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Frisked by Callan Smith

We all have erotic fantasies. One of mine was to be frisked and fucked by a cop. My folks were law abiding citizens, and told me always to be on my best behaviour and never get involved with the police. However, as I grew, my dick began to develop a will of its own and guide me towards men in uniform like a sexual Geiger counter. There was a police training school behind our house and I used to gaze endlessly at the studs on stallions and feel strange stirrings in my loins. My folks were Bible freaks, too, so I knew all about loins and the fact that you had to gird them up whenever you needed to find strength.

Yet as I watched those guys going past my window one morning, I suddenly discovered that my loins needed little encouragement from me and seemed to do pretty well by themselves. I knew about adrenalin too. According to our biology teacher it was just something that went rushing to your veins, but all mine ever seemed to do was rush to my dick which stood up to salute every policeman I saw. The fact that the guy next door was a security guard didn’t help matters much either. I looked through my bathroom window one morning and saw him getting ready to go to work. My dick seemed to want to see him too and popped out of my pajamas and peeped over the window sill to watch him take a shower. He was young, muscular and handsome. His stomach reminded me of the washboard my grandmother used to use, and he was working up lather with his hand just like she did. Moreover, his nipples were big and juicy like the gooseberries she put in her pies.

I wondered if he might not just have a big succulent sausage like those sizzling on her stove, also. I stood on tiptoe to have a look, and to my joy, he lifted his hard boiled eggs as he washed, and it rose into view. I’d never seen anything so beautiful. Now I couldn’t wait to see his hot cakes. He kindly obliged by taking his hand off his sausage and eggs and basting his butt with bath oil. It was a real culinary delight. My dick and I began to fly. To my embarrassment, however, he looked up and saw us but he didn’t seem to mind. He just smiled and waved. I backed away flushed and excited and lay on my bed replaying the sight of him. I had never seen a naked man before. Not even on television. My parents were very careful about what they let me watch. I didn’t even go swimming either, as I was a ‘ delicate child ‘ who suffered from allergies. But no allergy assailed me now as I thought of the delicious meal I wanted to make of his body. I couldn’t get him off my mind. The image of him massaging his dick haunted me. The sheer size of it thrilled me. I imagined being under the shower next to him and him letting me touch and lather it. At the very thought, a dizzy sensation suddenly came over me, and my overexcited member produced some strange lather of its own. This surprised and horrified me initially, but since then I have never looked back. Only out.

Eventually, I found my way to gay magazines and porno movies, and also watched some of the bigger boys take a shower after football, but it all paled beside the vivid sight of Sam soaping himself. He looked good with clothes on, too, and I loved the sexy way his pants brushed his buttocks as he walked down the street. Once I was cutting grass for my dad and I saw the front of him as well. I was bending down so my eyes settled on his crotch as he passed by and said hello. There was a big bulge there that only his gun could rival, and I could have sworn he was real pleased to see me, but it was probably only wishful thinking. I took to standing by the window at night, dick in hand, hoping to get just one more glimpse of him in all his glory but it was not to be.

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Soon afterwards his parents left town, and my nightly reveries were over. I tried to console myself “horse watching” with my dad’s binoculars, but my heart wasn’t in it. Five years went by before I saw Sam again, and once more he was stark naked, but on my own television set and in my own living room! My folks were away at a funeral, and I’d decided to celebrate life and my new found freedom by renting an adult movie from our local video store. I was eighteen now and had my own card. Thank God parents can’t check up on videos like they can pc's. Although I suppose my dad could have checked my video card. Anyway, there I was with a can of Pringles and a bottle of beer in front of the box when it was my eyes that popped and couldn’t stop. Sam was right in front of me with some hunk sucking his magnificent dick. At one point, Sam took the huge soggy thing out of the guy’s mouth and then shoved it up his hot ass without any lube or anything, though he seemed to be using a rubber which didn’t make much sense as he wasn’t wearing one when the guy was sucking him off.

I was both agog and aghast, and my mind flashed back to the time I first set eyes on him in the shower. I noticed that my dick was having total recall too, as it grew like granite. I’d had a few ‘adventures’ with guys by now, although it wasn’t so easy as I still lived at home. I got friendly with a police cadet and unbuckled his uniform once or twice, but I was still pretty much a novice. I had my loins girded up for action quite a few times, and then got cold feet at the last moment. My loins by the way were pretty luscious now, and I was very proud of them. Couldn’t wait to show them off to the right fella. Trouble is Sam was still the right fella in my book, and here he was making a living as a porno star and wasting all that juice on strangers. I watched the movie for a while and then got real jealous and turned it off. But I wrote down where it was made before I took the thing back. It was a studio in San Francisco and I made it my mission to track Sam down. Don’t suppose it will come as much of a revelation to you where I told my folks I wanted to go after I graduate, although you might be just a teensy bit surprised as to what I ended up doing there. Or did you guess already!

I was supposed to stay with an uncle in Frisco, but told my parents it was more convenient for me to stay with some other students in Sausalito. The day after I arrived I put on a thin T-shirt which showed off my biceps and a real tight pair of Armani jeans that sat prettily on my ass. I was in great shape as I’d defied my parents and taken swimming lessons. In fact, I was faster in the water than I was on the ground. Little did I know that I was getting dressed for the kill. I set out for the address I’d found on the video and rang the bell. It looked for all the world like a garage. The door buzzed and I entered. There seemed to be some kind of casting session going on. It was full of gorgeous young guys in various stages of undress. I tried to find somebody I could speak to and ask about Sam, but couldn’t make myself heard above the hubbub. Then I was told to write down my name and given a number. I was taken into a small room and was soon being photographed. I put up no resistance. I knew what was happening. I also knew what I was in for, but I was determined to find Sam.

The guy first complimented me on my looks, then asked me if I was over eighteen and if I’d signed the form. I answered yes to both questions. He took a lot of photos as I was then asked me to take off my T-shirt as seductively as possible. I did so. More photos and even more compliments. Then he asked me to do the same thing with my jeans. I did as I was told and felt my dick begin to preen itself, delighted to be in the limelight. I wasn’t wearing underwear so it soon made a majestic appearance. I heard the guy take in his breath. Then he began to shout out instructions. Some other guy moved me in all directions. He even touched my dick, but I didn’t care. I was having a ball. I felt so liberated. More compliments. My dick stood proudly to attention although there wasn’t a policeman in sight. Not yet anyway. Then I had to turn round and bend over. This took a little while longer as somebody arrived with a powder puff and body makeup to cover my blemishes. Then I had more photos with my legs sticking in the air, and my asshole smiling into the camera.

Finally the guy asked me if I was ready to jerk off. That wasn’t difficult either as I just lay there and thought of Sam’s hand on my dick and shot such a load it nearly hit the camera. I was real proud of myself as I’d behaved like a complete professional from start to finish without really knowing what was expected of me. I suppose I was what you call a ‘born natural’. It seems I’d made a hit, too, because after being taken off to wash and dress myself, I was whisked into a real plush office and asked if I was ready to sign a contract. I said yes, but as I didn’t have an agent, I wanted my friend Sam to represent me. Nobody seemed to know who I was talking about, so I described the film I’d seen. Still they didn’t know who the hell I was talking about, but they humoured me because they were really hot to sign me up.

Eventually, they got out a big book of photos and let me flip through them. I began to feel embarrassed as it was like being asked to look for mug shots in the police files. Finally I found his face but the name wasn’t Sam, it was Henry Hunter. It could have been Joe Jerkoff for all I cared. I’d finally found him. As luck would have it, he was out of town shooting his load some place else, but was due back on Tuesday to play the lead in a really hot script. There was a pause in the conversation while they looked at me. Then they asked if I would mind waiting outside. Maybe I’d like a coke or something. As soon as I got outside the door, I began to shake. I had a feeling they were going to ask me to take part in the film.

I’d been fine until then but now the dream was becoming reality, and I sure hoped it wasn’t going to turn into a nightmare. Only ten minutes passed before they invited me back in. How would I like to do a scene with my friend? They needed an innocent looking college kid with a big dong like mine. Only thing was I might have to take it up the ass. Was I willing to do that? I said yes as long as it was with Sam and agreed to sign a contract for that one scene, then we could discuss other projects with Mr. Hunter. I said yes again as long as they didn’t tell him who I was until after they’d shot the scene, as I wanted to surprise him. We hadn’t seen each other for five years. That bit of news seemed to surprise them, too.

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They congratulated me on my photo shoot and on my cumshot, and told me they were looking forward to seeing me cum again. Everybody laughed and shook hands. I asked if I could see the script, and everybody laughed again. Most of it will be improvised they said. Just do whatever comes naturally like you did today and they laughed yet again and then handed me a cheque. Just a down payment they said and laughed once more. What a lot of jokers I thought, then saw the amount on the cheque and changed my mind. I went off in search of a bank immediately.

Tuesday came, and I looked great although I hadn’t really slept much. Still, I didn’t have to start shooting till later that day. I just had to go in for lighting tests and a run through. I invited myself to lunch but ate lightly. Sam wasn’t there when I arrived. The suspense was killing me. They put a little make up on my face and did something to my hair. The director explained the scene to me. I was sitting in my car in a Drive In having a row with my girl friend because she won’t give me a blow job. She gets out of the car and walks off in a huff. I see the rest of the movie by myself and finally fall asleep. So far so good. It took much longer than I expected because the girl couldn’t remember her lines and we had a break for dinner. Then I saw Sam arrive. He was looking great but a little bit older. His body was in good shape though and just as I remembered it. Even harder. And … wait for it … he was dressed like a security guard! We shook hands formally.

I didn’t expect him to recognize me. After all I’d only been a kid last time he’d seen me, but I knew he’d had the hots for me and my knees began to give way as soon as I felt his hand in mine. I knew that before very long that cold formality was going to turn into hot intimacy. My dick had already started to stir at the sight of him in uniform. I watched as the director gave him some pointers for the scene and told him to play it by ear. All I had to do, it seemed, was pretend to be asleep. Easier said than done, as my dick was very much awake. I heard the director shout action, and soon a torch was shining in my face. Sam ordered me out of the car, then slammed me roughly up against it. My nose hit the side of the roof rack, and I knew by the crunch that I was going to have a nosebleed and probably ruin the scene. He told me to spread my legs, and let him frisk me. I told him I didn’t have a gun, and my nose was going to bleed at any moment. He told me to shut up, and I felt his hand running up and down my inner thighs. I forgot about the nosebleed and concentrated on my dick, which was either fighting to be free or couldn’t wait to be arrested. I couldn’t quite tell which. He pressed his groin against my virgin butt, and I knew that his dick was sending out messages, too. By the hard feel of it, I knew the message was intended for my ass.

His firm fingers were now working their way round to the front of my pants and my frisky dick was there ready to lick his hand. He grasped it cruelly and made me cry out in pain. This wasn’t as much fun as I thought it was going to be. Then he moved his groin up and down my butt, and I began to change my mind. He put his mouth to my ear, inserted his tongue and sent ripples of sheer pleasure up my spine. Then he whispered huskily, “Feels like we’ve got a concealed weapon here, sonny. We better investigate!” With that he whipped me round and proceeded to tear my jeans open. My dick first made a leap for freedom, then sang with joy like a bird in a cage as it was suddenly imprisoned in his mouth. I was literally drawn bodily into this warm wet cavern as he did not so much suck as use his lips as a suction pump. My hair felt like it was getting a permanent wave, my dick like it was in the vegetable blender.

Only a few minutes or so could have elapsed, but I was already experiencing a lifetime of sensations, although there was no tenderness in the way he treated me. In fact, by the time he’d finished with me, I felt like a flower with all its petals torn off. Then just when my dick was screaming to cum, he shifted focus and turned me round again and tore my ass open with his tongue. I whimpered and moaned as he worked his hands up the front of me and started torturing my nipples. He tweaked them and pinched them while all the time he was tongue fucking me. Then he started on my balls and squeezed them mercilessly until even my stalwart dick began to wilt and then grow hard again as he ran it through his fingers and made it soar towards heaven.

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Finally, just as my head was ringing with all the pain and my body was throbbing and sobbing, he opened the front of his pants and whipped his huge dick up my ass like I’d seen him do to the guy in the movie. For a moment I didn’t feel a thing because everything went black and then red with the searing pain that was ripping through my body. I screamed in protest but he rammed his rod even harder into my orifice. I could feel nothing but the pain, the blood and snot running down my nose, the tears pouring down my cheeks, and the pathetic pre-cum dripping from my drooping dick. Then he grabbed my nipples and pumped my ass more slowly, building up a rhythm that made me feel I was riding a roller-coaster. My body began to plunge and lurch like a drunken thing, and I felt myself pressing down towards his dick and opening my butt like the sluice gate of a canal lock. I was begging him to fuck me more and more till a torrent of warm cum filled my ass, and in the distance I heard the director screaming, “Turn him towards the camera, turn him towards the camera!” As he did, I erupted all over the lens.

Sam then pulled my T-shirt over my head and shoved it into my face, saying, “That’ll teach you not to be nasty to your girlfriend!” I heard everyone applaud, and then I fainted.

When I came to, it was to the sound of cheers and congratulations and they looked after me like a new born baby. Which is what I was, I suppose, although it was me that had christened the camera. The director was over the moon and said I was the hottest number since Jeff Stryker. He said he couldn’t wait to see my generous dong in the butt of some young stud professing to be straight. He assured me I had a great future. Sam said that he thought so, too, and apologised to me profusely, saying that he’d lost control as I’d made him so hot. Also, nobody had told him it was my first time in front of the cameras. He had a feeling he’d seen me before, so I told him the truth and said I’d been trying to get into his pants ever since I met him.

His face lit up in recognition, and he confessed he’d felt the same way about me, but was afraid he’d be arrested for seducing a minor. Although he admitted that many a time he’d been tempted to make my day and jerk off under the shower as I gazed out the window at him. I told him not to worry. It had taken five years, but he’d finally done that. I also told him of how I’d always dreamed of massaging soap into his dick, and he said I was welcome anytime. I just had to say the word. The director was more than happy to write another script for us, but Sam said that next time he didn’t want to make love to me in public, but in the privacy of his bed. He also agreed to be my manager if I wanted to venture further into the hard core of pornography, but I wasn’t so sure I would ever be so convincing again. My wildest dream had come true. I’d been frisked and fucked by a cop and for the moment I was quite content to stay with Sam forever --- or at least until my Geiger counter dick got me into trouble again.

The model in these pictures is Milan

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