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Extracurricular Activities by Callan Smith
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Badpuppy Model - AJ He had some kind of unpronounceable ethnic name so everyone called him AJ for short. He was that too. Short I mean. But as far as I’m concerned what he lacked in height and muscular structure he sure as hell made up for in sheer sensuality and hands-on body language. In fact, I’m happy to say he was so delightfully ‘hands-on’ that he really put the cum in the school curriculum for me.

I was in charge of a summer school course in Reading and Writing and Computer Skills in English. These courses always have such long names. And big classes. My students ranged from 16 to 60 with up to 30 students per class, most of them from various non-English speaking countries. AJ was from Morocco so he spoke French which was a bit of a temptation as I wanted to communicate with him in French. I wanted to communicate with him in many other ways too but I didn’t want to put my job at risk. He was cute and he was all too obviously available but he was 17.

My dick first took an interest in him when I got him to write on the blackboard, a technique I use so that the other students can help me correct mistakes with sentence structure and spelling. He had the tiniest of tee shirts and a tight little butt which was crying out to be spanked. He was pretty vain too with gold streaks in his curly black hair and a tattoo just above his butt crack. I noticed this when he stretched up to write something on the blackboard. His shirt and his pants parted company.

He may have had a nice ass but he was anything but an ass-idious student. He had some kind of part time job and missed a lot of classes. I was tempted to spank him many a time. But not because he missed classes but because I missed him like hell when he didn’t show. We were getting towards the end of the course and I was getting to the end of my rope. I didn’t know how long I was going to be able to hold out without making a grab for him or how I was going to survive when I didn’t see him anymore. After he’d missed three classes in a row I had to reprimand him. I immediately felt like the meanest guy alive as he’d brought me a piece of his birthday cake. He was very contrite and said next lesson he’d stay after class if I liked. The expression on his face made me wonder if it was to make up for lost lessons or to make up to me. I hoped it would be a bit of both. Now that he was eighteen he wasn’t quite so much out of bounds although I risked suspension if anyone found out.

I felt a little bit like Cate Blanchett in ‘Notes on a Scandal’ as I prepared for our private lesson. I knew I probably shouldn’t seduce him but I also knew he was going to be just too cute to resist. We started off with some work on the computer. I leant over him and explained the English instructions although I had a feeling he understood them perfectly. Without realizing it, at one point I lapsed into French. And that wasn’t my only lapse. I put my hands on his shoulders and ‘absent-mindedly’ massaged them. He responded by leaning back and nestling his head into my groin so the heat was on from that moment forth. I put my hands down the front of his shirt and my fingers met his erect nipples. Neither of us said a word and had anybody come into the room they would only have seen a teacher bending over his student at the computer. However they might also have felt a lot of torrid sexual tension in the air. That kind of thing you just can’t hide or disguise.

It was one of those old-fashioned schools with no glass in the door of the classroom which was at the end of a long corridor. The fact that anyone may have come in at any given moment made the whole adventure that much more exciting. I buried my nose in the gold flecks of his black hair and worked my way down to the front of his jeans which were slightly larger than the ones he usually wore. There was an inviting gap between the material and his crotch. I was able to slip my hands in and down till my palms rested on the hardest, juiciest .dick I’d encountered in quite some time. He wasn’t wearing underwear so hot flesh immediately met hot flesh. He let me fondle his gorgeous dick for a while till it grew to giant proportions in my hand then said, “We’d better lock the door.”

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I didn’t see much point in that as the janitor had a passkey but I succumbed to his superior wisdom and to his awesome ass and dick and did as I was told. When I turned round he was bending face downwards over my desk, his half-exposed ass spread out before me.

Badpuppy Model - AJ

“I’ve been a bad boy,” he said in French. “Show me how bad I’ve been.”

He’d taken off his shirt and I could clearly see the tattoo above his butt. I could also clearly see the beginnings of his butt crack. I walked over to him and pulled his pants down a little more so his butt boiled over the edge to reveal two delicious ready to be spanked apple dumplings.

“Spank me teacher,” he said, this time in English.

I spat on the palms of my hands and did just as I was told.

“Harder,” he said stretching his hands out behind him as I obeyed and groping for my dick.

“The harder you beat me the harder you’ll get.”

I can’t remember now which language he said it in but he was dead right.

Strange to tell but I’d never spanked a student before. I’d been tempted to many times but corporal punishment is frowned upon in English schools nowadays. Maybe in Morocco it’s still de-rigueur. Actually in my case ‘de-rigid’ would be nearer the mark. My dick had never been so hard and it got even harder as he squeezed it and let out little hisses between his teeth as I spanked him. Just as if he was using it as some kind of sexual regulator or something. The harder he squeezed the harder I hit, until both my dick and his butt must have been equally red. In fact, after a while, his butt cheeks looked as if they were blushing although by now I knew he was absolutely shameless. I bent down and breathed on them like you do on steaming mashed potatoes. He pushed his butt in my face and told me to lick it. Once again I obeyed. I could almost hear it sizzle as I spat, dribbled and drooled all over it. By now his pink love hole was pursing its thirsty lips so the natural direction seemed to be the deep well of his ass. I licked his quivering rosebud and tongue fucked him till my jaws ached. At the same time I managed to pull his pants right down and get my fist round his dick and balls. For one so small and slender he was surprisingly well-endowed below the waist. Thank God.

He was surprisingly quick on the draw too. I stood up to get out of my pants and before the zip was even halfway down he was down on his knees with his lips wrapped round my nine-incher. Man, you better believe me, that little guy really knew how to put the suck into suction. It was absolutely mind (and dick) blowing. But even as I gave myself over to the soaring sensations shooting up my pole, I couldn’t wait to get down to business and up his ass.

Then I suddenly realized the crafty little fox was lubing me up preparing me for the kill.

“That’s right,” I said. “Make it nice and wet. Tell me when you’re ready for me to shove it up you.”

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“Yes, teacher,” he said between slurps and buried his face in my crotch.

Badpuppy Model - AJ

“Oooaaah, yeeaaahh, wow," I moaned as he sucked me down to the hilt.

Soon I was forgetting all about the potential joys of his butt and just wanted to come in his mouth.

“Wow, yeah,” I growled again, “Keep on going. Don’t ever stop.”

I ran my hands through his hair yanking at it as he yanked at me with his mouth.

Just then we heard someone trying the door. That suddenly put a dampener on things.

Maybe a student had left something behind and had come back to get it.

I bundled him and the bits of our discarded clothing into the storage room at the back of the class. If whoever it was returned with the janitor we’d literally be caught with our pants down.

“Isn’t this exciting,” he said, not at all perturbed and undoing my shirt as I frantically tried to get my dick under control and into my shorts.

“Cut it out,” I said. “Somebody’s coming. I could lose my job.”

Badpuppy Model - AJ

“Somebody was certainly coming just now,” he said squeezing my dick and licking my nipples.

In spite of myself I leant back against the storage shelves and let him have his way with me. My inner voices had to agree with him. It certainly was exciting having a student take charge of my sexual juices and manipulate me halfway up the wall. Or in this case storage shelves. I let go of my pants and my previous fears and inhibitions and let him tear the shirt off my back. His tongue which moments before had been playing crazy cadenzas on my dick now started on the silent keys of my rib cage. Once again I groaned and moaned in horny satisfaction.

“I want you like crazy,” he said, slipping his tongue in my mouth just as I was opening it to reply.

“Crazy’s the word,” I said, kissing him back and tasting the remnants of my pre-cum in his mouth.

“Why didn’t you tell me you spoke French? There were so many things I wanted to say to you.”

“You seemed to have managed quite well anyhow,” I said, as he sent messages down to my toes.

“I want you to fuck me,” he said.

“I want to fuck you,” I said. “Turn round.”

I knew I was playing with fire, and not just his hot little butt, and I knew I should have waited till the coast was clear but my sense of English self-control and stiff upper lip lost a half-hearted battle with my even stiffer dick. I mixed some of the pre-cum that was oozing out of him with as much of my spittle as I could muster and shoved my dick right up his tight little love chute. He let out a long primal scream of pain mixed with pleasure which I instantly had to stifle with the palm of my hand as we heard the key of the classroom turn in the lock and voices entering the room. Hopefully the thickness of the door and walls had saved us. I prayed it was so. I couldn’t have been in a more embarrassing or compromising position if I’d tried. I could already see the newspaper headlines and my stunned face splashed over the front pages. I was almost overcome by the horror of it.

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The little fucker, still unperturbed, jiggled his hot ass on my frozen dick. The voices which I didn’t recognize seemed to be searching for something. Please God they didn’t get as far as the storeroom. Meanwhile my dick which had always had a mind of its own was silently and involuntarily going to work on AJ’s horny ass. Slowly but surely it was working its way up and he was working his way down trying to get as much of it inside him as he possibly could. It’s the slowest, hottest fuck I’ve ever had. And the most frightening. In fact, later I used to refer to it as my ‘Hitch-cock fuck.’

The ‘voices’ found what they were looking for and left the room locking the door behind them.

Badpuppy Model - AJ

Several fuck thrusts later I allowed myself to let out a huge sigh of relief which was somewhat drowned by the sound of us both coming. I don’t know which pile of books AJ splattered with his cum but I didn’t bother to scoop it up. I just wanted to scoop him up and carry him to my bed and fuck the fucking ass off him in the comfort of my own home. We’d had such a narrow escape. The whole experience had been hairy and horny but I certainly didn’t want to go through anything remotely like it ever again.

“That was great,” he said.

“Fuck you,” I said.

“Yes please,” he said.

To be continued...

The Badpuppy.com model in these pictures is AJ

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