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First Time by Barringer

Found a picture of my first lover the other day tucked between the pages of a book I was about to lend someone. Actually ‘first lover’ sounds a bit prim and rather too proper for the kind of sex we had. Maybe ‘first fuck’ would be closer to the mark. Surprising how memories come rushing back when you look at photos. Sad too that many of them end up as bookmarks or at the bottom of a box.

He was tall, dark and handsome. All man and nearly all Indian. His name was Clifton, which didn’t suit him at all. Seems his white grandmother had christened him that. What I remember about him most, besides his beautiful glowering face and rock hard body, was his hair. Or maybe I should say hairs. He had a shock of black hair that fell over his forehead and lusciously all over me when we fucked but he also had a bigger shock of hair around his generous dick. I’ve never seen anyone with pubes that dark and dense. It was like a visit to the jungle especially as his King Kong dong was at least three times the size of mine. Of course mine’s grown since then but even so.

My uncle and aunt had a fruit orchard. When I got off school I used to go and help them with the harvest. It was hard work and I sure picked a lot of fruit. Although I was rather more interested in hand picking dicks. I used to hang around the makeshift living quarters at the bottom of the orchard and watch the guys take showers. Uncle Chris and Aunt Lori had a set up rather like the one in ‘Cider House Rules.’ That’s the book I eventually kept his photo in. It had just come out when I met him. So had I. And how. In fact, that summer my cherry was literally popping and bursting to be picked. My folks used to hire what they called casual manual labour. This mostly consisted of illegal Mexicans and a few Indians. Of course Clifton turned out to be anything but casual with me but pretty manual nonetheless. I don’t know if I picked him or he picked me but he certainly ended up making a mean harvest out of my butt. I can still remember how his dick felt in my ass.

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They say that opposites attract which is probably what drew him to me. I mean I was fair-skinned, blond and blossoming and according to him my butt was like a firm rosy apple. More tempting and delicious than the one in the Garden of Eden. Of course I didn’t want to get a reputation as a butt slut. Not immediately that is. So I was pretty discreet. After all I didn’t want my aunt and uncle to know which way my cookie crumbled. But I used to watch how his biceps bulged when he reached up to pick a peach or something and was invariably beside him holding out the basket to gather the fruits of his labours.

The first time he stripped down to the waist I nearly fainted. And creamed my pants. I don’t remember in which order. Up till then I’d been breathing down his open shirt trying to get a peek at his pecs. The combination of his abs and armpits in full view were almost too much for me. Especially under the hot sun. I fell for the very smell of him. Then when he loosened the top button of his jeans I literally fell apart. He was reaching for a high branch and I could see the beginning of his ass crack. He wasn’t wearing any underwear and the happy valley down his back had an instant effect on me. I became a fountain of cum. I had to go in and wash up.

I didn’t know how I was going to manage it but I was determined to see him naked. I made it my mission. I noticed that he didn’t fraternize with the other guys. He certainly didn’t shower with them but went off into the woods at the drop of the last apple of the day. One evening I followed him. My heart was in my mouth as my aunt had told me there were bears in the wood but I was willing to bear anything just to get a glance at his dick and an eyeful of his ass. He was already swimming in the lake by the time I caught up with him and I lurked behind a tree waiting for him to come out of the water. Eventually he did and it was some spectacle I can tell you. The sun was setting behind him and the water was dancing off his beautiful glistening body. He looked like a golden god with a fabulous phallus.

He called out to me. “I know you’re there,” he said. “Why don’t you come in for a swim?”

I’d been brought up in a prevalently puritan background where you always hid behind chairs and stuff when undressing so it was quite some feat for me to strip to the buff in front of him and step into the water. And of course I immediately had a huge erection. For me that is. Which only made the thing all the more embarrassing. The erection was a direct result of seeing his long dong at close quarters. Fortunately the cold water cooled me down a bit but I soon heated up again when he slipped his hand between the back of my legs and caressed my balls. My dick may not have been in quite the same league as his but I was happy to see that my balls were bigger.

“Where did a little guy like you get such big balls?” he asked appreciatively.

Not ever having seen any of my family naked I was unable to answer his question. Besides before I could reply he’d turned me round and filled my mouth with his tongue. I couldn’t believe it. This great guy was coming on to me hot and strong and in broad daylight. Actually it was getting pretty dark but you know what I mean. His tongue sure felt good in my mouth and his hands were doing things to me I’d never ever dreamed possible. Sorry if I sound like a real wimp but this was my very first experience and I felt like that clay vase in ‘Ghost.’ I began to shiver with delight. And cold.

“We’d better get you warmed up,” he said, picking me up in his arms and carrying me to shore.

He sounded strangely well spoken for an Indian fruit picker and of course I had to open my big mouth and say so. Fortunately he wasn’t too offended and told me he was working his way through college. But what he really wanted to do at that moment was work his way through me. Problem was where could we go. We ended up in the back of his truck under blankets. It was itchy and romantic at the same time as the sky was studded with stars and I was studded by Clifton.

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Actually he was very gentle with me and to tell you the truth that first night we didn’t go the whole way. Although at the time this dumb cluck didn’t even know what the whole way was. Still the way we did go was pretty awesome for me. He ran his hands all over me and pressed his body against me to keep me warm and licked me like I was an ice cream or something. Didn’t take me long to melt either especially when he got to sucking my dick. Suddenly it was the 4th of July and I exploded like a crackerjack in his mouth. Really shot a load in there. He laughed and said it was on account of my big balls. Of course I tried to do the same to him but somehow my mouth wasn’t up to it. King Kong was just too long and strong. So I just nestled my nose in his pubic brush and went to sleep on the soft pillow of his scrotum. His balls were tightly packed in what looked like the kind of leather money pouch my grandfather used to have. You know with a kind of string at the top that pulled it tightly together. Later when we became more intimate I used to love stroking that leather pouch of his and pulling the thick ‘string’ at the top. Watching his dick just grow and grow.

We woke well before dawn and I crept back home but as I’d skipped dinner my uncle and aunt wanted to know where I’d been. I said I’d fallen asleep under the stars, which wasn’t far from the truth. My uncle gave me a stern lecture and my aunt threatened me with bears again. I’d been so wrapped up with Clifton and my sexual awakening that the possibility of their being worried and spending a sleepless night hadn’t occurred to me. It made seeing Clifton difficult too and also frustrating as we were coming to the end of the season. Soon he would be moving on. Still all was not lost. Sundays my aunt and uncle drove the forty miles to their church. Afterwards they had lunch in a diner with friends. Usually I accompanied them. This particular Sunday I made up an excuse about stomachache and stomach runs and begged off. Of course my aunt wanted to stay home and look after me but I persuaded them both to go. That gave Clifton and me four or five hours. I took him to the storage room in the basement of the large log cabin they had built themselves.

There were a couple of bunk beds, an enormous freezer and several crates of apples. We put one of the mattresses on the floor and made love between the apples. I was no longer shy about taking off my clothes and nearly tore Clifton’s off his back in my eagerness to see him naked again.

“I want to fuck you,” Clifton said.

“Ok,” I said but I’m afraid I didn’t sound really convinced.

“Don’t worry,” he assured me. “If you relax it shouldn’t hurt too much.”

I still wasn’t convinced but I wanted him inside me and I wanted to be possessed by him. My aunt had given me a suppository once and it hadn’t felt that bad. Of course Clifton’s dick was a super large suppository but I was sure I could manage it. The important thing was I wanted to. And how.

He’d brought some lube with him and drove me dizzy putting his fingers in out of my ass. He’d also brought a dildo. I’d never seen one of those before. He slipped it slowly and surely inside of me and got me horny as hell.

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“Ready for something bigger?” he asked as my ass threatened to swallow the dildo whole.

“Yes,” I hissed. I was no longer seventeen and tasted lust for the first time.

“I know you won’t be able to get all of me into your mouth but kiss my dick and make it moist.”

I slathered and slobbered all over his mushroom head and surprised him by getting quite a bit into my mouth. Enjoyed the taste of it too. Meanwhile he was thrusting the lubricated dildo in and out of my ass at ever increasing speed until I cried, “Enough already. Give me the real thing. FUCK ME.”

And he did. And it was glorious. Mind boggling and ass busting glorious. He was out of me with the dildo and into me with his dong almost before I could tell the difference. Almost. Dildos I soon learned stay the same size. Dongs tend to swell when they’re inside you and make your ass pulsate like a drum. They also fill you with a decadent desire for more of that jungle rhythm. At least that’s the effect Clifton’s dick had on me. I surprised and excited him with my savagery. I was learning new and wonderful things as I went along. Nobody had told me about a prostrate but I knew every time his dick hit the pulse of my being that this was what fucking was all about. I throbbed and I sobbed and kept begging him for more. I’ve never been surfing either but suddenly I discovered the joys of that too as we surfed on a huge sexual wave and I felt his surfing board pounding me towards shore.

We came in a chorus of exultant cries and cum and I prayed my aunt and uncle weren’t back from church yet. Actually we’d only been at it for less than an hour but it felt like eternity.

Now I’d experienced the real thing I couldn’t get enough of it. I knew I would travel to the ends of the earth to get that dick inside me again. Eventually the strain of living apart was too much for both of us and Clifton bought a small trailer, with some help from me, and we took off regularly for the hills and lakes and fucked to our heart’s content, in and out of the water. My aunt and uncle couldn’t understand what had come over me and phoned my parents. I was ‘called home’ and put in ‘detention’ but somehow I always managed to get away and back to Clifton. This went on for nearly five years until the spark between us began to sputter and circumstances pulled us apart. But as I said I could still feel his King Kong dong in my ass and it’s enough to look at that picture to feel the years slipping by and it all flooding back to me as I recall that fabulous first time.

The model in these pictures is Kyle Bradford

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