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Hard Rocker by Tanda2000

My name is HardRocker. Rock 'n Roll is my thing. I'm twenty four. Alright, alright. I'm twenty fucking seven. So what? I'm kinda worried about being twenty seven because they always told me that rock 'n roll is a young man's music. Fuck that! As long as the music's not too loud, I'm not too old! But the music is in me, man. Rock 'n roll is my life.

I belong to a band. The name of the band is not important. Just like my real name, that's all you need to know. Not to put on like we're something that we're not, our band kinda has the same sound as Match Box Twenty. And, if you don't know who they are, then maybe you're the one that's too old! But, anyway, Rob Thomas rules! I sing. My passion is in the tunes, man, and I live to let it loose. The other members in the group are Bobby, who plays keyboard, Tom, who plays steel, and Drummer, who plays, yeah, you guessed it. Drums.

Now a little background on me. I'm 5 foot 11 inches. 180 pounds. Got long reddish blond hair, about down to my shoulders. Got a smooth hard body and like to keep it in shape. And I like to show it off. Some people have told me I look like I'm twenty one or some kinda shit like that. That's cool with me. Oh, and for all you pervs, I have a big fat nine inch cut cock. Yeah, I know, I know. Hard to believe. But once when I was getting my dick sucked, this guy jumps out of bed and said, "Damn!" And he runs for a ruler. He's the one that measured it and that's my story and I'm stickin' to it! I've got a little reddish blond hair around my pubes and a little trail running up my crotch to my navel. When I'm on stage, I wear an open vest to show off my chest and the way that little trail of red fuzz goes down to my washboard stomach. I also get a lot of stares at the big bulge in my tight Levis or leather pants. Other than that I have a little hair on my legs, not much anywhere else.

I'm hot with the chicks. Gotta be bein' a rock 'n roll star, man. Nobody knows I'm queer except maybe now for you guys who are reading this. But, I play it straight. Mostly because I have a thing for straight guys. Yep, ain't no joy like a tight butted straight boy! That's what I always say. But, anyway, man, I'm getting off my track.

Oh, I almost forgot about Trish. She sings back up once in awhile and she's cool. We go out together sometimes cruising guys. She knows my story and is cool with it.

Drummer is about twenty four. For real. He lives with this chick and he has a little boy that he loves the shit out of. His name is Silver, I think he's like 3 years old. No matter. Drummer doesn't get to spend as much time with him as he'd like since we're on the road a lot, but he sure as hell talks a lot about him. You can tell that Drummer loves this little boy more than anything. And, just so you know, Drummer's straight.

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Too bad because I got it bad for him. He stands about my height but is a lanky dude with almost the same coloring hair except his is more of a dirty blond. Has hair on his chest unlike I do and has the greatest little ass. Looks like if I would cup my palms it would sit in my hands beautifully. But, like that's gonna happen. I did get a chance to see him getting ready for a shower a few times and he seems to be hung pretty well. Not bad for a skinny dude. But, along with that hot little ass, Drummer has the most incredible lips! Man, I would love to French kiss him! His lips have that unique shape to them that drives me wild! I bet he could suck a mean dick too. What a waste to let all that go to GIRLS! But, oh well. I gotta respect him for what he is.

Tom is 22, I think. Tommy, as we call him is about 5 foot 8 inches and cute. He's got shaggy sandy colored hair and sports a few tats, that's tattoos for you that don't know, on his arms. He's pretty pumped up and has a little straight boy attitude. But he's hot and sexy and I would love to take his straight ass down!

Bobby is 20. He's spun like a top. Don't know for sure what his story is, all I know is he can play a keyboard damn good. He's always moving in and out with chicks and friends of his. Nothing ever permanent for that cat. But he's a good dude and we've had some good hang time together. Bobby likes to smoke killer weed and is usually stoned to the bone. But, like I said, he can play some mean keyboard with or without the smoke.

Bobby took my sister's cherry when they were both fifteen. I was cool with it because he's always been close to our family and he's always treated her good. And she's a good kid and they just became really good friends.

But, I took Bobby's cherry later on. But, then that's another story. He still ain't sure what or if it happened. But, I'll tell you what, that boy was tight!

Oh, hell! I might as well tell you about it right now. Otherwise you'll be wondering all about it the whole damned time.

Well, let's see, it was a couple of years ago. He was already over eighteen and we were jamming in the garage. We was drinking and he, of course was smoking his brains out along with Tommy and Drummer. But we had a good jam session that lasted way late, like it must have been two or three in the morning. I had the garage insulated so the folks and the neighbors wouldn't go ballistic so we weren't bothering anyone. I also had my room upstairs over the garage because I didn't like living at home anyway but it gave me kinda like my own place. It was cool.

Bobby is kind of a small guy. Maybe 5 foot 7 inches, I'd say maybe pushing 150 pounds. He has long shaggy brown hair and I could really see why my sister fell for him. He was fucking cute. He could have been in one of the boy bands with all those pretty guys, but he was a rocker at heart. He had more hair on his chest than I did but I had more muscle and he seemed to look up to me like a big brother sometimes. We have a good friendship. We're buds. Bros.

Anyway, it was getting late and we were trying to get this tune down that I had written. We really wanted to try it out on our next gig. We almost had it where it was sounding good. Drummer stayed as late as he could but wanted to get back home. The only reason I could figure was because of Silver. He and that chick he lived with didn't have nothing going on for a long time. She was just the mother of his kid.

Drummer finally threw in his sticks and said he'd catch us tomorrow. Tommy was right behind him. We both said, "Cool, see ya, Bros." and kept on trippin' on the tunes. We played and played, on into the night, both of us in our 501's and Bobby in his rock shirt. He always wore an old Metallica t-shirt. And he looked good in basic black. I liked to watch his smooth skin on his biceps flex as he played and I liked the way his ass moved in his torn up jeans. But he didn't have a clue that I was lookin' at him like that. And neither did anyone else. Except Trish. And she wasn't around.

Finally, as the night progressed, I said, "Hey, Bobby. I'm getting' hoarse, man."

He agreed, "Yeah, Dude, my fingers are crampin' too."

"What say we call it a night and pick up in the morning, man?

"Yeah, I should head home anyway," he said.

"Fuck that," I said. "You can crash here, man.":

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"Right on, way cool. I didn't want to head home anyway, man." He was bleary eyed and I was glad 'cuz I didn't wanna have to take his keys away from him. He was pretty fucked up.

"Yeah, man, you can crash on the mattress with me."

I had a mattress thrown on my floor upstairs and not much more in the room except for my stereo and phone. It was my space in the world and it was all I needed.

I turned the garage lights out and we headed up the steps to the loft above the garage. "Hey, man. It's fuckin' dark in here," Bobby complained.

"Oh, quit you're fuckin' cryin', man. Just follow me."

He giggled drunkenly.

I shoved him. "You're fucked up, Dude," I teased. I had to grab him before he fell over. The dumb shit.

But, somehow we made it up the stairs and the moonlight came in from the window enough I didn't feel like turning on a light. Besides, my lava lamp was going steadily in the corner of the room and I figured we had enough light. All we was gonna do was crash anyway.

I went over by the mattress and peeled off my jeans and shirt, hopping on top of the blankets. It was too hot to get underneath. My white jockey shorts glowed like they were made of phosphorous or something. Bobby sat, or should I say, almost fell on the bed. He had forgotten how close it was to the floor without a box spring.

"Whoaaa…!", he laughed and rolled over on the bed, trying to sit up. I just laughed at him and watched his drunken antics in the dark. He sat on the edge of the mattress and out of the dark, he said, "Uh oh."

"Uh oh, what, Dude?", I asked.

"I ain't wearin' no underwear, man. I guess I could crash in my jeans."

"Bullshit!", I stated. "You're not getting into my bed with those dirty old jeans on, man. Just sleep in the raw."

"Naw, man, that would be pretty weird," he slurred..

"The hell it will, man. You're just fucked up. Don't worry about it. Here, I'll take off mine too and we'll both sleep butt naked!"

Now, I know that you know that I know what I was up to. But Bobby didn't have a clue. Any man with any kind of sense would have had little alarm bells going off in his head by this time.

All Bobby said was, "Cool."

I felt my dick start to swell. But before it did, I got up and shed my shorts, letting my limp nine inch cock flop out. He turned around, still sitting on the bed and looked in the direction of my crotch.

"Damn," he muttered.

I felt my huge cock start to come to life. What did he mean, Damn? I already knew. But I just ignored his comment and laid back down on the bed. I knew he was drunk. It didn't mean anything even though I wished it did. He stood up, weaving in the dark, and I watched in anticipation as he undid his jeans with his back to me and slid them down. What a cute little18 year old butt. I'd never seen it before. It was dark in the room but I could see his slim hips framing those cute little cheeks as he pulled off his t-shirt.

My cock plumped up between my legs. I laid back and lit a cigarette and smoked watching him climb into bed next to me. It was hot looking at our two naked bodies lying side by side, so close, yet so far. I knew he was drunk and I didn't want to make a move on someone who was not coherent. Damn, my morals.

"Hey, Rocker, you got another smoke?"

"Yeah, sure, man. As long as you don't pass out and burn the place down."

He laughed. "I ain't that fucked up, Rock."

"Humph," I grunted and reached over to my night stand and got the pack of smokes. I tossed it on his chest. I watched as he lit the smoke and when the light of the lighter lit up his face, he looked at me and grinned. I grinned back. He was so wasted.

Then the drunken bastard had the gall to lean over and, reaching over me, put the smokes back on the table. His skin was hot and smooth all at the same time as our two chests made contact. My dick started to grow. "Oh, Bobby," I thought to myself, "Why'd ya have to go and do that, man?"

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And then to make matters worse, he just laid there like that for a minute grinning stupidly and looked in my eyes, only inches from my face. "We did good tonight, hey Rocker?" he slurred.

"Yeah, kid, we did alright." My dick was almost hard. But I knew he just wasn't thinking. Damn it.

"Now get off of me before you burn me, ya fuckin' idiot."

He laughed, "Aw, I wouldn't burn you, Rocker. You're my Bro." And then started rubbing my smooth muscled pecs with his hand. I guess in his drunken stupor he was rubbing ashes off of me. Don't know what else it could be. But I do know that my cock was starting to throb between my legs, the son-of-a-bitch.

I pushed his hand away. "Get some sleep, will ya? Ya geek!", I teased.

I ruffled his hair as he rolled over and finished smoking his cigarette. I rolled over on my side watched him carefully in the dark in case he passed out or something like that. Damn, he was a hot looking young man. Nice chest, nice flat belly, going down to slim hips and his limp cock lying between his legs that were partially spread. He was hot, but he just didn't know how hot he was. Too bad he was so fucked up.

Finally, to my relief, he put his cigarette out and rolled over on his stomach. Now why'd he have to go and do that? Nice little butt glowing in the dark. But I let my twisted little desires go to sleep. This wasn't the time or the place. And he was in no condition. And, eventually, with him laying on his stomach and me on my side, I fell asleep.

At first, I thought it was an earthquake. Living in Santa Monica, California, you just get used to it. But as I started to awaken, I realized my cock was hard and aching. It's kinda hard to describe but it was a kind of sweet aching. When I became fully awake with a start, I was prepared to run for the nearest door jamb. That's what you do in an earthquake, for all you guys who live in non-earthquake zones.

Then the realization came over me that there wasn't an earthquake. I woke up lying on my side and Bobby was curled up in front of me with his back against me. The drunken idiot was jacking off! And my hard 9 inch meaty cock was lying between his legs. I couldn't fucking believe it! My big dick head was pushing against his nut sack as he pumped his cock. I just laid there for a minute not moving. This was too unreal. What was he thinking? That I was gonna sleep through all this?

I didn't say a word. He didn't say a word, just kept huffing and puffing as he pounded his young dick. I decided to remain asleep so I wouldn't wake up and embarrass him. I thought I would just lay there and play this out.

Then the drunk little punk rocker started to moan as he stroked and reached behind him and pulled my hard cock out from between his legs. Damn, I thought. But then he gave it a good squeeze and I felt my dick head swell up. Precum oozed out. He expertly rubbed it around over my dick making it nice and sticky. This boy knew what he was doing. Or did he?

But when he laid my hard 9 inch shaft in the crack of his semi-hairy ass (somewhere I'd always wanted to be!), I said to myself, "Fuck it." and laid a hand gently on his slim hip while I moaned in my "sleep" and did some good sleeping heavy breathing noises. Apparently encouraged by the fact that I was out of it, Bobby started sliding his ass up and down against my rigid cock as he pounded away at his own dick. It felt so damn good, I didn't know how long I was going to be able to keep up this charade and by his rapid movements and his moaning, I knew he wasn't going to be too long himself.

In one of his mid-strokes, I pulled my hips back just a little and aimed the head of my dick right at his tight little hole. He froze. I could feel my dick pulsing at the entrance to his virgin hole. He must have liked the feeling 'cuz, in no time at all, he was back to stroking his cock with my big dick sitting right at the entrance to his sweet ass. Man, all I had to do was to give a little push. But, no, I'd better not. Fuck, this was too hot. And it was being given to me. What to do, what to do?

My little head made my decision for me. I pushed forward. A little resistance but he was so hot that his movements allowed my big mushroomed head into the tight opening. I heard him groan and his pounding became more intense. I held my hips steady while my big cock pulsed at the entrance of his tight virgin ass. With each one of his strokes, I deftly slipped more of my hard shaft into his hot butt. He took it well.

As my hard dick slid up deeper inside of his hot little ass, I forgot all pretenses of being asleep and placed my hand firmly on his slim hip. I guided more of my throbbing shaft up that tight little hole and he moaned even louder. Thank God we were all alone up here. He was a moaner. And a hot fuckin' one, too.

I held onto his hip while he laid on his side pounding his meat while I started a slow rhythmic fucking. In and out of that tight, sweet hole, in and out. I sleepily called out some chick's name as I really started fucking him. Didn't want him to get any ideas.

All of a sudden, I felt his tight little ass clamp up around my throbbing dick as his orgasm started to mount. Getting really turned on by his actions, I grabbed a hold of his slim hips and started pounding that tender virgin ass with long deep strokes. I slammed into his hot butt and rode him like a fuckin' pony while he was moanin' like a French whore. He started shooting his wad all over my mattress and in mid stroke, I flipped over onto his belly and kicked his legs apart. He was lying in his own cum as I rode him hard. He was so fucking hot, I couldn't hold on anymore and I felt the hot cum boil up from my balls. I buried my big 9 inch cock deep up in him so far that my balls pressed against his firm little rump.

I felt the cum erupt from my swollen nut sack and released volumes of cum in his tight butt. I laid there on top of him, breathing heavily while he was underneath me breathing just as heavily. Our two hard bodies were melded together with our sweat and cum. I kissed the back of his neck and gently pulled my satisfied cock from his tortured ass. He groaned quietly but as I knelt beside him in the dark, looking at the tight little butt that I had just violated, I was surprised that he just passed out. At least, I guess, because he just started breathing really heavily and deeply.

I nudged him gently. No response. I grinned. So, that's how it became a family affair. He took my sister's cherry and I took his. And a damned sweet one it was. And to this day, he still jokes about the family affair thing. Maybe someday we'll pick up where we left off. I wouldn't mind having another piece of that fine little ass. But, for now, I'm gonna concentrate on Drummer. Gotta have it.

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