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Fun in the Sun by Mark Webster

Badpuppy Model - Jerry

It was a hot August day in 2003. In fact, it had been hot for most of the summer, which doesn't happen often in England. My name is Mark and I am 29 and a rep for a fine art company. I realize that sounds as if I am introducing my self on a quiz show, but still it is true except the fine art company bit. I mean I try to sell paint brushes and crafts to shops all along the south coast of England from Dover to Penzance, so I have to do a lot of traveling. I was married at 18, and looking back on it, we were far too young which is probably why it only lasted for six years. That, and the traveling, of course, gave my wife plenty of opportunity to look around.

Enough of all that, I now live on my own in a small apartment in Uckfield. That is where I was driving to when this adventure happened. I had been working in the Dorchester area for a couple of days, staying in a B & B just outside of the town. Having finished my last call just after 5 in the evening, I decided to stay on for another night, and have a leisurely drive back home the next day. I got up for breakfast the following morning and was pleased to be able to put on a pair of shorts and a polo shirt, not the 'rep' suite and tie, as it would be far more comfortable driving in the hot conditions. I set off about 10:30 AM along the A35 eastwards, and every thing was going well. I got as far as the Worthing – Brighton bypass, when I realized I could really do with a break to take a piss. Too much coffee at breakfast, I thought to my self, and for those who know that road, there aren't many places to stop.

I had just passed The University, and was heading out on the Lewes road when I noticed a lay by. I swung in quickly and was pleased to see there were no other cars there. It was obviously part of the old road before they straightened it, as it had trees on either side, sheltering it from the new road. I jumped out the car, got out my dick and started to piss. No sooner had this happened, than in came a rusty, yellow VW van with a surf board on the roof, and it pulled up right behind my car. Just my luck, I thought, but I can't stop now. However, out of the van jumped a young man who was probably 19 or 20. He was wearing a blue vest, red shorts and flip flops, was well tanned, and had blond curly hair which hung down all around his face. “Sorry to gate crash, mate, just couldn't wait” he said.

“Me, too,” I said. What is it about men, I thought. When they are standing having a piss, they will start up a conversation with a complete stranger. I glanced at the surfboard and said, “ Been surfing then?”

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“Yeah, down near Worthing. Mind you, there wasn't much surf up. I spent most of the day hanging around on the beach with my mates, getting a few rays.”

Badpuppy Model - Jerry

“You don't look as if you need any more,” I said as I was shaking off the last few drops. “ Are you any good at surfing? I’ve not tried it myself.”

“ Yeah, not bad. Got some photos in the van; do you want to have a look?”

“Sure,” I said as he put his dick back in his shorts

I followed him to the side of the van where he slid back the door and climbed in.

“Come in to my mobile changing room,” he laughed. “My name is Jason,” as he put his hand out.

“Mark.” We shook hands.

It was very basic inside with a bench seat on one side with some rather tatty cushions on it. On the other side was what remained of a kitchen, but no cooker or sink, just a few cupboards. A towel lay on the work surface, and hanging up at the end was a wetsuit with a Nike sports bag slung in the corner.

He went to one of the cupboards and produced a pile of Photos and gave them to me

“Take a seat” I sat on the end of the bench and started to look through the photos there where pictures of him surfing in a wetsuit and some just in shorts.

“These are very good” I said “How did you get them taken so close?”

“That's Tim, he paddles out on his board with his water proof digital and sits on his board an snaps away, then we pick out the best ones, download them and print them off.” By now he was sitting beside me looking over my shoulder at the photos. I had almost got to the bottom of the pile when the next shot was of Jason laying on the beach on his back completely naked. I flipped to the next two, and there he was again, this time laying on his side. In the one, he was just laying on the sand, and in the other, he was reclining with his head propped up on his hand and with one knee bent. I could not help looking at his dick resting on his thigh. Now I am straight, but I could not help feeling a little aroused

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“Who took these”? I said with curiosity.

Badpuppy Model - Jerry

“Oh, Tim.”

“Don't you mind him seeing you like that?”

“Oh no we mess about a bit. He likes to have his dick sucked, so I do it for him, and then he does things I like .... Do you like having your dick sucked?”

I was lost for words for a moment. My wife and I weren't very adventurous when it came to sex; it was just do it ,turn over and go to sleep. I did pick up a girl one night at a night club and took her back to my place. She tried to suck it, but she was so pissed she fell asleep.

“Yes” I blurted out. He then took off his blue vest, positioned himself between my legs and started to undo my shorts. He pulled them down with my underpants, and there I was exposing my self to this virtual stranger. He went straight to my balls and started licking them. God, it felt good! He then licked up the shaft of my cock to the top, and I felt my cock twitch. He repeated this three or four times, and suddenly he was sucking it. Wow! I could not believe how good it felt. I lay back and enjoyed every moment. This went on for three or four minutes until I was almost coming. I lifted his head off and said, “Let me do things to you.“

When we changed places, I took off my polo shirt and looked at his dick in front of me. What shall I do, I thought, so I did what he did. I started licking his balls, He smelt so good; it was a combination of the sea and sunshine, if sunshine can have a smell. I then licked up his cock, and it tasted of salt from the sea. When I finally put his dick in my mouth, I could not believe how good it felt. I started sucking it as if I had been doing it all my life. I must have been doing something right, because he was moaning out loud and saying "Yes, yes.”

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p>After a short while, I thought I would go back to his balls. I started licking each one in turn. I then took each one in to my mouth, It felt great but I didn't suck too hard as I didn't want to hurt him. I then went back to licking his balls, sort of bouncing them up and down with my tongue and then suddenly he lifted both his legs and held them with his hand behind his knees, In a split second I found myself licking his bum hole. I pulled back for a moment; after all, I had never even seen a man's hole before, let alone licked one. But before I knew what was happening, I was back licking it.

By this time he was squealing with pleasure, so I continued licking all over his arse. I even tried to poke my tongue in his hole, but it didn't seem strong enough to penetrate it so I pulled back, gobbled on his arse, and tried to massage it with my finger. Suddenly, like a trap door, it opened and my finger slipped in. He yelped with pleasure as I moved it around a bit and then withdrew. I then crossed my first two fingers and inserted them. Again I moved them up and down, and then uncrossed them. There seemed to be plenty of room as his muscles relaxed.

Badpuppy Model - Jerry

“Fuck me, man,” he said. “Fuck me.” My mind went wild - fuck a man? Shit, why not? I gobbled on his asshole again, and reached down to feel my own prick. It was oozing pre cum, so I smeared it over the head and down the shaft. I sat up on my knees and found my dick was level with his hole. I aimed it, and pressed against his sphincter. The trap door opened again, and I was in only an inch at first. I wasn't sure how much a man can take, so I pushed in and out a few times and then thought I would see how far I could penetrate. So this time I just pushed until I was fully in. It felt so good. It was tight and warm. I started fucking slowly at first, but nature seemed to take over, and I seemed to get faster and faster until I felt I was going to come. All this time he was wanking himself, and almost screaming with pleasure

“Should I withdr......”

“Just do it, man, just do it!” I don't think I would have had enough time to withdraw anyway, as I came with what seemed like a huge load. It must have the hit the right spot with him as he then came and shot his first load all over his face. As he did so, the muscles in his ass seemed to contract and milk my dick again and again. He was screaming so loudly I just hoped there were no other cars in the lay by. He squirted cum all over the place. I never thought one man could produce so much. As he lay there with my dick still up his ass, he laughed and said “That was great! Wow!” Something made me lean forward and kiss him on the lips and I could taste his cum in his mouth. I had never kissed a man before. Come to that, I never fucked a man before and it felt fantastic. I started to withdraw, and as I did so, he squeezed those muscles again and got every last drop out of me. I stood up and grabbed the towel from the side and wiped my dick. “Chuck it hear when you've finished, I've got a lot to clean up.” I threw it onto his face in a playful way, and he laughed again. How great, I thought, that someone you have had sex with was laughing and not wanting anything more than a towel - no commitment, no nothing.

I found my clothes and put them on. I turned to Jason, and saw he had gotten his shorts on. He came towards me, gave me a gentle kiss on the lips, and said “Thanks again, Mark; see you sometime.” He opened the door, and shut it behind me after I stepped out. I stood in the warm sunshine with a smile on my face. With that the VW started up, reversed back from my car, and with a wave of his hand and a broad grin on his face, he was gone. I often pop in to that lay-by on my way past, but I have never seen him since. I am still single and straight?

The model in these pictures is Jerry

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