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Got Ass by Hrtofgld

It was getting late. So Trevor Kane figured he’d head on out to a bar. Daryl hadn’t come over so he figured ‘fuck it’. Two hours was long enough to wait. He hated late people, but even worse than that he hated no-shows. Oh well, he had been stationed there in San Diego about a month ago and didn’t know anyone but Daryl. And if he knew anything about his new buddy, he knew for damn sure he was out fucking some bitch and had obviously forgotten all about him. After all, that was all that Daryl Harris lived for, banging pussy. Always talking about it and always bragging about it. Guns, fighting, and pussy seemed to be all he lived for. He was sort of a male nympho, thought Trevor; once he had nosed the scent of a female prospect, he wouldn’t stop until he’d nailed that pussy, hard and deep. ‘But then, I’m pretty much the same way’, thought Trevor. But with Trevor, the addiction was guys. But he didn’t make his conquest-searches as obvious as Daryl. Very down-low was Trevor’s game.

So, off to a local bar he went. San Diego is a huge place as well as a fun place. He often frequented the straight bars, as sort of a cover; but not tonight. Trevor was angry as hell at Daryl for blowing him off; plus he was horny as an alley cat. So, tonight, being lonely and yearning to know what a gay bar was like, especially one next to a military installation, he dared to wander in the direction of the “Purple Pilgrim”. Over the past weeks he’d gotten familiar with the strip the bars were all on, yet during the month he’d been there, he had never been brave enough to enter a gay one. The names of them all sounded ridiculously obvious, and there was so many to choose from – and “Purple Pilgrim” sounded about as creepy as any other.

He walked in. Due to his youthful, annoyed appearance, he was immediately harassed by the bouncer; so he thought he’d better watch himself, with all that potential don’t ask don’t tell bullshit. The Bush Policies were dead but not yet forgotten. So, clearing his head of all the negative preconceived “gay bar” expectations, Trevor soon relaxed.

He sat at the bar and ordered a drink. As he glanced around the loud, warmly-lit, lavender-hued room, none of the exaggerated posturings of the ‘mature’, rather cliché patrons held any interest for him. But he noticed there were two doorways at the end of the bar into two other well-populated rooms. Making his way to the door on the right, he glanced in. And, Bam! He instantly knew that this was where it was happenin’. As he stepped inside, he saw a table-full of uniformed Marines in the middle of the noisy, dimly-lit smoke-filled room. He began easing his way through the crowd toward the guys. As he got closer, his heart quickened when he saw that Daryl Harris was among the group of devil dogs seated at the table. He came close to halting in his tracks. He was astounded, almost shocked. Seemingly by instinct, Daryl Harris looked directly up at him. Daryl’s face lighted with a knowing smile, and said, “I knew it!” when Trevor finally moved up to the table.

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Trevor’s face flushed a crimson red as he simultaneously broke into a nervous laugh, saying “You come here often, sir?”

As Trevor seated himself, Daryl told him that the place was his main hangout; and that each time he had told Trevor he was going out to chase pussy, he had actually come to this bar.

For some reason Trevor felt a certain sense of accomplishment, as Daryl ordered a drink for him. After a few exchanged wisecracks, they moved to a smaller table and got lost in all kinds of chatter about the corps. Several beers later they had intimately lapsed into a rowdy good time of getting re-acquainted. Daryl confessed that he really wanted to tell Trevor that he was occasionally into guys. But he assumed that “playing-by-the-book”, “straight-and-narrow” Trevor Kane wasn’t interested, and actually thought Trevor just might be a fag-hatter. “Ain’t that a real knee-slapper?!” chortled Trevor, raising his mug of beer up to Daryl’s. “But, ya just can’t be too careful in this Man’s Marines, eh!?”

There they were, just the two of them, sitting there getting a heady rowdy buzz on, opening up all kinds of previously closed doors.

In about an hour, they decided they’d go troll a straight bar, and check out the scene. They felt that since they now knew each other’s secret, they’d be able to be ‘getting’ it on’, hot and sweaty, every now and then, and no one would be the wiser. Still, if they were known to be hanging out at fag bars together, said Daryl, they’d be running the risk of having a suspicious finger pointed in their direction.

They paid their tab and left the gay bar. And as they ambled down the street, Daryl suddenly growled that his steel-hard cock was itching and dripping for some hot, dirty, man-sex action. And no, he sure as hell didn’t want to go to another bar. He wanted to go to Trevor’s place to finish off the evening. So off to Trevor’s place they went.

There they started out drinking a couple of rounds of beers as they continued bullshitting and flirting. Trevor noticed that Daryl had pretty much reached his limit as he grew louder and more rowdy by the minute. And Trevor knew that when he’s like that you never know what the hell to expect from him. So Trevor suggested that his buddy just may have had enough for the night. Daryl was rolling around on the floor laughing his ass off. And in response to Trevor’s request to stop drinking, he said: “Hell, yeah, muther fucker, I’ll stop! If you FUCK ME!?”

He continued rolling on the floor laughing like crazy as he began pulling off segments of his uniform. In a heartbeat, Trevor was down there on the floor, on top of him. In effort to slow down his rolling, Trevor kissed him all over his sweaty face and head trying to get to his lips. Soon the robust macho laughter of Daryl almost sounded like that of a giggling school boy. Trevor soon found those full, sensuous, bee-stung lips and his tongue instantly parted them and shot down that giggling throat. His breath tasted of beer and tobacco and he was totally shit-faced. By now he was completely undressed except for his underwear. So Trevor decided to slow his own pace and get undressed also. When he got down to his Hanes briefs, he felt something wild hit him. It was Daryl’s huge, wild, grabby hands wildly pounding his butt and trying to tear off his underwear. He soon succeeded in his attempt.

The reverberating echo of his briefs being violently ripped from his body echoed in the room - which only served to accelerate Daryl’s stouthearted laughter. Rapidly, he grabbed Trevor’s erect cock and began to loudly slurp, smack and suck on it. That delicious sound was erotically stimulating for both Marine’s as they moaned and groaned in new burning heights of raw, uninhibited masculine lust. Daryl’s hot, wet, Marine’s mouth lasciviously overwhelmed the trembling shaft, causing Trevor to scream out in devoured agonizing pleasure. The frenzied, titillating sensation of that profuse supply of warm saliva on his acutely stiff, sensitive cock had Trevor growling out in uncontrollable lust as he began wildly slamming his young hard body up into the fierce forceful suction of that loud hot wet worshipping orifice. In and out, in and out, in and out went Trevor’s rigid meat, all the while Daryl lay on the floor under him whimperin’ slavishly like a butt-crack nasty recruit. That mouth had the dizzying feeling of ten, tight, virginal assholes snugly sucking on his imploring meat.

The Marine went crazy with primordial need as he shouted and ordered Daryl to suck harder! Harder! Goddammitt, Harder! While he pounded that begging mouth all the more harder – harder – harder! like a mindless piston.

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And as Daryl hungrily devoured his buddy’s invading cock, he reached up and began to clutched and grope that Marine’s hard round ass cheeks! And while he voraciously sucked that cock and grabbed that ass, he was soon blowing out fart after fart after fart into the room. Soon the smell had crowded Trevor’s nostrils.

In the throes of his arousal, Trevor couldn’t believe just how good a man’s farts could smell. That was one of his peccadilloes. He didn’t know why but there was something pleasurably invigorating about a man’s fart’s that sent his brain over the edge. He thought that perhaps the smell is so sexy because it’s his ass smell. And isn’t the smell supposed to be so vile and unhealthy? He didn’t know. He didn’t care. He only knew that he care for and craved that intoxicating smell like none other. And Daryl soon realized this, and began to lewdly grunt and groan each time he robustly cut one loose.

And in no time at all, all that vigorous sucking and farting only served to prodigiously encourage Trevor’s cream to rise to the surface.

Insanely intoxicated by all the sexual stimulus around him, Trevor could hold off no longer. He let loose with bursting, ripping, cutting torrents of white creamy hot Marine spooge into Daryl’s furiously sucking mouth. The jets of juice were copious, some even leaked out, dripping out onto the sides of his full, Negroid lips and running down the side of his face until it dropped on the floor beneath him.

Daryl continued to deep throat the stiff cock and massage those hard, manly butt-cheeks until he was sure he had momentarily drained Trevor’s gonads, completely. And then, it was his turn.

Pushing Trevor off him, he got up. He was a bit covered with cum, here and there. He stood there over his buddy and he pulled off his underwear. Reaching down, he shoved Trevor over onto his stomach. He crawled atop him while yelling out the famous devil dawg yell! His big stiff cock quivered there just above Trevor’s clenching cheeks. The heat from that poker-hot boner inspired him to loudly grunt in lewd bestial expectation.

Pointing the mammoth head of the pecker at Trevor’s sphincter, he massaged the taut opening for a second or two and then he savagely pushed! Without even loosening his buddy’s hole, he lunged all the way in, to the hilt. Trevor gnashed his teeth in the sweet exhilaration of pleasure and pain. His loud scream was stifled and hushed to a loud hisssss through his clenched teeth, because Daryl immediately began going full throttle on his taut, begging asshole. Like riding a crazed, slobbering steer at a Texas rodeo, Daryl Harris rode and worked Trevor’s ass without tenderness or mercy. He fucked him, he screwed him and he humped him for what seemed like hours. And knowing Trevor’s perverse love of his farts, Daryl farted as much as he possibly could, making the jarhead beneath him go nuts with insane moans, animalistic growls and laughter. He was ecstatic!

Trevor couldn’t believe just how damn good it felt to get brutally pounded by a super masculine Marine. He wanted it to go on all night long. This was the best, and he knew at that moment, this memory really would last forever. It felt as though the hot steel hard boner was traveling up the entire length of his body each time it was pulled out only to be returned and rammed in twice as forceful – he just knew that when Daryl shot his load it was probably going to squirt up into his mouth.

The savage Marine fiercely fucked on, grunting and growling as he mercilessly slammed his hard sweaty body in Trevor. Eventually Trevor was fucked sore. At one point, his ass was so sore he couldn’t feel it any longer. Nonetheless, when Daryl began blasting his spooge, he sure as hell felt those hot spurts of juicy sperm. Without any warning of the orgasmic onslaught, Trevor had loudly gasped when he felt those powerful cum shots begin to ricochet into his well-ravaged fuck-hole, filling his Marine’s guts with juicy fertile manly cum. It tore its way through his jubilant rectum, filling him up, and gushing further and further up into his bowels. It was like a hot water hose blasting up his ass. It burned, and yet it felt great. He wanted more. But it was too late, because Daryl had literally passed out there on his back.

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But Trevor was raring to go again. His reservoir of sperm had been replenished and he wanted to release it -- release it deep inside Daryl’s man-pussy.

Easing out from under the 200-pound Marine on top of him, he got up. He then rolled Daryl over on his stomach and went straight for that funky ass. He gently parted the cheeks and brought his nose down to sniff that fart-maker. The overwhelming scent further hardened his boner and escalated his brain to new orgiastic heights. He grunted with Dionysian pleasure as his slack mouth began to copiously salivate. Gripping those hard man-cheeks tightly, his spit-coated tongue shot out and began to lap up and down the hairy trail between to the two fleshy mounds of flesh. Trevor’s entire body visibly shook and trembled with soul-satisfying pleasure. It tasted like Daryl hadn’t bathed in a while because the aroma of that hole had the power of amyl nitrate. But Trevor wanted all that sweet raunchy stench, badly. He had wanted it ever since he’d known Daryl Harris. Here was his opportunity; and he wasn’t going to stop until he had satisfied himself with it now. He began to hungrily devour that manly ass as his heart and voice sang a lustful hymn. And he contentedly cleaned out his Marine buddy’s hole right t here on the spot. Cleaned him well; cleaned him out real good. It tasted and smelled like farts – just like a real man’s ass. He loved it, Loved it!

With his head rapturously swimming in new waters of sexual satisfaction, Trevor straddled the saliva-soaked ass and slipped his eager stiff cock into his buddy’s hot tasty ass. His intruding dick slipped easily into that delicious hole on which he had just orally worship, and without warning his body instantly snapped with a new mind-exploding passion. It was as if it were the first time his cock had ever experienced heart-felt pleasure. He bellowed out sonically in animal cries of lust. It was if that entire ass beneath him had begun to sexually rhapsodize, in heat and sensation, around his invading cock. He slammed in and went at it like a crazed monkey. He whimpered with happiness – he sobbed with joy – he groaned in satisfaction -- and all too soon he wailed in disappointment, as he released torrent after torrent of Marine jism into a welcoming Marine’s ass.

After that night, Daryl Harris’ ass was never late, nor a no-show, at Trevor’s place again.

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