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Helpless by Hrtofgld

Badpuppy Model - Nathan

Surely you understand. You've wanted to feel that control, that helplessness too, haven't you? Be honest with yourself, as I finally am honest with myself. You want to be in a position where your body is totally helpless, where you can't see what is happening, where you can only feel what an unseen hand or an unseen mouth is doing to your helpless body. You're aching to shiver with the expectation and the need, with lust and sexual tension, yet never to be aware what will happen until the hand fondles your balls and massages your abdominal muscles or a tongue circles your throbbing, dripping dick or licks your erect nipples. Helpless and at the total control of another beautiful male. Totally turned on, totally helpless, a mindless, instinctive need.

He was my next-door neighbor. He lived alone. He was blatantly sexual, lying naked in bed by his open window, which faced my own bedroom window. My lights were out. I watched. His lights were on. He displayed himself. His face was hidden, but his full, sensuous body was displayed in front of the fully lighted double window as he masturbated. He would flex his beautiful muscles, fondle his nipples, fondle his balls and massage his body with one hand as the other brought his erect manhood to a full, magnificent orgasm. His body would shiver, stiffen and with a lurch of muscular lust would release his full load of cum onto his stomach and chest. Then one hand would slowly work on the softening penis, while the other took the white splashes of cum onto his fingers, drawing them up out of sight to his mouth. When his body was in effect licked clean, he would turn off the overhead light, but leave a spotlight on to display his body throughout the night. Never his face, only his beautiful body. I understood. He needed to display himself openly without seeing who might be watching.

Every day he came over to talk, but would make no eye contact. Instead, he looked at my body, licking his lips. His eyes lusted over my bare chest as I mowed the lawn, he stared at the bulging crotch hiding my half-erect penis, and panted over my bare, hairy legs, as I trimmed the hedge. He needed to work on my body while I could not watch, only endure it helplessly. I came to understand then that I needed this, too. I needed to be helpless while a man took sexual advantage of my helpless body. The thought of a man working on my helpless body sent shivers of lust through my body and sent blood surging to my penis. I knew now this was what I needed, what I wanted, and what I craved desperately.

After days of this nonverbal interaction, knowing he desired my body but could not bear either to look at my eyes or verbalize this desire, I formulated a plan. The local hardware store had a small doghouse, with an entrance just big enough to admit my head. A small pillow would raise my head enough to completely hide my face and eyes. Small holes on the side allowed me to fasten leather cuffs to fasten my hands and arms to the sides of the doghouse. Though these were loose enough to draw my hands through, this would not be obvious with fingers splayed to indicate the abject helplessness that I craved so badly. Everything was tested in the garage secretly and worked perfectly. I prepared stakes with leather ankle restraints to fasten my legs spread wide to make my body more helpless. My penis dripped as I measured carefully to be sure the restraints were exactly right to totally hold and restrain, but not be uncomfortable.

Later that day, as I worked at weeding the flower beds and talked with my neighbor, I casually mentioned that I would be getting a pet that afternoon that would be chained to a small doghouse visible from his house, but shielded from all other observation by my house and its hedges. When he left, I set up the doghouse, measured and set the ankle restraints and spread a blanket to lie on. I removed my clothes, lying naked on the blanket, and fastened the leather restraints around my ankles, spreading my muscular, hairy legs far apart. I arranged the pillow, stuck my head into the doghouse. With the pillow lifting my head, I could see nothing. Last, I inserted my hands through the leather wrist restraints. My body shivered with anticipation, as I flexed my muscular frame. My penis was by now fully erect and oozing the lubrication of sexual excitement. I waited.

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Within a few minutes, I heard footsteps coming through the hedge, entering the yard. I flexed and released my muscles, as my erect penis throbbed. What would he do? I was totally helpless. Would he just look and make all of my efforts wasted? The footsteps stopped beside the doghouse, as my body shivered with lust and need. A sound, not definable. Was he getting down onto the grass? I could feel the pre-cum dribbling down the shaft of my erect penis. The first sensation I felt was a cold chain dragging across my chest, then a slight, but stimulating pain as my nipples were clamped. My penis throbbed and another drip ran down the shaft. I felt a tongue gently lick the drips up, licking up my erect penis to the throbbing, engorged head. Another drop began to run down the shaft, but was similarly licked up. My muscles shivered with lust and anticipation.

Badpuppy Model - Nathan

Then, I felt hands rubbing sensuously along my muscular, hairy legs - gentle, loving, stimulating hands. My muscles shivered with the wild stimulation of my total lack of visual clues and the resulting helplessness. The hands were massaging my left foot. My ankles strained within the restricting leather, the leg muscles flexing and rippling, as a sensuous tongue began licking my feet and lips began sucking my toes. The erect penis again throbbed and a drop of sticky lubrication slid down the head of my penis and started down the shaft. My helpless body shuddered with the pleasure of the sensuous foot massage.

Then the right foot felt the damp caresses of a human tongue, as gentle hands felt and fondled the foot, I was panting with lust by now, completely helpless and in the control of this unseen male presence. My arm muscles flexed, and I moaned in pleasure as I felt bare knees work their way between my legs and hands fondling, feeling and massaging the muscles of my legs. Incredibly stimulating and sensuous!

Again, a tongue licked my erect male organ, cleaning up the drops of lubrication. It throbbed in response, releasing even more, and I felt lips and a tongue surround the head of my penis to get every precious drop of my male lubrication. My chest shivered from the pain of the clamped nipples. The chain was tightened, and the nipples stretched in an agony of stimulation that caused further drips of lubrication to appear on my erect male organ.

I could do nothing to stimulate the sexual release that I needed so badly. I was helpless. My aching nipples would get no release. The body was helpless and under the total control of this male. I gasped as a hand squeezed my scrotum. My penis throbbed with need, dripping even more, and a mouth took it in, savoring every drop of the precious lubrication, stimulating the male organ attached to the helpless male body to yearn more strongly for its sexual release.

I was gasping for breath. My clamped, aching nipples were causing shudders of sexual excitement to ripple through my chest and abdominal muscles. My legs flexed and begged for the release of the sexual fluids. The buttocks muscles flexed and raised the penis even farther, as the mouth sucked on it. Then, suddenly the nipple clamps were released, and all stimulation stopped. My nipples throbbed from the sudden return of full circulation and begged for more sexual stimulation. But I could not see them or fondle them. I was helpless.

My body shuddered with need, begging for sexual release, but the body was helpless to provide that release. My body was totally under the control of the unseen male, the erect penis begging with need and lust for the stimulation of its surface to cause the throbbing release of the sexual fluids. But no touch came. I moaned with lust and need, but I was helpless to supply it. I could only wait for the release to be supplied by the stimulation of another man. My body panted with lust and the need for sexual release.

Badpuppy Model - Nathan

After minutes of this waiting, as my erect organ throbbed and dripped with need, I again felt the touch of a male tongue, this time in my right armpit. My body shivered from the unexpected pleasure of this stimulation. The tongue ran up my flexing muscles, licking them, moistening them, kissing them. All the way to my helpless hand, the tongue licked and fondled. Then lips began to enclose and suck my thumb and fingers, making my whole body shiver with pleasure and need. Hands fondled my fingers, my hand and my arm as lips sucked on them. Suddenly, an erect, damp penis was sliding against my fingers, and my hand circled around the damp shaft of the male organ, as it slid back and forth, clasped lovingly in my wet hand. He had taken pity on my helplessness, and was letting me feel his manhood. My body shuddered with desire and my own erect, engorged penis throbbed and released more of its lubrication.

Then the right arm and hand were released, and that wonderful male organ was taken out of my hand. I nearly sobbed with the loss of the exquisite feeling. A few seconds passed, and I felt toes working in my left armpit, as hands again began fondling and rubbing my left arm. Lips worked to stimulate and dampen my flexing arm muscles, and a tongue licked its way up my arm, sucking on my elbow, kissing my hand, then individually sucking each finger, the tongue licking the palm of my hand, the hands kneading and fondling my trembling arm muscles. Again without warning, all stimulation ceased. My muscles trembled with need. My penis dripped with lust and desire. My leg muscles flexed and released.

I heard feet moving in the grass, then felt feet slide under my thighs, the toes fondling and stimulating my thigh muscles. My legs quivered with the stimulation. What was this man going to do to my helpless body? My penis continued to throb with lust and need, my abdominal muscles flexing and relaxing, my breath coming in gasps.

Suddenly, I heard a low grunt and moan, and felt wetness striking my chest and stomach. Then I understood. This male had to dominate my body by releasing his seed over my helpless body as he masturbated. The last drops of his cum fell directly onto my throbbing penis, and the bush of hair surrounding it. My penis throbbed with this wonderful feeling, but I was helpless to do anything about it.

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Then, the male body moved, the feet leaving my thighs, and again I had no idea what was coming, my body trembling with lust and helplessness. Without warning, the chain again brushed my chest and my nipples were pinched and clamped in sweet agony. This caused my erect male organ to throb and throb again, releasing a drop of the precious lubrication with each throb, and I felt a tongue licking up the wet spots on my stomach and chest, cleaning the male cum off of my helpless body. My body was shivering and shuddering with sexual need under this tongue stimulation and the thought of this male's need to lick up his own cum.

I felt a leg on either side of my chest, and feet were placed in my helpless armpits. A still erect penis and male scrotum was brushing my chest, causing surges of lust to shiver through my body. Then I felt a tongue cleaning my throbbing penis, licking the hair around the base to get up all of the waiting cum. My penis was placed over a shoulder, and a tongue licked my balls clean of the puddled cum. As the shoulder moved, it stimulated the shaft of my penis wildly, and my male organ continued to throb and drip helplessly. My balls were being licked and fondled, sucked and loved, driving my helpless body wild with sexual need.

Badpuppy Model - Nathan

Suddenly, the mouth left my balls and I felt the tongue again licking my erect, dripping penis. Each drop of lubrication was licked up, as the tongue worked its way around my manhood. Then the stimulation of my erect penis stopped, and it throbbed untouched. The toes gently worked in my armpits, and the male organs brushed my chest as the male body moved slowly. The legs and knees clamped my helpless chest. My penis throbbed again, but remained untouched. I could feel a drop of lubrication again begin to slide down the shaft of my penis. In a helpless agony of lust, I could only pant with the exquisite pain of the clamps on my nipples, the raging lust and need in my erect penis, and wait for something to happen. The thought of the total helplessness of my body again sent shivers of lust through my muscles and a shudder of sexual need to my legs and torso. But I was helpless to satisfy that need in any way. Completely controlled, completely helpless.

I felt fingers brush my chest where the male penis had been gently moving. The scrotum began sliding back and forth on my chest. He must be masturbating again as he watches my penis throb and drip. The exciting thought of a man jacking off as he watched my helpless, engorged penis caused another drop of pre-cum to ooze out the slit and begin its journey down the shaft of my penis. The scrotum on my chest moved faster, then began retracting, and left contact with my chest. Within seconds, I felt the hot splashes of cum strike my erect penis and run down the shaft. The thought of a man's hot cum dripping down my penis was exciting beyond belief. I thought I would surely ejaculate involuntarily from that intoxicating thought and the feeling of the hot, male cum running down the shaft of my penis. But the climax did not come. My penis throbbed. My buttocks flexed and released, raising my penis a little with each flexing of these well-developed muscles.

The last drops of the male ejaculation dripped onto my stomach. My penis ached with the need for release. The body controlling me again shifted, and I felt a tongue licking up the cum that had puddled on my stomach. The tongue felt wonderful as it slowly fondled and licked my abdominal muscles. My body was panting with lust and need, made even greater by this abdominal stimulation. The muscles of my chest and stomach shivered with the sexual need of the body. The leg muscles shivered in sympathy with the muscles the tongue was stimulating so sexually. But my penis throbbed with unfulfilled lust and still felt no hand, no tongue to stimulate the release of the stored male fluids.

The tongue finished the licking and fondling of my abdomen, and without warning a mouth enclosed my penis, slid it fully in past the sucking lips and tongue and forced the throbbing organ deeper until it passed the constricted area at the back of the mouth and slid down the begging throat. Every inch of my penis was now feeling the stimulation of mouth and throat, and lips were working at the base of the penis as a nose felt and nuzzled my balls. My body shuddered with the wonderful, sexual feeling of total control, and I had to pant heavily to get the air that my body and muscles were crying out for. The total envelopment of my penis was driving my body wild. I could feel the release or orgasm coming, and my scrotum contracted, pulling my balls up tightly.

I panted and grunted with the ecstasy of the rapidly approaching orgasm, and as the first surge of cum shot through my engorged penis, the mouth withdrew halfway so the tongue could feel and taste the cum shooting into the sucking mouth, as a hand grasped the shaft of the hard penis and began jacking it rapidly. My grunts turned to a loud, involuntary, high-pitched groan and cry of utter, orgasmic ecstasy, as my penis experienced a spasm of incredible, blissful release with every surge of cum that shot through it. My last thought was that this was absolutely the most wonderful, sensuous orgasm I had ever had, before everything faded away and I lost consciousness.

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When I awoke, had I been out for a minute? Or for hours? I had never passed out with an orgasm before! There was no sound, and no stimulation. Apparently he had left. Then, with my brain working again without the sexual overload, I realized what had happened. I had used up all of the oxygen in the damned doghouse with my exhausting, panting orgasm, and the excess of carbon dioxide had caused me to pass out. Well, that was easily remedied - just drill a couple more holes under the eaves of the doghouse on each side to allow a little more air circulation.

Badpuppy Model - Nathan

Anyway, later that afternoon as I worked in the garden, my neighbor came over and shyly said he'd noticed my new pet. Then he said he might like to get a pet too.

"Pets can be awfully expensive, especially when you have to keep them chained up and helpless. You're welcome to play with my pet any time!"

"Thanks!" He smiled as he gazed hungrily at my bulging crotch. We understood each other completely.

The model in these pictures is Nathan

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