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Golden Boy by Hrtofgld

Badpuppy Model - Denker

How I knew him was unimportant. I think we'd run into each other a few times at various bars, or maybe I had helped him in the computer lab with something, but whatever the case, I knew him enough for him to be with me that Christmas eve night. He'd told me that he had no plans for that night, and I'd told him that I didn't either, so I invited him over for dinner and drinks to celebrate. Earlier that evening I'd given him a present, a hand made crocheted ski cap and scarf in his favorite colors, at least he said so when he'd opened his gift after dinner. He was currently on his third strong drink, and playing one of the strategy games on my old Apple II computer. When he arrived he removed his jacket, one drink later he'd kicked off his shoes and the second drink got me his socks. He still wore a soft and warm looking Aran knit sweater that fit well the muscled contours of his upper body and a pair of old comfortable jeans that were tight to his muscled lower body.

David Burke, or Dave as he liked to be called, finished both his drink and the game, and called for a fourth drink, peeling off his sweater because he was 'too hot.' When I brought Dave his fresh drink, I saw immediately that what the sweater had molded itself to was now on full display, and I drank in the full smooth pecs and bulging biceps of his impressive upper torso. Dave's belly was mostly flat, a little bit of cuddly cushion from his drinking just slightly smoothing out the firm ridges of his abs. He didn't have any 'love handles' and the V-like taper from his shoulders to his narrow waist very nice indeed.

He caught me admiring his body and smiled, giving me a bit of a flex here and there before turning back to the computer and starting up another game. Dave was a star swimmer for our college, and even though I didn't follow sports at all, I could have picked out swimming as his sport just by checking out his body, his shaved arm pits a dead giveaway that he was a true swimmer. I mixed up my third, and much weaker, drink and sat in the living room watching him play, the muscles across his broad back and his arms pumping and moving in a sexy way across his tanned body. I guess I lived right somehow, for without much ado, Dave knocked off his last drink, finished the game and then came over to sit beside me. Now, this was an odd thing, because there were three other chairs in the room and I'd figured Dave would pick one of them as he'd done when he first got to my place. He was literally sitting beside me on the couch, not at the other end, and with a sexy grin, put a bare arm around my shoulders and whispered, "Thanks for letting me spend Christmas Eve with you…"

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He was a little messed up, and I smiled back, thinking that this big lug would have to stay the night. The question was going to be, would he bunk on the couch or would he want to sleep with me? He burped, grinned sheepishly, but didn't move his arm from around my shoulders, and we sat there enjoying the soft Xmas music I had on the player and the warmth of my gas fireplace. It ended all too soon as Dave finished the last of his drink and, somewhat unsteadily, headed for the bathroom. I didn't hear sounds of retching or anything more than the sound of man emptying his bladder, so I tidied up a bit and waited for him to come out. A few minutes later he came back out and found me in the kitchen. "Mike, I think I need to go to bed now."

Badpuppy Model - Denker

"Ok Dave," I said, wondering where this was heading. I was rewarded by Dave turning around and walking to my bedroom door.

"It's ok if I bunk with you?" he said as he paused at the door.

I blessed all the gods that gave me this opportunity and then said, "Fine with me." He grinned and waited until I had turned off the music and the lights, and then we both headed into the bedroom.

I normally slept in the nude and had done so ever since I'd managed to get a body I was proud of, wide shoulders, narrow waist, full pecs and muscled arms and legs. Many a night I'd jacked off with a mirror positioned so I could see my body as I worked my cock, and I hadn't had too many nights without fuck buddies since my body muscled up. Now I hesitated, because as far as I knew, Dave was straight and might take offense if I crawled naked into bed with him. I decided to take his lead and see where it would go.

He fumbled at his waist trying to unbutton his jeans, then he looked at me and said, "Mike, help me with these ok?" I just swallowed and, thinking, OK this is just a good buddy helping another kind of thing, reached out and undid the buttons of his jeans. After standing there for a few seconds as if waiting for something else, Dave peeled off his jeans and tossed them aside, standing there in a pair of tight green Speedos.

"I had thought I might head to the pool for some laps earlier," he explained as he placed his hands upon his hips, "so to save time I wore these. I usually don't bother with underwear."

I gulped and pulled off my shirt, socks and jeans, standing there in my Jockeys and waiting for Dave to make the next move. If he hopped into bed like he was, I'd do the same and we'd just sleep and all would be fine. I had so many great mental snapshots of his body now that they would carry me into the next year in jack off sessions. But what Dave said next changed my entire plans.

"Mike, I'm sorry I didn't think to buy you a present," he said as he moved closer to me. When he was in reach, he stopped and put his hands behind his back and continued, "So I'd like you to take my suit off for me."

I looked into his eyes, startled, and he smiled, nodding that it was ok. I reached out and grasped the waistband of his Speedos, pulling the front forward a bit to get the string out from the band so I could undo the lacing there. After I loosened the string, I moved my hands to the sides of his suit and began pulling downward, Dave spreading his legs a bit to allow the suit to slide down his legs. As the suit began to slide downward, I marveled at the smooth, tanned skin that was slowly being revealed to me. The corresponding area of my body was very, very thick with pubic hair and it had never crossed my mind to 'manscape' my body hair in any way. I didn't hit any public hair on Dave until just above his cock, where it was trimmed down to a little blond triangle patch around the base.

Badpuppy Model - Denker

His cock, soft yet thick, slipped out of the lycra pouch holding it as the suit came down to rest around his ankles, his balls swinging a little as he stepped out of the Speedo. He smiled at me and whispered, "Go ahead, Mike, play with me if you want." His whisper slowly grew to a moan as my hands closed around his equipment, one hand caressing and lightly tugging on his ball sack while the other pulled and stroked Dave's slowly engorging pole of manmeat. I placed his cockhead into my mouth, letting my tongue and lips work that area as my hands continued where they were. Dave liked the attention, and for somebody who was pretty smashed, his body was working perfectly, unlike other studs I'd gotten drunk with and discovered that they were only good for a drunken fuck before they passed out.

Soon he was at full attention, his cock almost straight up in the air, his balls close to his body yet still swinging heavily in their skin sack. My hands found his nipples, hard atop the full mounds of his smooth pecs, and he groaned as I tweaked them, his cock bouncing with excitement as I twisted them slightly. My cock, which had yet to be freed from the confines of my Jockeys, demanded attention as it pushed against the tight white band in an attempt to release itself. Dave noticed and smiled as I hastily yanked down my underwear and stood up to kick them into a corner.

"I see you like your present," he said chuckling as I settled back down on my haunches and grasped his cock again. This time I pulled his cock deep into my mouth, beginning to suck him slowly, yet with a lot of pressure and from the groan that I heard, I took it that he enjoyed the service. Little by little I could taste his precum as he got more and more excited, and soon his cock was drooling, he was so turned on. I let his cock slip out of my mouth and then stood up, surprising him a bit by kissing him deep on the mouth, a little tongue slipping between his lips as he gasped from the shock.

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"Now, Dave, I'm going to blow your mind even further," I said as I turned him towards the bed and then pushed him so that he bent forward to place his hands upon the mattress. Pushing his legs a bit apart, I moved forward, reaching around his body and playing with his firm mounds of pec muscle as I nibbled on his earlobes and neck. I slowly moved down his back, massaging the thick slabs of meat that spread from his shoulders down to his waist, and then licking down his spine until I just hit the crack of his cheeks. I pushed his legs a bit farther then, causing his crack to widen a bit more and to let me get better access to his heavy, dangling balls and his rock hard cock from behind.

He groaned again as I slipped under him and licked the underside of his cock, flicking the tip of my tongue against the tight frenum and then moving down the shaft until I could suck his balls into my mouth. This all but sent him into orbit, and I was careful to monitor him so that he wouldn't cum before I was ready for him. My own cock dripped its on precum, the body of this muscled stud turning me on like none had before. I gave myself a few strokes as I contemplated the butthole that was just barely showing and decided to go for it. "Be easy, Dave, this may feel odd at first, but almost all the guys I know have enjoyed it if they relax and give in." He just grunted in answer and then tensed a bit as I moved behind him and pried his ass cheeks apart to expose his pink little rosebud.

Badpuppy Model - Denker

This was the only other place he had hair on his body, a mass of curls that framed his asshole like a golden mane and was just slightly funky but still with a little scent of the soap he used earlier. I slowly circled the area with my tongue, getting a bit closer with each circle until I lightly touched the tip to the tight puckered center. Like an electric shock he reared up, and I stood up to press him back onto the bed. "Don't worry, just relax. This will be very good, just trust me." He sighed and spread his legs a bit wider as if to say that he was going to be brave about it. I just smiled and went back about my business, and soon was working the first quarter inch inside the pucker.

When he relaxed, he did it big time, and his hole suddenly loosened, allowing my tongue to stab deeper as much as I wanted. His cock had a string of precum that connected it to the mattress, and a little drop would ooze out from his cockslit and run down the string to widen the puddle at the other end. I could force more droplets out by just poking into him and then lightly spinning my tongue around, and watch the drops careen down the teat her of his precum. When the area was well laved and pretty damp, I wetted my index finger and placed it at the entrance of his ass, stopping to let him get used to another object before pressing inside.

He moaned as I slowly inserted my finger, and when I found his prostate, groaned in delight. "That's like what the doctor does during exams," he said, as I pressed against his love button.

"Yes, that's true," I replied, "but usually he presses once and then removes his finger, right?"

Dave nodded and waited, but unlike the doctor, I continued pressing his nut in there, my other hand curling around his equipment and timing my jacking to the tickles I was giving his prostate. He was now leaking precum by the cupfuls, and moaning with every stroke, so I knew that he was enjoying it all. When I felt his asshole start to tighten, I pulled out of his ass and pulled down on his ballsack, causing him to yelp a bit and turn around to face me.

"Why'd you stop?" he said, lust standing out in his eyes and from his crotch, "that felt so good!"

I pressed him back onto the bed and he off balanced and fell onto it, his body making a beautiful tumble across the sheets as I walked around to the nightstand. I bent down and gave him a hard kiss, then opened the nightstand drawer and fished out a rubber and some lube. His eyes widened as I pulled the rubber over his turgid cock and then widened even more when I squirted lube into my ass. Without another word I straddled him and, lowering myself down until I could grab his cock to position it for entry, I bent forward again and kissed him.

Badpuppy Model - Denker

"Merry Xmas, Dave," I said as I impaled myself on his cock, the full eight inches of his sword sinking into me. When I had the entire thing inside, I moved it about a bit and, feeling comfortable with it, began to slowly rise up and sink down in a slow fucking rhythm. My hands weren't idle either, they were busily stroking the hard pecs that I had access to and tweaking the nipples that stuck out in excitement from his chest. A couple of times on a down stroke he moaned and sat up a bit, and I took the opportunity to bend forward a bit and lock my elbow around his neck to press his lips against mine. I sped up a bit more, and soon was fucking myself pretty good. From the grunts and groans of the man who's cock was being milked by my ass, it was good for him too.

For a man that had earlier seemed a bit squffed, Dave rallied well and, when I bent backwards to get a different thrust and feeling for him, he surprised me by grasping my cock and jacking me off in time to my fucking. He gave me a little grin and whispered, "More of your present," and then groaned loudly when I smiled back and increased my fucking rhythm to speed up his hands on my cock. With his roughened hands working my cock it didn't take long, and soon he had jets of cum coating his thick pecs and belly!

As usual when a fellow cums, his ass tightens and this time was no different. Dave felt the warm hole he was inside of suddenly contract and this triggered his own orgasm, the spurts of his strong jets being caught by the rubber, but I could still feel the throb of his cock and the battering of the rubber as it strained to contain Dave's ejecting liquid magma. When it was done, I slowly let his cock slip out of my ass and then moved down so that I could bend forward and lick my cooling cum off his chest and abs, a feast in itself and one that I was not going to deny myself. When that wonderful exercise was done I ran 'out of gas' and collapsed on top of him, his arms automatically coming up to hold me. His slowly rising and falling breathing lulled me to sleep, and soon we both were sound asleep, his arms protecting me as the night moved along.

I woke up sometime after that, having moved off of him and laying beside him, his beauty only increased by the innocence of his sleep. I watched him as he slept, marveling at his ability to enjoy man to man sex without being too weird about it, and smiled when his eyes opened and he looked up at me, an answering smile on his face.

"Mmm, that was great, Mike!"

"I agree, thank you for my present."

He chuckled and pulled me closer, surprising me with a kiss and a little tongue. "Who said that we were done?" he replied as he began to give me much of the same treatment I gave him hours before. When he reached my cock and began sucking it, I gasped and pulled back, looking at his startled face.

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"What are you doing?" I said, trying to make sense of it.

He gave my cock a lick, and then said, "I liked what you did so much last night I figured I'd return the favor."

Badpuppy Model - Denker

"But, Dave, you're straight, right?"

He laughed and moved up to kiss me, my puzzlement making him laugh all the more. "Mike, for an egghead at the school you're not that observant. I've been eyeing you for the last semester and hoping that we'd get together like this. I purposely wore my suit last night because I wanted you to strip me and then you surprised me even more by letting me fuck you."

"I guess I was wrong about you Dave, I know that I'd been eyeing you since I met you as well, and hoped I could get with you."

"Well, here I am and, since you are naked and looking like you are ready for some more loving, how about I keep going?" My nod was all he needed, and my groan as he sucked my cock into his mouth cemented it. Before long his muscular calves were over my shoulders and my rubberized cock was sinking into him. We must have fucked each other five more times that day and night, finally collapsing onto the bed in sated pleasure and having only enough energy to kiss each other goodnight before slipping into sleep.

The best present I got that season was when we'd struggled awake and, after a bit more loving Dave asked if he could move in with me. We've been lovers ever since, and take turns being the "catcher" and "pitcher," as he puts it. He still swims and works out and the body of the man I love is still as hard and thick with muscle as he was that first time. The green Speedo? Well that's in a special place in our bedroom, and every Xmas eve when its time for bed he will step out of whatever he's wearing and they will be on him, his eyes fastened onto mine as I sink down on my knees and ease his equipment out from the lycra and pull the suit down his legs. In fact, its Xmas eve tonight, and I hear the snap of the Lycra as he slips it on before coming out of the bedroom. That's my cue, so have a great Xmas eve. I know I will….

The model in these pictures is Denker

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