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Friendship by Derek

I have recently bought a house with Ron, a friend of mine. He has separated from his wife of almost one year. He has also been dumped by his latest girlfriend who found out about his many girls. It seems like Ron is with a different girl every night. This last week though, he hasn't been out with anyone. I could hear him beating off a couple nights ago. I never thought he would have to resort to jacking off. I usually do though. I had to smile to myself as I heard him in his room the other night.

Last Thursday, Ron and I were shooting pool in the living room. We were both pretty drunk. I had taken a valium. I know - not a good move mixing the two. Needless to say I was hammered, not that Ron wasn't. At one point during the evening, as I bent over the table to take a shot, Ron came up behind me and pushed his crotch against my ass and said," Let me buttfuck you".

I laughed and replied sarcastically, "Yeah. OK" and pushed him away so that I could take my shot. I knew he was just horsing around. If I had felt a hardon, it might have been different. He did it again a few minutes later. This second time he actually humped my ass for a bit before I pushed him away. Again, I did not feel a hard on, so I again thought nothing of it.

By ten o'clock we stopped shooting pool and were watching TV. I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer so I decided to go up to bed.

"You going to bed already?" Ron asked.

"Yeah, I cant keep my eyes open. Goodnight", I replied.

"Night", Ron replied.

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I went upstairs and undressed. Normally I sleep in the nude, but I was so tired that I removed everything but my underwear and flopped face first on to my waterbed.

I'm not sure what time it was, but I suddenly awoke to find Ron on top of me, sliding his stiff cock up and down the crack of my bare ass. Apparently he had pulled off my underwear before climbing on top of me.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I asked groggily. I tried to wake up, but the alcohol and valium were in full force and I could barely keep my eyes open.

"I'm gonna buttfuck you," Ron said matter of factly.

I could feel the wet head of his cock pressing into my ass. I knew this time he was serious. He had even lubed up his cock and was now shoving it into me. I tried to push him off, but he was too heavy, and I was too high.

"Get the fuck off me!" was the best I could do.

I yelled as his cock entered me, "Oh fuck! You dick! Ohhh!".

"You mean what a dick. Mmmmm. Nice and tight and hot", Ron said as he began fucking me.

"Ohhhhh, Ohhhhhh, you fuckin bastard!", I was saying. It hurt bad at first, like he was ripping me in two. After he was in a little while, the pain faded and I slowly felt a warm tingling throughout my body. Ron was into it, thrusting his cock into me, slapping his balls against my ass.

"Fuck yeah, your ass is nice Derek. How do you like my dick in your ass?"

"Ohh, Ohh, you fukin asshole! Uh, Ohhhh!" I was calling him every four lettered word I could think of. I wasn't about to tell him how good it was starting to feel. Damn, I was rock hard. He started thrusting faster and harder. "Ohhh, Ohh' Uhhhh", I grunted as my cock began firing cum beneath me. I don't think I have ever cum so much in my life.

"Oh yeah", Ron said, apparently feeling my asshole spasm around his cock as I shot my load. "Oh fuck yeah." Ron slammed into me hard and I felt his hard cock throbbing as it fired his hot cum up my ass. When he finished, I just laid there as he pulled his still hard cock out of me. I thought he would leave, but he flopped his cock into the crack of my ass and then laid down on top of me. Neither of us said a word. Soon I felt his cock soften and shrink and moments later he was snoring in my ear. It didn't keep me awake though. I to was soon fast asleep. Around four o'clock, I awoke to find his cock being shoved up my ass again. I tried to pretend I was sleeping, but I was soon grunting and moaning in time with his thrusts. The initial pain I had felt before was hardly noticeable this time and the pleasure was much more intense. I guess the beer and valium were wearing off. I was also finding it very difficult to hide the fact that I was enjoying it. I subconsciously started to rock my ass backward into his forward thrusts.

"Yeah, you like my cock up your ass don't you? I'm gonna pound my cock up that tight hot ass of yours," Ron said as he began ramming harder into my ass. He was turned on by the fact that I wasn't trying to fight him off anymore. Suddenly, he reached underneath me and grabbed my stiff cock.

"Oh fuck!" I yelled as my cock exploded at his touch. He stroked it, milking every drop as he continued to fuck me.

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"Yeah shoot that cum! I know you like it now!" Even though I was done shooting, he kept a hold of my cock. Soon I felt him shudder as his cock once again shot hot cum up my ass. Each time he shot, he would squeeze my cock. When he was done, he again laid across my back.

I woke up around eight o'clock. He had rolled off of me, but his arm was still draped over my shoulder. I removed it gently and slipped out of bed. My head was pounding from a hangover and thoughts of last night were racing through my head. I couldn't believe it had happened but it had. What would I say to him when he got up? What would he say to me? I drank a cup of coffee and sat down to watch TV. Though it was on, I paid little attention to it.

Two hours later Ron came down, dressed in sweatpants. "Morning," he mumbled and went into the kitchen. When he came back in, he had a cup of coffee and some cereal.

"What are we watching?", he asked. I told him and he just nodded.

Fifteen minutes later we talked again. Ron asked, "What was I doing in your bed last night? How did I get there?"

At first I was silent, stunned that he had asked such a question. Did he not remember or was he pretending to not remember? I decided to play along, "I don't know. You tell me."

"Where did you sleep last night?" he asked.

"I remember my eyes trying to close when I was sitting here last night", I figured that was true anyway. I had done that and figured I'd leave it at that. If he didn't remember, he'd think I slept downstairs. He left it at that and the subject didn't come back up.

The following Friday, some friends were over partying with us. I was careful not to drink too much, but was sure to keep Ron's glass full all the time. By ten o'clock he was trashed. He was staggering about and his speech was slurred. By twelve o'clock, everyone had gone and Ron could barely walk.

"I'm trasshhed. Goin to bed", he slurred. As he headed for the stairs, he stumbled into the bookcase and almost knocked it over. I went over and threw his arm over my shoulder.

"Whoa, having trouble eh? Lean on my shoulder. I'll give you a hand". We stumbled up the steps. He was heavy. He out-weighed me by about 20 lbs but I managed to get him up the steps and into bed. He was far too drunk to get himself undressed, so I undressed him, totally. He was snoring before I could take off his shoes and socks. The rest wouldn't be easy. I carefully pulled his shirt and undershirt up over his head. It felt strange but exciting to unbutton his pants and pull down the zipper. I had to reach underneath him and lift him slightly off the bed to take off his pants. After I slid his underwear off, I stood there looking at him - his body - his cock - the cock that last week had been up my ass, twice - the cock that had buttfucked me, shot its cum inside me. Suddenly I was rock hard. I stood there a few minutes more, then went downstairs. I watched TV for half an hour, contemplating whether to go through with it or not. I walked over to the coat closet, rooted around inside and found four scarves. I took them upstairs to Ron's room. I looked at his naked body again for a few minutes. I reached down and touched his cock and fondled his balls for a little. I then rolled him onto his stomach. I looked at his broad shoulders and followed the sharp taper of his muscles to his narrow waist. Though it never had before, it really turned me on now. He had a nice ass too - firm, round butt cheeks and a deep crack. My cock was aching in my jeans. I tied one end of the scarf to one of his wrists and then tied the other end to the bed at the headboard. I did the same to the other wrist with the second scarf. The other scarves I used to tie his ankles to the foot posts of the bed, making sure his legs were spread wide. I smiled at my work, as I took in his spread eagle form in front of me.

I went into the bathroom to the medicine cabinet and found a tube of Vaseline. I returned to Ron's room and slowly undressed as I looked at him. He had taken advantage of me last week and now it was my turn. I hoped he would like it as much as I had. I couldn't tell him, not just yet, that I wanted him to fuck me again. It had probably been a one night thing that he now regretted. I didn't regret it, but I couldn't let him get away with what he had done. The bottom line was that he raped me and now I would rape him in return.

As I slid my underwear down, my cock sprang straight out. I squeezed some Vaseline out onto the swollen head of my cock and then worked it over the rest of my shaft. I set the tube down on Ron's dresser and then climbed onto his bed between his spread legs. I wiped the excess lubricant into the crack of his ass. It felt hot and I suddenly had the urge to push a finger in like I'd done to many girls pussies. Ron squirmed a little as my finger slid in. His ass was tighter than any pussy. I worked my finger in, out and around, stretching his asshole. He moaned a few times in his sleep, but didn't he didn't wake up. Soon I decided he was ready and I withdrew my finger. Using a pair of his underwear, I wiped the Vaseline off of my fingers and laid the underwear next to us on the bed.

I moved in behind him and pushed the head of my cock into the deep crack of his ass. I slid the head up and down the crack a few times. It felt so good. He continued to sleep. I pushed the head into his asshole and slowly pushed it in. Ron's asshole parted reluctantly, but soon my cock entered his hot, tight, wet asshole. I heard him grunt a bit when I entered and he continued to groan as I fed him with the length of my cock. Just as my pelvis pressed up against his ass cheeks Ron awoke.

"Uhhh, ohhh, what the fuck?"

"Remember last week?" I asked. "Now it's your turn!"

I began fucking him slowly. I had to admit, it was the hottest, tightest fuck I'd ever had.

"Ohh, you dick! Get off me!"

"You mean what a dick, remember?" I said sarcastically, just as he'd said it to me. After about five minutes I started to speed up my thrusts. I would take a few short, shallow thrusts, then drive deeply inside as my abdomen slapped against his ass.

Ron grunted and moaned in time, "Uhhh, Oohhhh, Ohhhhhhh,Uummmmm!" It was difficult to hold back my coming orgasm. It felt so incredibly good. I wasn't sure if Ron was liking it or not, nor did I care at this point.

"Fuck yeah, your ass feels better than any pussy I've ever fucked Ron".

"Uhh, ohhhh, ohhhhhh fuck", he continued.

I forced my cock into his ass. I had to go deeper. I reached around his narrow waist in order to pull myself in deeper. That's when I felt it. He must have cum in gallons as I fucked him. My hands found a large puddle of cum beneath him. I reached farther underneath him and felt his hard cock, slimy with his own cum.

"You cum this much all the time? You must like my cock fucking your tight ass huh?"

"Ohhhh, ohhhh, fuck you," he continued.

"Are you still pretending not to remember?" I teased.

"Ohhhh, huh, huhohhhhh, I remember, how good it Ohhhhh felt. You liked it, ohhhhh, ohhh, too, or you, ohhhhh wouldn't have, ohhhhhh, cum all over my, ohhhhhh, hand when i touched you, ohhhhh"

"You must really like it then, because I didn't even have to touch your cock," I teased.

"Fuck you! Huh, huh, ohhhhhhhh, ohhh fuck!" he grunted. His cock throbbed and his asshole contracted around my cock as he shot cum on my hand as my arms gripped his hips.

"Oh yeah! Shoot that cum!" I said as my own nut began to tighten. "Oh fuck yeah! Oh man! Yeah!" I grunted as my cock spurted its juices in to Ron's hot ass. When I finished, I laid across his back, my cock still in him. It was the best fuck I had ever had. I was exhausted. Ron's ass was so tight and hot. Feeling my balls slamming into his round firm ass was incredible. Ron was silent as he laid beneath me in a puddle of his own cum. It felt great to lay on top of him. I could have laid there forever. After a while I slowly pulled my still hard cock from his beautiful ass. I got up, untied the scarves from his feet and hands and left the room. I went downstairs and threw my clothes into the hamper. I didn't know what Ron was thinking. He didn't even look in my direction as I had gathered my clothes. I began to have mixed feelings about what had happened. It had been the best fuck I'd ever had. I would definitely do it again, preferably with Ron, but if not, with some other guy. I had never even thought about it before, but sex with other guys was great. Ron's ass felt so good as I fucked him. Did I go too far? Should I have left things alone after he fucked me? We were really drunk that night. I knew that what I had done might ruin our friendship. He had cum more than once while I was fucking him, so he must have liked it whether he admitted it or not. I watched TV for an hour before falling asleep in the chair. During that time, things were silent upstairs. Maybe he fell back to sleep, still lying in his own cum. That thought followed me to my dreams.

Saturday morning I woke up in the chair. The TV was still on, but cartoons had replaced the black and white movie I had fallen asleep to. I ate some cereal and drank a cup of coffee before I went up for a shower. As I passed Ron's door on the way to the shower, I glanced in. Ron was spread out naked on his bed, just as I'd left him. My cock twitched to life. I proceeded to go to the shower. When I finished with my shower, I passed Ron's door without looking in. The sight of him lying there naked was still fresh in my mind. I went downstairs after slipping in to a pair of sweatpants.

I could hear Ron head for the bathroom an hour later and soon heard the shower running. I was watching TV when he came downstairs. He was still wet from the shower and was wearing only a pair of red bikini briefs. My eyes followed him to the kitchen and then I tried to focus my attention to the TV. I was rock hard again and it was obvious. By the time Ron came in from the kitchen, it was soft again. "Morning", I said.

"Morning", he replied, but neither one of us said anything else until he was finished and got up. "I gotta go help TJ put in another engine in his car. I'll be back tonight, some time." He went upstairs and dressed.

When he came back down, I said, "I have a few things to do today as well. I'll see ya tonight."

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"Yep, Later," he said as he went out the door.

Just like last week, not a word about what had happened. Maybe it would be forgotten and all would return to normal. I doubted it would and really didn't want it to. I had discovered something new and wonderful.

It was nine o'clock before Ron came home. I had been home for three hours.

"Well, did ya get it in?" I asked.

"Huh? Oh yeah. It was a bitch though. I don't want to do that again any time soon. I'm goin up for a shower."

"I made some spaghetti, if you want some when you're finished," I yelled up. "Could you heat it up while I'm in the shower?" he yelled back.

"I guess so." Everything seemed normal enough, I guess. At least we were talking.

Ron came down with a towel over his shoulders, wearing only red bikini briefs. I tried not to make it obvious though I was staring. He ate, then came into the living room to watched TV. Around ten o'clock, he got up, turned his back to me and stretched.

"I'm beat. I think I'll head upstairs."

"Huh?" I asked. I had been too busy watching his ass muscles flex as he stretched.

"I'm going upstairs. Stop by on your way to bed. I wanna talk to you about something," he said as he started up the stairs.

"Yeah, no problem," I responded. I watched him go up while tried to figure out what he wanted to talk about. Maybe he was going to move out after last night. I thought about it for half an hour then decided to go up and find out.

As I reached the top of the stairs, I looked toward his room. The door was open part way. I could faintly hear his TV. I tapped on the door and entered.

"Come in," Ron said as he turned off the TV.

"What's up", I asked.

He paused, and looked at me for a moment as if contemplating what he wanted to say or how to say it. By the time he spoke, I was at the edge of his bed. "I guess we're both just a couple of horny bastards," he said with a devilish grin.

I tried to hold back, but a smile crossed my lips. "Yeah, I guess we are."

The ice was broken.

"I guess that's what real friends are for," he said as he reached out to rub my hard cock through my jeans.

"You're asking for trouble," I said as he reached into the zipper of my jeans.

"Wanna join me?" he asked. I was out of my jeans in no time as he slid over to make room for me. We sixty-nined one another for a while and then traded off fucking one another the rest of the night. Many nights of fun have followed since then and will continue to in the nights to come.

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