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Forced Out of the Closet by PeterAinLA

Steve stood with his left leg up on the locker room bench cutting the athletic tape from his sore ankle. He had twisted it two games ago while attempting to make a play at shortstop for his college baseball team. Just as he was about done pulling off the sticky white tape, his teammate and best buddy Tony whispered to him, "Hey bud, don't look now, but Tommy is staring at your butt over there behind you. I wonder if Mr. Macho is really a queer, because his dick has half a hard-on."

Casually turning his head, Steve glanced back and locked eyes with Tommy, who licked his lips then slowly turned away. What the fuck was that about, he wondered to himself. Tommy was the most built buff player on the team, and always had several girls hanging off his shoulders. So why was this ultra-jock giving his naked body the once-over? Steve was glad that he at least still had on his jockstrap, because the idea of such attention being paid to his smooth tight collegiate body began to make his cock swell. You see, Steve himself has a secret desire for other dude's firm hard bodies. But he could barely admit this to himself, let alone anyone else, especially his best buddy Tony.

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Tony and Steve have known each other since grade school. Over the last few years, they had gotten so close that Tony insisted on going to the same college as Steve. Little did Tony know that his buddy wanted more than just to be his best friend. Steve's buried sexual feelings for other guys began with his hunky butch buddy. He started jacking-off at night thinking about how Tony's trim teenaged body had matured into an impressive mass of bulging jock muscles. Now his cock twitched again as he gazed at the dude's hard taut abdomen only inches from his face.

Steve realized that he had better snap out of it, and told Tony, "Well guy, I don't know if he was looking me over, but let him. I'm proud of my bod anyway, dude. Coming from him, I take it as a compliment." Tony chuckled and slapped his buddy on the ass as he turned to finish dressing. Steve loved it when his friend touched his body - a body that he was, indeed, very proud of. Just like Tony, his body had become a trim package of muscle, with bulging biceps, firm hard pecs, and killer six-pack abs. Unlike his hairy buddy, Steve's upper torso was virtually hairless, made to look even smoother because of his light blond hair. All the gals told him that they loved the sight of his tight, round bubble-butt. Apparently, so did Tommy.

The next day, Steve had no classes, so his father asked him to stay home and wait for the cable guy to come and install new service. He had moaned and groaned to his dad about being tied up all day, but he could not refuse his father's request. It had been rough for all of them since his mother had passed-away two years ago. That left Steve and his 18-year-old brother Chad to help dad run the house. Dad was still a relatively young man, and still had a buff body from his days as a professional baseball player. Both Steve and his brother inherited the love and skill for the game from him. In fact, his kid brother was even better at the sport than Steve, and had several colleges recruiting him through high school.

So the 20-year-old college athlete was lounging around the house dressed only in his cropped team practice jersey, loose grey sweatpants, and his favorite tight cotton Bike jock. His ball cap sat backwards on his blond head as he got up to answer the doorbell. Steve opened the front door, and was a little taken aback to see a butch handsome muscle dude standing there with a toolbox in his hand and a loaded tool belt wrapped around his trim waist. He ushered the hunky cable guy inside and showed him where the service needed to be installed.

Steve sat down on the couch and watched the cable dude begin working. He started getting horny as he examined the buff installer's manly body. His white uniform shirt was opened half-way down to his navel, and his loose-fitting denim jeans rode low on his hips. As he bent down to run some cable, the back of his shirt pulled out, revealing the top of a pair of white cotton-mesh briefs hugging his massive butt cheeks. When the guy stood up again and turned, Steve almost gasped as his horny gaze was drawn to a massive crotch bulge holding up the bottom edge of the heavy tool belt. The butch hunk looked Steve right in the eyes and smiled as he told him that he needed to finish-up outside and would be back. Steve grabbed his crotch and squeezed his rock-hard cock after the guy went outside.

Ten minutes later, the cable installer returned and told Steve that the cable was up and running. Steve got up and went over to the kitchen counter to sign the service documents. Just as he was finished, Steve felt a muscular arm wrap around his neck in a strong choke-hold. He struggled to break free, but the dude was too strong for him, and he soon blacked-out and his body went limp. When he awoke, Steve found himself on his knees with his arms tied behind him around a post. Suddenly, the dominant muscle-stud slapped Steve's handsome young face several times, knocking the ball cap from his head.

"Wake up, you fucking faggot...time to service me now...I saw you drooling over my buff muscle-bod, want to suck on my big thick rod, you horny queer." growled the aroused gym-stud as he pulled off his sweaty shirt and dropped his tool belt to the floor. "Please mister...I'm not queer...I was just looking...don't make me do this, man...I'm a butch jock, not a cocksucker." pleaded Steve as he tried to get himself loose. The angry stud grabbed Steve's blond hair and forced the scared boy's panting face into his sweaty armpit. "Lick my stinking pits, you butch jock...admit you want to worship my fucking wimp."

The humiliated college boy moaned as he lapped-up the hunk's body sweat with his tongue. His mind was overcome with sudden lust and confusion at being forced to perform. Oh man, he thought to himself, here I am a young athletic stud, and I want to service this hot muscle-bound hunk. Macho jocks aren't supposed to feel like this. His dripping boy-cock became rock-hard and tented the front of his sweatpants, even with a jock on. The horny cable dude ripped-open the buttons on his own jeans and pushed them and his cotton briefs down to his knees. His throbbing 8-inch cock dangled from his crotch.

"Oh damn...yea, that's it you little're getting into this, aren't that sweet pretty-boy mouth and suck my thick rod...going to fuck your face hard, punk." panted the out-of-control stud as he drove his tool deep into Steve's throat. Reaching down, he brutally ripped-off Steve's practice jersey and started twisting the whimpering boy's erect nipples, making the kid moan in pleasure. After long minutes of abuse, the hunk pulled his pulsing prick from Steve's mouth and grabbed his head by the hair. Long bolts of white spunk shot out from the guy's cock and landed all over the moaning boy's face and neck. As the jock-cum dripped down his cheeks, Steve screamed, "Oh God, I am a fucking fag...drown my butch face with your handsome muscle-stud...make me your sexual play-toy...Ooohhh I'm cumming dude...Aaahhhh shit." The massive body-builder quickly ripped open the front of the boy's sweats and could see the poor kid's load soaking the pouch of his tight jock.

Steve slumped forward in his bondage totally exhausted. The cable dude grabbed the boy's hair and lifted his face up to look at him as he said, "You fucking hot little queer...if your jock buddies could only see you now." The guy laughed and placed Steve's ball cap back on his head backwards, then got dressed and turned to leave. "Please aren't going to leave me like this, are you?" begged Steve as the hunk smiled and walked out the door.

Steve hung his head down in defeat realizing that his baby brother would be home in a few minutes and would find his big jock brother in this humiliated state. His torn ripped clothing hung from his muscular torso and the muscle-spunk began to dry into white globs over his sweating body. Right on time, Steve heard the front door open and his kid brother gasped when he saw his half-naked brother tied to the post. Standing still, Chad paused and asked, "Damn Steve...what happened to're almost naked and...what is that on your face, it can't be."

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Steve looked up ashamed and told his brother, "I was raped by the cable guy...he made me do...Oh Chad, please...let me loose man." Tears started to form in Steve's eyes as his brother just stood there looking at him. Steve was shocked to notice that his kid brother's crotch was starting to bulge out. Chad rubbed his hardening rod and knelt in front of his muscular brother. Reaching out with his hand, the kid felt the front of his brother's soaked jock, and said, "Your a frigging homo, big shot a load while being got off on this shit...didn't you?"

Steve whimpered and looked up at his kid brother as the young teen high school jock began releasing the buttons on his low-slung 501 jeans. Pulling his boxer briefs under his low-hanging balls, Chad aimed his now throbbing boy-cock at his brother's cum-covered face. "I've wanted to fuck your cute face since I was 13, big brother...everyone is always comparing me to they'll know who the big stud in the family is...beg for my tasty want it, don't you faggot?" growled the humpy teen as he slapped his brother in the face.

"Oh please, Chad...I can' don't mean...Oh God, do it...I admit it...I want you to fuck my face...I'm queer for your big cock...make me service you, little brother." said Steve as his own stud-rod got hard once more. Chad plunged his stiff tool into his brother's open mouth and he grabbed the sides of the jock's head to ram the handsome face into his sweaty crotch. After several minutes of brutal pounding, Chad froze as his thick jock-sperm began shooting down his moaning brother's ravaged throat. As he struggled to swallow his brother's sweet cum, Steve moaned loudly as spunk oozed out of the wet cotton jock pouch covering his muscular groin. Chad pulled back from his spent sibling and pulled his clothing back together. Reaching behind his brother, Chad finally released his bound arms and Steve collapsed in a heap onto the floor.

The next day was a Saturday, and Steve woke up late a bit dazed. Had these things really happened to him yesterday? His morning hard-on dripped pre-cum as he realized that they had. He wondered what would happen to him from now on - would his kid brother tell anyone about the incident? Would he be able to control his thoughts around his teammates and friends? Did he subconsciously want others to know about his strange desires? He threw on some briefs and padded out bare-foot toward the bathroom. Chad was just leaving his room to head out to his high school baseball game. As he was passing Steve in the hallway, he whispered to him, "See you later, cocksucker." Steve hung his head and went to the bathroom and jumped into the shower, his heart aching. He loved his kid brother, but now he knew that their relationship was changed forever.

Steve had his own ballgame to play that afternoon, and he was very quiet in the locker room as he got dressed. Tony asked him several times if he was alright, but Steve just mumbled that he was fine. He wasn't however, and played like shit out on the field. He made an uncharacteristic error on an easy play, and struck-out three times at the plate. Following the game, Steve sat on the bench in front of his locker naked, as Tony sat down next to him and put his arm over his bud's muscular shoulders. "Alright now buddy...I know something's never play like that...I'm your best friend, dude...please tell me what's got you so upset." stated the hunky dark-haired jock as he hugged his body against Steve.

"I can't dude...not's too personal...and you'll probably never want to speak to me again." whimpered Steve as he suddenly felt uneasy being naked with his best bud's warm body pressed-up next to his. They dressed in silence, and went out to Tony's truck for the ride home. After a short distance, Tony pulled into a deserted dirt road in the woods and shut the engine off. Tony turned to his friend and told him, "Ok we're tell me what's wrong before I strangle you."

"Funny you should use that phrase, buddy." stated Steve sadly as he sat in his seat shaking. Slowly, trying to choose his words carefully, he told his best friend about his humiliating ordeal. At the end, he even admitted to being turned-on by his forced services. He fell silent and waited for his friend to kick him out of the truck. Instead, Steve felt a hand on his thigh and turned his head just as Tony leaned over and planted his lips over Steve's. Tony's hand slipped between his bud's legs and started searching for his rapidly growing cock.

Tony moaned loudly and broke-off the passionate lip-lock he had on his pal, and said, "Oh God, you know how long I've wanted you...but I never had the balls to try anything...I was sure that you were totally straight...I hope that you want me too...please babe." Steve felt like the world was lifted off his shoulders as he looked into Tony's handsome face. As a response to Tony's plea, Steve reached into his hunky friend's crotch and grabbed the hard rod that he found there. This was all the encouragement that Tony needed, and he lowered his head into Steve's groin and freed his bud's throbbing dick. Steve lifted his butt slightly as Tony shoved his bud's jeans and briefs down and dove onto his thick jock-rod.

"Shit Tony baby...that feels so good...take it all down your hot beautiful muscle-hunk...I love you dude." gasped Steve as his mind was drowned in a wave of lust. Overcome with passion, Steve grabbed Tony's head and thrust his pulsing cock up into his lover's hot mouth. Tony frantically worked to lower his own tight jeans and underwear down his legs to gain access to his throbbing dick. While Tony began jacking his hard-on, Steve slapped his pal's bubble-butt hard several times and growled, "Suck that gorgeous butch faggot...gonna fill your hot mouth with my we're both officially cock-hungry queers." Tony moaned and his athlete's body shook as his sperm shot all over the side of Steve's leg. Feeling this, Steve fired his huge spunk load into his best friend's mouth.

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The two college jocks sat back into their seats as they gasped for air. Steve managed to salvage a handful of Tony's cum from his leg and greedily sucked it off his fingers. Tony smiled and told his pal, "I love the taste of your sweet spunk in my mouth...I'll service you anytime you want, baby stud." Steve leaned over and they fell into a deep-throated kiss.

Steve begged Tony to sleep-over at his house that night, and Tony drove them back to Steve's home. They walked inside the house, and were greeted by Steve's dad, Robert. He was happy to see his son's best friend again, and readily agreed to their plans for the night. Tony called to tell his family about it, then they both headed to Steve's bedroom. Steve had a queen-sized bed, so there was plenty of room for them both as they stripped down to their briefs and crawled into bed. Steve flicked on the TV to catch the sportscast as they sat together against the pillows watching. After the show ended, Steve rubbed his beefy friend's hard abs and they started making-out on the bed. Suddenly, Chad pushed open the almost closed bedroom door and glared at the two jocks in bed.

"Well, what do we have here...a queer jock convention?" snarled Chad as he stepped inside his brother's bedroom dressed in only a tight pair of low-rise cotton briefs. Tony jumped from the bed and shoved the startled high school stud backwards as he went to the door and locked it closed. "You little think you're better than your big brother...well I've got a flash for forget that my kid brother Eric is on your team...and he told me how you like to get your dick sucked in the showers...then love to return the favor." shouted the beefy college jock as he grabbed Chad and forced him to his knees in front of him. Yanking down his own skimpy briefs, the angry athlete's already erect member stood out from his crotch. He pulled the young jock's head forward and jammed his dripping rod into the stunned boy's mouth.

"Yea, you hot little blond stud...suck my hard college boy dick...take it like a man...gonna fuck your horny young baseball jock's sweet mouth...I know you really want to, faggot." gasped Tony as the hungry kid started moaning in lust hearing all the dirty talk being directed at him. Chad pulled down the low-rise briefs that he was wearing and started jacking his teen-boy cock. Steve jumped out of bed and walked over to his dominant buddy and started sucking on the stud's hard erect male nipples. Tony growled and pulled the older brother's briefs down below his tight bubble-butt and started spanking the firm buns hard with his hand. "That's it, you fucking my hard college jock-boy tits...service my pecs like you did to that hot cable me what a hot muscle-punk you are." demanded Tony as the two horny brothers worked to bring the panting hunk off.

Tony suddenly pulled back and pushed Steve down onto his knees next to his kid brother, then shoved their faces together. "Oh shit, you butch queers...I want to watch you two make love...kiss each other's sweet lips...I know you really want to deep-throat your brother's tongue...admit that you're queer for each other." The two brothers looked into each other's eyes and moaned with lust as they hungrily kissed and wrapped their muscular arms around each other.

"Oh God, Chad...your gorgeous teenaged body gets me hot every time I see you naked...I've fantasized so many times about your hot mouth wrapping around my thick cock...dreams of incest with my handsome cocksucking baby brother." panted Steve as he ran his hands all over his young brother's rock-hard abdomen. Chad let out a whimper as he lowered his head and gulped his brother's pulsing hard-on down into his throat. As the hunky blond jammed his kid brother's face into his crotch, he felt Tony's fingers invading the crack of his tight bubble-butt.

Tony yanked his blond teammate's head back by the hair and growled into his ear, "I want a piece of that hot ass of butch college want me to fuck you...I know you do, pussy-boy." Steve moaned at the thought of his hung friend fucking his tight athletic butt. Tony spanked his ass hard, then went to get some lube and a condom from the nightstand. He returned and prepared his stiff throbbing tool, then knelt and kissed Steve on the mouth. "Please Tony...go ahead...I want you to take my stud-boy cherry." pleaded Steve as he raised his tight butt up to expose his pink fuck-hole. Chad shifted onto his back and slid under his big brother's muscular groin to resume his cocksucking.

Tony grabbed his best bud's waist and plunged his dick inside Steve's tight virgin ass hole. Steve moaned in pain, then pleasure, as his muscles got used to the anal invasion. Soon Tony was pounding his lover's beefy butt hard, and the room was filled with the smell of jock-sweat and the sounds of lust. "Shit your hot fuck-rod deep into my queer butt...let my brother see what a cock-hungry slut I am...make me your muscle-boy bitch." gasped Steve as his mind raced with primal passion thinking about his humiliating admissions. Tony started to hit the panting blond's prostate causing the stud to reach his climax, and he pulled his rock-hard cock from Chad's sucking mouth.

Holding the young teen's blond head by the hair, Steve blasted a huge flow of jock-sperm all over his kid brother's handsome face. "Oh yea, do it bro...drown my teen jock face with your hot spunk...I am such a cocksucking faggot...I want to taste my own brother's creamy boy-sperm." screamed Chad as he licked some of the hot cum from his lips and started fisting his pulsing hard rod. His young gun soon fired a stream of sperm onto his taut rippled jock-boy abs.

Steve was turned-on by the sight of his cum-covered brother, and layed his sweaty body on top of the kid. Tony was driven over the edge by the sight of the two blond brother's sweaty torsos below him, and he ripped-off the rubber and covered Steve's muscular back and butt cheeks with white bolts of stud-juice. Chad reached up with his hand and rubbed Tony's load over his brother's hard buns, then licked some of it from his own fingers. Rolling the spent boy's body off his chest, Chad sat up and looked deep into his brother's eyes and told him, "Oh God Steve...I'm sorry if I hurt you...I love you so much, stud." Their lips met and they kissed each other deeply as they rubbed their muscular jock bodies together.

In due time, the three exhausted hunks headed out to the large master bath to wash their sweaty cummy bodies. Half-way through the shower, Steve could not resist dropping to his knees and grabbing his young brother's teenaged dick in his fist. With his other hand, the horny college ball-player felt the firm hard muscles of the boy's smooth rippled abdomen. Chad became totally aroused by the sight of his butch sibling feeling him up, and panted, "Yea, that's it dude...feel what our father's jock-sperm has created...get a close look at those athlete's I want to feed you some of my jock-boy seed."

Chad took his brother's head in his hands and shoved his erect teen dick down his throat. Steve moaned and started jacking his own pulsing rod as the handsome young stud roughly fucked his face. "Oooohhhh damn it, are a good cocksucker...I bet you would be popular in my team locker room...Aaaahhhh shit, here comes my spunk man." screamed Chad as he pulled his dripping cock just outside his bro's sucking mouth. Grabbing the blond hunk's neck to lift-up his handsome face, the young stud aimed his throbbing tool at the man's open mouth. The first few bolts of creamy boy-cum landed on his brother's tongue, but the rest of the panting kid's load splashed wildly all over the college jock's lips and face. Chad brushed his fingers through the globs of spunk and stuck his hand into his moaning brother's gurgling mouth.

Suddenly, Tony stepped between the two brothers and Steve reached out to run his hands all over his best friend's hunky hairy chest. He just loved the feeling of the soft thick mat of fur covering Tony's upper torso. "Oh God, Tony...I've fantasized about this for a long time...being able to examineevery inch of your hunky hairy body...and of doing this." moaned Steve as he swallowed his lover's thick cock down his throat. Chad rubbed his firm young body against the butch jock's back.

"Ah jeez, stud...that's so fucking hot...take my hard rod down your hunky queer cocksucker...let me fuck that handsome hot fag-boy." gasped Tony as he held his bud's blond head and pounded his mouth. Chad reached between the aroused hunk's round buns and started fingering the moaning jock's tight ass. As Chad shoved several fingers up into the panting boy lover's hole, Tony screamed and deposited a huge load of creamy spunk into his college pal's sucking mouth. Steve hungrily swallowed the sweet jock-juice, then stood and kissed his best friend's lips deeply. Chad ground his groin into Tony's butt, and mumbled into his ear, "Dude uh...I need to you think your brother Eric...does he think I'm cute...would he let me...God, he's such a macho hunk."

The following Monday after baseball practice, Steve and Tony were amongst the last players getting ready for the showers. Most of the team hurried to leave, and eventually there was only one other player hanging around - the ultra-jock Tommy.

Steve and Tony padded naked toward the shower room, and noticed Tommy watching them the whole time. As they began soaping-up their sweaty bodies, they were joined in the room by Tommy. He grabbed a shower head on the opposite wall from the other two jocks and stood under the steamy spray rubbing his buff body.

Steve and Tony kept an eye on the built stud, and caught him several times looking over at their muscular frames. Gradually, they caught glimpses of his thick cock and noticed that it was starting to get larger. Deciding to force the issue, Tony turned and pressed his hardening dick against Steve's firm bubble-butt as he wrapped his arms around his bud's chest. Tommy turned at that moment, and his mouth dropped open as he watched Tony's hands rubbing over Steve's rippled abs.

"Like what you see, muscle-stud?" asked Tony as he noted Tommy's dick getting totally hard. The poor horny hunk moaned and took a few steps toward the two muscular athletes and said, "Oh fuck, you guys...that looks totally hot...are you fucking hunks gay?" Tony reached down and grabbed Steve's hard rod, and replied, "You bet your tight ass we are...and we're lovers as of this what about you...I would never guess that you were queer."

Tommy walked right up in front of the two hot jocks and started running his big paws over Steve's smooth muscular chest. "I'm bisexual, man...I love to fuck women...but I have this sexual fantasy of rough sex with men...I want to be forced to service other hot studs." explained the humpy dude as his dripping cock brushed over Steve's groin. Tommy quickly kissed Steve on the lips, and moaned, "Please Steve baby...let me eat-out that glorious bubble-butt of yours...I get hard every time I see those firm muscular mounds."

Moving out from behind Steve, Tony grabbed Tommy by the neck and forced him down onto his knees. Steve turned and backed his butt into Tommy's groaning face. Tony stood next to the two jocks and held Tommy's head against his hunky lover's tight butt cheeks. The big muscle-bound dude started to hungrily jam his tongue deep into Steve's clenched ass-crack. Tony began slapping the moaning sucker's beefy buns hard.

"Eat my sweet lover's butch butt... you fucking horny bisexual that hungry tongue inside his sweaty pussy-loving pervert." growled Tony as his own jock-rod became hard as steel. After several minutes, Tony could not hold off his impending orgasm, and he moved right next to Tommy's head and covered the side of the hunk's face with a thick load of white spunk. Some of it landed on Steve's firm buns and dripped down the crack of his ass. Tommy went wild and licked up as much of the juice as his tongue could reach.

Steve suddenly turned around and grabbed Tommy's head as he said, "That's enough ass meat for take my jock sausage down your fucking throat...go ahead, beg me for horny macho dick-slut." Tommy panted like a dog and gasped, "Oh please, you hunky faggot...fuck my butch cock-hungry face...let me taste your sweet ball-juice." Steve rammed his dripping rod into the whimpering hunk's open mouth and pounded his sweaty cum-spotted face. Tony began twisting Steve's erect nipples and forced his tongue into his cute lover's mouth.

Steve groaned loudly and his entire body shook as his thick muscle-dick fired a stream of boy-cream into Tommy's sucking mouth. The buff bisexual muscle-pup leaned back on his legs and fisted his own sperm load onto his taut rippled abdomen as he moaned, "Oh fucking shit...I've been worked-over by a couple of queer muscle-boys...they made me do it...just like I really wanted."

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