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Hands of Time - The Beginning by Hrtofgld

Badpuppy Model - DIRK

Have you ever wanted to go back in time to a scene or place and do something differently? I did, and constantly ran through the memories I had and thought, I should have done this, I should have done that. I mean, I had been given many opportunities to have wild sex with many young men, but it wasn’t until years later that I was mature enough and ready to take them on. Of course, by then it was too late.

I had always thought so, until I met the man in the bar. I had gone out for companionship, another attempt to find someone who looked like one of the young men of my memories and to accomplish what I hadn’t back then. As I leaned against the bar, looking over the patrons and weighing each one against my “ghosts,” a young man in a dark topcoat moved beside me.

“Pretty good lookin’ out tonight, eh?” he said as he swigged from his bottle of beer. I nodded and checked him out: Dark hair, dark complexion, smooth shaven, with a lean looking body under the open topcoat, although the shadowy interior of the coat made it hard to actually see any body lines. He pointed to a young muscular man slowly swaying to the heavy bass beat, the hips moving side to side, the tight ass encased in jeans beckoning, the thick bulge in front promising. “Anyone you know?” he whispered in my ear, the thought crossing my mind as he spoke and pressed a cold metal object into my hand.

The young man turned again and faced me. Suddenly I was 19 again, and it was the summer I had been granted a private room in the all-male dorm on my college campus. I had just moved in, my little fridge, hot water pot and other ‘emergency’ food making things on the desk, an old beanbag chair I had in my old room next to the assembled ‘tinker toy’ style bookcase/entertainment center that held my stereo, little color TV and lots of books. Truly a nerd’s room and I was about to find out how nerdy it really was.

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The first couple weeks were called freshmen orientation, so I had arrived a week earlier than the other students and one week after that was the start of classes. This meant that I could get adjusted to dorm life, the sharing of the bathroom probably the biggest thing I had to get used to, for I had visions of naked studs all around me when I first saw the floor’s community bathroom. The near lack of privacy in that room made my head (and cock) ache as the only really privacy was on the toilet with each one having a stall and locking door. So, when the rest of the guys came back to the dorm that second week and my dreams began coming true, I was like a broke kid in a candy store, wanting to touch yet knowing I’d be destroyed if I did.

Badpuppy Model - DIRK

This went on for a couple more weeks, then school started and I realized that I’d unconsciously plotted my day around this one hunk that lived down the hall from me opposite the bathroom. As each floor had two of these bathrooms, I remember that at the time I was surprised that this hunk, named Steve, could have used the other bathroom as it was much closer to his room, but I would see him walk by my open door and, inevitably, I’d have to go to the bathroom. The way the bathroom was designed, you opened the door and, by turning your head slightly left, could see directly into the shower room. As Steve was a creature of habit, he always showered so that his body was in full view of the front door and I made the most of that, walking in and peeking, then doing my business on the can or whatever excuse I’d used to follow him to the bathroom. When I was done, I’d head back to my room, again sneaking a peek as I left. A few times our eyes met, and as I always quickly looked away, I never knew what was going on afterwards. I should have paid better attention, but as events turned out later that quarter, I couldn’t have prevented any of it.

I had just seen the flash of pink and white that went by my door that day and as I usually did, I gathered my toothpaste and followed Steve to the bathroom. I entered, heard the shower going, but didn’t see him and, not thinking with the big head, walked into the towel hook area (where I would have no excuse to be unless I was entering the shower area) to see where Steve was. Suddenly, an ‘AHA’ sounded beside me and Steve stood there under a different shower head, his body wet and glistening with soap and water from his shower. “Caught ya, you faggot!”

I don’t think I had ever run as fast as that out of a place in my life. I knew that I was in ok shape, but still, Steve had all that muscle and was sounding a bit pissed off, and I didn’t want to take a chance. Intent on reaching the safety of my room, I didn’t hear the padding of his feet behind me and, when I got inside, he had followed me in as well, pushing me against my bed and closing the door behind him, locking it to my deep worry.

Steve stood there, still damp and beautiful, only a towel wrapped around his waist keeping me from the goods. “Like what you see, faggot?” he sneered, his hands at the fold that held the towel together. “Maybe before I beat you senseless I’ll let you have a little look.” With that, he slowly pulled off the towel, his heavy cock and balls now in my full view and slowly rising to about half hard as he advanced on me.

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“Who knows,” Steve said as he pushed me down onto the bed, his body pushed against mine as he held my arms with his hands, his naked groin grinding into my cloth covered one, “I might even enjoy watching you suck me off after I smack you around.” Now what happened next was that Steve only verbally abused me, keeping me pinned with his muscular body another few minutes before releasing me and then, returning the towel around his waist, saying that he didn’t want my faggot eyes on his body ever again, and left my room. However, I heard the little click of what sounded like an old fashioned pocket watch lid opening and the little tinkle of a muted chime, and the scene changed!

Badpuppy Model - DIRK

Instead of releasing me after telling me what a useless fuck I was, Steve bent forward and planted his lips on mine, his legs forcing mine open as he started humping me on my bed! I was only wearing a pair of athletic shorts, it being summer and no air conditioning in the dorm, so I felt Steve’s muscled chest against mine as he moved against me. My cock had filled out to its full nine inches and Steve’s cock, as heavy as it was soft, was closer to seven inches, still quite nice but as he felt mine, he whistled. “Jesus, man,” he said as he rubbed against my dick, “you’re pretty well hung for a faggot. Let’s see what you got!” With that, he yanked down my shorts and ‘tighty-whities’ to reveal what he was feeling at crotch level. He whistled again, a bit more appreciatively than before, and then, to my absolute shock, dropped to his knees and then wrapped his mouth around my dick!

I was already leaking precum by the gallon it seemed when he began vacuuming my root, and as he slurped along he would occasionally say how good I tasted, etc., all the while fondling my balls with one meaty hand and jacking himself with the other. Having been so turned on by him already (and usually jacking off myself to the memory of his fantastic body in the shower when I returned to my room) I was pretty close to blowing my load. Steve sensed that, for he stopped abruptly and stood up, then pulled me to my feet and then turned us around so that he was against the bed. Turning around, he bent forward and spread his legs, hissing at me to get his asshole good and wet. I got on my knees and put my hands tremblingly on his thick, hard butt muscles and pulled them apart, seeing the still slightly damp rosebud of his asshole as I moved closer and closer to that target. I had practiced a bit before with this ‘butt munching,’ as an earlier buddy had called it, so I knew how to do it and got down to business. Before too long, my tongue action on his highly sensitive pucker was making Steve moan in pleasure. His asshole was now fully damp with spit and he whispered back, “got any lube around here?”, so I got out the Vaseline I used for jacking and he grunted, “that will work ok I guess, putting a good fingerful into his butthole and moaning more as he got ready. “Ok faggot,” he said, wriggling his hips and getting more comfortable, “fuck me.”

Stunned, I put my very hard and very horny cock at the entrance of his hole and pushed lightly until felt the head going past a tight spot inside him. “This is taking a bit too long,” Steve said as he thrust backwards, impaling himself on my cock in one deep thrust. Oh man, I’d never felt it like that before, and my cock swelled with pleasure as I bumped into his joy button at the end of that thrust. “There you go, now start fucking!” I got my rhythm going and soon both of us were moaning and yipping like the two dogs in heat we were. Steve’s ability to take a dick was pretty impressive, and my senses reeled as my hands were able to wander over his thick muscled thighs, tight abs and thick pillow-like pecs. I found that he liked nipple play, and his asshole actually clamped down on my cock as I twisted and pulled on his nubs. His cock was leaking copious amounts of precum on my bed, but neither of us cared as we were locked together, cock to ass, and getting the most out of it. It came to a glorious end with his shouted “I’m cumming!” and the blast of white ropes over my bedspread as he reared up and let his cock spew. This, in turn, set me off, and I filled his hard ass with freshly whipped hot cream. We fell forward on the bed, my cock staying firmly in his ass another good ten minutes before he began to loosen a bit and my cock began to soften. I slipped out and we stood up and then, using his discarded towel, wiped up the mess and each other carefully. He turned to me and gave me a big kiss, then whispered to meet him in the shower room in ten minutes. I nodded and he slipped out of my room, closing the door behind him. Ten minutes later I was at the bathroom, towel and soap in hand, and met him there, the two of us in the empty shower area and washing each other’s bodies…

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…a second chime later and I was back in the bar, the dark stranger smiling at me as he got up from the bar. “There you go, enjoy it in good health!” he said as he strolled out of the bar. I looked down and saw a small silver pocket watch in my hand, ticking gently as the chased silver case closed with a small click. A large knob at the side, with two smaller buttons on either side, were the controls of the watch, but I discovered that this watch was somehow different, in that when I pushed any of the buttons nothing seemed to happen. I shrugged and left the bar to return home.

Later that night I finally discovered the power of the watch, quite by accident. I had gotten naked and was preparing to jack off when, as I pulled out a porn mag to enjoy a picture fell out of my first boyfriend in college, an unrequited love that hurt me almost more than I could bear. As I saw the photo and the memories began, I forgot I had the watch in my hand, thinking to put it back on the dresser. I accidentally squeezed my palm, causing the large knob to depress, and with a small click the case opened, a small chime sounded and I was no longer in my room, but back at the time I first met Bryant…

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