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Hawaiian by Hrtofgld

The sunlight from the window flowed like silk over the smooth golden skin as he lay naked on his belly beside me. I slowly stroked the thigh that lay away from me, slightly at an angle to its mate, and watched as in response the leg began to bend at the knee so that the angle of the thigh increased until the shape of the boy’s lower body was almost like a backwards “4” on the sheets. As his knee moved farther up and the thigh moved away from its made, the crevasse of his full muscled butt cheeks widened to reveal the slightly darker, more private area of his well used pucker hole. I moved my eyes to this area, for not only last night had I partaken of the excellent delights within, but I verified the boy’s seemingly impossible claim about his Hawaiian body and especially about his asshole’s remarkable ability.

I first met Paul as an incoming freshman to Northwestern. It never ceased to amaze me how many students, mostly young males, from the Pacific Rim that would come to my university. I guess part of it was that we had such similar surf conditions as Hawaii that the guys came for the location for new waves. I know that the nearest beach was only about twenty minutes from the farthest dorm and instead of bicycle racks around campus we had board racks.

It was at one of these board racks I first saw him, his golden honey skin covered only by a plain white ‘wife beater’ and a pair of somewhat garish purple and orange board shorts. A pair of flip flops protected the soles of his feet from the hot pavement while he struggled with the lock on the board rack, his heavy surfboard wobbling precariously above him. I could see this young man, who wasn’t much taller than 5’5”, be at least smacked to the ground when the board fell over, so I hurried to where he stood and grasped the board. Steadying myself so that I wouldn’t bring both board and myself upon the young man (although fleetingly I thought it might have been pleasant), I wasn’t paying attention to my body’s position in relation to his, so our bodies were suddenly trying to occupy the same area of space, seemingly at the point where our legs met our lower bodies!

The feel of his cock and balls against my own was indescribably delightful, but all too soon we’d done the ‘right’ thing and backed away from each other as he successfully got the locking mechanism open and grasped his board solidly. “Hey, thanks, man for the assistance. I’ve had this board hit me twice so far while I work these stupid locks.”

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His broad grin made me feel warm inside. “No problem. Say, you heading out for some waves?” The afternoon sun was just about right for it and I waited to hear his remark. I’d decided to head to the beach after work anyway and thought I’d cement some kind of relationship with this stud.

“Yeah, but I’m going to hafta hoof it. No wheels.”

I smiled back at him and stuck out my hand. “I’m Mike and I was heading there anyway. Want a ride?”

I wouldn’t have thought his grin could get bigger, but there it was. He shook hands with me by balancing the heavy board on his broad chest and introduced himself as Paul. We headed to where the faculty parked, which of course was closer to where we stood than where students could park, and secured his board to the roof of my car. He got into the passenger side and we drove off to the beach.

Paul was a likable guy all around, even if my desires weren’t met, and we spent a pleasant little trip down to the beach area. During the trip I found out he was Hawaiian by birth and that he’d just arrived a week earlier to his dorm. I also learned that his real name was Paol’lu, but most folks couldn’t pronounce it well, so he just went by ‘Paul.’ Before he headed out to the waves, we’d agreed that he would come back to where I was sunning and ride back with me. Leaving his flips and tank top at my blanket edge, he hurried off, following the line of other young people as they attacked the waves.

I spent an enjoyable few hours watching the youngsters at play, the tight abs and well muscled legs of both sexes out on the boards, but I was especially watching the boy in the purple and orange board shorts. A few times he crashed, but always got back up and always was on the crest of a good wave after a major crash. When the sun finally settled down to its pale golden peeking over the hills, he ran back to me, happy and out of breath and incredibly sexy as his chest and abs worked to get breath going again.

“Ooh, Mike, those were good waves!” He ground the butt of his board into the sand and flopped down on my blanket in boneless grace. His board shorts had slipped down a bit and as he sat rode up a bit, giving me a good view of his Apollo’s belt (the area from the crotch up to the navel and between the hip bones) and his strong, muscled thighs and calves. I could feel ‘Mr. Happy’ enjoying the view enough to begin to fill out and as Paul unconcernedly adjusted his loosely hanging equipment by just reaching in and doing so, I though my cock would rip apart the front of my slacks! Paul was just watching the waves and playing with himself, almost as if he was in a different world, only stopping and sheepishly looking at me when I cleared my throat and he followed the angle of my eyes at his questing hand.

“Oops, sorry, Mike! Surfing gets me a bit horny. Say, I’m hungry! Can we go someplace in a bit to get some food?” He scratched at a little bit of wet sand in his navel and looked at his encrusted legs. “I might need a shower first, though…”

I nodded and began packing up my stuff. “Over there, Paul, is a shower to get as much sand off you as you can. It so happens that I have an extra towel with me and if you take over your flips, you can get cleaned off and just walk up to the car. Let’s get your board cleaned and dried first, though.”

We did this and carefully secured it to my car’s top, and then while I watched him, Paul carefully cleaned himself under the solo shower head. A few times he pulled open his waistband and directed the spray towards his crotch or, turning around, inside to wash his full ass and crack. When he was done, he carefully dried himself off, wrapped the towel around his waist and slipped on his dry flip flops to come up the sidewalk to the car. Mr. Happy had enjoyed the show and was straining against the front of my slacks, the little bit of ooze that had started the stain the fabric about the size of a quarter. Paul seemed to notice it but didn’t comment or really look, so we drove off. In just a few more minutes we were in front of my home and only Paul’s voice stopped me as I followed my automatic pilot.

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“Um, Mike, where are we?”

I slapped my forehead when I realized what I’d done. “Guess you can clean up here, Paul. I’ll get you a fresh towel and washcloth; you can clean up and wear the towel while I run your stuff through the wash.”

He seemed to think about it and then nodded, getting out of the car and then waiting for me to open the side garage door. We headed inside and as we passed by the washroom he did a little twitch with his waist and both the towel and the shorts slid off his narrow waist to the floor! He grinned at me as he picked up his flips and set them aside, naked and golden and so perfect. I just gulped and turned away, saying that the bathroom was this way. He followed me through the house to the guest bath and gravely accepted a fresh towel and washcloth. My last glimpse of that full golden ass was as he headed into the bathroom and then, turning and grinning at me almost evilly, closed the door.

I shook my head and then got his clothing into the wash, making sure to keep the colors separate from the whites even though I was almost in a daze from his masculine beauty while I did this. The washer hummed along and I could hear the shower from the guest bathroom go on and then go off a bit later, then when the washer was done tossed the damp clothing into the dryer. I’d ordered a pepperoni pizza before this because I knew he’d like to get some food right away and I was really hoping to keep him here a bit longer. His little throat clearing sound made me turn and I was caught again in his handsome smile.

Paul’s skin now gleamed with health and the slight dampness from the shower. His longish brown hair was fluffed out like a lion’s mane around his head, the edges just barely touching his muscled shoulders. His full pectoral muscles were topped by dark brown nubs of his nipples, their hardness pushing them up and away almost from their softer bed. It was all there, the wide shoulders and narrow waist, the tight abs and the thick thighs and calves. Yes, it was all there, for Paul didn’t bother to rewrap the towel around his waist as he toweled his hair dry and I could see his pride and joy swinging with his movements, the head just covered with his foreskin and his heavy balls swinging in time with the toweling. “Thanks, Mike, that bath sure felt good!” I noticed that he also carried a lotion bottle from the bathroom and watched in delight as he began applying it to his body in slow sensual strokes. “I hope you don’t mind me doing this, but I really like to keep my skin moisturized, especially after surfing and showering.”

“No problem here, Paul.”

He laughed and briefly pointed to where Mr. Happy was again banging away at the cloth fetters of my slacks. “I can see that for myself Mike, maybe you should get out of some of that and let the little guy breathe like mine.”

Huh? As I was processing this the doorbell rang and I raced off to get the door. I paid the poor acne faced young girl there, tipping her outrageously and then closed and locked the door after her. I returned to the kitchen where Paul continued his moisturizing and set the pizza down on the table. “Mike, could you do my back please?” The lotion bottle was shoved into my hands and he turned around, his beautiful back and full ass cheeks now within inches of my hands and cock.

“Uh, sure.” I applied the lotion to him, using about the same amount he’d been applying elsewhere. He was actually purring as I stroked and rubbed the lotion over his shoulders and back, just stopping at the swell of his ass cheeks.

“Don’t stop, go ahead…” he said, reaching behind to grasp my hand and then placing it squarely on his left ass cheek. “I don’t mind at all, in fact I really like this.” I just swallowed and began anointing those heavenly orbs, powerful with muscle and yet so soft and yielding to my touch. That’s all Mr. Happy needed and soon that quarter sized stain began spreading quickly to almost soak the entire left side of my slacks.

“Do you have some extra lotion on your hands, Mike?” he whispered and in my delirium I muttered yes. To my eternal delight he turned quickly and, placing my hands around his now engorged cock, ordered me to apply the lotion to this part of his body as well. I complied and was rewarded with the yell and splatter of his orgasm, soaking the right side of my slacks with his hot boy cum.

Paul stayed over that night, seeing as how we’d made fast friends, and soon we were seeing each other on a weekly basis. I guess about a month had gone by when he proposed that we do more than jack off each other.

“Mike, have I told you about a special ability native Hawaiian men have?”

I looked at him, lying naked on the sheets beside me, our last orgasm still echoing in my head. “I don’t think so, Paul. What is it?” I had expected him to tell me that they could cum multiple times or that their cum was coconut flavored, but what he told me was a lot different.

“Well, most Hawaiian guys don’t talk about it because they are afraid that it would lower their masculinity in some way. I don’t feel like that, so I can tell you because I know you’ll appreciate it.”

I smiled into his eyes and said, “Ok, so what’s the big secret?”

He grinned at me and then said in all seriousness, “Our assholes osculate!”

I looked at this young man, wondering if he’d suddenly had an brain fart or something when he saw my disbelief on my face and said, “Ok, I figured I would have to show you.” He rolled over and spread his legs wide, his still heavy equipment spread behind him for better effect. Reaching behind, he pulled his lush ass cheeks apart and said, “Take a look for yourself.”

I bent forward to get a better look; sure I was going to get a face full of fart for my troubles when I stopped in wonder. There before me was his quivering rosebud, softly pulsing with life and waiting for activity. At his urging I wet my index finger and pressed it against his hole, expecting nothing more than the usual puckering feeling, when to my astonishment I could actually feel the muscle rotating slowly in a clockwise fashion! I slipped a little bit inside him, causing him to groan, but yes, indeed, his asshole was by dammed osculating!

“Please, Mike, keep going…” Paul moaned as I added a little lubricant to my finger and slipped inside him. This was so different than all the other asses I’d fucked that I had to analyze the feelings going on around my finger. There was, for sure, a circular motion going on inside Paul, the normal contraction around my finger at the entrance really did seem to revolve, slowly and sensually, but it also seemed to continue inside him, like a gentle corkscrew motion moving upwards. This corkscrew ended right on point at Paul’s prostate and I knew I had him when he flinched as I pressed against his love button.

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“Oh, God, Mike, get inside me!” I removed my finger and got Mr. Happy all dressed up in his wetsuit, squirted lubricant over my throbbing member and then greased up Paul’s now pulsating and widening hole. What a joy it was to find somebody who was so into being fucked that a welcome sign was at the doorstep! I slipped inside Paul as if my cock was made for his ass and slowly sank into him, lowering my body until our balls touched and my chest was against his shoulder blades. “Yeah, just like that!” howled Paul as I began to hump him with firm full strokes from my hips and thighs, all the contact points between our bodies alive with sensation. He moaned and whispered something in Hawaiian, I guess, I couldn’t understand a word of it. Of course, Mr. Happy was somewhat occupied at the time…

I paused, deeply inserted inside Paul and felt the slow movement of that corkscrew around my shaft and then realized it was speeding up some, the contractions around my cock were moving faster up my shaft, although still not racing yet. It was time for Paul to take a ride on the pleasure train, I thought, so I maneuvered my hands under him and, in a fluid motion, turned us over so that he was now on top of me. He caught on quick and began fucking himself as if it would be his last.

I soon discovered that the more turned on Paul was, the quicker the corkscrew effect was, and now it moved along my shaft at a good clip, the waves pulling upwards and guiding my cock directly into Paul’s pulsing prostate. He paused for a bit and swung around so that his Mr. Happy was bouncing merrily against my chest and we fucked happily for a good twenty minutes, the wave action moving faster and faster until with a howl Paul arched back, all his muscles in high relief under his golden skin as his cock erupted like Kilauea all over my chest and shoulders!

He moaned as his orgasm triggered mine, and later told me that the throb of my spurts against his love nut was making him almost pass out. I just knew that Mr. Happy was inside the best ass he’d found to date and was enjoying every bit of it. Soon our spurts tapered off and Paul carefully eased off of Mr. Happy, satiated beyond belief in his used wet suit and lying somewhat sadly limp against my thigh. Paul curled up against me and was immediately asleep, but being the more mature and ‘wiser’ of the pair I stayed awake the rest of that night…

…that morning as I watched the sun kiss his skin, I remembered that we had in the night gotten up and got most of the dried cum from ourselves in a quick half asleep shower, drying off just enough to crawl back into bed, Paul curling up against me trustingly as he dropped back into sleep. The sheets had kicked back in our sleep and so his body was now displayed to me as I’d described, his pleasure tunnel’s entrance winking at me as if to say, ‘now open for business, enter and be amazed!’ The stroking I was giving his ass and upper thigh woke Paul up and he smiled at me as he rolled over, his cock bobbing with his morning hard on. “Good morning, Mike!” He rubbed his eyes adorably and then grinned wider at me as he saw Mr. Happy answering his with a good morning nod. “I’m trying to decide whether I’m hungry for food or,” as he grabbed Mr. Happy, “some more of this!”

Grinning back, I grabbed a new rubber and opened it up while Paul pulled his legs up and wide to give me better access. I lubed us up and slipped into his talented ass, our groans of pleasure in tandem as the pulsations began to corkscrew around Mr. Happy and I slowly fucked him with long, deep thrusts that he loved so well. When we’d finished, about a half hour later, he curled up beside me again and I stroked him back to sleep, my little golden Hawaiian boy with the very talented osculating asshole.

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