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Frat House Orgy by Hrtofgld

Badpuppy Model - Clovis & Caique

The frat was very quiet, almost too quiet. I looked around the darkened halls, first puzzled why the ever-burning hall lights weren’t on, and then wondering why nobody was around. I had seen cars in the parking lot behind the frat when I’d returned from my successful shopping trip. I clutched the paper bag containing my new dildos and continued by feel up the stairs to then feel my way to my room. I heard a quick whisper and suddenly I was grabbed from behind, a mask thrown over my head obscuring light completely and ropes securing my arms to my sides! A quick movement, a grunt of physical activity, and I was thrown over the shoulders of a very beefy person and carried like a sack of potatoes someplace else.

I was placed in the backseat of a car, pushed down towards the floor and a cover of some form thrown over me. The car seemed to drive for hours, but I was told later that it was only about 45 minutes, and then stopped; the people in the car getting out and the sounds of other cars and doors opening led me to understand that there was quite a group out there. The doors of the backseat were opened and the cover removed from me and then I was put back over another beefy person’s shoulders and carried somewhere I was tossed into some form of swinging contraption.

Without much ado, hands began untying the ropes that held my arms, pulling off my clothing and adjusting my body as needed to get me completely naked except for the hood that blocked my sight, and securing my arms and legs with what felt like leather restraints to cold chains that hung from the ceiling. I struggled, my muscled body straining against those that held me, but even though I was well muscled and somewhat an expert in wrestling, I was no match for the multiple people that held me while I was being restrained. After a couple more minutes, I was lying in what felt like a leather body sling, my arms and legs spread wide by the stretched chains that held the sling and my asshole feeling the cool air as my legs tried in vain to close.

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A voice whispered near me, somewhat garbled, and I heard the rustling of paper and then the sound of plastic being ripped open. There were other sounds, some low whistling and some rumbles of acknowledgment, but all were so quiet that I couldn’t quite catch anything being said. My attention was somewhat taken when I felt the air change around my legs and something cold and slick being pressed into my asshole, then the feeling of fullness as a liquid began shooting into me!

Badpuppy Model - Clovis & Caique

A hand was placed on my abdomen, and as I groaned I guess the hand was monitoring the fullness of my guts as the liquid continued to fill me. The hand moved slightly and the liquid was shut off, then I was actually rocked in my sling for some time, groaning as the liquid sloshed around inside me. The rocking stopped, and I was raised so that my ass was much lower than the rest of my body, almost in a squatting position, and the slick object was removed from my ass, allowing the liquid to be expelled.

I had already ‘douched’ before going to the store, making sure that I was ready to play with my new toys when I got home, so the liquid that came out was mostly clean. I got filled up and emptied two more times, then when the liquid was emptied the last time I felt a rough cloth applied to my ass as if to dry it off, then more cold and slick material being pressed into my asshole by what felt like an index finger.

The finger slowly smeared the slick material around inside the ring of my asshole, and then slowly pressed inside, every so often rotating carefully as if to spread the material all over the inside. When it had fully entered me, it began to carefully back out, again slowly rotating until it cleared my asshole. After a minute or two and some whisperings, two fingers coated in the cold, slick material presented themselves to my asshole, and did the same dance as the first had, this time stretching my asshole a bit more. I was beginning to enjoy the activity, and my cock had begun to lengthen and fill out, causing more whispering and some fondling by hands before a rumble from my ass area made the other hands leave my cock alone. The two fingers, having completed their part, now were changed to being two index fingers and they stretched my asshole more and more as they slowly pressed inside. I was a bit frustrated, not by the mask or restraints (which was actually turning me one somewhat), but more because the fingers as they worked my butt hole were almost purposefully missing my prostate, only occasionally as if by accident hitting it briefly on a turn or stretching movement. After some more time had gone by, more fingers were employed, and soon my asshole must have been deemed ready as the fingers pulled out and something cold, blunt and slick and much wider than the enema tube they’d used before was pressed against my slick asshole.

It felt heavy as it entered me, and as it pressed into my prostate I was sure I would know what the object was if I could only see it. Whoever was controlling it was a master at dildo fucking, for the object slowly exited my ass and then pushed back in a second later, just a bit faster than before and exited about the same. My asshole, now accustomed to the object, gladly opened up and now my prostate was given short quick stabs with the head of the object before the exiting sequence began. It all felt wonderful, and my cock was responding to it by throbbing with the jabs of the object and releasing a little precum which pooled in one of the crevasses of my muscled abs. From time to time a finger would dip into this pool, tickling me a little as it rubbed the skin and then pull away, only for another squirt of precum to fill the place again. I moaned and my cock jumped again, and a rumble from below me caused a palm to close carefully over my balls and pull downward, while a pair of hands from somebody by my head began to stroke my shoulders and pecs lightly, occasionally grasping and squeezing my nipples as they stood out from my chest.

Badpuppy Model - Clovis & Caique

All too soon the heavy object was removed, and another, wider object was pressed into my ass. This was also handled carefully and slowly, and soon it was thrusting in and out of me, reaching a fucking rhythm that, without the hand pulling on my balls, would have send me into a violent orgasm. As it was, my teeth were almost clenched in sexual frustration as I was so ready to cum, yet each time my balls rose to perform their duty, that hand tugged them back down with just enough pressure to stop it.

By this time, I was hearing moans and groans around me, and occasionally I’d feel soft skin rubbing on my legs, pecs and arms. Some of the soft skin left little tracks of damp material, and I guessed that there were guys out there rubbing their cocks on me, leaving little ‘pecker trails’ of their precum. Another rumble from my ass area signaled another change, and soon the second object was removed from my disappointed asshole.

I would have protested, but I felt hands at the base of my mask and then the mask was pulled off, the brightness of the area dazzling my eyes. When I’d adjusted back to the light, I looked around me and there, stark naked with dripping boners, were all my frat brothers! I looked down at where my legs spread and there, grinning at me, was Franklin, the frat president! He stood up, his prodigious meat swinging heavily between his legs and placed the object in his hands on my belly, which turned out to be one of the two new dildos I’d bought earlier! The first one, a smaller metal one, was in the hands of the vice president, Eric, who laid it upon my belly as well.

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“Mike,” began Franklin in the pompous frat voice he used for official events,” we of the frat have wondered where you were going all these months by yourself to the city. You never told us, and indeed, it seemed that you kept much about yourself a secret. We thought you had a girl in the city, but you always came back with something in a brown paper bag that you never showed us. “He paused, looking at the dildos on my belly, and smiled. “Imagine our surprise when Brothers Sam and John checked over your room and found evidence that not only are you gay but you also seem to have quite a collection of toys like these.”

I first felt a bit nervous, but these were my frat brothers! I had only kept my sexual orientation secret from them and joined them in everything else that a frat brother should. My mind spun back to the shower room where I’d seen all my brothers naked at one time or another, as they’d seen me, and the horsing around that would happen, the sudden rise of a cock or the jeer of “don’t drop the soap, Mike.” I had heard the many sob stories of my brothers as their girlfriends had dumped them, or their desire to get into the pants of another girl, all the time quietly wishing it was into my pants they were wanting. In the weight rooms we’d compared muscles, often feeling each other’s biceps and abs in admiration of hard work, although I secretly wanted to feel up much more of my brothers but respected them too much to even broach the subject. Now here I was, surrounded by the most handsome and muscular men on the university campus, all naked and with cocks erect, and wondering what was coming next.

Badpuppy Model - Clovis & Caique

Vice President Eric took up where Franklin ended. “After Brothers Sam and John found out your secret, we had a meeting during the next time you’d gone to the city to decide what to do. A couple brothers were a bit uncomfortable, but then we all decided that we knew you, Mike, and that this additional facet of your life was in no way going to make us think negatively about you.” He waved his hand around at the grinning, naked men that stood in the room. “All of us agreed that it was not fair, being the only gay guy in the frat, that you had to get satisfaction from toys and elsewhere when we could provide all that for our brother.”

I was floored by what I was hearing! All these straight guys, all my brothers who didn’t think a week should end, some any evening, without their dick inside a pussy or their fist, were actually considering what I thought they were thinking? Franklin smiled at the confusion and dawning hope on my face. He motioned to Sam and John, who began handing out objects from small boxes they had held behind their backs. As they got closer, I saw the word “Trojan” on the boxes and knew that what they handed out were rubbers. Soon the room rang with the ripping sound of the packets being opened and the sound of rubbers being pulled over hard cocks. I watched the vice president be fitted by Sam, a grin on both their faces that they were enjoying my reaction to this, and then the bigger grin on Franklin’s face as Eric performed the same ritual to him. From where I could see, all the frat brothers were now rubberized and squirting something onto their cocks from a large tub that looked very familiar. The tub was brought to the president and vice president, and I recognized it as the economy sized tub of lube that usually sat in the cabinet beside my bed.

“We’re not as conversant in this as we should be for our brother,” said Franklin as he lovingly stroked lube over his condom covered cock. “We had to do some research and Mark here, being Pre-Med, provided enough information so that we’d not hurt you as we tried to prep you for your dildos. Mark thought that whatever lubricant you used would be best as you wouldn’t be allergic to it and ruin any fun from this.” He grinned, a slightly puzzled look on his face. “I must say I’d never considered this type of activity before, but the pictures in some of the magazines we got from your room seem to point out that this is pleasurable for both parties.” He placed the tip of his cock against my ass, and then said with all the formality he used for frat business, “May I have the privilege of being the first of the frat to fuck you, Mike?”

I nodded, dumbfounded as he slowly and carefully slipped inside me. A look of shock crossed his face as he felt me around his cock, and then he began to slowly fuck me, the expression on his face changing to a man whose cock was being treated just right. The other brothers, madly stroking their cocks as they watched the joy on Franklin’s and my face, started lining up behind Franklin, Eric first in line, until with a grunt Franklin came, his seed captured by the rubber he wore. He collapsed on top of me, his hard furry torso pressing against mine and fulfilling a long wished fantasy for me. After a few minutes, he got up and surprised all of us, I think, but lightly kissing me on the lips! “Thank you Mike, you are a true brother!” He carefully slipped out of me and, touching me lightly on the face, walked around to my left side, Eric now presenting himself to my asshole and asking politely if he could be allowed the privilege of fucking me. Upon receiving my acceptance, he entered me and fucked me well, then cumming in his rubber, collapsing to press his beefy body against mine briefly and then, too, kissing me lightly on the lips with a whispered “Thank you.” One by one, the brothers presented themselves to me, the tip of their cocks against my asshole as they asked for permission to fuck me. One by one, they got that permission and fucked me well, each performing a bit differently and with different levels of expertise. You’d think that after being fucked with the dildos and after a number of brothers using me, I’d have felt sore, but my ass was ready for all of them, and as the last brother pressed into me, he bent forward and whispered, “I don’t want the other guys to know this, but I’m a virgin, so this is going to be my first time. I’ll try real hard to be good for you.” With that, he pressed into me and either with beginner’s luck or just being a fast learner, he gave me one of the best fucks I’d ever had! He smiled when, after he’d collapsed atop me and then gave me the little kiss all the other brothers had, I told him I gave him an A for fucking. “Do it that way with your first girl, and you won’t have to look for any others,” I told him.

By this time, my brothers were concerned I hadn’t cum yet and that they had done something wrong. I smiled, full of love (and lube by this point) for my brothers and told them that I would like to fulfill another fantasy if possible. Franklin smiled and said, “Anything, Brother, what do you wish? I’m not sure we’re ready to be fucked like a girl, but one of us will try if you want.” I saw him eyeing a few brothers and decided that later on this might have to be pursued, but for now I had a different idea in mind.

Badpuppy Model - Clovis & Caique

“Would you, Franklin, fuck me again, with Eric jacking me off and Sam and John playing with my pecs and nipples? I think I could cum then with no problem.”

Franklin grinned the widest I think I’d ever seen, even wider than the time we’d trounced our rival frat in intramurals. The box of rubbers was duly brought, one was selected and applied to Franklin’s rock hard cock, and lube was applied. Eric stood beside me, his hand lubricated and wrapped around my hard cock, Sam and John at either side of me, their hands ready to begin massaging my pecs and squeezing my nipples. Franklin slowly pressed inside me, his face again lighting up with that look of joy as he began fucking me, the other three men working me in the same rhythm as Franklin’s fucking. I could feel the orgasm building and building and when it was just too much for me I shot, the first jet streaking over me to hit Sam on the upper chest, the second jet splattering Eric as he figured out what was going on. He aimed the third jet and John wore a glob of cum on his belly, and then Franklin was rewarded with the last shot into his furry pecs. My orgasm made internal muscles work on Franklin’s cock and he cried out as his second orgasm was more intense from the first. I felt the throb of his jets inside the rubber inside me, and he howled with the intense feelings. Time seemed to stand still, and then with a little grunt Franklin pulled out of me and leaned over to give me the ritual kiss.

“Jesus,” he exclaimed when his breathing had returned to something like normal, “whatever you did while you were cumming worked my cock perfectly! It was even better than before! No wonder guys like to fuck you and make you cum!” I laughed, and the brothers began cleaning up, Franklin and Eric releasing me from the restraints and helping out of the sling. I was a bit wobbly after hours of fucking and the huge orgasm from that session, and my two brothers helped me to pull on some shorts and sneakers they’d brought for me. We cleaned each other off, and then, when we’d all rested up, piled into the cars to return to the frat.

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That was the last orgy that the frat in its entirety ever had, but afterwards I never lacked for a fuck buddy whenever I wanted one. A few of the brothers discovered that, while straight, they also liked anal play, and I taught them how to properly clean out and use appropriate toys. They, too, were transfigured with pleasure when I introduced them to man to man sex, and quite a few times I’d get a request from one of them for a good fuck. We also played together with double headed dildos, and I still treasure the first time I got two of my butt hole buddies together and showed them the double headed dildo. Like ducks to water their asses were impaled by the dildo and they were quite happy to let me ‘milk’ them to orgasm as they fucked each other.

My favorite, though, was the standing appointment I had each Friday night with Franklin and Eric, who turned out to be closer brothers than the three of us suspected. The two men shared the officers’ suite and, after I arrived, the door would be locked, the “Do Not Disturb” sign posted and the three of us would indulge in man to man to man sex until the wee hours of Saturday morning. I’d lay there between the two men, usually in Franklin’s larger bed, my body pressed between them, our balls usually drained from multiple orgasms and our bodies exhausted from our acrobatics during sex…

…I lay there this Saturday morning, Franklin behind me and his cock rising back to full glory as it quested for my asshole, while Eric’s muscled body was pressed against mine, his hard cock having a little sword fight with my expanding cock as he reached across my body to massage Franklin’s pecs and shoulders. Soon my legs would be in the air, Franklin’s cock deep inside me as Eric straddled my face to get some tongue action on his asshole. The two officers only allowed myself and each other access to their assholes, and we would have mock battles to see who would fuck who first. Franklin won this time, and when he had cum, would roll over onto his back, lift his legs and I’d get to fuck him. When I was done, I’d get to have Eric next. Life was sure grand with my brothers and, as I felt Franklin reach orgasm and responded with my own eruption, I was one happy brother.

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