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Gaywatch by Barringer

Badpuppy Model - Leo Nelson Lane was from Boston but working out his summer as a beach guard in northern California. He was a good looking guy and very proud of his gym-built body. It had taken him a long time and quite a lot of sweat and tears to groom it to perfection but at last he was satisfied. He loved to show it off in his brand new speedos and many a gal and, if he only knew it, many a guy would have drowned to death in the ripples on his chest -- or for just one touch of his dick -- if he’d only given them half a chance. He was rightly proud of his dick which was a sturdy ten-incher and packed quite a lot of muscle of its own. In fact it was difficult to pack it away in his skimpy swimsuit which also showed off his tightly packed little Bostonian ass. You might say therefore that all in all he was some package just busting out all over. Bursting to be busted.

Trouble is Nelson Lane was so much in love with himself and his body that having sex didn’t really interest him all that much. I mean he’d hooked up a couple of times and let a girl or two suck or jerk him off but most of them left him unsatisfied. They just didn’t know what to do with his generous dick or treat it in the way it wanted to become accustomed. In fact if the truth be told he very much preferred his own fist-fucks. He knew exactly where his meaty member loved to be touched and the precise rhythm that was required to bring them both to a creamy climax.

Benjamin and Kevin Albers hated his guts. A pair of eighteen-year-old twins from southern Californian, they just couldn’t stand Nelson’s Bostonian ways. They thought he needed taking down a peg or two and this included fucking the ass off him and wiping the superior smile off his face. Ben and Kev were into bondage and also into each other which made them perfect foils for Nelson. He was a direct descendent of the Puritan Fathers and knew little or nothing of the joys of sex with other men. In fact, before being raped by Ben and Kev, it would have been more accurate to describe him as a closet homophile rather than a closet homosexual.

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The cabin on stilts where they all took turns at surveying the shore was equipped with a bathroom and sleeping quarters. On hot sultry nights the two brothers wouldn’t go back to their motel rooms but slept on the deck, often in the buff even though this was contrary to regulations. One such night they’d built a barbecue on the beach and drank rather too much beer. They’d invited Nelson but he had declined which pissed them off no end. Later he relented and went down to join them. He was only too aware of the animosity that had built up between them and thought maybe a few cans of beer would help break the ice. He arrived just after midnight with a six-pack peace offering.

As per usual the two guys were letting it all hang out. Literally. Nelson couldn’t help noticing their super long dongs and appreciated the fact he wasn’t the only one Mother Nature had been generous to. After a few too many beers the two boys got overplayful and began jossing around. Kev, who always took the initiative, pulled drunkenly at Nelson’s shorts and asked him to show what he was hiding. Ben, as usual, followed suit.

Badpuppy Model - Leo “Cut it out guys,” Nelson protested hanging on to his shorts and his dignity.

“Come on you snooty Bostonian bitch. When in Rome do as the Romans do,” burped Kev.

Nelson didn’t like his tone or his language. He particularly didn’t like being called a bitch.

“Maybe this isn’t such a good idea,” he said and put up a struggle. Even so, as Kev half-nelsoned Nelson to the ground and Ben tore off his shorts he surprised himself by the sudden boner he felt springing up between his flailing legs.

“Cut it out guys!” he repeated angrily but also scared. They were both pretty strong.

Kev, the more aggressive one, responded by shoving the shorts in his mouth and gagging him.

“Looks like your dick’s having a good time, even if you’re not,” he exulted making a grab for it.

Things were definitely getting out of hand. Nelson struggled in vain. The two horny boys dragged him up the beach and tied him to the stilts of the cabin. Anybody could have come along at any moment but that only made things more exciting for them. Besides it was pitch dark and well past midnight. Kev pinned his legs down and told Ben to get to work on his dick. Always obedient to his brother, Ben tucked Nelson’s giant appendage into his big moist mouth. He did so with the ease and expertise of a sword swallower. Nelson tried to hump his ass to throw the guy off but this only pushed his dick further down Ben’s throat.

“That’s it,” cried Kev, encouraging his less aggressive brother. “Give it to him you Bostonian bitch. Give it to him you fucking faggot. Show him what you’re made of.”

Ben meanwhile was gobbing and gagging, his eyes bulging out of his head trying to contain the bulge in his mouth, especially as it was doing its best to escape.

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“God that must taste good.” said Kev after a while. “God I gotta get me some of that.”

He nearly pulled Ben’s hair out by the roots in an effort to change places with him. In his excitement he let go of Nelson’s legs for a moment and got kneed in the chin for his pains.

“Grab hold of his legs for fuck’s sake. He’s broken my lip. I’ll spread the fucking blood all over his dick and lick him to within an inch of his life, the mother fucker.”

Badpuppy Model - Leo Kev was as good as his word. He licked Nelson’s dick to distraction. The boy from Boston continued to struggle but soon began to realize that his dick was finally getting what it had been missing all these years. Only he hadn’t known it. Till now that is. In spite of himself he was beginning to enjoy the feel of Kev’s mouth on his dick. The guy had suction in his mouth that would have put even the best vacuum cleaner to shame. Nelson’s pleasure was more than doubled by the fact that Kev was mercifully quiet except for the slurping, gobbing, gobbling noises that came out of his loud mouth as he attempted to imbibe Nelson’s ten-incher.

Thoughts of the victim falling in love with the captor flowed through Nelson’s head as his ears buzzed and his eyes blinked and he knew he was going to come as he’d never come before. His whole body shuddered like the breakers he could hear beating on the shore. Or were those breakers in his head? Kev hardly had time to come up for air before Nelson had filled his mouth, and half of his face, with Bostonian chowder. Kev viciously pulled the gag out to wipe the cum off his chin.

“Isn’t that the best mouth-fuck you’ve ever had in your life you mother fucker. Go on tell me.”

“Eat my shit,” said Nelson, forgetting his Bostonian manners for a moment.

“I’ll eat your ass first,” said Kev spitting Nelson’s own cum back in his face.

Ben turned on by the whole proceedings was kneeling beside them jerking off. Kev stopped him.

“Save your jizz till later. We still have to fuck the ass off him. But first I’m going to give him a taste of his own medicine. Or rather a taste of my dick. Come over here and hold him down.”

Kev got his brother to grab Nelson’s ears and make him keep his mouth open. It had clamped shut as soon as he’d heard what Kev had in mind for it.

“Now come on Boston baby, it’s time for momma to give you your milk. You’re to suck on momma’s long thick teat just like she showed you and promise not to bite on it otherwise she’ll bust your face before she busts your butt.”

With Ben pulling his ears and Kev holding his nose Nelson had no choice but to open wide. It was a most uncomfortable situation if only for the sand that seemed to be getting everywhere as he struggled. Kev picked up a can of beer and threw the contents in Nelson’s face taking his breath away. In those few seconds he’d rinsed the sand off his dick with the rest of the beer and inserted it in Nelson’s gasping mouth.

“Isn’t that nice,” he said as Nelson involuntarily sucked on it like a baby sucking a comforter.

Badpuppy Model - Leo “Yeah, that’s right. Suck it you closet cock sucker. Show me how much you like my cock in your mouth. Show me what a beautiful little suckling pig you really are. That’s right. You’re making momma feel real good. If you promise to co-operate I’ll tell Ben to let go of your ears.”

Nelson wasn’t really in a position to answer but managed to nod his head and moan m-m-mmm which sent delicious vibrations up and down Kev’s dick and made him full of praise for Nelson’s mouthwork. “Wow that feels good. You’re making your momma so happy!”

Ben let go of Nelson’s ears and Kev took over by pressing his palms against the sides of the boy’s head and rocking it to and fro on his dick. Nelson was kneeling down in a semi-worshipping posture with his ass in the air. This was too much of a temptation for neglected Ben who for once didn’t need his brother to spur him on. He crawled up behind and licked the rim of Nelson’s blushing rosebud as he was busy rimming Kev.

“Yeah, that feels good. What a good Boston baby you are to make your momma feel so good. Keep that up and momma’s gonna give you all the milk and all the cream you want.” moaned Kev.

And as Kev moaned contentedly at the front of him Ben inserted his tongue and then a few wet manipulative fingers to probe the boy’s dry virginal ass. The effect of this was to make Nelson lunge forward onto Ken’s dick and gag and m-m-m some more which only made Kev happier still.

“That’s right baby. Keep that up and you’ll find momma will never let you go hungry again.”

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For a while Nelson found himself being lulled into a sense of false security by the comforting words coming out of his tormentor’s mouth and the pleasant sensations Ben was sending up his ass. The quieter twin was stroking something which he later discovered was called his prostrate gland and his ass was vibrating like a double bass. Suddenly Kev’s old aggression made a return appearance.

“Ok, you fucker let me really fuck your beautiful cocksucking face with this huge dick of mine. Take it all in you handsome filly... I've wanted to ravage your sweet mouth ever since I first saw you strutting your stuff on the beach, you sexy little fuck.”

And Kevin began to thrust his dick in and out of Nelson’s mouth at a tremendous pace bursting the boy’s jowls and almost bursting his bowels with the feel of it. Or was that Ben bursting his bowels? He’d shoved his dick in when Nelson least expected it. And it hurt like hell.

Badpuppy Model - Leo Nothing in his Bostonian background had prepared Nelson for anything quite like this. He cried real tears and tried to protest but neither twin gave up on the battering until one had buttered his mouth sending waves of creamy cum down his chest and the other had buttered his ass to overflowing. They weren’t twins for nothing. Nelson felt like a piece of toast straight from the toaster. Overdone on both sides.

“Isn’t it always the way,” said Kev calming down. “I was hell bent on busting your arrogant Bostonian butt but my brother got there first. Now all I want to do is kiss your cum filled mouth with gratitude you fucking gorgeous fuck,” and he kissed Nelson full in his full mouth.

“Time for a shower and time for bed.” he added, licking his chops like the cat that got the cream.

The next night they had a repeat performance. Indoors this time. However while Kev was quite willing to let Nelson suck Ben’s cock he wouldn’t let his brother anywhere near Nelson’s butt. In fact he was really angry with Ben for beating him to it at the butt stakes. He always liked to be the first in command and didn’t like anyone, especially his brother, to steal his plunder. And that’s what I knew instinctively he wanted to do to me. Plunder me. Just as I knew instinctively even before he entered me that I was going to be a slave to his dick and probably a butt slut for the rest of my life.

Whoops I’ve given the game away. I’ve started talking in the first person so now you know this story was about me all the time. If you hadn’t guessed already. Anyway as soon as Kev’s powerful pole thundered up my love passage I realized that Ben’s dick had just been a flash in the pan, a stab in the dark. It might have been the first to enter my anal portals but it was merely a dress rehearsal for the real thing. A mere sputter. Whereas Kevin made my ass spit sparks. He also made me wonder how I could ever have gotten this far without an inkling of what life had in store for me. And my butt of course.

As befits a story of this nature you won’t be surprised to hear that the victim fell in love with his captor. And vice versa I hope. Although Kevin would never let on. He likes me to call him Kevin as everyone else calls him Kev. He’s not as gross as he sounds. It’s all macho bravado. He needs me just as much as I need him. In fact most of the time you can’t tell where his dick ends and my ass begins. So you could say that this story has a happy ending. Whoops. Another pun. Sorry.

By the way, I never went back to Boston. Kevin sure as hell fucked all of that out of me.

The model in these pictures is Leo

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