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Gay Buddy Discovery by PeterAinLA

James is a horny young dude just out of his teens that can't survive a day without jacking-off a hot load of boy-cum onto his tight smooth chest. His erotic fantasies seem to pop-up into his brain at all times of the day, but he has to be careful about his bulging crotch giving his thoughts away at the wrong time or place. You see, James is turned-on by other young guys, not girls. He's a gay boy-stud not quite out of the closet. Most of his close buddies don't know about his desires for them. And up to now, the most he dared to try is a quick grope of a dude while they were both sleeping. But this was soon to change.

James best friend Jason was a particular target of his fantasy dreams. Jason is a cute boyish stud with blond hair, blue eyes, nicely built smooth chest, ribbed abs, and a thick 7-inch cock with hairless low-hanging balls. He is about 5' 11" tall and weighs about 150 trim muscled pounds. James knew all this from seeing Jason naked in the gym and showers at school. They both had been friends since grade school, but Jason had really put on a spurt of growth in the last few years. James' smooth boy-body had filled-out a bit too, but not like Jason's. And lately, James had begun to find it awfully tough to keep his 6-inch cut cock down whenever he was around his best buddy. He was afraid their friendship would be fucked if Jason knew he was queer. But one weekend, James was to get a huge surprise.

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Jason invited James and a bunch of their other buddies to his parent's cabin up in the woods by the lake. James was uneasy about his urges, but just couldn't say no to his best bud, so he agreed to go along. The cabin was on a secluded spot by the lake well hidden from the dirt road that led up from the main highway. It was nicely furnished and had a large main room with a fireplace and 3 bedrooms. There was only one bathroom, but it was large with separate tub and tiled shower stall.
When they finally arrived at the cabin, it was decided that James and Jason would share one bedroom, Tom and Richie another, and Jeff could have the smallest bedroom to himself. It was hot outside when they got there, so all agreed they needed to go for a swim in the lake to cool off.

They all retired to their rooms to unpack and change into their speedos. James tried to control himself as he stripped naked in front of Jason, but just had to keep an eye on his bud's gorgeous bubble-butt and tight bod as he also undressed. He noticed that Jason seemed to keep his crotch turned away from him while he pulled his tight blue speedo up over his hips. Fuck, he hoped Jason hadn't noticed his hungry glances in the past and was just being modest (although Jason had never seemed to hesitate to move around nude in the past). James shook off the thought and pulled his own red speedo on.

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They joined the other guys at the lakeside and everyone had a great time swimming, sunning, and horsing around. After they were cooled off, they all decided to play some volleyball on the beach. God, what a horny scene - all those tight young bods leaping and stretching, with their tight speedo covered round butts and bulging male crotches. James was in heaven.

It was starting to get dark, so they all headed back into the cabin to eat some supper and hang-out together. After supper and a few beers, everyone was tired and ready for some sleep. The dudes all went to their respective bedrooms to change and get ready for bed. The other boys just crashed, but Jason said he needed a shower before retiring. The shower was close to their room, and Jason stripped out of his speedo and dropped it on the double bed, grabbed a towel, and headed to the bathroom nude. James was so horny he couldn't stand it. He automatically started to rub his growing speedo-covered bulge thinking about Jason's naked body. As he heard the water spraying in the shower, James was overcome with lust and picked-up Jason's damp speedo and held it to his face. That was a big mistake as James cock couldn't hold back and began to fill his speedo with a huge load of sperm.

Just as James' orgasm was ebbing and his heaving chest began to settle, he heard the shower turn off. He scrambled to take off his cum-soaked suit and dropped it on the floor next to his side of the double bed. He had just wrapped a towel around his waist when Jason returned to the room. "Ok buddy, your turn. There should still be plenty of hot water, so take your time.", Jason told James. Boy, that was close, James thought to himself.

James tried to concentrate on scrubbing his body clean and regaining his control. As he got near the end of his shower, James realized he had forgotten his shampoo. Leaving the shower running, he went back to the bedroom to get it, but as he opened the door, he froze and his dick began to harden once again.

Sitting there on the side of the bed was Jason, still naked, panting heavily as he pounded his fist up and down his totally engorged stud-cock. He had a red pair of speedos shoved into his mouth and he was sucking the damp liquid from the stretched nylon fabric. His eyes were closed in passion, so he did not see James return to the room. James moved up closer next to Jason just as he groaned and huge spurts of cum began to shoot out against his rippled abs and drip down onto his shaved crotch. As his breathing returned to normal, Jason opened his eyes and whimpered when he saw James standing next to him.

"Oh God, buddy...please forgive me...I know this is perverted...I didn't mean for you to see this...fuck, I've ruined our won't want to hang around with a fucking faggot...but I've been hot for you for so long...I just couldn't stop myself.", pleaded Jason as he started to scramble for some clothes.

James put his hand on Jason's cum-covered chest and pushed him back down onto the bed and told him, "Shit dude...I had no fucking idea you felt this way...I was having the same problem...I never thought you were as queer as I was...what do you think made that sperm load in my was the image of you baby stud." With that, James leaned over and started kissing Jason roughly as he used his hand to rub the boy's cum all over his chest.

Jason pulled James into a tight embrace and dragged him down on top of him on the bed. He ground his now recovering fag-cock upwards into James' crotch and grabbed his friends tight ass cheeks and squeezed them hard.

"Oh man, Jason...that feels so good...grind your hard tool into dirty to me you horny stud...I want to hear about your slut fantasies...tell me how to get you as hot as you make me...let me hear what a fag puppy like you really needs."

"Please James...fuck my tight jock-boy ass...make me feel your hard cock pounding into my hot, I get so turned-on by your nasty verbal abuse...I need it bad stud...I've wanted this for so long.", gasped Jason as he lost all control.

James lifted his best bud's legs up and aimed his pulsing dick at the panting fag's tight fuck hole and said, "Oh yea baby...let me rape your tight bubble- butt...make you my best bud pussy-boy...we've teased each other far too it's time to make up for lost opportunities...I want your muscled teen ass."

James pounded his friend's ass for minutes and began to hit the horny kid's prostate sweet spot making the slut moan and call out James' name in heat. Soon, they were both on the edge and James pulled his wet cock from the dude's butt and began fisting his prick over Jason's face.

"Yes James...shoot your load all over my cock sucking face...let me taste your sweet boy cum...I want it all dude...blow your load out of that thick dick."

"Fuck it comes...going to cover that cute boyish pretty-boy face."

With that, James' huge load of sperm shot out and covered his friends entire face and neck with bolts of white cum. That was all Jason could take and his engorged jock-cock sprayed his own load over his hard abs and James' muscled ass.

After finally remembering to turn off the shower (oops), the two best lovers fell asleep in each other's arms after James licked both their loads off of Jason's muscled body.

The next morning, the other guys came into their room and saw a naked James and Jason laying against each other with hard cocks sticking into each other's stomachs. A glistening trail of pre-cum coated both of their rippled abs.

Jeff screamed, "Fuck, you guys are a couple of fags. I should beat your asses, you fucking perverts." But hearing this, Tom and Richie grabbed Jeff by the arms and forced him to his knees. They ripped off his T-shirt and roughly pulled down his tight ripped jeans. Tom slapped Jeff's tight butt and shoved his face into Richie's crotch.

"You fucking bastard...I've seen you suck dick in the locker room when you thought nobody was're just as queer as the rest of the dudes in this room."

Jeff gasped and started sucking hungrily on Richies stiff rod. Tom turned toward James and Jason and said,"You don't think you two were the only one's who had a hot time last guys are fucking noisy when you play."

Best friends and now fuck buddies James and Jason sat up in the double bed they shared and eagerly watched the proceedings unfolding before them. They had just found out each other was gay and now they discover that their other two best buds also were hot for young guys. What a country.

Tom was a very handsome stud with jet-black hair, hazel puppy eyes, hard athletic muscled chest, big erect brown nipples, trimmed dark pubs just above his totally shaved smooth 7-inch stud-cock and large round balls. He weighed about 160 pounds and stood 6'2" tall. He was a really awesome dude to behold. He had always been the jock of the group and had a dominating personality.

Richie has a rough punk look to him with close-cropped blond hair, blue eyes, rounded muscular shoulders, firm pecs, washboard abs, and a very thick 6-inch dick that sat atop massive low-hanging nuts. He stood only 5'9" tall but weighed about 155 pounds. He was built like a fire plug. He played some of the same sports as his bud Tom, but he usually followed around behind him like a puppy dog.

The third dude Jeff looked like a displaced California surfer. He has sun- bleached light blond bushy hair, green eyes, pouting full red lips, and a typical swimmer's build - smooth indented chest and tight stomach muscles, with well-toned long legs and a young boy's bubble butt. His cock was about 6 inches and his crotch was totally shaved smooth. It looked like he kept his legs and thighs shaved also.

Richie was pounding his quickly hardening dick into the whimpering slut Jeff's pussy-boy mouth as the humbled cocksucker struggled to keep from gagging. Saliva was drooling out the sides of his mouth as he gasped for air.

"Suck my rod slut...make it get for it you fucking pushy surfer boy...I know you want it need to be put in your place buddy.", said Richie.

Tom dragged the slobbering sucker's ass back up to a kneeling position and slapped his tight buns a few more times. He greased up his big cock with lube and aimed it at Jeff's puckered fuck hole.

"Take my hard rod up your tight teen pussy...going to rape the shit out of you...let me hear you beg for it...we all know it's what you've always wanted.", Tom barked.

"Oh shit man...YES...fuck my fagot ass...make me feel your cock all the way inside me...I want it dude...take my young teen cherry.", gasped Jeff in between breaths sucking on Richie.

Richie was now getting close to shooting as he looked down at the helpless Jeff being fucked from both ends. Finally, he could hold back no longer and pulled his dick out of Jeff's mouth and grabbed the kid by the hair. He held his boyish face in front of his pulsing rod and shot gobs of white cum onto the slut's cheeks and nose. Some of his load dribbled down into Jeff's mouth and the boy licked it onto his tongue. Tom now pulled out of the dude's butt and shot his load all over the teen's bubble butt and muscled back. Jeff fell in a cum-covered heap on the floor.

James and Jason had been jacking each other's cocks while watching their horny friends going at it. Jason threw James onto his back on the bed and grabbed his legs and lifted them up onto his shoulders. James started to struggle and voice an objection but Jason grabbed the red cum-encrusted speedo from the floor and stuffed it into James' mouth. He used his own blue speedo to tie the gag in place.

"Go ahead stud...try to turns me on...I bet I'm not the only one who likes it rough...I can tell from the way you've always looked at want me to shove it into your virgin butt...that's why you came in your speedo thinking about me."

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James groaned loudly but his bulging cock was standing straight up from his groin as Jason pinned his arms above his head. Jason lubed his dick and eased the first couple of inches into James' tight hole. He waited for James to relax a bit then plunged his whole dick all the way into his buddy. James began to moan in pleasure as Jason pounded his prostate hard.

James could hardly stand the building pressure in his nuts and soon his stiff cock that was aimed at his own face by the angle of Jason's fucking began shooting. Long streams of his own cum landed on his horny fag face and in his dark hair.

Seeing this happen was all it took for Jason, and he yanked his hard rod out of his fuck buddies hole and jacked his white sperm onto James' tight balls and moist ass crack. Some of it dripped down onto James' lips and he sucked as much as he could into his hot mouth.

Tom and Richie had been jacking off themselves while watching James being raped. They came over and stood on the bed on either side of James' heaving spent body and proceeded to jack their cum loads all over the fucked boy's smooth boy-body. He was totally covered in four loads of stud-juice.

James was still so fucking turned on that he started to rub the cum over every part of his body with his hands. He pulled the speedos from his mouth and with one hand scooped a bunch of the cum into his mouth and with the other pounded his hard again slut cock until he shot another load onto his chest.

"See, I knew you were a total slut puppy just like me, James", said Jason as he layed down next to him and scooped James' final load into his hand and sucked it into his hungry mouth.

The other three horny guys all shuffled off to the showers to get cleaned-up, as James and Jason basked in the sexual afterglow. Jason rubbed his hands over his bud's still damp torso and kissed him deeply.

"I love you James...I want us to be together...I want to wake-up every morning with your hard body pressed against mine...right before you make me beg for it."

"You like being teased, don't you, you fucking horny cocksucker...I love best buddy is a butch queer sex-slut...don't worry, I'll take good care of your hard body...because I'll make sure we're never far apart hot sweet lover boy."


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