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Fuzzy Lines by Barringer

Badpuppy Model - Radek They say there’s often a ‘fuzzy line’ between being straight and being gay. I’ve certainly helped a lot of so-called straights cross that line. Some are hot to be hit but afraid to commit, some have taken a lot of patience and persuasion but have succumbed eventually and others have gone yelling and screaming into the dark side of their nature. Not that I’ve ever forced anyone against their will. Still ‘Faint heart never won fair lady’ they used to say and now this adage seems equally to apply to fair men. Especially since women have become more and more aggressive and demanding.

There’s something exciting about the sexual tango that occurs when two guys meet. Neither of you wants to put a foot wrong but sometimes it takes a lot of courage to take the first step. I speak as a former ‘straight’ guy. If you’ve read some of my stories you’ll know that I originally come from a pretty conservative state so my sex life was pretty conventional until I got seduced by an older guy. Then I went to study theatre in Chicago and my eyes and ass were eventually opened to the joys of sex with another man. There’s a fuzzy line between fact and fiction too, especially erotic fiction, so you’ll need to take some of my stories with a pinch of salt or better still, a sip of cum, but there’s an element of truth in all of them. A strong element sometimes. I mean you can always tell when a writer is talking about something he knows just as you can usually tell if a guy is interested in you.

I mean you can mistake unspoken glances, extended silences, shared moments and the pleasure of each other’s company as buddy-buddy bonding but buddy-buddies don’t touch each other all the time or create a horny static in the air whenever they get together. If you’ve been there you’ll know what I’m getting at. Just as the other guy knows what you’re getting at even if he pretends at first that he’s as straight as a flagpole which by the way is how I like my guys anyway. Of course, I’m talking about their dicks now. Although cum to think of it I also like them straight. It’s more of a challenge. Michael is a case in point. But more of that – and a lot more of him – later.

First, however, let’s get down to the ‘nutty gutty’ of my first foray. In this case of course it was he who took the initiative. I was still a wide-eyed rooky. I always associate this experience with the crackle of logs. There’s something really sexy about the crackle of logs, don’t you think. I was a student actor and he was a famous radio announcer so I was quite flattered when he took an interest in me. I met him when I was doing some dubbing work and inevitably I ended up in his penthouse in front of a roaring fire. I went like a lamb to the slaughter although I must admit I really enjoyed being on his slab. He offered me a glass of champagne and then pulled me towards him and undid my shirt. No guy had ever undressed me before so I was immediately excited. He kissed my neck, my throat, my ears. Nobody had ever done that to me either. In fact, looking back I remember those kisses as one of the horniest experiences I’ve ever had. There was something strong and muscular about his tongue and as it was tinged with champagne it made me headier than I was already.

I think kissing is pretty underrated nowadays. I mean all that sucking and fucking can be very nice but there’s something really personal about introducing your tongue into a perfect stranger’s mouth. And Miles Anders was a perfect stranger. He had a perfect, tastefully furnished apartment and he was tastefully furnished too. He was older than me, of course, but had a great body. And he was a great kisser. Even so I thought he was never going to arrive where I really wanted him to be. At my feet with his lips round my dick. They were already sending such fabulous sensations right through me that I knew they were just going to blow my mind if they ever got round to blowing my dick. But after my neck, throat and ears he spent quite a bit of time sucking my nipples and teasing them with his tongue. A real taste of things to cum if you see what I mean. He had my head swimming and my legs feeling like jello and I would have collapsed in a heap on the floor if he hadn’t thrust his hands down the back of my pants and grasped my butt to support me. I felt completely passive for the first time in my life. And it all started with a kiss. So don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

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Kissing may be underrated but I think that ‘little’ word thrust is much overused in erotic stories. But not it this case. In fact thrust was the operative word as far as my experience with Miles Albers was concerned. With kneading coming in a close second. Plus a little rubbing and tweaking. He gave my body the full works and had me twanging like a bowstring waiting for his arrow to penetrate me. He thrust his tongue in my mouth, his fingers up my love chute and, as he moved on down, nipped my nipples in the bud and made a slippery passage towards my dick. And when he finally wrapped his lips round my cockhead he made my hair curl and my flesh sizzle. I swelled rapidly inside his moist mouth and he manipulated my head to and fro so that between us we built up a slow steady, rhythmic pumping. I suddenly knew what suction was all about! I’ve never had so many sensations all at once but of course it was the first time. I’ve never had such a long lasting orgasm either. They say it’s all in the mind but what a guy does with his mouth, fingers and dick has a lot to do with it.

Badpuppy Model - Radek Maybe I’ll get back to Miles and the crackle of logs later but I’m eager to tell you about Gabriel. Actually, I’m still a little ashamed of myself as he’d been given to me in trust and, when I first got hold of him, had had no sexual experience whatsoever so I don’t suppose officially you could call him straight as he didn’t really know who he was. A bit like me with Miles really. Although, even then, I definitely knew what I wanted even if I wasn’t absolutely sure who I was. A friend called me and asked if I had room for a guest in my apartment. It would only be for two weeks but her cousin was coming for a job interview. He was very shy and didn’t know anyone in town. Would I keep an eye on him? Little did I know what I was letting myself in for. As soon as I saw him I wanted to do more than keep an eye on him. I wanted to lay a hand, or even two, on him!

He was twenty-two and had just left university. He looked about seventeen though. He was so slim and gorgeous. I’d never been really attracted to slim guys before but I learned an interesting lesson with Gabriel. Twinks with not much meat on their bones sometimes have a lot on their boner! And Gabriel was no exception. The day he arrived I installed him in my bedroom. Gave him my bed and everything. He protested and said he could sleep on the couch but I spent an uncomfortable night there myself tossing and turning and thinking he was only just next door. So near and yet so far. I had to keep reminding myself that I was in a position of trust. Difficult when I thought of all the other positions I could have been in. If only I hadn’t been so scrupulous!

Next morning I tiptoed in to look at him. I wanted to see if he was awake. Bring him breakfast in bed. He was still fast asleep even though the sun’s rays were spilling through the window. I felt something spilling through the window of my pajamas too when I looked at him. He really was so beautiful. I couldn’t believe he was in my bed, his blond hair spread all over my pillow. He stirred and so did my dick but I went into the kitchen and prepared breakfast. After about half an hour his head appeared around the door, and then the rest of his body. He was naked except for something which couldn’t have been much bigger than a hand towel. I drank him in before I drank my coffee. My hand was shaking and I’m sure that this, together with my silence, was a dead giveaway.

“Good morning,” he said with a warm friendly smile. “You should have woken me.”

Needless to say he had certainly awoken and aroused me but I remained stiff and stoic under the table and said good morning back. I told him he could have used my bathrobe. I was afraid to stand up and reveal how I felt about him so I asked him to go to the bathroom and get it otherwise I don’t think I could have swallowed a thing. Except his dick that is. He said he hadn’t brought much stuff with him as he preferred to travel light. As far as I was concerned he’d brought the absolute bare essentials and was carrying enough stuff in his tight frame to make my head light. He was slim but well moulded. I couldn’t exactly see his dick but there was definitely something long and heavy swinging like a pendulum between his legs as he went to do as I asked and came back wearing the bathrobe. We had breakfast and I took him on a short tour of the town before I went to attend class.

I gave him the keys of the apartment and told him what time to expect me home although he was under no obligation to be there when I got back. He said he was happy to prepare dinner and we left it at that. All day I looked forward to going home. I couldn’t believe that almost overnight there was somebody I cared about waiting for me. I bought a bottle of good wine but hesitated to buy flowers. After all I hardly knew him. But something deep down in my dick told me I already did. I called him to say I was on my way and my heart – and dick – leapt when I heard his voice. When had I last felt that I asked myself.

He had a great dinner prepared for us and we drank two bottles of wine. He told me about the job he’d applied for and I told him about my acting classes but I’m sure you’re much more interested to hear what happened between the sheets. So here goes. Nothing untoward happened at dinner and we were both unnecessarily well behaved. Almost as if we were afraid of what lay in store for us. I was tidying up and preparing my couch for the night when he said, “You can sleep with me if you like there’s plenty of room in your bed.” Out of the mouth of a sweet babe and suckling!

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Knowing my inclinations and next to nothing about his I should have declined but naturally I didn’t. After a brief visit to the bathroom I slipped silently between the sheets. To my surprise he was right about there being plenty of room but that was because he was perched precariously on the outer extremity of the bed. I didn’t do anything to bridge the gap and we listened to music and studied the light the flickering candles were casting on the ceiling. I’d spread them everywhere for atmosphere. Not that we needed any by now. The air was horny with longing. He heaved a soulful sigh.

Badpuppy Model - Radek “Are you ok?” I asked him.

“I want to ask you something,” he said.

“Ask away.” I replied.

He took a deep breath and asked me if I’d ever slept with a man.

“Once or twice.” I admitted. Why not be honest.

Then he told me he felt so good, so safe with me, and that he wanted to kiss me goodnight.

“Ok,” I said reaching out for him.

He filled the vast space he had built between us and cuddled up beside me. His hot crotch came into contact with my extended hand. I smiled because I’d felt he was experiencing a little extension of his own. I kissed his sweet mouth goodnight then put my hand on Gabriel’s horn of plenty.

“Can I kiss this goodnight too?” I asked.

He didn’t answer. Just sighed again. So I took his silence as consent. I burrowed my way under the sheet and wrapped my lips round his dick. One thing led to another and my tongue worked its way down his shaft over his bulging balls and into his ass slit. He did more than sigh this time and hissed like a snake guarding its nest but the snake of my tongue was much stronger. I didn’t want to break the wondrous magic of that moment by reaching out for lube so I entered him by using a whole lot of saliva and some dextrous pre-finger work. Initially, I tried to go easy on him and sought out his love button first with my fingers, then with the tip of my dick. Instinctively his ass wrapped itself round my cockhead like a thirsty thrush sucking the pre-cum oozing from it. This helped lubricate matters quite a bit. I fucked him gently at first, then harder and faster.

Soon he was hiccupping in pain and pleasure and his well-moulded body began to spasm. I asked him if he wanted me to stop but he just clamped down on my dick like a vice and almost jerked me off with the counter thrust of his hot little ass. His wriggles and moans and cries made me so hot that I increased the pressure and built up speed, forgetting about respecting his feelings and bent on giving him the fuck of a lifetime. The first time had been great for me, I wanted this to be great for him too. He kicked up one hell of a fuss and thrashed and threshed and gnashed his teeth and made furrows in my back with his nails. He made me so fucking hot I wanted to plow right through him. So I did and almost came out the other end. This time there was no crackle of logs but the sputter of candles and the splatter of cum as Gabriel came like a fire hydrant in my hand and I emptied my nuts in his butt. The rest was silence.

During the night he tried to revive me and I felt his hot lips on my dick. He licked it up and down like a puppy worrying a bone, or in this case boner. He was far from being an expert cocksucker but somehow he still managed to hit the right spot. He almost gargled with my cum as I came copiously in his mouth. And again just like a happy puppy he licked his chops and begged for more. I told him he’d have to wait until later. I’d need an hour or so before I could give him a refill. Somehow or other I did. We both had a shower before we finally settled down for the night otherwise I think we’d have stuck together with the amount of cum we had produced between us.

Waking up next to him, after nearly eight hours of horny discovery and mutual pleasure, I realized that I’d betrayed my friend’s trust in me. But I don’t think Gabriel had any complaints. Besides how was I to know, when I promised myself to be good, that before this beautiful bundle of joy departed we would be pledging undying love to each other. Of course that love, like the candles, eventually sputtered out but it was really great while the flames were high and our wicks were long and strong.

Badpuppy Model - Radek Good – and bad – things usually come in threes so I wanted to go out with a bang and tell you about Michael. I realize at this point that my straight-or-not guys had extremely straight sounding names: Miles, Gabriel and Michael. Two of them I’ve just noticed were even the names of angels but I’m afraid I brought out the wild beast or devil in Michael. But it took a game of ‘I double dare you’ to get that far. He insisted he was straight and could only respond to a woman’s touch but the bastard said that if I managed to turn him on he was ready for a little ‘gay dalliance.’ He was so fucking sure of himself. Yes, he actually said a nerdy thing like that but he was anything but nerdy! This is how it all started. He was part of my acting class and one of the exercises we all had to do was of sensory exploration. A lot of people have hang-ups and don’t like to be touched. All actors have to overcome this as part of their training. Male or female, you have to touch your partner all over. Not necessarily his or her private parts but all over. I had my own hang-ups about this and only wanted to touch and be touched by a partner of my choosing. Fortunately, Michael and I were paired up in class. He told me it didn’t make any difference to him one way or another if a man touched him as he could only be turned on by a woman.

“Wanna bet?” I wanted to say to him and eventually did. But not in acting class!

Anyway the two of us were also rehearsing ‘Rope’ together and as you probably know the two guys in it are gay. Michael asked me a lot of questions about the ‘ins and outs’ of the subject. He said he realised you didn’t have to kill people in order to play a killer but it did help if you could get inside a guy’s skin. “ Or foreskin” I wanted to say at this point but once again didn’t. He asked me over to his place so we could ‘go through our lines and motivation’ together. He did have such a nerdy way of putting things! Physically, of course he was God’s gift to women – and men. He had one of those bodies that should never wear clothes. To my mind, he was destined for soap opera. He only had to take his shirt off and you forgot about everything he was saying and just concentrated on his body language. I’d had the hots for him since day one!

He gave me a beer when I arrived and sat down in front of me, his legs well spread out and his head leaning on the back of the sofa. I tried to concentrate on the game in hand but kept getting distracted my his thick muscular thighs and the bulge I could swear I saw in his pants as he slid his butt into a more comfortable position. I knew he was aware of my interest and doing his best to provoke me.

Ever been turned on by a guy’s Adam’s apple? It was making the same kind of bulge in his throat as the more prominent one between his legs. I’d only been there 15 minutes and I was already running hot and cold from the way he kept slipping his hand inside his shirt to caress the gossamer hairs on his chest as he rehearsed his lines. I’d seen him naked once and it had haunted my wet dreams ever since. His perfectly rounded butt had fuzz on it almost like a peach. Everything about him suggested tropical fruit to me. His juicy banana dripping under the shower, his balls large as mangoes and his firm protruding nips which – depending on what he was wearing – either speared his tight shirt or stood out like brown beacons from his tasty pecs. They reminded me of ripe cherries or the tips of freshly picked gooseberries. Mouth-watering would be an understatement. Dick-watering would be nearer the mark.

We changed from beer to scotch and as the alcohol began to have a loosening effect on his tongue the hip hugging white cotton pants he was wearing seemed to be having a tightening effect on his dick. I could almost hear it throbbing to get out of his pants. I knew he wanted me to go down on him but couldn’t bring himself to admit it. He was waiting for me to make the first move. I decided to strike while his iron was hot.

“Were you really serious about having a little gay dalliance?” I asked him.

“Whatever turns you on,” he said which I took to mean he was hot to trot.

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“You’d let me touch your dick and suck you off?”

“If you manage to get it up,” he said. “But as I already told you I only respond to women.”

Badpuppy Model - Radek “Maybe your dick has a mind of it’s own.” I said.

“Let’s ask it,” he said and got up from the sofa.

He stood there immobile and let me undress him. I unbuttoned his shirt and passed my hand over his pecs. I unbuckled his belt and opened the front of his pants. He wasn’t wearing underwear. He was big and he was hard but he didn’t have what you might call an erection. I began to feel a little foolish. I mean you can’t kiss and caress somebody who is standing there like a lump of wood but refuses to have a woody. I funnelled his dick a bit and then passed my hands between his legs and cupped his balls in my hand. I let my palm slide softly to and fro beneath his scrotum and waited for his expression to change. It didn’t. It was as immobile as the rest of him. I knew I was going to have to change tactics or admit defeat.

I stood just behind him and passed my hands over his stupendous butt feeling like an art dealer who finally gets the chance to appraise a prized piece of fine mahogany. One that is destined to stay in the shop window. I’d never seen anyone with such an awesome ass. Certainly never touched one. I was as hard as a piece of sugar candy by now but seemed to be getting nowhere fast with Michael.

“Give up?” the bastard said.

“Not quite yet.” I replied. “Why don’t you step out of your pants.”

“Think that will make a difference?” he asked sarcastically.

To step out of his pants he had to step out of his shoes and to do that he had to bend down to unlace them. That’s when I realized it was now or never. I sank to my knees, grabbed his huge thighs and shoved his butt down onto my taut tongue. He hissed between his teeth but didn’t immediately resist. In that split second I was in there and up there giving him something he hadn’t bargained for.

“That’s not playing fair!” he protested but let me continue.

He may only have responded to a woman’s touch but he’d never had a tongue like mine up his ass. I thought I heard a slight intake of breath and even the hint of a minor moan and intensified the labial pressure. His legs buckled beneath him and his butt jutted out to meet my mouth.

“Fucking hell,” the bastard said. “Fucking hell that feels good!”

Soon my sturdy tongue had that ass of his opening like a flower thirsting for dew and waves of lustful pleasure began to engulf that rigid rock of Gibraltar. It began to crumble fast and shudder and shake. I worked my hands round the front of him to get a better grip and encountered another rigid rock. A long promontory. Hot, hard and hungry. I took my tongue out of his butt and went to work on his dick. He almost pulled my hair out by the roots and wept and wailed and whimpered.

Badpuppy Model - Radek “Fuck man,” he cried. “Your fucking mouth is like a fucking clitoris. Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”

Of course, I immediately wanted to do just that if only to pay him back for all his arrogance but I was too ecstatic and anyway he rewarded my mouth to the full and soon had it overflowing with his rich jizz. As I let it swill about inside my jowls I wondered for a moment why nobody had ever marketed it. I mean some of it is so good it should be bottled like fine wine or port or something.

I looked up at him and felt entirely satisfied. I knew I had blown his mind as well as his dick and that he would be cumin back for more. I also knew I’d got him more than halfway across the fuzzy line that divides gays from straights but I wanted to make him eat his words as well as some of my cum next time I saw him and I also wanted to fuck the fuzz off that awesome ass of his. It still stuck in my craw when I thought of how cocksure he’d been about only being aroused by women. I know Rome wasn’t built in a day but I’m determined to keep chipping away at that rigid rock of his and ride him over the finishing line like a prize stallion. Have him champing at the bit. I want to whip him to a frenzy and make him feel the crackling of my log in his hot butt and really get a taste for it. I want him foaming at the mouth and begging me for more.

They say when an animal tastes blood it goes in for the kill. I’ve tasted Michael’s cum now and know exactly how that four-legged beast feels. I know Michael does too. I know it from all the four letter words and jizz he spat out while I was tongue-fucking him and blowing his juicy joint.

I haven’t seen him in a while and miss him like crazy. I’ve been consoling myself looking at some photos I took of him. Before and after. They’re really hot. Two of them in particular. I’ve called one ‘I wonder’ and the other ‘I know.’ Every picture does indeed tell a story. I sincerely hope this one isn’t over yet.

At the time of writing there’s still a fuzzy line in my life between fact and fiction. I’m waiting for Michael to take the next step in our sexual tango and make my dream reality.

When he does I’ll tell you all about it. I promise.

The Badpuppy.com model in these pictures is Radek

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