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Good Ol School Days by Will

Badpuppy Model - Eowyn Ward

I turned eighteen over the summer and it seems my testosterone level has skyrocketed. Those last few weeks up at the lake I’d become a real satyr in my own mind. It seemed that thinking about sex had become the only avenue in which I could easily imagine that physical closeness that I so hungrily craved. I was getting sucked off by guy and girl alike. I didn’t care. I just wanted to please my needy cock. The horny behavior pretty much filled an empty sexual void, but it still left completely empty my need for affection.

But the time I’d reached 16, sex had pretty much enslaved me in its addictive grasp, controlling pretty much all my energy and thought. During sports, doing my chores around the farm and even going to school, my thoughts had always seemed to be on a one track venture. And now it seemed even more pronounced and overbearing – controlling my ever waking moment. And I was finding out that I liked best the way older teenage boys! The way we’d get into a rough and tumble wrestling match, and before I knew they’d be reaching for my cock and wanting to suck me off. But since I always have a hard on, there attentions are always welcome. Yeah, girls dig me too. Dig me a lot. And some of them even kinda tickle my nuts to a degree, but it’s the masculine aroma and antics of my male peers that stretch out my meat long, hard and itchy. Call it queer, call it gay or just plain call it sick, but just love getting’ me some hot male lovin’.

Badpuppy Model - Eowyn Ward Halfway though first semester of the school year, I had finally convinced myself that any guy I found appealing could be an amenable sex partner. I felt I had come into full bloom of my male studliness. But this delusional way in which I perceived life was shattered one day when I had uncontrollably raped Jeff, a computer geek, who had come over to upgrade my PC. Almost unconsciously I had aggressively stripped him bare and sodomized him with both my tongue and cock. Afterwards, realizing how criminal the act had been, I threatened to kick his ass if told anyone. Nervously he said that he really didn’t care, and that he forgave me and would never tell a living soul. But, still, as result of such criminal behavior, I found myself smothered in a blanket of guilt and shame, clouded by the constant fear of being found out and punished by the anonymous ‘them’. Was I becoming one of those sex addicts that are always in the news that can’t help their perverted behaviors. Did my emotionally absent parents make me into a monster who felt he deserved the right take sex from anyone whenever he felt like it? My mind was tortured. For weeks I remained cloaked in a veil of ignominy and fear. Even during Saturday’s confessionals I was so fearful of retribution that I couldn’t disclose my shameful secret. It seemed all that inspiring music in my head a few days ago about banging and balling every guy that wanted it, had now turned into a solemn ominous dirge. The burden of guilt I carried from actually raping someone was downing-me-out big time. So much so that one day my PE teacher kept me after class for a little chat.

I thought, Oh Shit. But still, with my thirst for the male body, I most definitely had a super-fierce crush on the new Phys Ed teacher. He had just begun his position with the school this fall. I wasn’t necessary drawn to him sexually. It was his powerful masculine build contrasted by his gentle compassionate disposition that attracted me most. His was name Todd Shannon, Coach Todd Shannon -- and he looks damn good for a 39-year-old dude. He’s my fifth period physical education/health and nutrition teacher, and every time he talks to me or even looks at me, a shimmering chill runs throughout every nerve of my trim, five-foot, eight-inch body.

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During our little chat after class I made every effort to hem and haul around the one thing that was really beating the hell out of my mind. But even though I thought I was cleverly avoiding the subject, Coach Shannon was no fool and kept plugging away at me – subtly prodding me to divulge what had brought on the personality shift. Ever so slowly, brick by brick, he dismantled the wall I had built to conceal my guilt. And as the minutes gradually passed, a bridge of trust slowly began to develop between us. Like the powerful sturdy roots of the mighty tree I began to feel a consoling connection with the man. Finally, when I fully realized that his interest and intent was not to persecute me, but to help me, I spilled my guts.

As the words of admission easily slipped from my trembling lips, though painfully ripping at my very soul, Mr. Shannon reached over and gently pulled me into his arms. There he cuddled me in his arms while purging tears flooded like rivers down my cheeks, as my body fought mightily to catch its breath. What was happening? I had never felt this open and vulnerable before in my life -- and the thought of that made me cry all the more. He held me tightly and comforted me as my own father should have.

Once I had finished my cry-baby scene, I struggled to pull myself to together, as his soft consoling voice comforted me with words of understanding and compassion. He explained that Jeff most likely suffered far less guilt about the situation than I did, and that I should learn to forgive myself when I act-out under instinct.

Although I had confessed-up to Coach Shannon what I had done, it was far from the total truth. I didn’t disclose the fact that I had orally and anally sodomized Jeff that day, instead of just merely stripping him of his clothes, fondling him and rubbing myself against his bare sweaty skin.

After my tears had ebbed and my wrenching body slowly regained its composure, I sat, resting my head against Coach Shannon’s hard, muscled chest, feeling his heart throb against me as one of his manly hands rested on my leg, it’s huge fingers gently kneading my inner thigh.

Badpuppy Model - Eowyn Ward Though his intentions seemed innocuous, the feel of his fingers on the inner thigh of my dungaree clad leg were extremely erogenous, causing me to unconsciously sprout a huge boner. When I leaned back and looked up, it was obvious what his eyes were locked on to. Embarrassed that he has just been busted for ogling my jerking 18-year-old boner, he swiftly averted his eyes, staring off into a vacant room that surrounded us both. Though his distant stare tried to mask his thoughts, the growing bulge in his own pants that pressed against my thigh, as I leaned against him, betrayed him.

It was then I took a risky chance of taking hold of his wrist and moving it up onto my stiff raging cock beneath my jeans. At first he avoided looking at me or even moving his hand as though he were afraid to touch me. But as the seconds ticked away his fingers finally moved and happily caressed my thick beckoning appendage. His whole body seemed to come alive as he enjoyed the feel of my hot hard flesh beneath the denim covering.

But as quickly as things started, they ended with a quick little kiss that he planted on my forehead and a loving hug. Moving me back on my chair, he swiftly rose to his feet, quietly suggesting that it was best we leave. It was the worrisome tone in his voice that troubled me most as I stood up from my seat and headed for the door. Had I misread the affection I thought he was feeling for me?

The next day during gym class Coach Todd Shannon seemed to be avoiding me; no longer showing the same interest he appeared to have just the day before. As the bell sounded and my classmates all scurried out of the gym, heading home for the day, Coach Shannon stopped me and asked if I’d mind staying behind for a moment or two so we could talk.

Following him to his office I got this gut feeling that something was really wrong. All the fear and dread that his affection had pushed aside yesterday came back like an avalanche that rolled into a giant fist and was beating the hell out of my emotions. Once the door was shut behind us that chipper grin he always wore had dramatically changed, replaced with a look of despair and concern. Sitting his huge 6 foot 2 inch frame down on the edge of his desk, he gently grabbed my wrist and guided me to a chair nearby. Damn. I didn’t know what was happening. Twenty different emotions swam in my head as I stared into that handsome face marred by all the worry written there. As he started to speak he wasted no time beating around the proverbial bush. The first thing out of his mouth was an apology about what happened yesterday. The apology took me totally by surprise as he begged to be forgiven for touching my cock, and that it would never happened again.

What!? I was shocked! Instantly I became afraid that he was thinking that I was the queer and wanted nothing to do with me. But as he babbled on, I suddenly realized that he’d found out that my father was the fire-and-brimstone reverend of this one-dimensional Republican community and he feared he might be dismissed from his teaching position if my father found out. Yup, daddy dearest is the type cold blooded alpha-male that most folks both feared and respected. But I knew dear old empty-hearted dad inside and out, and he had no power over me, whatsoever! So grasping Coach Todd’s dilemma, I did the only thing I knew how to show him that I didn’t give a rat’s ass about anything that daddy dearest had to say – and with actions let him know he had nothing to fear.

Standing up in front of him, I threw my arms around those massive shoulders and kissed him on the forehead like he’d done to me the day before. I wanted to show him that his affection was wanted and needed; and his touch was both desired and welcomed. He spread wide his thick muscular thighs there on the desk as I stood between them and urgently pressed my body against his thickening crotch. His hands came around my back and crushed me tightly against him as he released a loud, guttural grunt of intense satisfaction. Once he’d realized that my actions on the previous day weren’t just an innocent isolated incident, things between us accelerated considerably. His huge exploring hands cautiously slipped up under my tee-shirt and they began a journey down inside my damp buttocks. Quiet little fireworks flashed and exploded within my brain. A million new and exciting sensations were all happening at once. Was this really happening? It was all so exhilaratingly unreal; the stuff made of dreams. As one investigating hand examined my ass cheeks, another came around in search of my stiff trembling rod. My knees weakened as one of those huge arms swiftly held me up. I wanted to laugh, I wanted to cry, I felt alive for the first time in my life, and I wanted to be loved by Todd.

Badpuppy Model - Eowyn Ward “I’ll never tell anyone anything about this! I don’t care what you do to me!” I excitedly whispered into his ear as the electrifying chill of him finally touching me wildly scattered and coursed all though me like an uncontrollable California brush fire.

One thick finger began to massage my taut, sensitive anus, attempting to penetrate it, while a hand eased up and down on my jerking cock. Only the two of us now existed on this planet. We had become one entity, writhing and twisting there in some sort of usual primordial mating ritual, each struggling to satisfy the other, the best way we could muster at the moment. The smell of him, the feel of him, the sound of him, the touch of him. A snapshot of perfection.

“Does that feel good, babe”? he groaned into my ear once his finger had slightly entered my anus and I had released a hissing sound of delicious pain. Instantly my body grew rigid and the tempo of both his hands accelerated – and before I could reply, my entire body began to wildly quiver in orgasm, quaking and trembling in one spasmodic chill after another, there against his rock hard cock that too was erupting beneath his pants. We both trembled there for several minutes in each other’s glorious ejaculations.

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Our day together ended just moments after that, with a quick kiss, not on the forehead this time, but on the lips, and with a firm smack on my ass to send me on my way.

As the days passed, our secret relationship grew at a rapid pace, both affectionately and sexually. The relationship was still fairly innocent. Todd seemed more interested in blending intimacy and passion along with the sex. Every day after class we would meet behind the locked door of his office where, while both fully dressed, he would hug me, hold me, caress me, and embrace me while fingering my asshole and masturbating me. It was less than a week later that he finally got around to daring to look at my naked ass. When we were alone in his office, instead of him sitting in the comfy chair and pulling me onto his lap. He sat on the edge of his desk like the first time and pulled me between his legs; standing me sideways between them. This way when he unbelted my jeans, they had nowhere to go but to hit the floor. And choosing not to wear underwear, there I was, naked from the waist down. A huge grin of bacchanalian approval instantly became the catalyst to stir more intimate sexual provocations. His dark brown eyes shimmered with the bright glow of unchecked lust as he took in great breaths of air. His hands flew to my warm moist naked form. I saw his nostrils flare as he greedily inhaled the scent of me. His huge masculine form trembled several times from the sheer sight of me. His hungry hands explored me feverishly.

Coach Todd was finally seeing flesh that he had previously only touched and smelled. Turing me away from him to get a better look at my bottom I could feel the lush warm sensation of his excited breath on my cheeks. His head came down to rest on my shoulders as if to pause for a few seconds from the magnificent sight he was beholding - though still continuing to deeply inhale the youthful fragrance of me. He kissed my neck and my back as his right hand explored the bush of my still jerking phallus and his left hand massaged and explored the crack between the cheeks of my grateful bottom. I had never heard him so lost in such deep breathing and loud, soul-stirring groans. It was awesome.

The skillful sensations of his touch further fired everything within me to stir and swell. Soon I felt his hand leave my ass and his legs tighten around my hips. Though he tried to conceal it, the squirming of his body behind me obviously indicated he was jacking off. As I stood there, every once in a while I felt the sensation of the sticky hot crown of his cockhead brushing up against the crevice of my butt cheeks.

When my body uncontrollably trembled, ravaged by the titillating sensations his fingers created, I stood there elated and motionless while feeling Todd’s body wrenching and writhing and rocking feverishly behind me. The heat that his body generated made me dizzy with the joy of life. The electric buzzing of the fan was the only sound surrounding us until Todd let out an exhausting moan that caused his legs to tighten around mine. It was at that very moment when I at last felt the hot juicy onslaught of his manly cum hit my teenage skin, just below the cheeks of my naked ass.

Badpuppy Model - Eowyn Ward Swiftly he reached around and grabbed my swollen cock and resumed his rapid friction on my rigid meat. Frantically fucking my prick through the tight hole he’d crated with his enclosed fist, in seconds I found myself splattering the wall and the chair in front of me with my teenage jizz. This was my very first relationship with an adult, and I felt that it’s value teetered on the exhilarating fact of my innocence. So I just stood there motionless as coach Todd took out his handkerchief. Gently he wiped the copious juices of his pleasure from my tender bottom. Then he reached around and removed a smidgen of cum from my cockhead. Once he’d cleaned me free of his, and my own, cum, he reached down and pulled up my dungarees. Turning me around to face him, he reached over to pick up my tee shirt where I had tossed it earlier. He held me by the waist as I put it on. He still sat there on the desk with a doting look on his face. He raised my chin, kissed me firmly on the lips as he crushed me tightly to him in a loving embrace. For a second or two I thought I was going to pass out from the tightness of the embrace and from the powerful emotion being emitted.

I left feeling an emotion that was close to something that is called ecstasy. And I ain’t referring to some mid-altering street drug, either. I was high; naturally high on my own serotonin. The emptiness of all my childhood needs were being filled by someone I totally looked up to and admired. For the first time in my life I was experiencing love. I wasn’t just being put up with; wasn’t just being accepted ‘conditionally’, nor was I merely being tolerated. I felt loved respected, adored and needed. What an awesome feeling.

Over the weeks I was so caught up in my desire to be with Coach Todd, that I had unwittingly abandoned my fun-time hang-out friends. I would constantly see them in passing and have a joke or two, but my mind was filled with only thoughts of Coach Todd. The man seemed to be making me feel more alive than I ever had before in all my eighteen years. Two or three times a week I loved the hot sessions in his office. And even though the steamy times we shared after class were great, the times we shared afterwards grew like wild weeds. Sometimes we’d gobble down ice cream cones while gabbing about god knows what; as well as times we’d spend admiring the Greek and Egyptian art at the museum.

When the school bell rang out signaling the end of the class, I lagged behind my classmates, nonchalantly waiting for them to leave so I could receive Coach Todd’s undivided attention. Today, instead of being taken back to his office, I was casually invited to visit his apartment. Holy shit, I thought as we headed across the school parking lot toward his car. As I sat there beside him in the car, en route, a chill of excitement tantalizingly coursed through me like ice water. What’s gonna happen once we’re there? What was his apartment like? Thoughts of all sorts wild imaginings coursed through my mind, filling me with unrelenting anticipation during the short journey to his home.

His living space was a two-bedroom apartment in a secluded little neighborhood. Though his home was well kept and orderly, it was cluttered with all these stuffed lions of every shape and size possible. When he disappeared into the bedroom to change I took the liberty to go exploring. Walking into the spare bedroom I was stunned by what I saw. It was cluttered with paints, canvas boards, and yes, more stuffed lions that covered the only piece of furniture, a small twin bed that was shoved up against the wall. Standing up like a ghost at the foot of the bed was a large easel covered with a painted stained sheet. Pulling up the sheet slowly, it exposed the painting it concealed. I staggered at both the beauty, and the content, of the artwork. It was a painting of a naked teen boy of about 16 or 17, spread across the same bed that laid next to the easel. The teenager lay on his back surrounded by stuffed lions, while clenching one in his left arm.

“Do you like it?” came a voice from behind.

“Uh-huh!” was the only thing that came to mind as I turned to face Coach Todd.

“Maybe one day I can get you to pose for me.” He said as he reached around me and covered up the painting.

Completely overwhelmed that a man like him could paint anything so damn beautiful, I asked if he could teach me how to paint. “Sure”, he said, “I’ll teach you anything you want.”

The remark was made with such sexual intent, that I found myself unconsciously reaching up and giving the huge man an intense hug. In an instant my lips found his lips and they made contact, I felt my uncontrollable youthful tongue invading his lips. The feel, the touch, and the scent of the man made me twitch with anticipation. The idea of being completely alone with this awesome man in his apartment – and all my burning adolescent urges -- emboldened me with a new courage. Hungrily, Coach Todd returned my heated passion and our wet searching tongues were soon playing tonsil hockey down each other’s throats. I soon felt my pants being unfastened and shoved down my hips; then my tee shirt being lifted. Withdrawing his tongue from my mouth, he pulled the tee shirt up over my head, and shoved me back across the bed. Quickly he was atop me, kissing and licking my neck, chest, nipples, belly button, and BAM he was finally on my stiff, pleading boner with that hot mouth and that tantalizing tongue. “OOOWWWL” I screamed as I wantonly slammed my crotch up into his hungry manly face. His head feverishly bobbed and rotated between my legs. All too soon I felt my juices ready to feed his beckoning throat. Loving the sucking and slurping and the awesome feelings I was getting from his worship of my cock, I tried to hold off my orgasm as long as I could. But when his huge hot hands slipped beneath my burning butt cheeks, and one thick finger found my clenched anus, it was game-over. Instantly I felt my body begin to squirm and tremble, as a soul-releasing cry escaped my lips, while I squirted and squirted and squirted my teenage love-juices into his grateful mouth.

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Once he’d completely drained the abundant juices of life from rigid meat, he awkwardly asked me something new. He was almost embarrassed in the doing, but holding his huge engorged member in his trembling hand, he eased up on the bed, while easing my head and lips towards his crotch. Hot damn! I thought. I don’t know why he was so damn nervous about it. I’ve been wanting to taste his spooge ever since our relationship began. Leaning there in the bed over me, his huge eight hand firmly resting on the back of my head, he forced my face closer. Awed by the uncertainty of my response to his action, his entire body was quaking with anticipation. He was instantly stunned by my willingness to eagerly taste his fat, rigid eight to nine inch dick. I too was stunned by the massive width and girth of his throbbing baby-maker. As I inhaled the manly scent of it, my hand instinctively rose to greet the exhilarating wonder of it. It twitched and jerked there in his open fly, and through sound and action I announced loudly to the handsome man that I wanted to satisfy every sweaty inch of the gorgeous masculine trophy he was allowing me to play with.

Badpuppy Model - Eowyn Ward Greedily I guided the fat pulsating knob of that giant hairy cock into my salivating mouth. Quickly my tongue sprang out to slavishly polish the shiny flesh. With a guttural cry of unanticipated pleasure Coach Todd loudly heralded the pleasure he was enjoying. He jerked a bit and the bulbous head filled my gaping mouth. Awh, the mind-exploding taste of it.

Still playing his sweet teenage virgin, I let Todd Shannon tutor me. His instructions were quite simple. It was to suck on the fleshy greasy knob while I firmly stroked the entire length of his meat, while bobbing my head in rhythm with the stroke of my hands. Hell, I thought, instinct would have told me that. But no time to debate the matter, I was as happy as fox in a hen house. I heard myself moaning and humming as I diligently sucked the thick spongy head with my mouth, tongue and throat.

Coach Todd, for the first since we began our fooling around, was totally lost in the zone. I was completely in control and he was utterly out of his mind with lust. My jaws ached with the pleasure of trying to get his cock as far down my throat as possible.

“Oh, no! Not yet!” he screamed, grabbing me by my ears, and filled my pleading mouth and throat with an abundance of his rich, delicious Irishman sperm. As he delivered onslaught after onslaught of his spooge into my mouth, he shouted, “Swallow it, baby, please Swallow it!” As though he had to ask, I mused to myself, as I contentedly drank down every iota of his juice with uninhibited gusto. Damn, my man sure tasted might-Tee damn good!

Afterwards, we sat there on the small twin bed discussing tomorrow’s activities, which was the first day I’d be helping him coach his little league soccer team. Before taking me home, he opened the truck of his car and hauled out a box which contained a soccer uniform which consisted of a pair of blue shorts and a white tank top. Like the silly romantic that I am, my heart ballooned with pride and joy when I pulled out the tank top and across the front it was worded: ‘Assistant Coach’.

The next day, Coach Todd Shannon was pleased with my skills of being his assistant with the soccer team. During the game, he often shot me knowing glances of approval, as our little team of 7 and 8 years olds took all the honors. After the game, he didn’t even ask did I want to come to his apartment; he just told me to get in the car and off we went. Once inside the apartment he scooped me up into his big muscled arms, giving me a fierce bear hug, and kissing me hard and deep on the lips. My head lay on his shoulders, my heart enjoying the affectionate embrace as he carried me to his bedroom. Throwing me down on the bed, he sat beside me. His hands were all over me, as he sniffed at my sweaty, post-game body. A giant expression of delight crossed his features as his nose traveled to my arm pits. I was still in the blue shorts and tank top, and one of his large hands slipped up under the damp fabric. My body tinged with adolescent excitement. I had the feeling it today was going to be better than it’s ever been this afternoon, as his hot exploring hand examined every slope and angle of my young chest. Then, slowly, he began to gently massage my shoulders, then pinching my taut pink nipples, followed by tickling my ribs. The other hand played at the snap and zipper of my shorts.

Completely naked, Coach Todd pulled me atop his bare muscular form as he lay there, his eyes worshiping every inch of my flesh. As I stretched out atop Todd’s powerful manscape, his warm, steel hard cock pulsated and raged against the tender nakedness of my belly. Slowly he drew me up so that our faces met and his eager cock was able to slip between my inner thighs. As he carefully nudged the fat crown of his mighty cock between my thighs beneath my butt cheeks, his lips savagely covered mine just as his lips commenced to gyrate. Oh, yeah, now that’s what I’m talking about, I thought, as I began to move in unison with his thrusts. His thick tongue seemed to be down my throat as he groaned in unimaginable pleasure/pain. His rapture was so great that he sounded as thought he were almost close to tears. He wanted me, all of me, he kept saying. And I wanted to give him, me – all of me!

With each thrust of his slippery cock between my hot sweaty crack, my virginal asshole hungered to be penetrated. He had often told me that as long we don’t do any anal copulation, we wouldn’t be sinning. But fuck that, man, I wanted all nine inches of that powerful Irish cock way up inside me. I’d heard that getting fucked in the ass hurt like hell, but I loved Coach Todd Shannon enough to endure the hellishness of that hurt. I began to more intently push back to meet his forward thrusts. He flinched the first time I did it, pulling his cock back to avoid penetrating me. But the second time he neither flinched or withdrew.

“You better stop that; something might happen.” He softly whispered in my ear.

Badpuppy Model - Eowyn Ward “Fuck me. Please fuck me. Please, please fuck me?” I began to frantically whisper and whine. The overpowering sexual energy was driving us both crazy. He knew he wanted it. He knew that I wanted it. And so I figured I’d have to be the aggressor.

For almost two minutes we had writhed and slammed there on the bed. My ass crack all sweaty and wet; his huge cock producing prodigious amounts of precum. And at one point in our delirium I reached back and grabbed his cock, while spreading my legs wide. Then, easing up, I aimed the huge throbbing head towards my beckoning hole and slammed down against it. We both screamed in riotous pleasure as I celebrated his cock entering my scared anus, and he passionately luxuriated in feeling his scared cock entering its sacred home.

“Oh, baby, baby, baby, what are you doing to me?” he cried as his entire physique rose in the air taking me with it as he tried to impale my entire body on his craving cock. On the third thrust, he was completely in. White scattering stars filled my mind as silver streaks of pain fiercely gripped my body. I thought I was going to faint from the sheer mind piercing agony. But instinctively Todd slowed his thrusts to sweet caresses, as if waiting until I got used to his manhood deep inside me. Once more his mouth covered mine. My moans filled his mouth while his tongue chased mine, while simultaneously my taut virginal butthole swallowed the massive head and shaft of his cock, and held it with an arduous grip. Gently, ever so gently, his thrusts returned, seemingly sending his cock ever deeper and further inside me, touching places no one else has ever touched before. Like a shock wave, each thrust mingled pain and pleasure in such a way that I didn’t know how to express it. My butthole was burning and my insides felt like they were on fire. Finally after a minute or two everything seemed to go numb, but that didn’t last too long.

Sliding his hands under my armpits, he sat me up on top of him. Leaning just over him I managed to hold myself up and jack off while he fucked me. Just as my body tensed with the onslaught of an approaching orgasm, he grabbed me around the waist and forced the rest of his cock up deep inside me. There I was being pounced up and down like a rag doll, his cock so far up inside me that it made my belly ache as I yelled and screamed while jacking off my dick as fast as I could. As soon as my body began to quiver and tremble, Coach Todd pulled me down to his chest, held me tightly in his arms and spilled forth the abundant hot seeds of his lust within me.

Afterward as I lay there beside him, how peaceful I felt, how contented I felt. Why can’t this go on forever? Why can’t school days and Coach Todd Shannon go on forever?

The model in these pictures is Eowyn Ward

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