was knocked unconscious. Poor Josh whimpered into his gag as he watched his muscular friend's futile escape. He felt ashamed as his eyes could not help but devour the erotic view of his pal's naked bound torso. His flat washboard stomach was stretched taut by his bound muscular arms, and his thick cock and low-hanging balls hung down from his groin. Josh moaned as a desire to have that glorious example of male endowment planted up his ravaged butt washed over his mind. Those thoughts caused his own tool to become rock-hard trapped beneath his bound body.

Snapping out of his sexual daydreams, Josh suddenly noticed that the ropes binding him to the bench had begun to loosen a bit. Apparently, Ryan was better at using tape on his victims than he was with rope. Working his hands and wrists around a little, he started to get the ropes free from his body. With one final pull, his arms were loose to remove the rest of his binding. Finally sitting up and removing the spit soaked jockstraps from his mouth, he yelped when the forgotten dildo jammed up into his ass. Slowly pulling the slick anal toy from his sore fuck hole, Josh's erect cock started dripping pre-cum as he remembered how Ryan had shoved the thing roughly into his virgin butt. How Ryan had taunted him with filthy insults as the helpless jock shot a load just from having his hole raped.

Gathering his thoughts, Josh moved over next to Matt's bound body and knelt down. Unable to contain his lust for his gorgeous muscular buddy, he reached out and fondled the blond hunk's thick cock. Leaning down, he placed his lips over Matt's mouth and started kissing him tenderly. This caused the still-bound jock to begin waking-up, and he was startled to feel a set of warm lips planted over his own. When he realized that it was Josh kissing him, Matt moaned with guttural lust and he stuck his tongue into the handsome dude's open mouth. Josh pulled back a bit, and he stroked the side of his best friend's face. With bitter tears streaming down his cheeks, Josh smiled and said, "Oh Matt. I know it sounds queer, but I love you so much. I always have. I want you so bad that it hurts. Fuck, I am such a wimp."

As the embarrassed teen sobbed openly, he started ripping the tape from Matt's sweaty body. When he had his buddy freed, Josh fell to his knees and covered his face with his hands. Matt rubbed the feeling back into his arms and he knelt beside his disturbed pal. Lifting Josh's tear soaked face, he leaned in and lapped up the salty liquid from his masculine buddy's flushed face like a puppy. Smiling broadly, he told Josh, "God, buddy. You taste so good. Oh fuck, you are such a gorgeous hunk. I don't care if it is queer, I love you. Even though it was that fuck-head Ryan's note, just the thought of sucking your sweet rod got me so hard. I'm the one who's a cocksucking pussy-boy."

Badpuppy Model - Armond & Mich Totally aroused by Matt's sordid admissions, Josh threw his muscular pal down onto the floor and straddled his butch face with his legs. Dick-slapping the golden-boy's sweet red lips, he drove his pulsing erection into the faggot's mouth when it fell open. Leaning on his arms, Josh did push-ups over his horny lover's prone body as he fucked his face frantically. Matt reached out with his hands and started slapping his buff partner's tensed bubble-butt. The muscular blond's own thick tool was standing straight up from his groin, as he moaned from the taste of the pre-cum leaking from Josh's plunging tool. "Oh baby-stud. Suck my fucking cock like the hungry bitch you are. Yea, my best pal is just a gorgeous muscle-bound dick hound. Oh shit, here it comes, slut. Drink my fucking load of jock spunk, faggot," screamed Josh as his nuts emptied their tasty flow of cream down the queer jock's throat.

Josh slumped down exhausted on top of Matt's muscular body, his limp cock still buried inside the blond hunk's fucked mouth. Gasping for air, Josh's head shot up when he felt several fingers jammed into his vulnerable butt hole. Lifting Josh's sweaty body up from his own, Matt slid out from under the moaning teen's torso. Quickly kneeling behind the dazed jock's pale white buttocks, he spanked Josh's tensed glutes and growled, "OK buddy-boy. I know what you really want. Beg for it, you muscle-bound jock lover." Reaching down beside them on the filthy weight room floor, Matt retrieved a couple of the soggy jockstraps that had been gagging Josh's mouth. The horny hunk wrapped the stained straps around his new boyfriend's muscular neck, and he yanked them back like a pair of reins on a horse.

"Oh shit, man. Please fuck my hungry jock-boy butt. Show me how a muscle stud breaks in a piece of virgin ass. Yea, Matt, rape my hole like I've always wanted. Make me your bitch," groaned a helpless Josh as his secret shameless fantasy was revealed. Plunging only half of his steel-hard rod into his horny lover's rounded butt, Matt could not believe how good Josh's tight teenaged chute felt wrapped around his tool. Poor Josh was so turned on and ready, that he rammed his buns back into Matt's smooth taut groin, impaling himself completely. Matt gasped from the feeling of his low-hanging gonads slapping against his pal's sweet cheeks. The lust-crazed blond jock started pounding the hungry ass before him with brutal intensity.

Both of the newly outed teenaged athletic queers moaned and whimpered as they enjoyed their mutual discovery of each other's depraved pleasures. After a few minutes, Matt paused and flipped Josh over onto his back. Now fucking his handsome boyfriend face-to-face, he leaned forward and started kissing Josh's mouth softly. Josh responded by reaching up and pinching Matt's erect eraser-sized nipples. That pushed the fucking blond stud over the edge, and he pulled out of his lover's ravaged hole just as his nuts snapped. Without even touching his pulsing shaft, he fired huge globs of his male essence all over Josh's hard rippled abdomen. When Matt then slid up his cum-drenched chest and forced his still-erupting cock into Josh's mouth, the totally fucked young jock fisted another load of spunk onto his own heaving crotch.

When Matt collapsed beside his cum-covered torso, Josh crawled on top of his cute blond boyfriend's buff body and he rubbed their sweaty groins together. Leaning on his arms, Josh began to playfully peck at Matt's full lips with his own. Smiling down at his handsome buddy, Josh moaned, "Oh damn, baby. I'm so in love with you. Please say that you'll be my boyfriend. You know, I'm told that I'm quite good-looking and would be a great catch. Too bad the girls that told me that will never get the chance again."

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Matt grabbed onto Josh's hair and forced his tongue down into the groaning teen's throat. Spanking the cocky stud's sculpted bubble-buns sharply several times, he yanked the punk's head back, and he growled, "Well, you conceited little slut. You think you're a hung stud, but it's your tight dripping butt-hole that turns me on. Oh yea, I'll be your fucking lover. You better be mine, or I'll slap those sweet firm cheeks until you scream. Every cock-loving pussy in the school would fall over themselves to go steady with the starting quarterback of the football team. You want to be my cock-hungry pussy-boy?" Josh just lowered his head and started sucking on one of Matt's massive pectorals, biting the erect nipple and nursing it like a baby.

In school the following day, both of the jocks confronted Ryan in a secluded hallway and shoved him against a wall. Grabbing onto the struggling athlete's balls, Matt snarled into his ear, "Now listen up, you pathetic closet queer. You're not even man enough to admit your own true desires. Even in your own confused mind, you didn't feel worthy of another butch hunk's body, so you tried to take it by force. Well, your little plan backfired, because Josh and I have now found each other. But if you breath a word of this to anyone else, we'll fucking beat the crap out of you. Of course, maybe you'd like us to do that anyway, punk." Josh ran his hand up under the trapped jock's sweatshirt, and brutally twisted the bodybuilder's erect nipples and growled, "Yea, you fucking faggot.". Ryan let out a whimper, and his muscular body shook as he shot a huge wet spunk load into his jeans.

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