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Going to the Dogs by 4226

Badpuppy Model - Allen

Okay. I sure hope this works, cause Iíve been more nervous than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs these last few days and I about canít take it anymore! And momma is really wanting to know whatís bothering me and I just canít tell her. Hell, I canít tell anybody. Ever.

Thatís why Iím writing it all down. Pastor Bob says that when something is really bothering you, and you donít want to talk about it, or just CANíT talk about it, you should write it all down to get it out of your system, just like you were telling your story to Jesus, and then pray over the papers you wrote it on, and when Jesus has given you your answer, you can burn them and your troubles will disappear just like the smoke from the papers theyíre written on. But maybe burning these here pieces of paper will just give me a preview of how Iím gonna burn in Hell for all eternity after what I did.

Hereís what happened. My name is Harlan Thompson, and I live in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia. Itís truly beautiful here, and I wouldnít ever want to live any place else, even though I ainít hardly ever been anywhere else in my whole entire 19 years of life. I live with my mother Mary and father Robert, and my Granny and Grampy Dobbins, and my little sister Katherine in an old farmhouse at the end of a long dirt lane. My momís twin sister Miriam, or Mim, used to live with us too, up until about a half a year ago when at the age of 44 she up and got herself married.

You could have knocked me over with a feather when I found out. I mean, she had always lived with us, ever since I was a baby, and I just sort of figured she would always live with us, you know? She was sort of a tomboy, and never even had a real boyfriend that I know of, so I just never figured her as the marrying kind. And not only did she get herself married, but to Martin Middlestone. You know, the millionaire? I mean, I knew they had gone out on a few dates after he bought one of our dogs, but I didnít know it was anything serious.

And then, WHAM! She comes downstairs one Sunday morning as weíre getting ready to leave for church, and announces that Mr. Martin Middlestone proposed last night, and she accepted, and sheís gonna get married and go live in his fancy new house up on top of the ridge, and it just sort of turned my whole world upside down.

Anyway, they had a nice simple church wedding last June, down at the First Baptist Church where our family has always went, with Pastor Bob doing the ceremony. It was really just his family and our family and a very few of Aunty Mimís friends. There was 43 people there, because I counted. Then we all drove the 27 miles to Uncle Martinís big fancy house where we had sort of a picnic for a wedding reception. Somehow it just donít seem right calling him Uncle Marty, but thatís what Mim says to call him, so I do.

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Martin was married before, and his first wife was in a bad car accident and I guess she went sort of nuts or something, and anyway, she lives in a home of some type now because she canít take care of herself anymore, and they got divorced because of the insurance settlement so that she could keep more of the money or something, and besides, Marty made a whole pile of money in real estate and the stock market and he didnít need or want any of his wifeís insurance money, so they got a divorce.

But Martin has three kids from that marriage, two girls who are both in their twenties and married and one of them has two kids already and the other one is knocked up and ready to pop any day now, and a son, Logan, who is exactly my age. Aunt Mim said she thought Logan and me would hit it off real good since we were both the same age and stuff, but we couldnít have been any more different than night and day. At the wedding, everybody was all polite and on their best behavior and shit, so me and Logan said hello and we just sort of eyed each other up.

But back at their house it was different story. It was really warm, and they have an in ground swimming pool right in the front yard, which is also sort of the back yard, and we were no sooner there than Logan changed into one of those teeny tiny Speedo swimsuits like the swim team wears, and he laid himself down in a lounge chair aside of the pool with nothing on but that itty-bitty swimsuit and a pair of mirror sunglasses. I mean, shit, my Fruit of the Looms cover up more of me than what that swimsuit did of him. I couldnít believe he would just lay there like that for the whole world to see him, but he did. And not that I was checking or anything, but his bulge sure didnít look like it was all that big, either, so it wasnít like he should have been showing it off.

I tried to talk to him a little bit, but he acted like I was being a pain in the ass, and that he was above it all and didnít want anything to do with the hillbillies that were his dadís new wifeís family. We were all out front near the pool, and Uncle Martin was grilling steaks and hamburgers and everyone was sort of talking or getting acquainted and eating and drinking beer and having a pretty good time. I mingled, which is what Momma likes to call it, but I kept stealing looks at Logan, just laying there, and I couldnít tell for sure because of the sunglasses, but I felt like he was keeping an eye on me, too, for some reason. I thought he was disgusting!

I saw Logan twice more over the summer, when we went over to their place for Mom and Mimís birthday, and for another picnic on Labor Day. It was raining both times, so Logan was at least wearing clothes, but he still acted like a jerk.

So now itís the second week in November, and Aunt Mim asked me if I can come over to her house on Friday and Saturday night to stay with their dogs while she and Martin go to visit his younger daughter and help get stuff ready for the baby. And I said ďSure! I would love that, Aunty Mim!Ē Man, nothing could be better than having that big fancy house to myself, with itís hot tub, and deck all along the front and a view of the river and the old railroad tracks down in the valley and another view several miles over to the next ridge. It would be like I was a millionaire myself. And if I knew Aunt Mim, she would see to it that I had plenty to eat, along with some beer to wash it all down.

Badpuppy Model - Allen

Granny Dobbins always says Iím going to the dogs, and this time she was right. Thatís one of her favorite expressions. That one, and telling me Iím a bad puppy. ďYou are one bad puppy, Harlan Ray Thompson,Ē she says. She tells me that near every day, and mostly sheís teasing, but sometimes she really means it. See, she and Grampy have been breeding Golden Retrievers for close to 50 years, and she relates everything to dogs. Grampyís bred himself some field champions, too, by the way. We sell most of them, but sometimes we keep the runt from a litter for ourselves. My dog, Pal, was a runt. And Mimís dog, Nugget, was also a runt. But Martinís dog, Aurum, was the pick of the litter. Heís gonna be a champ in another year or two, once he settles down more. Heís a year old, now, but thereís still too much puppy in him to try and show him. Aurum is Latin for gold, by the way. Uncle Marty told me that.

So last Friday, after Dad and me got home from work, I took a quick shower and jumped in my pickup to head over to Mim and Martyís place. Dad got me a job at the machine shop where he works when I graduated high school last year, and we ride together to save gas, but I bought me a brand spanking new 4 by 4 as soon as I had the down payment together, and man, do I love that truck!

It was around 8 oíclock when I got there, and I cased the joint since it was the first time I was alone and could really look things over. Man, what a neat house! Itís ĎVí-shaped, and sort of built into the south side of the ridge so that on the inside of the ĎVí, you go in at ground level, but then it slopes down so that the outside of the ĎVí is exposed on the lower level. You walk right in at the middle of the house, and thereís an entry that opens up to the living room which is all glass on the two slanted sides, except for a huge stone fireplace right at the point of the ĎVí.

Then off to the left is the master bedroom suite, with itís own bathroom and sitting room, and Uncle Martyís office, and even an exercise room and another door off the side of the house where thereís a slate patio and a couple of steps up onto the deck that runs along the entire back of the house which is the outside of the ĎVí, and a couple of steps down to the cement patio that runs all along the lower level under the deck. I always think of that side as really being the front of the house. Anyway, the hot tub is at the end of the deck, outside of the master bedroom, and is sort of screened off from the rest of the deck.

Off to the right side of the house is the kitchen and dining room and another room, which Mim calls the den, and another bathroom and laundry room. Then downstairs, thereís a big family room in the middle with a pool table, the same size as the living room upstairs, and each wing has 2 bedrooms and a bathroom, and each bedroom has a closet thatís bigger than my bedroom at home, and itís all spotless because Uncle Marty has a cleaning woman who comes in and takes care of things so that Mim doesnít have to, and with just him and Mim there since Logan went off to his precious Ďprep schoolí, it doesnít even get dirty much.

After I cased the joint, I laid out my plans for the evening. The first night, I was gonna sleep in Loganís bed, and just like the dogs, I was gonna mark his bed with my scent to let him know I was there. And while dogs leave a couple of drops of urine to mark their territory, I was gonna leave a couple drops of a different bodily fluid to mark my territory.

Granny was right. Harlan Thompson was gonna be a bad puppy. Hell, I was already a bad puppy. I had gone through Loganís closet and dresser drawers, and found some of his clothes which I planned to wear when I marked his bed. I couldnít decide between that stupid skimpy blue Speedo that he had worn at the wedding reception, or one of his jockstraps that I had found right next to it in his bottom dresser drawer. Either way, they would both carry my scent before I left on Sunday afternoon.

I put a frozen pizza in the oven to bake while I figured out how to load my CDís into the player which was wired into the whole house sound system. Man was it ever sweet hearing my boys Kenny Chesney and Vince Gill singing through a really decent stereo system instead of the tinny little boom box I had!

I chowed down the entire pizza and drank two bottles of beer, and then decided it was time to check out the hot tub. I turned on the under the railing deck lights, but then turned them back off. It was a full moon, and a real cold, clear night. It was way past dark, but was so bright you could see moon shadows. I could see down the field in front of the deck, and frost was already starting to white up the grass.

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I was wearing jeans and a tee-shirt, with a long-sleeved thermal top underneath, and of course, my ball cap. I remember thinking it wouldnít be long Iíd have to start wearing my thermal drawers, too, sometimes. Especially to sleep, since Mom has a habit of busting into my room in the morning to make sure Iím up. I may not be awake, when she comes in, but Iím always ďup.Ē Sheís embarrassed the both of us more than once doing that. So I make sure Iím wearing something that keeps Little Harley cooped up and out of sight. Shit! I could sleep naked there at Aunty Mimís place if I wanted. Too many fucking choices!

Well, one thing was for certain. I was going skinny-dipping in that hot tub. I stripped down buck naked and got into the hot tub. Man oh man, did that feel good! The warm water washed over my body as I sat down, and I had never felt so relaxed in my whole entire life. It was weird sitting there, my head and neck being cold, and my shoulders and body being so warm. I stared out over the valley, thinking about what it would be like if I lived there all the time. Just me and Pal, doing this every night, owning this place and being richer than sin.

The Vince Gill CD came on, and I moved my body so that one of the jets was playing over my cock and balls. I was starting to get horned up. Hell, who am I kidding? Iím always horned up. I seem to have a hard on more than I donít, Ďcause I seldom get a chance to whack off. When I do get off, I sort of tend to shout and moan and grunt a lot. At home, thereís always someone around, and the menís room at work ainít very private. And my cum squirts pretty far and I canít seem to control it too good, so I donít want to whack off in my truck and get pecker tracks all over the interior. I end up taking Pal for a lot of long walks, and usually end up doing the deed somewhere out in the woods, which isnít very satisfactory but it keeps me from going completely crazy. Iíve wished already that I had a steady girlfriend to help me out, but then other times, I just ainít sure about that.

Badpuppy Model - Allen

I mean, I dated a few girls back in high school, and it was nice kissing them and shit, but then I went out with Becky Wrightly, the class slut. I mean, she had a well deserved reputation for doing everything, and I mean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, on the first date. We went to a movie, and then we went parking, and I groped her titties, and she told me to reach up under her top, and she wasnít wearing a bra, so I touched her naked tits, and then she pulled my hand down toward her crotch, and told me she wanted me to finger her snatch. Holy hell! Next thing you know, Iím finger fucking her, and sheís undoing my pants and reaching into my tighty-whities! I wasnít even sure what I was supposed to be doing, and then I regained my senses and just stopped, because I remembered that I had signed that purity pledge where you promise to save yourself for marriage. I told Becky about that, and she got pissed off, but so what. Truth be told, I wasnít even hard, probably because I was so scared!

You think about it. Girlís sex stuff is all up inside and out of sight. When they get excited, all their juices are up inside their cunt, where they canít really wash it clean, and even when they pee, they canít shake the last few drops off. A guyís dick is all open and exposed and he can shake it dry when he pees. When he cums, the sperm flies out and then you can wipe it up clean as a whistle. And you always know when heís having a good time because he gets a hard on and then sperms, which you can actually see, but with a girl, youíre just somehow supposed to take her word for it that sheís all worked up. Whoís to know if sheís lying or telling the truth?

Oh, and about titties? Whatís the big deal? Guyís have Ďem too, only theyíre called pecs - with nipples and everything. Girls tits just have more fat at them, which is even sort of disgusting in a way! I just donít get it, I guess. When I went out with Becky, I had my finger up her snatch for less than 5 minutes, and even though I washed it and washed it, I could smell her pussy on my hand for three days afterwards. Gross!

When I walk Pal and end up jerking off, I squirt it and shake the last drop or two off, and then squeeze it dry, maybe having to wipe the edge of my hand on my pants. By the time I get home, itís all dry and neat and after I wash my hands, thereís no way you can tell what I did. It just seems to me that a guyís equipment makes a whole lot more sense in a lot of respects than a girlís stuff. Really, it does!

I slouched down and ducked my head under the bubbling water in the hot tub, because I was gonna get out soon and do something about the major bone I had. I held my breath for as long as I could, feeling myself up and going into complete horn-dog mode. I came up and gasped for air, and was startled to hear footsteps behind me on the deck.

I turned around, and about ten feet away, Logan Middlestone was using my pile of shucked off clothing to wipe his shoes clean. Bastard piece of shit! And between Logan and me was some oriental looking kid who was stripping down like he had to be naked ten seconds before he started!

"What the fuck?" I said. "How comes youíre here?" I shook my head to make them disappear because I was sure I was dreaming. Or more like nightmaring.

Logan glared at me, disdain on his face. Before he could say anything though, the Oriental guy started talking. He had a real sing-songy voice, sort of high-pitched and it was obvious from the get-go that he was one of them fruit-loopy faggots. "Logan, arenít you going to introduce us? Apparently not. Well then, Iíll do the honors." He turned towards me, continuing to undress. "Hi, My name is Lee. Iím Loganís boyfriend. and you are . . .?"

"Uhh. Harlan. Harlan Thompson. Iím Loganís . . ." I hesitated a bit "cousin." Somehow, that didnít sound right. I sure didnít think of myself that way. "Step-cousin, actually.' That was better, but it still wasnít exactly right.

When I first saw them, Lee was wearing a short-sleeved white flannel real-looking baseball shirt over a long-sleeved red baseball tee-shirt, and the matching white baseball pants, all pulled up to his knees, and gym shoes. He had stripped out of those things and was wearing red stockings that went up to over his knees, like pro-football socks, I guess, which he then tugged off, and was now stripped down to a day-glow yellow-green thong. I think the name of the color is chanteuse, or something like that. I wouldnít even have known what it was if Josh Harding hadníta worn one for one of the last days of baseball practice. Boy, did he take a lot of abuse for that mistake! Good thing for him it was only a few weeks until the end of school.

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Lee came over and climbed into the tub, still wearing his thong, and plopped down right beside of me, even though there were six other seats he could have chosen. I bent forward so that he wouldnít see my hard-on. If he was Loganís boyfriend, that meant they were both queers, and I didnít want no queer sitting next to me if I was boned. Shit, that was just like asking for trouble!

And then, Lee put his arm around my shoulders, and put his other hand on my chest, and leans in real close and whispers right in my ear "Itís okay, Harley. I like them better when theyíre hard!" And he immediately pinches my nipple, which for some reason is real sensitive, and while Iím busy trying to swat his hand away from my chest, he reaches down and feels up my boner!

"Jesus Christ!" I shouted. Now I may fart and spit and cuss a lot, but I donít take the Lordís name in vain unless I am really and truly upset. And I was that. So Iím sorry, Lord, if that offended you. But, well, youíll see. I jumped up, hard on or not, and went for my clothing, but Logan was sitting right beside them untying the laces on his boots, so I just left them there and ran into the house naked. I headed downstairs to get as far away from them as possible, and then realized that I had left the duffle bag with my other clothing and stuff upstairs in the living room.

Badpuppy Model - Allen

Shit! Now what? I didnít want to go wandering around the house naked with two queer boys there, so I sort of headed towards Loganís room, hoping to maybe find some other of his stuff there that I could wear. At least we were about the same size, him being maybe just a little bit taller and heavier than my skinny five foot nine body. He must have had most of his clothing at school, but I rummaged around in his bureau and closet, and found some stuff that would have to do. He had a pair of those flannel lounge pants, a blue and red plaid, with a drawstring and a button fly, and then I figured that I didnít want Little Harley poking his nose out at the wrong time, so I put on Loganís jockstrap first since I was gonna wear it anyway when I bonked his pillows and bed sheets. I found a whole bunch of tee-shirts, but I figured those wouldnít be warm enough, so I wore a thick grey turtleneck sweater from out of the closet. And then my feet got cold, so I put on a pair of heavy boot socks. There. At least Iíd be covered up if I ran into Logan or Lee again.

And then I realized that I had to go back outside. Nugget and Aurum were still out, and Logan sure as shit wouldnít bother to let them in or give them water. Cautiously, I went out the sliding door onto the patio and softly called the dogs. They didnít respond, so I called a little louder. Still no dogs.

I went over to the end of the house toward the master bedroom and called again. Where the fuck were the dogs? I tip-toed up the steps towards the upper deck, wondering what had happened to my tunes. Logan and Lee were no longer outside, at least. I retrieved my clothes, and softly called the dogs again. There was a small commotion at the sliding glass door from the bedroom onto the deck. Nugget and Aurum were in the master bedroom with Logan and Lee. And what they were being forced to witness!

Logan was laying back on the bed, stark naked, and Lee was crouched over between his legs, licking and sucking at his cock like he was a starving man who was eating for the first time in a month. Lee sort of had his ass towards me, and he was wearing a bright red jockstrap. I couldnít believe what I was seeing. Two guys having sex with each other. I mean, I know weíre supposed to hate the sin, but love the sinner, but they were doing it with each other right there in front of me! I couldnít help myself, and I must have watched for two full minutes while Lee worked on Loganís stiff cock. I guess it was because I was so horned up from earlier or maybe it was because I had never seen anything like that before, but I sort of boned up again myself.

Now, Little Harley is about five and a half inches long, and he poked straight out into Loganís jock, and I reached into the fly of the pajama pants to make him more comfortable. And of course, that was the exact moment that Nugget chose to start barking, and Lee turned around to see why and saw me with my hand in the fly of the pants adjusting my hard on. Lee smiled at me and winked. I stepped over to hide beside the wall, but we had definitely seen each other. Stupid, stupid, STUPID! I would have to go back past the sliding glass door to get down the steps and back inside the house.

All right. Maybe I could turn my back on them, and just not look at the perversion going on in Aunty Mimís house. In her bedroom. In her very bed, for pityís sake! Yeah. Just give my heart a minute or two to stop pounding, and then side step past the window looking out over the valley instead of at the two faggots in the bedroom. At least Loganís cock wasnít that big. About the same size as mine, actually.

I leaned back against the wall, staring at the sky and thinking about how Granny says the full moon makes people do crazy stuff sometimes and maybe they werenít really queers and it was just the full moon making them do what they were doing except that Lee had said they were boyfriends, and then, for some reason, Who Let The Dogs Out? started going through my head. Boom, boppa boom, boom. Who let the dogís out - boom, boppa boom, boom. I had calmed down some. I turned to go past the door and back inside, but the tune in my head made me look for Nugget and Aurum inside the room, which was a big mistake.

By now, Lee was sitting on top of Logan, straddling him in like a crab walk. Loganís cock was definitely up Leeís ass, and Lee was bouncing up and down on it fucking himself real good. Lee was backwards, with his feet up at Logan's sides, and his head hanging upside down over Loganís knees. I could see he had a big hard on poking straight up into the pouch of his red jockstrap, and as I stared at them in disbelief, Lee opened his eyes and looked right at me with the biggest smile on his face. I guess I was upside down from Leeís point of view, and I know I was feeling turned upside down and also inside out from what I was seeing right there in front of me.

If Little Harley had started to go soft a moment ago, he more than made up for it again now. He pushed straight ahead into Loganís jock, and I knew without looking that he had indeed poked his head right out the fly of the pajama pants to get a better look at things. I guess a little bit of dampness had come out of him, because the night air felt sharp at his tip.

Lee kept bouncing up and down, riding Logan like he was pony or something, smiling back at me and struggling to keep his eyes open. He sure looked to be getting a lot of pleasure out of what he was doing. Nugget and Aurum snoozed through it all on the rug at the foot of the bed, blissfully unaware of the perversion in the room with them. I finally tore myself loose and went back down to the cement patio on the lower level, and finally into Loganís bedroom.

I guess I should have prayed then, but I didnít. I couldnít get the images of what Lee was doing with Logan out of my head. I mean, I had certainly thought already about what it must be like to suck on a dick. Just out of curiosity, mind you! And I figured that wouldnít break the purity pledge, either, since guys promise not to have sex with any woman youíre not married to. I had tried often enough to suck on my own dick, but never could reach it with my lips, or even touch it with my tongue. And while I might have slipped a soapy finger up my backside in the shower a few times just to see what it felt like, I didnít really believe that one guy would let another guy actually put his entire dick up there! I was sorely conflicted, as Pastor Bob says sometimes.

Badpuppy Model - Allen

I lay face up on Loganís bed, with the light on, staring at the ceiling and thinking about all that I had seen in the past hour. I donít know how long I laid there, or even what I was thinking, exactly, but I snapped out of it when there was light tapping on the door, and without waiting for my response, Lee came into the room.

Lee told me he felt like he owed me an apology and had come down to say he was sorry.

For what, I asked him.

For coming on so strong up on the deck, he says. He smiled at me. Not a smile like when he was straddling Loganís dick, but an apologetic smile like he was truly repentant for something. He was still wearing nothing but his bright red jockstrap, and now he had on a pair of low cut white quarter socks, too. I guess my eyes went toward the pouch of his jock, because I noticed that the pouch was wet and that he no longer had an erection. Lee had moved over aside of the full size bed, and I figured he wanted to sit on the side of it while he talked with me, so I moved over a bit to make room for him.

ďI though you knew Logan was gay, and that you were all right with it. And I guess I went a bit over the top,Ē he said. And then, instead of sitting on the edge of the bed, Lee lay down right aside of me, on his left side so he was facing me, with his elbow bent and his head propped up on his hand. ďAnyway, Iím sorry if I came on too strong earlier. Will you forgive me, Harlan?Ē

Lee batted his long eyelashes at me. He was cute, if you can call a guy cute. He was about four inches shorter than me, with jet black hair, and real dark eyes, and I just couldnít stay mad at him. Hell, all he had really done was touch me unexpectedly. Some of the guys on the baseball team had grabbed at my ass or dick in the showers when I wasnít expecting it, and I just sort of laughed it off with them. If Logan and Lee were gay, what did it matter to me, so long as they didnít try to convert me. Hate the sin, but love the sinner.

I guess I smiled back at Lee, and I told him I forgave him. ďThank youĒ he said, and he meant it. And then he leaned over and started to kiss me, square on the lips like we were boy and girl, and I started to resist, but then I figured that that was probably just what queers did when they apologized and made up, so I sort of relaxed and even left him poke his tongue into my mouth and start exploring. It actually felt pretty good. At least as good as french kissing with any of the girls I had ever dated, because Lee sure knew what he was doing.

Leeís tongue seemed to be everywhere, and then he sort of rolled over and was laying on top of my side and arm. I guess you could say I was kissing him back, because next thing you know, weíre both sort of mashing into each other, and I know my dick was hard again, and I wanted to rub it against his leg because he felt so warm, and just somehow comforting to be touching up against. We finally broke apart and came up for air, and Lee asked me if I liked kissing him, and I didnít say yes, but I didnít say no, either, so he leaned back in and we started to kiss some more.

Lee was full on top of me now, and we were grinding our crotches together. Hard. I remember thinking it was a good thing we were both wearing jockstraps, or we might have hurt each other because our dicks were so hard.

Well, we kissed for maybe five minutes, and then kissed and ground our crotches against each other for maybe another five minutes, and I couldnít hold off any more. I wrapped my arms around Leeís back, and twined my legs around his thighs, and hugged him tighter than Iíve ever hugged anybody or anything in my life as I flooded my jockstrap with sperm. I moaned. Loud and long. And I guess it was so loud that it hurt Leeís ears, because he strained to pull away, but I was hanging on to him so tight that he couldnít get anywhere, so he just squeezed me back, and I could feel my dick twitch and spasm and spit out wave after wave of cum, and my whole crotch was soaking wet, pressed up tight into Leeís crotch, and then I thought maybe he had cum too, and I might be hurting him, so I relaxed my stranglehold and just laid there with him on top of me, and we were both panting like dogs and gasping for breath, and finally he asked real quiet if I had ever done anything like that before, and I told him the truth, which of course was no, and he smiled at me, and then leaned in to kiss me some more, but not deep kissing, only lip kissing, and then rolled off of me and lay at my right side tight up against me so that I could feel his body heat, even through Loganís sweater and the lounge pants which I was still wearing.

We lay there for I donít know how long, just touching and not saying a word, catching our breath and being close, but with my middle being all wet and soaked with cum, I started to get chilly, and while I hated to move away from Leeís body heat, I had to get out of those wet clothes. I finally scooted over and tried to decide whether I wanted to undress right there on the bed with Lee still aside of me, or stand up to strip down.

He asked me what was wrong, and I said nothing I was just getting cold because my clothes were so wet, and he said he could help me with that. Then he sat up and pushed my sweater up, and when I raised up, he peeled it off of me inside out, and then I laid back down and he untied the drawstring on my pants and went to pull them down. I raised up my ass to let him pull them off, and as they came down Lee saw I was wearing a jockstrap, just like him, only mine was white. When he saw that, he said something like I must also be a jockstrap boy, since we were both wearing them.

I asked what he meant by that, and he told me how he had always liked wearing a strap, ever since the first time he put one on, and he almost always wore a strap or a thong now. I told him I didnít mind wearing one either, even though some of the guys on the baseball team bitched about them, especially if they had to wear a cup, but I figured it was just part of playing the game, and found them to be sort of comforting, somehow. Then I said I had seen he was wearing his jock, even when Logan was fucking him. And thatís just how I said it, too.

Badpuppy Model - Allen

Lee said that was because Logan had the best dick in the world for fucking, and that it was a perfect fit in his ass. It was exactly long enough to poke his prostate with every stroke, and that Lee inevitably shot off without touching himself when Logan was screwing him, and since he was a shooter instead of a dribbler, he had hit Logan in the face more than once, which Logan didnít like, so Lee had started wearing a jock when they had sex, to control the squirting, and they were both happy with it.

Then Lee saw I was puzzled, so he explained to me what the prostate is, and how good it feels when it gets rubbed during sex, and how some guys shoot, and other guys dribble, and which one was I, and did I want to see for myself how it felt to get a prostate massage? But I said no, Ďcause I didnít think I was quite ready for that, but told Lee that I figured I was shooter from what he described, and I sure was curious to see what a blow job felt like.

And just like that, Lee was between my legs, pulling my goodies out the left side of my jock pouch and playing with my dick and balls. I was already starting to get hard again. Lee took my dick into his mouth, and boy I stiffened right up, and then he sort of sucked on it and nursed at it, and I was as hard again as if I hadnít come in a whole month of Sundays. Well, Lee licked and sucked on first my dick, then on each of my balls separately, and then both of them together, and I was feeling things I didnít know the human body was capable of feeling, and it just kept feeling better and better until I thought I was going explode or something.

But then Lee would stop for a minute or two, and talk to me, telling me how I should tell him when I thought I was gonna cum again. And the intense sensations rolling around in my body would back off some, but I stayed hard and when he would start up again the feelings would quickly ramp up to even higher than before. I figured maybe he didnít want my junk squirting in his mouth, even though I was always curious about what that must feel like if another guy would squirt off inside your mouth. Could you actually feel it shooting out, or was it just, like, not there one second, and there the next? And did all cum taste the same, sort of bitter like mine, but not really that terrible, just . . . different - not sweet, but not sour exactly, either.

About the sixth time I was getting close, I was bucking around like I was laying naked on top of an ant hill, and I was trying to tell Lee I was ready for the second cumming, but the words wouldnít form, so I was half crying and half laughing, and probably sounded like I was talking in tongues, when Lee just abruptly stops and says itís my turn to suck him for a while before he would finish me off.

He didnít have to ask me twice. I was so rammy that he could have told me to shit rubber nickels and bark at the moon and I would have done it without batting an eye. We switched positions, and I got to find out the answers to a lot of my questions about sucking another guy off. Lee told me what to do, and he was good teacher, I guess. I pulled his stuff out of the side of his jock pouch, just like he had done me, and followed his directions about how hard to suck, and when to lick, and being careful about my teeth, and stroking the base of his dick and his balls and stuff.

And he constantly reminded me not to touch myself, that he would get me off after I finished doing him. After a few minutes, I was really liking it. He tasted like stale cum, probably from shooting off in that neat red jock and then wearing it for the next hour, but what impressed me more than the taste was the warmth of the thing. It was soothing, sort of, to suck on Leeís five inch meat pole, run my tongue over his silky smooth dick head and trace the outline of it and then drill into the slit on the tip of it. Leeís commands get fewer and fewer, and he certainly seemed to be enjoying what I was doing. He said Logan sucked him sometimes, but nobody could ever get their cock sucked enough.

And Lee kept talking about how it good it felt to get fucked. The only thing better than a good suck job was a good fuck job, and as far as Lee was concerned, Logan was the worldís greatest fucker. I was only half listening to him, more intent on making my first blow job a good one, and I guess we were both really enjoying ourselves because neither one of us heard Logan come into the room.

I donít know how long he must have been watching us, but Lee flinched a little and when I looked at his face to see what I had done wrong, I saw him looking at the side of the bed, and then I saw Logan standing there just stroking his hard cock. I was scared that Logan would be pissed because I was messing around with his boyfriend, but he absolutely amazed me by saying he thought I had a gorgeous body, and how he had wanted to fuck me ever since the first time he had seen me at his dadís wedding. I was stunned to say the least.

Logan asked, almost whimpering, if he could fuck me, and half of me wanted to scream no, and the other half wanted to scream yes. And I looked at him and didnít say anything until finally Lee said I should since it was Loganís birthday, that heíd help and Logan would be so gentle Iíd love every minute of it.

I got off of Lee, and he trotted off to get a few things, and for the first time in our lives, Logan and me actually talked. My opinion of him changed completely. All the things I had assumed about him were so wrong. He didnít talk to me because he was scared heíd make a fool of himself because he wanted me so bad. And because he had always assumed I hated gays, he hated me for hating them. We were both so wrong about each other. The only reason he was mad at me up at the hot tub was because him and Lee had driven three hours to come home for his birthday since he knew Marty and Mim would be at his sisterís place, and he thought theyíd have the house to themselves all night and could do whatever they wanted there instead of in their dorm room, but then I was there and it sort of messed up his plans.

Badpuppy Model - Allen

Lee came back with some towels and a bottle of lube, and he had a blue jockstrap which he told Logan he had to put on so that all three of us would be jockstrap boys. Logan sort of rolled his eyes, but tugged the jock on to make Lee happy. Meanwhile, Lee told me to lay back on the bed. I did as he said, and I had gone soft so he pulled my jock pouch back into place, and proceeded to start licking around at my asshole. Boy was that ever different! More new sensations in a night that seemed to just get more and more educational. I got real hard again, and Lee was drilling his tongue in and out of me so fast it felt like my ass was on fire. Then he stopped and showed me the bottle of lube and explained how he was going to stretch my hole a little bit at a time until he thought I was ready to take Loganís cock. I wasnít scared really. Just nervous, I think.

Lee scooted his middle finger right up inside me, and I actually liked it. It was just like when I poked a soapy finger up my ass in the shower, only I didnít know ahead of time when it was going to move, or in which direction. Then he put his first and second fingers together and slid them slowly into me. That was more filling, and not uncomfortable, either, exactly, just more than I was used to. Lee slid them in and out a few times, and then it felt okay, and then it started to feel kind of good, actually. He pushed deeper and he must have hit that prostate thing he had talked about, because I jumped and the feeling was intense. It was there and gone again in an instant, but after it registered with me how good it felt, I wanted it back as soon as possible.

I told Lee to keep doing whatever it was he had just done, but he only smiled and withdrew his hand from my butt before quickly re-lubing and pushing three fingers up into me. Even that didnít hurt exactly. It was definitely more challenging for him to get them all inside, but I could sort of remember crapping out some real thick turds when I was constipated sometimes which must have stretched my hole a lot wider than his three fingers.

Logan had moved around behind my head so that he was facing Lee, and pulled the waistband of his jock down and hooked it under his balls. Without him telling me, I knew I was supposed to suck it for him, which I willingly did. I was concentrating on what Lee had told me about how hard to suck, and watching out for my teeth and stuff, and then I realized that Lee was scooting all three fingers in and out of me like my ass was made for them. He wasnít hitting my prostate anymore, but it still felt good to me. Meanwhile, Loganís dick got super stiff in my mouth, and I could taste some dribble seeping from the tip of it, and it made me want more of it.

I had my eyes closed, so I didnít see it, but I guess Logan and Lee decided to trade places because I heard Lee tell me to just lie still for a moment while they swapped ends. Next thing you know, Leeís dick was back in my mouth, and I was sucking him some more. I liked sucking Leeís dick better, I guess maybe because it was smaller and so it was easier to fit it in my mouth, but it was also warmer, and while they both tasted a lot alike, Leeís flavor was more . . . powerful?

Anyway, I was busy sucking on Leeís stiffy and Logan got between my legs, and I guess he had greased up his shaft, because he put it against my hole and pushed, and I could feel it slip away and poke me in the balls, which sure got my attention in a hurry, and Logan said ďOops, sorryĒ and tried again, and this time I could feel him pushing the tip into me and I wanted to say ďNo. Stop!Ē but my mouth was wrapped around Leeís dick, so nothing came out and then there was a little bit of like a burning sensation, and I guess Logan had slipped more of himself into me because then it stopped, and Lee stopped sliding in and out of mouth, and Logan held still, and one of them asked if I was all right and I just nodded my head because I didnít want to let Leeís cock out of my mouth or start to think about what I was doing, and then they both started up again, and soon Logan was pushing up tight against my butt cheeks and oohing and aahing about how good it felt and I was thinking he was right it surely did feel real good, and then he shifted his position a little bit and started sliding it in and out of me, and just like Lee said, he started bumping into that prostate thing, and I guess I went wild.

My hands were pinned under Leeís knees, but I pulled them loose and tried to push Logan away from me, but Lee grabbed my wrists and held them tight, and then Logan bumped that prostate thing again, and I must have bit Leeís cock pretty hard because he pulled it out of my mouth in a hurry and he cursed and took the Lordís name in vain and I just wanted everything to stop, but Logan was pumping in and out of my hole and kept bumping that gland thing and then I knew I was going to cum and my whole body seized up and Lee still held my wrists, and Logan pumped in and out some more and it got like slow motion as I could feel my cum just squirting and squirting and squirting into that jock pouch again. And then I became aware that my butt checks had clenched up and Logan's cock felt so big and so warm in my ass, and I was squeezed up so tight that he had stopped drilling, and I could feel him spasming and his dick twitching and Iím pretty sure he came with his dick parked way up inside my hole.

I lay there like a wet dishrag, just drained and unable to move, and then I felt warm drops falling on my face and I opened my eyes to see Lee jerking off and his cum was what was falling on my face and I just didnít care because I was so exhausted. I lay there heaving, trying to catch my breath, and somewhere along the way I guess my ass unclenched and Logan pulled his dick out and I suddenly felt so empty without it in me anymore. I felt hollow and abandoned and desperately wanted him back in me, and yet I knew that everything was inside out and I wasnít supposed to be feeling that way even though I surely was.

Badpuppy Model - Allen

I hated myself and regretted what I had just done and I know my lips quivered and maybe I started to cry a little bit, but it had felt so good and seemed so right when I was in the middle of it, and I went to wipe away my tears and there was Leeís cum all over my face and that just got me more confused so that all I wanted to do was bawl like a baby and run away and hide somewhere.

And then Logan was laying up against one side of me, and Lee was laying up against my other side, and Lee took a towel and real gentle-like he wiped my face clean and started giving me little kisses on my cheek, and Logan did the same thing on the other side, and they both ran their hands over my body and I calmed back down and just lay there quiet while they stroked me and soothed me and I must have fallen asleep then because I donít remember anything else after that.

When I woke up the next day it was already 12:30 in the afternoon. Aurum was up on the bed licking my face, and Nugget was aside of the bed making whining sounds. They had to go out to pee, and I was badly in need of a piss myself. My morning stiffy was poking up into the jockstrap I was still wearing, and I let the dogs out the sliding door to go do their thing.

I went to relieve myself, and then went to look for Logan and Lee. They were gone. Aunty Mimís bed was perfectly made, and there was no evidence that anyone else had even been in the house. I even checked the driveway, but Loganís car was gone. I was starting to think maybe I had somehow dreamed it all, but when I got back to my bedroom - well, Loganís bedroom, I found a note on top of the red and blue jockstraps. It read "Thanks for a great evening, Harlan. It was the best birthday Iíve ever had. Lee said we should leave you something to remember us by, so here you go. We love you, man. Logan and Lee." And there were X's and O's and little hearts all around the border of it.

So thatís what happened. I donít know what to do, Lord, and I need your love and guidance. Iíve been praying pretty much ever since Saturday when I woke up, but I donít seem to be getting any answers. Iím pretty sure Lee and Logan succeeded in turning me gay, and I donít want to be that. What if they gave me the AIDS? What am I going to do, Lord? What am I supposed to do?

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