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Even Nerds Have Dicks by Joncy

Badpuppy Model - Devin Moss I went to school with this Greek geek called Costas. His parents had moved to England when he was seven so he had a good command of the English language but no command whatsoever over his body. He was tall and skinny with uncontrollable hair that flopped all over the place and he had ugly prescription glasses with heavy frames and pebble thick lenses. He was geeky and gawky and looked nothing like the gorgeous Greek gods we read about in our history books. In fact, he was a disappointment to all of us and must have been a real embarrassment to his parents although, to tell you the truth, they didn’t contribute much to his general image. They sent him to school in what appeared to be family hand-downs or cast-offs. His shapeless shirts and baggy jeans hung loosely off him almost as if they didn’t want to touch his body. Certainly nobody else did and avoided him like the plague. The guys didn’t even want to play football with him although he wasn’t too bad at basketball, being so tall and all that. But even then though his practice shorts were extra large and unattractive and flapped in the wind. In fact he flapped and flopped everywhere he went and the guys were always making jokes about him and teasing him mercilessly.

Of course, what nobody stopped to find out was that this much maligned and constantly teased teenager had one huge, hefty, streamlined slab of munchy man-meat packed away inside all those shapeless clothes. The most gi-normous, humungous mega dick you ever did see. I only found out myself quite by accident. You’d have thought it would have dawned on someone that a guy with such large feet and hands would also have something else large and floppy flapping between his legs. And it wasn’t all that floppy either when I got my hands on it – not to mention lips around it. Let me tell you all about it.

We were supposed to be having ball practice, which entailed limbering up before the game. I mean the other guys in my year were doing the limbering but I’d gone back to retrieve my watch which I’d left on one of the sinks in the changing rooms. It’s not that I’m a distrustful person by nature but I wanted to put it in my locker for safekeeping. It belonged to my father. Besides I hate limbering up. It’s such a waste of energy I think. Unless you’re limbering some other guy up and tearing him limb from limb, so to speak. I found Costas cleaning his pebble-lensed glasses and noticed, for the first time, what nice puppy dog eyes he had.

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“You’re slacking off,” I said picking up the slack in his long shorts and flicking the elastic waistband playfully. This exposed quite a few inches of appetising twink flesh. Quite a surprise.

Badpuppy Model - Devin Moss “Nice ass,” I said to him in way of consolation for the sad look he was throwing my way.

“The rest of me isn’t half bad either,” he said rather challengingly.

“I’m sure,” I said but, of course, didn’t believe him.

There was a pregnant pause or horny hiatus while we looked at each other.

“Want to check it out?” he said at last.

“Not right now. It might spoil my lunch.”

“It would certainly do that,” he said ambiguously.

Something in his tone told me he was deadly serious and I was interested in spite of myself.

Anyway he took my silence as consent and lowered his pants and revealed all and I mean all!

“Wow,” I said rooted to the spot, my eyes rooted to his root, which wasn’t at all square.

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I’ve been doing a writing course recently and, as you can see, am presently very much into words, as well as dicks. Anyway my jaw dropped. His dick was too big to be true and almost too big to chew but I went down on him anyway. I had quite a job getting all that extra large flesh into my medium-sized mouth but I managed it somehow. He blew my mind as I blew his dick and I kept thinking of all the work I’d been doing on alliteration in the writing seminar. I began juxtaposing words like jowls and jaw and Joncy. That’s short for Jonathan Charles, by the way, and you could have printed my name in its entirety on his dick and still had plenty of room for a few hyphens and punctuation marks. He sure punctuated the blow out of me and nearly punctured my mouth too!

Badpuppy Model - Devin Moss Soon I was juxtaposing even bigger words like manipulate, manoeuvre and mangle as I introduced his mega appendage to my relatively minor oesophagus. Our writing teacher had also been talking to us about the juxtaposition of narrative and descriptive passages but that divine dick of his defied both description and narration although it sure as hell packed in a whole load of sensations!

It wasn’t long before my efforts were rewarded and my face, mouth and throat were being hosed by thick blasts of red hot cum. His nuts were pretty phenomenal too. When I was growing up we had this slogan: ‘Go to work on an egg!’ I could have gone to work on his eggs for a whole week and still not drained his cream-filled funnel dry!

While we’re both getting our breath back let me tell you something about this great French movie I found on You Tube. I was going to say ‘came across’ but you can stretch vocabulary – not only my mouth – a bit too far. The film’s ten years old and you have to see it in segments but it’s beautiful. It’s called ‘Just A Question Of Love’ and I noticed that the big clinch when the two guys lip-lock and leg-lock, and probably do everything else, only lasts less than a screen minute. It was just like that with Costas and me and was over in a flash of light and a flush of cum.

Of course he was so excited and we were both afraid one of the teachers would catch us although, to tell you the truth, I was more afraid about being found by one of the guys having sex with Costas. And ashamed. I knew I’d never live it down. But I soon became addicted to his dick. I couldn’t get enough of it and as I told you before he had a nice ass too. So I’d arrange to see him after dark or in secluded places but gradually I got more reckless. My roommate was out fucking his girl friend one night so I invited Costas over and got to see him completely naked for the first time. My heart, and my dick, went out to him. He was so much more attractive and sexy without his klutzy clothes or his terrible specs. And I got the hots for his feet. Used to suck his toes and everything. But I’ll tell you about that later. Let’s take it one inch of his dick at a time.

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As you can imagine he was like a puppy dog at the beginning. So grateful that someone was taking an interest in him. I mean he’d never had sex before and it was something of a responsibility. I mean I didn’t want to take undue advantage of him. But I sure wanted him to take advantage of me! Couldn’t wait to feel what it would be like having his dick up my ass. Actually, to tell you the truth once again, the first time it was like being fucked by one of those tubular cans of Pringles. In fact my eyes fairly popped, as he would not stop! But it took me a long time to feel relaxed about being seen – or caught – in his company. I was a real jerk. He may have been the geek but I was the jerk!

I don’t want to get too anal-ytical on you but I had to introduce the guy to the fundamentals of good sex before I allowed him to run riot on my ass although, as I mentioned above, the moment I let my puppy off his leash there was no holding him back and his dick went into automatic pilot.

Badpuppy Model - Devin Moss I felt like a surgeon about to operate on a willing patient or one of those autopsy guys on C.S.I. as I laid him out before me and gave him a kind of preliminary massage. I told him all about prostates and sphincters and the importance of hitting the right spot and not giving the other guy too much too soon. I underlined my instructions by inserting a finger or two. The moment I found his love button he began to grunt with pleasure and writhe like a snake on concrete.

“Steady boy,” I said. He made me feel so masterful it kind of came out naturally.

He dreamily looked up at me and made no sign of protest as I stretched his anal passage so he could more easily receive me. I told him all about lubricant and stuff. I even mentioned dildos. In fact, at the beginning, the whole process was rather clinical, as he had inspired no passion in me, just a kind of perverse interest in being the first one to de-flower him. Once again, like an obedient puppy, he listened to my every word and reached back and pulled apart his butt cheeks with his hands without any further instructions from me and I withdrew my fingers and lubricated my dick. He groaned in anticipation and lifted his legs high in the air. It somehow reminded me of a prisoner stretching out his neck just before execution. I bent down and let a dribble of spittle water his little pink rosebud. It burst into flower. I took my cock in my hand and rubbed and slapped it gently on his butt cheeks and against his crack. He let out a few more groans and opened up some more, especially when I ran the palm of my hand up and down his leaking shaft and used some of the pre-cum as extra lube. His soft submissive look contrasted strongly with the hard piece of hard rock candy in my hand.

By now I was rock hard myself. I slid into his butt like a sword into a sheath and he opened wide like a baby bird receiving the food its mother was thrusting down its throat. I hesitate to say ‘worm’ as my dick had turned into a spitting python and I had ceased to worry about hurting him. It felt so good in there. It must have felt good for him too as his body shuddered deliriously at each anal thrust. I looked down at him and saw his eyes begin to lose focus. That’s when the passion took over and I realized I felt more for him than I had wanted to admit. And he hadn’t even fucked me yet. He opened his mouth and his tongue reached out hungrily for me. I eased up a little to bend down to kiss him and our tongues tore at each other as my dick tore at his ass. I was plugging him at both ends and it felt great. So great, I didn’t even care if my room mate came back and found us.

As we neared our climax, I withdrew my dick from his throbbing ass and came all over him. He drank my cum and spat it back at me. Then, I licked his face and body and forced my cum covered tongue into his mouth again. We wrestled and fought until I was the one begging for mercy as he showered me with jets of his jizz and licked me clean and gave me a taste of my own medicine.

We showered and restored order to the shambles we had made of the room. However, it still smelt like a sperm bank and I knew I was going to have some explaining to do when Don got back There was nothing to eat in the ice box so I took Costas out for a meal. Half of me hoped we wouldn’t run into anyone I knew. The other half didn’t really care if people saw us together. I knew we were on the verge of becoming an item and the sooner we faced up to it the better. A bit like that guy in the movie I told you about -- ‘Just A Question Of Love’ -- which, once again, I highly recommend.

Badpuppy Model - Devin Moss I realize, writing this, and instructing Costas in the fundamentals of sex, that I’ve got the makings of a good teacher. I even want to share my experiences with you. But that’s natural I suppose. When you have something good you want to spread it around. At least I do. Not that that included sharing my new friend’s ass and dick with someone else. But that’s only natural too I suppose. Anyway, I still haven’t told you about the mind and butt boggling moment when I finally got Costas inside of me. Strangely it took place under my parents’ own roof which naturally made it all the more horny and exciting. Not that they were there at the time of course. I was still swinging like a pendulum between keeping Costas under wraps and being open about us.

It was the Easter recess and my folks have what they call a ‘cabin in the hills’ so I took Costas there for the weekend. Said we had to study. It was pretty cold too but we soon warmed up the place between us. He certainly warmed up my ass.

All began well as he followed my instructions almost to the letter. I was about to say ‘French letter’ but that would have been a lie. We went bareback. I know that’s not advisable but I hate the taste of rubber in my mouth. Anyway he gave me the full foreplay finger massage and made my body turn to jelly as he gelled up my love-hole. My hot ass sucked his cool fingers in greedily. I didn’t care how much it was going to hurt. I wanted him inside me. I was a willing, wallowing receptacle for his humungous dick, which felt like a human vibrator once he got into the rhythm of things and, as I said, had my eyes popping Pringle fashion, as he just wouldn’t stop.

I hiccupped and wheezed and begged him to slow down a bit but separating my ass from his boner became as impossible as trying to separate a dog from its bone and my puppy dog pupil had turned into a full grown Labrador. It was a rough and raunchy ride but in the end I began to enjoy it. Pun intended. My body lurched like some drunken thing and careered all over the bed like an out of control go-go cart. And, believe me man, I really went! And came back for more. I opened my butt like the sluice gates of a canal lock and drank him all in. I was full to the brim and overflowing. And man did I overflow! A torrent of red-hot cum poured out of him like lava, burning my skin and bringing a scream from my throat I had never heard before. My ass clamped down on his dick and I shuddered to a climax. I roared like a tidal wave hitting the shore and was awash with his jizz. It was the most glorious sensation I had ever experienced. I was tingling from head to toe. My hair felt like it had short circuited under a hair dryer and my ass like it had been invaded by a vegetable blender. Which reminds me I still haven’t told you about my toe sucking fetish but that will have to be for another day as I’ve probably worn us both out.

Suffice to say that when I looked at his glowing face I hardly recognized him. The shy caterpillar had turned into a handsome butterfly. Or maybe it was my new way of looking at him. Nobody else recognizes him now either. He’s cut his hair, bought more trendy clothes and wears contact lenses. Under my guidance of course. I never get tired of looking at him especially when we’re alone and he caresses his dick with one hand and the back of his neck with the other. It gets me so hot under the collar. And other places of course.

Re-reading this I have cum to at least two conclusions. One is that appearances are often deceptive and that beauty is in the mind – and dick – of the beholder. And secondly that the hottest stories are those where one guy is stubbornly slow even when the other is hot-to-trot.

Hope you’ve cum to one, or both, of the same conclusions.

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