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Fruit Cocktail by Callan Smith

Badpuppy Model - Tim Matteo

I suppose boys would talk about sex just as much as girls if they weren’t busy playing football all the time. I mean football’s a really erotic outlet. And you don’t have to talk much. Just look at some guy’s dick and watch how he soaps himself under the shower after a game and even if you don’t happen to speak his language you’ll find that his body tells you all you need to know. And then some. I mean a guy’s dick is his pride and joy and if you watch carefully how he takes care of it you’ll get a good idea of what turns him on.

I was part of an international football team for over a year so I should know. If a guy’s not soaking up steam in the shower he’s letting it off in the locker room. Of course you have to strike while the iron’s hot so to speak and try not to miss a trick. Or more exactly dick. Fernando was a case in point. He used to lather his dick and ass and balls until you couldn’t see them for soap. And his hunk of man flesh would grow hard in his hand as he massaged it clean. Then he’d throw his head back and close his eyes as he was rinsing himself off. That way you’d get to see the giant beast bobbing up and down. At least as much as it was able, considering how hard it was. And watch that fortunate shower water drip off the end of it.

Next he’d turn round and do the same to his butt and slip his hands in and out of his ass cheeks just a pubic hair’s breath from your own pulsating prick. He was a real exhibitionist and a prime example of if you’ve got it flaunt it. And he had a lot to flaunt. The other guys would go off to fuck their girl friends or have a beer. Or both. But Fernando liked to take his time and relax. Winding down he called it although it used to wind me up no end.

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There was a very comfortable restroom next to the shower room with armchairs and divans and stuff where players could stretch out between practice runs or receive guests after a match. He used to lie butt naked on one of the divans and eat fruit. Especially grapes. My local newspaper had asked me to take notes on my travels and interview some of the players. I used this as an excuse to stay behind and talk to Fernando but I think he would have talked to me anyway. And at length. Of course he knew I liked his body and was after his dick but macho men don’t talk about such things. They just do it.

Badpuppy Model - Tim Matteo

Anyway I watched him slip grapes between his lips and roll them around inside his mouth until I felt like a fruit cocktail myself. By that I mean my cock and my tail both felt fruity if you need it spelt out for you. Which I’m sure was his intention as he next pointed his dick in my direction as if he was offering me another succulent piece of exotic fruit. The yellow variety if you know what I mean. Well I soon stopped sucking my pencil and got my mouth wrapped round his dick. He must have mistaken my mouth for a fruit blender or something as he pushed his dick in and out so fast that the juice was running down my chin before you could say mangoes.

I swallowed it all down gratefully. After all we athletes need just as many vitamins as we can get hold of. Of course it had put a bit of a dampener on the conversation, not to mention his dick, and I didn’t know what to talk about anymore. I needn’t have worried as he rolled right over and offered me his ass. I couldn’t believe it. All the macho men I’d met so far never took it up the ass. Or so they told me at any rate. And there he was smiling over his shoulder at me egging me on. I confess to you that normally I prefer to be a bottom. Unless I find myself with some cute little twink who is half my size. That way I can grind his behind and not have to worry about proving my manhood. But here was Fernando with a cast iron footballer’s butt and muscles to match. How was I ever going to satisfy him! I mean I’m pretty well built myself but not stacked like he was. Still I got straight down to it before he started calling me a pussy and soon had my tongue working overtime. They say a woman’s greatest weapon is her tongue well I’m proud to say the same goes for me. Although of course in not quite the same way. And what I may lack in strength I make up for in dexterity.

Fernando hadn’t really given me much chance to demonstrate my particular prowess in that department. He’d downloaded his cum juice before I could show his dick what it had been missing. Now his ass was sending messages that were already making his meat loaf take shape again. And how. I was able to hang on to it for support as he bashed my face with his butt cheeks. My tongue by now was half way up his chute and making his ass tissue tingle like no toothbrush or toothpaste had ever managed to do with his teeth or gums, I can tell you. He writhed, shivered and moaned as if I were taking him to the dentist. I rolled him over on his back to stop him sitting on my face and yanked his legs into the air. Now I was able to get my tongue where no tongue had ever been. At least in that butt hole.

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If he hadn’t been so big and strong and masculine I would have sworn he was crying like a baby. As he whimpered and drooled away beneath me, I was tempted to put my dick in his mouth as a comforter just to shut him up. But of course I needed it to plug another part of him. By now I had watered his butt with so much spittle that it began to open like a pair of sluice gates. I decided it was time to slam my canal barge right in there. One moment he was mewling and puking like a three year old the next he was howling like a full grown banshee.

Badpuppy Model - Tim Matteo

I slammed him and I rammed him and hit home to the very heart of his manhood. In fact I think I almost split his sphincter. I had fears that he would take it out on my dick and clamp down on it with his iron butt shields but instead he loosened up his lock gates and tried to swallow as much of my dick as he could. A bit like he’d done with my mouth. Only in reverse. He threw his long, strong arms round my neck and proceeded to fuck back with his butt. We were in tongue lashing distance now and were able to slither around in each other’s mouths as I slithered around inside him and he jerked me off with his ass. Our bodies were doing a bit of slithering too as between us we’d crushed the large bunch of grapes he’d left on the divan. Of course, by now I’d also crushed his bunch of grapes and he’d crushed mine and the pair of us were a sticky mess of grape juice, sweat, and cum.

Needless to say we soon made a cocktail of that too and lapped everything up without leaving a drop. Then of course we had to have a shower and that was quite an event in itself as we soon got hard again and had to soften each other up. My ass was pretty hungry by this time too. It didn’t take him long to supply my culinary needs and he was soon filling me with all that I could eat. And then some. I may have made him whimper and moan with my tongue but he was making me hiccup and shout with his dick. What’s more he was driving me absolutely up the shower wall massaging my nuts. That together with the hot water pouring down on me and the final jerk off he gave me as he hit my love button made it quite some trip. June was certainly cumin out all over by the time we finished I can tell you.

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Naturally I didn’t mention any of this in my article although I did manage to take a few horny digital photos to remind me of this highly successful interview. Fortunately a few grapes survived to tell the tale and also make the photos authentic but I’m afraid the bananas were squashed beyond all recognition.

The model in these pictures is Tim Matteo

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