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Fish Bone by Cucciolo

Have been spending quite a bit of time alone recently. I left veterinary college last month and moved to another town so I havenít really gotten to know anyone yet. Iím due to start work as a lab assistant in ten days time. I went house hunting and was lucky enough to find a small apartment overlooking the river. Itís a mouse hole of a place on the top floor and thereís no elevator but I have a stupendous view and no noisy neighbours. However, my peace and quiet is spoilt somewhat by pigeons fornicating outside. Theyíre at it from sunrise to sunset. In fact they often wake me at five in the morning with their cooing and wooing. Itís a real drag. Nothing I do seems to deter them. Iíve thrown everything at them but the kitchen sink.

Talking of kitchens, Iím not much of a cook so a couple of times a week I eat at the self-service diner round the corner. Thatís where I do most of my man hunting. Itís near a talent agency so itís where all the beautiful people go for lunch or brunch. I noticed this great guy who comes in quite often. Generally eats salad. If I were a salad I know Iíd be bursting my dressing for him. Heís really scrumptious. Unfortunately, heís usually with a girl friend. Sheís always hanging on his arm as if she owns him. Iíd give anything to trade places with her. I wouldnít mind being the shirt on his back either. He has such an interesting, stylish wardrobe. And Iíd sell my soul to be a pair of his jeans and cling to his butt and caress his cock like they do. Iíve made up my mind to ask him where he goes shopping. At least it will be an opening gambit. Heís really my kinda guy. At least I think he is. Iíve never had what they call a real relationship. Havenít even been fucked so that will give you some idea of how green I am. And probably why Iím jealous of the pigeons on my balcony.

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On Saturday, the diner was pretty full. Iíd gotten there early and was eating a kind of fish and potato pie. I was hungry and hadnít been too careful about potential bones. Whatís more I was somewhat distracted by the sight of him standing in line and appreciated the new pair of jeans he was wearing. Actually they seemed to be wearing him. They were real body huggers and made me want to jump over the rail and hug them too for letting me see so much of him. I had plenty of time to study the contours of his ass and watch every minor muscle movement as he waited to be served. And for me every little movement had a meaning of its own. In fact I was concentrating so hard on his thighs that I almost swallowed a fish bone as he came walking in my direction. He stood there hovering with his tray as I coughed and spluttered. ďLooks like you could do with a glass of water,Ē he said, and sat down beside me. Easy as that. Soon we were chatting like old friends.

He told me he was an actor but also part owner of a shop with a dress designer friend of his. Said he spent more time selling and modelling clothes than Ďspouting prose.í However he had an audition next day and before lunch was over heíd asked me to help him with his lines. We walked along the river together. It was a cold, crisp winterís day but the sun was shining so we sat on a bench by a big tree, which provided a backdrop for a winter sunbath, all bundled up in coats and scarves. I felt so happy. I didnít know if he was gay but at least Iíd found a new friend. He told me his name was Clive and talked to me about his friend Kelly and the dress shop. I told him about my love of animals and my new job. We began to shiver as the sun went down so I invited him for coffee. My apartment has good central heating so when we eventually scaled the five flights of stairs we were soon warm and cosy. And I was horny as hell. You see Iíd been following his butt all the way. The fact that a pair of pigeons were in full sexual throttle outside didnít help matters either.

Neither did the text he had to study, which was from ďBent.Ē The scene where the two guys are standing side-by-side making love verbally. They canít touch each other as a guard is watching them. Iíd never seen or heard of ďBentĒ and couldnít believe what was written there. It was so erotic. Clive was almost word perfect but said he wanted to be absolutely sure and asked me to bear with him. I blushed and trembled as I gave him his cues, especially as he was very good and most convincing. I almost felt he was making love to me as he talked about touching me and feeling my cock inside him and so on and so forth. After the third or fourth time he said, ďThis dialogue is a real turn on. Why donít we act it out? Thereís no guard looking and Iím sure the pigeons wonít mind.Ē

I could hardly believe my ears. By now I almost knew Ďmy partí by heart but it took on a whole new connotation as he said his lines and undid my shirt buttons. My heart pounded and my dick throbbed and I wondered why Iíd never let anyone do this to me before. As you probably know the love scene is very slow and full of pregnant pauses so he had plenty of time to open my pants and slip his hands inside my briefs as we repeated the dialogue. My dick turned to iron and then to molten lead in his hand. Iíll leave you to imagine how it felt in his mouth. All the time he never missed a line or a beat. Except once when he drew his tongue along the whole line of my dick and then sucked me to the bone. I writhed and moaned and almost came but he slapped me soundly on the butt and told me not to lose concentration. So we started from the top, so to speak, and before long I was lying naked beside him with his fingers exploring my love hole. This being more or less my first experience I came pretty near to blowing everything. Literally. I was so hot, horny and excited. But he seemed to know just how to keep my sexpot sizzling without letting it boil over.

He said, ďLetís go through the dialogue again. Only this time itís your turn to undress me.Ē

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So off we went on another horny run through and I got to touch all those parts Iíd been lusting over in the diner. Especially that fabulous ass of his. He let me run my hands over it several times and then helped me peel off his skin tight jeans as my inept fingers were unable to accomplish the task on their own. However I had no problem getting his sweater over his head and nibbling his nipples. I plated him with my tongue while he pulled at my hair and shivered and shuddered beneath me. I thought he was cold but he said I was having quite the opposite effect on him, which was encouraging.

It was dark by now and we hadnít bothered to turn the light on so I couldnít see his dick but I could sure as hell feel it inching its way towards my mouth. I was just about to say, ďGo easy on me. Iíve never done this before.Ē when once again I was coughing and spluttering. But not over a fish bone. It was the greatest boner I had ever experienced. Iíd never, ever, had so much meat in my mouth. I gagged a couple of times but was so much enjoying the juicy, succulent taste of it that I wouldnít have let go for anything. Talk about give a dog a bone! I grabbed hold of his marvellous ass for support and let him slip in and out my mouth Ö and sometimes halfway down my throat Ö until between us we managed to build up a mutual rhythm. My mouth expanded magically and my dick grew to gigantic proportions, full as it was of erotic love juice. I didnít even have to touch it. I came spontaneously as he erupted in my mouth. The two of us were soon covered in cumcream and made a meal out of cleaning each other up.

I pulled a blanket over us and we fell asleep. He woke up with a start an hour or two later and said he had to run. He had an important business meeting with Kelly and was supposed to cook dinner. When he saw the look of disappointment on my face, he relented and said maybe there was time for a quickie before then. I was still sulking but began to melt as he tickled my nipples with the tip of his tongue and drove me absolutely wild. Then he travelled due south and my dick sprang due north to meet him. He licked the whole length of it as heíd done earlier but this time he took in my balls as well and nearly swallowed them. Just when I thought it couldnít get any better than this, he lifted my legs high in the air and inserted his tongue in my ass. Now it was my turn to shiver and quiver. I felt so possessed and passive it was great. And he hadnít really started on me yet. Soon his dick changed places with his tongue and I began to have horny images of sizzling sausages and meatloaf straight from the oven. I wondered what he had in mind for his girl friendís dinner. I already felt like lamb on a slab myself.

He seemed to know instinctively that I was an anal virgin. Maybe because my ass was tight as a kettledrum. I felt him coat my butt hole with pre-cum as if he was basting meat and so enjoyed the moistness of the sensation that I gradually began to open up. Temporarily, he seemed to have forgotten that this was supposed to be a quickie and had put his girl friend on the back burner for the time being. Meanwhile he was giving me a slow roast and simmer. He entered me, joint by joint, until I felt a pleasurable pressure on the inner doorbell of my prostrate. He had gained full access, total entry. He hugged me to him with his hunk of a dick and I suddenly knew the full meaning of ĎCome on baby, ring my chimes.í Or is it Ďlight my fireí? Anyway, he did both. He began to lunge and plunge and I humped and thumped back in happy agony. By the time heíd finished, he could have served me up as pot roast to his girl friend. I was that hot.

I never wanted it to end but, as I wallowed in my own cum, I heard him getting up and heading for the shower. I was immediately engulfed by waves of jealousy and begged him not to go. He told me not to worry, as Kelly wasnít his girl friend, just his business partner. But that was cold comfort. I couldnít understand how a business appointment could be more important than me. Especially as Iíd opened up my heart and asshole to him. I watched him climb back into his skintight jeans and sweater and leave. It was like watching a movie in reverse. I was furious. Once again I was alone without even the fucking pigeons to keep me company.

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But he was right. I neednít have worried. By half-past eleven he was back at my door asking if we couldnít have one more Ďrun through.í He promised me heíd never put business before pleasure again and that he was mine forever. I helped him with his lines and then Iím glad to say I got fucked a second time and it was even better than the first. He passed the audition. Said it was all due to me and moved in the very next day. Iím doing well as a veterinary assistant and weíve adopted a dog. Friends tell us we should have gotten a cat to chase the pigeons away but we prefer Heinz. Thatís what Clive called him because according to my lord and master heís probably of fifty-six varieties. Or is it fifty-seven? I donít remember. Iíve got other things on my mind now besides food. Thatís probably because Iím fucked regularly and never have to worry where my next meatloaf meal is coming from. And all this because of a fish bone. Ainít life grand!!

The model in these pictures is Milan Kosak

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