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Give Yourself a Lift by Barringer

Experience has taught me the best way to arrive at a man’s butt is to aim directly at your target. Don’t waste time prevaricating. Listen to that divine divining rod between your legs. Chances are your trick’s dick is probably telling him the same thing. Once when I was on the way to my office on the 8th floor this great guy got in the elevator. My dick took an instant fancy to him and persuaded me to stand right behind him. That way as soon as the elevator began to fill up I filled in the space between us if you get my drift. Fortunately he met me more than half way and, as more and more people packed into the elevator, he packed his cute little butt tighter against my package. He got me so hot I almost came in my pants. He got out at the sixth floor and my dick followed. The two of them led me to a small storeroom round a dark secluded corner.

Dick and I hadn’t had breakfast and when we saw this guy’s brioche we dug straight in. Not a word was spoken but we sure saw a lot of action. That’s what I like about my dick sometimes --- he just doesn’t waste time with words. Gets right down to the job at hand. And believe me he always does an excellent job. I must give him that. I can usually tell by the low moans and satisfied groans coming from the tricks he introduces me to. I tell you he fucked that guy’s buns until he’d reduced them to crumbs and it was left to me to lick up the residue. Had to put my hand over the guy’s mouth a few times too to muffle his cries.

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Dickie boy can get pretty aggressive when he’s overexcited. He transforms himself from a friendly dachshund into a dangerous Doberman. Even worse sometimes. Take that time in an elevator in Madrid. I’d been going up and down to my room for nearly a week. My dick turned into a ravenous, rabid wolfhound on account of the lift boy. This twink had the tightest uniform I’ve ever seen on anyone. The seam at the back of his pants was like one of those ‘You are here’ signs with the arrow pointing downwards to anal heaven. One day the elevator stuck, and I followed the indications (and my inclinations), and I was licking his paella before he could say olè. Never torn anyone’s pants off so fast. Luckily the elevator was empty at the time. I was jabbing away at him so hard we must have jump started the thing so we had to continue in my room later. Dick and I really liked him. He was so hot. Hotter than a Chile pepper in fact. He had the best butt I’ve ever had the pleasure to break open.

Or in his case, break in. He was like a fucking bucking bronco. I tell you, Dick and I had to hang on real tight, otherwise we would have lost our grip on those slippery Spanish slopes. I used his dick as a gear stick and squeezed the shit out of it to try to make him slow down a bit as he had Dick foaming at the mouth. Heaven knows what would have happened if that old elevator hadn’t ‘resumed normal service’. Between the pair of us we’d have probably ground him to pulp. He left us both drained. Needed a whole night to recover but Pepè was having none of that. As soon as he was off duty he was in my bed and we were off to another jump start. He had a pass key and there was something perversely exciting about hearing a comparative stranger come into your room at all hours of the day and night and to know you were going to get very special room service.

I was a guest at that hotel for more than three weeks. I had only booked in for ten days and had to cut my tour of Spain short as Pepè was too good to miss. He had a sexual itinerary you’d never find in any guide book and he took me places I’d never been to before. He discovered previously unexplored nooks and crannies of my anatomy, and together we scaled sensual heights that took my breath away and left me gasping for more. Particularly when he started on my nether regions. The way he chewed my nuts drove me absolutely nuts. Not only that, he kept Dick and my nipples in a constant state of erection. We used to lie in bed in horny anticipation. Even today the sound of a cranky continental elevator makes me horny as hell. They call them ‘lifts’ in Europe, and now I understand why. And I tell you, it sure feels great to have your own personal lift boy.

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We’d light up as soon as we saw him. Even in the middle of the day. And at night he’d light up the room. He loved candles and would spread them everywhere. He was very inventive and seemed to ‘sexify’ everything. One of my erotic highs was the sight of his cute bidet-white butt flickering in the candlelight. It was like alabaster and contrasted strongly with the rest of his olive-skinned body. Once he balanced a couple of candles on his snowy white ass and gave it such an inviting surreal glow, it was like an altar waiting for acts of irreverence. I committed quite a few of those on that altar.

He intoxicated me. The deeper I burrowed into that heavenly butt, the higher my senses soared. He turned my sensory glands into mulled wine and in those insane moments of sexual inebriation, I took his butt to Calvary and crucified him over and over again. But whatever I did, it never managed to satisfy his appetite. He still came up for more. He reminded me of Audrey Two in The Little Shop of Horrors. Made the same kind of sucking noises too. He arched his back like a cobra and opened his butt wide. Then, when I’d stuffed in as much meat as Dick and I could possibly muster, he emitted low guttural growls of sheer unadulterated pleasure. These sounds always drove Dick out of his butt poking mind, and he went hell bent for leather at the boy’s backside as if he was running a fox to earth. Even then, peppy Pepè would shake his butt cheeks like cheeky castanets and draw Dick into a torrid tarantella. Some of those Mediterranean guys are really insatiable. Then we’d get under the shower and explore each other’s terrain with soap. I used to love the way his dick slithered between my fingers and how his ass felt as I massaged and moulded it to my heart’s content.

Eventually, of course, I let him fuck me, and although I’d never ever admit it to Dick, I was in anal heaven. He had one hell of a mammoth member and as soon as he introduced it to my “club,” I wanted him to be a lifetime subscriber. His dick seemed to expand in all the right places and at just the right time, and what’s more, he was a long distance runner and kept it up, so to speak, almost beyond the powers of my endurance. He pumped me so good that Dick reached new heights of ecstasy as Pepè finally got his revenge and pumped the hell out of him too. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and I had to move on. Just as well really as Dick and I were beginning to show signs of wear and tear.

My next encounter was pale by comparison but pretty exciting nonetheless. It was in a ski-lift in Italy. Not so exotic, but definitely erotic as it was in broad daylight high above the ski slopes. It was really great. What you might call a panoramic fuck. We looked at each other, liked what we saw and immediately came to an important decision. Who fucked who. We had just over ten minutes before we arrived at our destination and Dick, as always being of a somewhat curious and highly impulsive nature, took the initiative and worked his way under the guy’s ski jacket and into his waiting ass. The guy shivered, but with pleasure rather than cold, as Dick, fresh from his experience in Spain, was pretty damn hot and soon broke the ice so to speak. We were alone in the cabin but plenty of people could have seen us so we had to appear to be admiring the view.

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It was the slowest, quick fuck I’d ever had. Slow because Dick had to go in and out of there almost imperceptibly and quick because we only had eight minutes or so. I tell you it was a hairy experience, but extremely ‘elevating.’ You should try it sometime. Highly recommended. By the way, just a word of advice to keep you happy on your travels and of course to help you get the most out of them. Strike while the iron is hot. Never miss a trick. As I said before, listen to what your dick is telling you. His dick is probably telling him the same thing. Of course you also run the risk he may say no but that’s better than never giving him the chance to say yes. Remember you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Grab the proverbial bull by the horns and give yourself a lift. Happy hunting.

The models in these pictures are Gavin, Jainson & Adam

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