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Hands of Time - Bryant's Story by Hrtofgld

...It was summer session and I had finished moving back to my single dorm room and, hungry from all the exertion of hauling boxes and suitcases up three flights of stairs, called and ordered a pizza. I had left my door open so that when the pizza guy arrived, I’d see him. Grabbing a science fiction book from my large collection I’d hauled from home, I settled down to wait.

From the single bed in my room I could look through the open door and into the room across the hall. A flash of pink and white from time to time would catch the corner of my eye, and when I looked up, I’d see the door across from mine just closing, either behind the person entering or leaving the room. His door didn’t close very well, and usually would slowly slide open about two to three inches, giving me a clear shot into the mirrored doors of the closets against that side of his room.

On the last flash of pink and white I looked up and heard the showers start up in the bathroom beside my room, and I smiled as I returned to my book. At that time, I was far too shy to have investigated by entering the bathroom and coming up with an excuse to shower just so that I could see this guy’s body. I wasn’t quite out yet either, only just recently coming to my own understanding of the feelings in my body.

I caught one more flash of pink and white, and looked up to again see the door just close. I waited a few seconds, and the door slipped open, allowing me to see into the guy’s room. I put my book down, thinking that this would be a much more interesting view than my story, and waited for my guy to come into view.

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The rooms were typical dorm, everything as efficient as could be in the smallest space, and his room was no exception. Twin beds were pushed up against the walls, with desks built in along any further space on the walls. A single window with blinds sat over cranky old steam radiators that barely gave off any heat when wanted, yet always managed to be on when you didn’t. The closets were all arranged beside the entry door, and had two full-length mirrors attached to their fronts. From my vantage point, I was looking directly through the crack in the door and seeing the reflection of my guy from the mirrored closet door.

He was quite handsome; with shoulder-length dirty blond hair, a smooth, muscled body and what looked like a really nice ass, although he moved rather quickly that I couldn’t quite tell. I didn’t get a look at his ‘package’ and he pulled a pair of shorts on before I got a chance to see more. Right at that time, the pizza boy arrived and I saw his face briefly in the crack as he closed the door a bit more firmly.

I paid for the pizza and, thinking that being a good neighbor would not only help me make a new friend but also maybe get me a good look at a handsome stud, I waited until the pizza boy left before knocking on my neighbor’s door. A couple of seconds later, the door opened and I beheld my golden god.

“Yes?” he said, a little smile on his face as he stood in the doorway. He wore a pair of short, red, athletic cut shorts that rode low on his hips and allowed some of his muscular lower abs to show nicely. I smiled and pointed back to my room.

“My name’s Mike, and I saw you moving in today. I’d just ordered a pizza and thought you might like to have some.”

He smiled and said, “Hi, Mike, my name’s Bryant, and yes, I’d like some pizza. Come on in.” He opened the door a bit wider and stepped back inside, leaving the door open. I went back to my room and grabbed the pizza and the roll of paper towels I had there and, closing my room door, walked over to his.

When I got there, he closed his door and pointed the desk area beside the near bed. “Put the pizza over there. Hey, would you like a beer?” I was underage, but I’d had a couple of beers now and then at my Mom’s house with her approval, so I figured that one beer now with the pizza wouldn’t make much difference.

“Sure, thanks.” Bryant reached into a little cube fridge below the desk and pulled out two beers. I’d never tried this brand before, and it sure tasted good with the pizza. We ate and chatted about inconsequential matters that all students talk about, such as classes and where we’d gone to school before. Throughout this talk, Bryant had sat in the wooden captain’s chair that was beside the desk, his legs moving and the leg holes of his shorts tantalizingly open to my view. Before too long, he had flung one leg over the arm of the chair, and this pulled the opposite leg’s hole even wider.

I had just reached over for another slice of pizza when I noticed that one smooth ball was hanging out on display through that open hole in his shorts. Good sized, it wiggled a bit before Bryant moved again and the other ball slipped down to join its buddy. It wasn’t long before Bryant’s uncut cock slipped into view, and soon Bryant might as well have not been wearing anything.

Now, I came from a very conservative town, and not once in 19 years had I seen, much less touched, an uncircumcised cock. Soft, Bryant’s cock was about four inches long, the skin extending past the cockhead about another half inch to form a pinched off looking tube. As I stared at this wondrous object, it began to grow and fill out as Bryant became aware of my interest in his cock.

“See something you like?” he rumbled, sounding a little put off, yet he didn’t pull his leg down or attempt to hide his crotch at all. I sat, fascinated as the skin peeled back to expose the reddish-pink head of his cock. It was like the curtain going up at a theater, and the movie was just beginning.

He cleared his throat a few times, which naturally caused the thickening tube to hop a bit and soon had my attention again. “Hello, the talking end is up here...” he said, a smile on his face as I dragged my eyes from his crotch back.

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“I’m sorry,” I stammered, embarrassed that I’d so blatantly stared at his cock and mortified that my hormones now ruined whatever friendship we might have had. “I’ve never seen an uncut cock before other than in magazines, and I guess I’m just blown away by it.” I started to get up and leave, apologizing for staring at him and planning to return to my room, most likely to jack off first and then moan about the lost friendship.

What should have happened next is that Bryant smiled and told me that he understood, and that he wasn’t angry or upset that I’d been honest with him. Indeed, the rest of the evening we talked long into the late hours, making plans to go to brunch together at the dining hall that morning. I tried my best to be the man Bryant wanted as a lover and we were together mostly as boyfriends for about a year, but that’s not what happened this time.

He grabbed my arm and stopped me. “Why are you leaving? I like having my body looked at,” he said, as he gently pushed me back onto the bed and stood up. “I especially like it when the other guy is interested in a particular part of my body.” With that, he pulled off his shorts and stood there, naked and golden in the soft lamp light.

He moved closer to me, and his cock was pointing away from his body, his skin retracted sufficiently to allow most of the head to show. From where I sat on the bed, I could have moved my neck a couple of inches forward, opened my mouth, and he could have a very nice blowjob. “Care to check it out firsthand?”

Tremblingly I reached up and grasped the rod hanging inches in front of my face. I stroked the shaft, watching with growing excitement as the skin moved over the head and closed up over the top, puckering up like a pair of lips. I pulled my hand back so that my little finger, curled around the shaft, now rested in the golden curls of his pubic hair, and saw that the skin stretched back to allow the entire head to show, a small strip still hanging at the very tip of the bottom arrow point of his glans. I looked up, and he nodded, smiling as I stroked him back and forth this way, entranced by the movement of his foreskin and the feel of his hard cock in my hands.

After a couple of minutes, I moved my neck those few inches, and placed his cock into my mouth, allowing the foreskin to open and close inside. I could tell that this was working pretty well for Bryant, since his belly muscles began to tighten and ripple and his breath became more ragged. He seemed to really like it when I placed my tongue at the arrow point and pushed the foreskin forward on his cock so that my tongue was inside it, and then worked my tongue around his head. The taste was fresh, a bit salty, and altogether wonderful.

Bryant pulled away from my mouth and sat beside me, my hand still wrapped pretty firmly around his cock. He grabbed my other hand and maneuvered it so that I grasped the inside of his foreskin and the arrow point. He showed me a couple of movements that he really must have liked, for as I did them his eyes rolled back into his head and he fell backwards onto the bed, his hard, now ten-inch cock throbbing with delight. I made a small adjustment to where my thumb and fingers met and this was enough to throw him over the edge, his orgasm shooting out his cock and landing all over his smooth chest and belly.

Bryant’s orgasm caused his whole musculature to get into the act, and I was treated to a great show as the last few spurts few out. I guess I didn’t know how sensitive his cock was, for I kept up the massage until his hands reached up and stopped me in mid-twist. “That’s good for now,” he gasped, his chest heaving with getting oxygen back into his well-worked body. “I’ll get too sore if you keep it up.” I let go of him and he lay there a few minutes, then said, “Better to shower, wanna join me?” I happily nodded and went to my room to get a towel and met Bryant in the showers...

...I was back in my room; the small second chime sounding and I knew then what had happened. Somehow this little watch was able to take memories of events in the past and then modify them according to the wishes of the holder. I smiled to myself, got more comfortable and then pushed the knob again...

...now it was a few weeks later, the dorm filling up and Bryant’s young roommate Billy occupying a lot of his time. Indeed, I rarely saw Bryant unless Billy was around, and these times were usually in the early evening, when we’d sit around after classes and have a beer or maybe a few hits off a joint before heading to dinner. Billy was an ok guy, but he wasn’t attractive, and he was kind of a jock, so the hetero factor in the room was very oppressive. Billy also was a stone-cold pass out drunk, and Bryant had told me how on the first night when Billy moved in they’d gotten smashed and Billy just passed out and was dead to the world until the following morning. “He’s out for the count every evening we drink,” Bryant said, “I’d bet you could set off a bomb in here and he’d not notice it or wake up.” That’s about how it was one night when I’d partied with the guys in their room and, after sleeping it off myself, had left my room some hours later to go empty my bladder. When I returned to my room, I noticed that the door to the guys’ room was standing ajar and, as curiosity got the best of me, I quietly pushed it the rest of the way open and walked inside.

Billy was in a pair of boxers, his muscular and hairy body turned towards the wall as he slept, the beer cans beside him showing that he was out for a good five more hours at least. I studied Billy’s body, wondering why somebody as muscular as he was not attractive to me, but I figured it had all to do with my interest in Bryant. Turning towards the other side of the room where Bryant slept, I froze in shock and wonder as I beheld a wonderful sight.

Hands of Time - Bryant's Story by Hrtofgld
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Bryant slept face down on top of his bed with the bedspread and sheet rumpled up under his naked body. One leg was slightly bent at the knee which split his bubbled ass cheeks apart a bit to show just a hint of the light golden hair between them. His balls hung free between his legs, his thighs and calves hard and full with muscle from his workouts. Bryant had one of those backs that was always sexy even if you weren’t into backs, as his shoulders were wide and his waist was narrow, his back the perfect male V shape. Of course, his butt at the end of that V was perfection as well. As I watched in awe and delight, my cock hardening and leaking precum, Bryant turned over and resettled, giving me the unrestricted front view of his body.

His cock, soft in sleep, nestled in its golden curls atop his balls, one leg bent again in classic pose to allow the balls to hang over his furry perineum. His tight belly, thick with ab muscles, rose and fell lightly with his breathing, his full, muscled pectoral muscles with their rose-brown nipples barely moving but oh, so wonderful! Bryant’s golden mane of hair, suitable for one born under the sign of Leo, was a nimbus on the pillow, his face soft and smooth and the entire package worthy of a photo shoot.

...this is where the original memory ended, with me slipping back out of the room and quietly closing their door behind me, and returning to my room to furiously jack off and lock the memory of Bryant’s naked body into my head. Time now changed and I moved forward, slipping off my boxers as I closed the door to their room and locked it against further entry. I knelt at the foot of Bryant’s bed and drank up the sight of my sleeping golden god for a bit, then pushed his legs a bit wider and slipped his hardening cock into my mouth.

Bryant didn’t move a muscle, just slept on as I vacuumed up his cock and balls, catching the slowly oozing precum that was drooling out of his piss slit. The only parts of Bryant’s body moving besides the soft rise and fall of his breathing was the twitch of his cock and balls as they became more and more energized. When I thought I’d gotten him as hot as he was going to go, I slowly lifted his legs up to reveal his pink, golden haired pucker, then carefully oiled up that pucker and my cock with lubricant from somewhere and then slowly sank inside him.

Most folks would wake up at this and likely if real time was in play Bryant would have, but this was MY time, and he kept dozing on, his mouth curving into a small smile as the only indication that anything had changed in his environment. I guess that smile was the only thing that kept the action from being rape, for I took him hard and deep, my hands busily mauling his thick pecs and biceps, pinching his nipples until they were rock hard and pulsing with desire. His cock was like a live snake, hard yet silky in its skin sheath, and whipping back and forth with my fucking to slap against his belly and connected with strands of precum that spattered and stuck just under his belly button. I could feel his body responding to the fucking and sure enough, with nothing more that a low groan, Bryant’s cock began shooting ropes of cum across his belly and even up to coat his pecs, his balls wriggling like live things as they emptied their contents onto Bryant’s torso. His ass began milking my cock with his orgasm, and my own howl I cut off by pressing into Bryant’s mouth, kissing him frantically as I filled his bowels with my seed.

Too soon it was over, and I slowly withdrew from his tight asshole, surveying his ravaged body and then kneeling down to lick the cum and sweat from his body. I cleaned up his ass with a pair of his boxers, figuring that he’d not mind much as he’d just toss them into the washer with the rest. Billy had obliviously snored on, and Bryant, looking well fucked and perfectly happy about it, slept on as well, his body still perfect across the rumpled sheets and that little smile still on his face...

I came back to the present, my orgasm having the power to have shot across my body to coat my chin and lower cheek as well as roped across my torso. The watch lay in my hand, a reminder that I had many more places to go and many more memories to rewrite. I smiled to myself, knowing that for now I was pretty empty and should give my cock a rest, so I set the watch on the nightstand and, turning out the light, went to sleep. As I drifted off to sleep, my last thought was which memory was going to be next one to relive...

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