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Glory Days by Hrtofgld

Badpuppy Model - Teodor

Back in the ancient times, that of the late 1960s and early 1970s, there was a place where you could go suck dick forever and not catch "anything."

This place was located in the gents' room of the Glory Days gay bar and attracted men from every walk of life. One wall of the gents' room was shared with the ladies' room and had holes drilled at various strategic points along its width. Since no biological females ever entered the Glory Days, this is where the young men would enter to partake of the bounty from the other side of the wall.

At any one time you'd find dicks thrust through the holes, white ones, black ones, yellow ones, etc., some cut and some not, some thick with engorged blood, other soft and ready for sucking. Little ones and big ones were all there, and often there was such a smorgasbord of meat that you had trouble choosing. A special turn on was when the straight men decided to identify themselves by tying a blue ribbon around their dicks. A supply of these ribbons were on the gents' side, and on the ladies' side, it would cause a real hair-pull to see who'd get to suck a blue-ribboned dick.

Some holes in particular was especially popular with both sides of the wall. These holes was cut more oval than the others, and allowed for an entire crotch to be accessible through the wall. Men that liked to have their balls or assholes licked, or perhaps liked to be fingerfucked while being sucked off would use these holes. Also, some men on the ladies' side would push their asses against these holes and wiggle them, indicating that they were available as fuckholes.

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On one particular evening, I had just finished sucking my eleventh dick of the night and was just getting up from my knees when a blue-ribboned cock was thrust through one of the oval holes. God, this was a pretty one, cut and big but not so big to cause trouble, with large balls and large hairy thighs. The dude was in a hurry, because he wiggled his cock imperiously for action. Well, none of the two other men in the room seemed that anxious, so I moved over and wrapped my mouth around the dick, removing the ribbon with my teeth as custom demanded. My right hand slipped around the guy's balls, and I fondled them as I began a slow, steady suction on the guy's shaft.

I could tell from the sounds that he was good and ready, and I saw his legs part, indicating that he wanted "backdoor" service. I moved my hand away from his balls and, after catching some precum dribble from his cock and some spit from the shaft, I slipped a finger into his warm asshole.

That was all he needed, and as my finger touched his prostate, his load shot into my mouth, strong jets of man cream filling my mouth as I attempted to swallow around his cock. When it was over, I carefully licked the few drops from his cock and laved the area around his balls. He moaned and his cock became hard again, and he whispered, "Get your ass up here!" I got up from my knees and, dropping my jeans, pressed my firm hairy buns up against the hole.

Badpuppy Model - Teodor

Hoping for just such an evening, I had prelubed myself, figuring that if I didn't get any action that when I got home my friendly dildo was ready at home to help me out. So when my asshole spread itself against the oval hole, the straight guy plunged into me, so quick that I didn't even have a chance to cry out. He was in up to his balls, I could feel them against my ass as he grunted with pleasure and started fucking me slowly, now aware that I was adjusting to his size and appearance in my ass.

He wasn't very long in cumming, either, for maybe ten or twelve slow strokes he sped up, fucking me harder and harder until with a mighty slam that all but knocked me off my feet he shot deeply into my poor, beaten ass. I saw stars, then felt that massive cock pull out, leaving a vacuum where it had lodged inside me. The action against my prostate was enough to get me to cum, and a thin line of sperm liquid dripped from my cock onto the floor where my seed landed in my orgasmic ecstacy.

I turned around, as the usual thing after a good fuck is to cup the man's balls in your hand and give them a light thank-you tug, but I saw through the hole the motions and heard the sounds of his zipper going up, and then saw his firm buns as he walked away. Somewhat frustrated, since I had a really big need to have more up my hole, even though I'd shot a major wad, I pressed my ass against the oval and shook it, hoping I'd get another cock.

Well, I struck out, and when home for the evening, and used my trusty dildo until I churned out another big load, thinking of those furry muscular thighs and that big cock thrusting into my asshole. I remembered how tight his buns and hole was to my finger, and just thinking about that feeling around my index finger brought me to climax again. I vowed that I'd have that dick again, and decided to show up every night until I got him again.

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Three or four nights went by, and the usual men were in their usual places. The following night I was gagging on a particularly big load from some guy when a baby blue ribboned dick shoved itself through the oval hole, the thighs the same as my fucker of the last time. Hastily I completed my task and gave the man a farewell jerk on his cock (since I couldn't get to his balls through the small hole) and moved to my man. He knew who he wanted as well, for another man had bent to take him and he withdrew his cock from the hole, the signal that the face on the other end isn't what is wanted. I waited until the jilted mouth moved to another cum filled cock and moved into position, preparing to take that cock anyway he wanted.

"Suck it hard, suck it now!" came a soft moan from the man, and I hastily removed the ribbon and plunged down onto his cock. His legs immediately parted and I slipped into his asshole, again feeling the hairiness and hardness of his muscles as I worked his ass. He wasn't as needy this time, for I was able to get two fingers into him before he started to pant and thrust his cock into my gullet. "Suck it faster, fuck me harder!" I complied, trying to punch at his prostate with my fingers while my mouth moved at a blur up and down his shaft.

Badpuppy Model - Teodor

Suddenly, two hands grasped my hand as he jerked back, pulling both cock out of my mouth and ass away from my fingers. Still keeping me held tightly, he turned around and moved towards the hole, his beautiful muscular, hairy ass moving towards my face. "Lick it, fuck it with your fingers!" he moaned, letting go of my hand only after my fingers found his hole again and began spreading it for my tongue.

Now, for one of the men on the gents' side to be taken was unheard of, and I was getting off on this young man's demands as well as the audience that was building up on my side of the wall. "Girl, what are you doing?" cried one cocksucker, pulling off his man's cock to deliver this message. Another one hissed back at him to finish his own job and not to bother an obvious pro at the game. I just smiled and kept licking at that gorgeous ass until I heard a command I didn't think I'd hear.

"Spit on your dick and shove it in!" When I hesitated, his ass shook imperiously and he rumbled, "Do it now, faggot!" I felt my blood boil and I spat on my dick, getting it as lubed as possible from precum and spit, and shoved my dick angrily into his hole. "Aaaaaaauuuuuuggggghhhh! Yes, yes, just like that, fuck my asshole, prick licker!" I slammed into him, harder than I'd ever fuck anybody, getting angrier and angrier at his taunting and teasing. His butt was so tight that I was sure I was ripping him in two, since my own meat isn't such a little guy, but from his grunting and groaning, I guess he was enjoying it enough to keep egging me on.

I had reached through the hole and grabbed his hips, and was pistoning into his ass, thrusting inside him while my arms pulled him against me. I felt his big, hairy nuts slap against mine as I slammed into him, beginning to let go of the anger and soon felt a major lust flow over me for this hairy butt I was fucking. I leaned over as far as I could and got my hands far enough to feel a taunt belly rippled with muscle and coated in hair, and moved a little to grasp the swinging balls and cock between his legs.

"Shoot it or lose it, fucker!" I screamed as I began fisting his cock hard, pounding his shaft and slamming my fist against his hard balls. He cried out, and shot all over the floor, I felt the streams through the giant tube that ran down his cock shaft, and played with stopping and starting it by pressing hard on the tube. God, he loved it, and told me that he wanted my cum inside him right now! Always happy to please, I stuffed my cock in as far as it would go and let loose, my jets coating his insides and dripping out the little spaces between my cock and his loosened asshole. As I rested, I let go of his cock and he pulled away, my cock making a little "smack" sound as it came out of his pounded ass. He pulled up his jeans and, again, walked away from me, still not showing his face or anything more than just what was needed for sex. Another frustrating night with my favorite toy and dildo, and I decided right there that I'd take care of this once and for all.

Badpuppy Model - Teodor

The next time he showed up, I waited for the blue ribboned cock to come through the hole and then quietly left the ladies' room. I entered the gents' room, making sure to close and bolt the door behind me so that I'd be alone with my guy, and walked over to the glory hole wall. There, naked from the waist up and with his jeans down around the floor was one of the most gorgeous men I'd ever seen. His back was smooth, the line of hair on his ass stopping just above the rise of the buttocks, so that he looked like he was wearing a pair of hairy underwear. He wiggled his cock, which made the butt moved enticingly, and I could see from the way his arms were spread against the wall that he worked out hard and often. "Hi, there, stud," I said as the man turned in confusion and surprise. When I saw his face, I nearly lost it, for here was one of the muscular football players from the college I went to!

He was as shocked as I, for he had seen me hanging around the locker rooms after practice times so that I could spy on the men returning from the showers. He'd even been part of the group that had grabbed me one day and thrown me into the showers, with all the heads turned on full blast COLD, laughing that I needed a 'cold shower' to get those dirty thoughts out of my head. I just stood there and grinned at him, knowing that I'd caught him truly with his 'pants down.'

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"Shit, don't tell anybody!" he said, frantically pulling up his jeans and retrieving his shirt from the back pocket. "I broke up with my girlfriend a couple of weeks ago, and I really needed to get my rocks off, and a buddy told me of this place where faggots would suck you off especially well if you tied one of those ribbons around your dick." He shrugged and said, "Well, I did it, and you gave me a great blowjob. I really was surprised when you stuck a finger up my ass, but it sure felt good and made me even hornier, which is why I fucked you so hard."

I moved closer to him and noted with satisfaction the thick chest and V shape of his torso in the tight shirt he wore. "Hey, man, that's cool, but what I can't figure out is why you wanted to be fucked. I mean, you're straight, right? What's the deal?"

He shrugged again, the movement on his body making my mouth water, and he said, "That buddy that sent me to this place? He came out to me the following day when I told him about the fantastic sex we'd had, and wanted to get it on with me. Well, I wasn't ready, and after a bit of a tussle, he left, saying that if I'd liked it so much, maybe I should try it myself." He grinned and said, "I really liked that finger fuck, and told him so, and thought that all he would do is what you did to me, but he wanted to get inside me, and that wasn't going to work right then. I took a walk after that and thought about it, and realized that having sex with a guy didn't mean that I was a faggot."

Badpuppy Model - Teodor

I decided that it was too much for his jock brain to handle all that muscle and to think at the same time, so I just nodded and let him continue.

"I came back the second time and decided that I wanted to feel how a dick felt. Thinking I owed you one for that hard fuck I'd thrown at you, I wanted you to do it to me. I could see your face the first time through the hole, and knew that you really enjoyed what you were doing, so I could tell when you were there again." He stopped and moved close to me, and put an arm around my shoulders. "I've never felt so good in my life! Sure, there was a little pain, but what's pain compared to what you gave me? I could feel your cock up there hitting something that I felt all the way to the end of my cock, and when you grabbed me and jacked me off, I thought I was dying and this was going to heaven." He hugged me, and said,"I came back tonight hoping to get fucked by you again, and maybe fuck you some more."

I smiled and told him that we could go to my place. He grinned, and we walked out of the gents' room, the moans and sounds of the ladies on the other side who had their eyes glued to the holes telling me that they were green with envy that I'd snagged this guy. When we got to my place, I had him sit on the sofa and told him that I had a special friend of my own that I bet he'd like to meet. As I lubed up my special friend, the black latex dripping and ready, I thought about the man in the living room and decided that my special friend was about to find a new home.

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