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Fire and Ice by Joncy

My most erotic moment till now, believe it or not, was having my fingertips touched by my girlfriend’s brother during a wedding reception in Paris. I was barely nineteen at the time and had never been to bed with a man. Of course, I was constantly looking for some gorgeous guy to have his way with me, but I didn’t quite know how to go about it. I was hot with desire and cold with fear. Fire and ice. I was always sending out the wrong signals, pretending to be straight and all that shit. That is until I met Henri when I was a staying with his family in Paris. The Monnets had two children, Monique, who was seventeen and still at school, and Henri, who was ten years older and studying to be a doctor in Geneva. Monique took a great shine to me and told all and sundry that I was her fiancé. But I was in love with her brother. I’d only seen photos of him, but as far as I was concerned, I was Henri’s fiancé. After all I slept in his bed, was surrounded by his photos, and secretly wore his pyjamas. On the wall opposite my bed was his graduation photo. I usually said goodnight to it or blew him kisses before falling asleep with his fabulous face still floating before my eyes. All would be wonderful when we met, I told myself. That’s just how fucking silly and romantic I was.

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Everybody was looking forward to a wedding, but I wasn’t quite sure whose. My French wasn’t good enough yet. Well, the big day came, and of course I was invited, and of course Henri was there, too. Needless to say I was very relieved it wasn’t his wedding. The happy couple were school friends of his. They’d been engaged for ten years. Something I found hard to understand.

Henri arrived very late. He’d missed his plane. As he was best man, all the attention was on him when he finally arrived. Especially mine. He looked beautiful in his Ascot grey. He could have been a film star. When he was introduced to me, he shook my hand and the first thing I noticed was the coldness of his hands, and the fire that burned inside me at his touch. Fire and ice. The wedding was great, but seemed to go on forever. Dinner wasn’t over till nearly nine, and then, of course, there was dancing. Henri danced with the bride, and inevitably I got to dance with Monique. Would that it had been the other way round, I thought.

Then the miracle happened. We were all sitting tightly-packed on one of those big sofas, and Henri was sitting next to me. I received what I can only call a telepathic message. I can’t really describe it, but I had a strong feeling, almost like a Joan of Arc voice, telling me to fold my arms. I did so and felt his fingertips making contact with mine. It was electric. Nothing quite so stupendous had ever happened to me before, and now here it was happening in front of everyone and with the man of my dreams. Unbelievable, but true. A cold shudder went through my hot body. Fire and ice.

After what seemed an eternity, he got up and went into the garden. Three seconds later I followed. We were not alone, so all he said was, “See you in the men’s room.” I went quietly back to my place on the sofa and had to listen to Monique’s seemingly endless chatter about the wedding. Then I made an excuse and went to the men’s room. There was nobody there. I looked in the mirror. My face was flushed and my body was on fire. He liked me. He wanted me.

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I was busy throwing some cold water over my face when I felt his arms around me and his hardness against me. It all seemed so dangerous, but he led me to an empty booth and went down on me, cradling my hot butt in his cold hands. Fire and ice. I came almost at once. I was that excited. It sure as hell wasn’t romantic, but it was wonderful. He swallowed my cum and licked my dick clean. Then he kissed me. I’d never tasted my cum before. When we got back home, his mother asked me if she could put a folding bed in my room so that Henri could stay the night. Naturally, I couldn’t wait to go to bed, but everybody stayed up late talking.

Finally, I excused myself feigning sleep and went to my room. I mean Henri’s room. Our room. How good those two words sounded. I stood in front of his photo waiting for the real thing to come and put his arms round me again, but this time he was more intent on caressing and undressing me. He sat on the bed and pulled me towards him by my tie, and began to use his tongue in what seemed a hundred different ways. So well that I began to think of it as a foretaste of his dick. He undid

my shirt and teased my nipples with it. Then he undid my shirt some more and let it slide down to torment my navel. My dick strained at the leash to reach it. Then it was off to traumatize my armpits making my whole body tingle with pleasure as it did so. And at last it arrived at my mouth, which melted at its touch even though it was as cool and cold as his hands. Hands which were deftly undoing my pants in an attempt to liberate my desperate dick whose freedom was short lived as Henri’s tethering tongue was soon holding it captive again. He circled it with his mouth, drawing me to him while his forging fingers dug into my butt.

My head was drunk and dizzy with delight. No man had touched me before, let alone tongued and fingered me like this. I groaned in ecstasy as he threw my legs into the air and ripped off my shorts, taking quick advantage of the situation to fold his ice cool lips over my molten balls and suck them. “Fire and ice,” I hissed. He put his hand over my mouth to muffle my orgiastic cries. This is what made the experience all the more exciting. The fact we were in his parents’ house and couldn’t even make a sound. Then he lifted my legs even higher to enter my butt with his thrashing tongue, making my whole body writhe with desire and my ass open hungrily to meet him. I’d never been fucked before, but my body seemed to be one step ahead of me and knew exactly what to do.

I watched fascinated as Henri undid his pants and drew out his dream of a dick like a sword from its sheath. It stood up straight and strong ready for the assault. My butt quivered in suspended delight. He smiled at me. “You’d better suck it a bit first,” he said as he removed his shirt and revealed his glorious Men’s Health chest. “Use a lot of spittle. I don’t want to hurt you. And whatever you do, don’t cry out. Take it like a man.” The way he spoke made me think I was in for some terrible punishment, but however much he made me suffer, I was sure I could take it from him. I put my mouth to work as he had told me and was soon using it like a suction pump. It was great. He moved around inside and pulled my head towards him. I sucked and spat and drooled over his gorgeous dick like I’d been doing it all my life. Then he rolled me over and sent a cold jet of spittle up my ass immediately followed by a hot rod of fire. Fire and ice. I bit my lip and dug my nails in the bedclothes as I thought my butt was going to burst at any moment. It was neither romantic nor wonderful. It hurt. In fact it hurt like hell. But oh,oh,oh was it good. I felt just like I had when I took the high dive for the first time. When my head hit the hard surface of the pool, there was a kind of explosion, the water seethed before my eyes and my ears rang. Then all was quiet and peaceful and so, so beautiful? “Sorry,” he whispered in my ear, “ I didn’t mean to be so rough but you got me so hot.” I wriggled my butt happily.

“That’s ok.” I said as if it had been all my fault. Which I suppose it had. I sure did a great job on his dick. Not bad for a beginner.

He was going gently on me now, caressing my pecs with his cool doctor’s hands and letting his dick nestle in my shaft like a submerged submarine touching the ocean floor. I wanted to stir up those waters some more and clenched my butt to put an iron grip on his vessel. I was ready for more punishment. He soon got the message and began to make longer and harder thrusts. By now the bed was beginning to buckle under the strain and making giveaway noises so he pulled me onto the ice cold floor and fucked me good. He lifted my legs high against the bathroom wall and using them as levers, drew his dick in and out of me like a jet propelled piston for what seemed a hundred times and when he’d finished I was ready for a hundred more even though my back was freezing and my butt was blazing. “Fire and ice.” What a premonition I’d had.

And yet hadn’t it all been a premonition? Falling in love with his photo, sleeping in his bed, wearing his pyjamas, and most of all touching his fingertips. He must have taken one look at me and known immediately that I was meant for him, just as I’d always known he was meant for me.

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“Fire and ice.” I moaned as he fucked me on the cold, cold floor.

“Fire and ice.” I wondered when he was going to invite me to Geneva.

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