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Eurostar by Callan Smith

Badpuppy Model - Drake I find travelling on a fast train at night a very erotic experience. After a few hours people start to get tired and loosen collars, undo buttons, take off shoes etc. and a lot of subtle body language goes on. In May, I was on a six hour trip from Taranto to Rome, sitting in a double seat at the back of the last carriage. Behind me were two toilets and storage space for my luggage.

On my right a naval cadet, dressed in the traditional white uniform, was stretched out asleep in one of the single seats. He'd put his head rest back and had his legs half under the seat in front so all I could see were his heavy thighs, his open lap and his hand. I noticed he kept his hand constantly on his dick and he alternated between stroking it or holding it between his finger and thumb, just as he no doubt did when he was in bed. He was restless and probably horny. He kept slipping further down in his seat and agitating his butt as if to give me a better view. The combined movement of the train and his loins in constant motion had me hot and horny myself and hungry for some military meat. After two hours or so, the train began to empty and soon we were almost alone except for some people right down the other end. I decided to get up and go in search of a newspaper so I could get a closer look at him. He was dark skinned and muscular with close cropped hair and a sullen looking face. There was something distinctly animal about him that excited me.

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As I came back with a paper, I saw he'd shifted his hand from his dick and was moving it around under his v-necked top. Through the opening, I got tantalizing glimpses of a dark, hairy chest. I noticed his hardened dick straining against the fabric of his white trousers. As I passed, he opened his eyes and got out a packet of biscuits. He began stuffing them in his mouth two or three at a time, pushing out his lips to meet the next one like a baby thrush eating greedily from its mother's beak. Afterwards he sucked, rather than drank, from a carton of milk. I tried to imagine him making the same lip motions with my dick and felt it grow hard at the thought.

Badpuppy Model - Drake He started searching his pockets for cigarettes. The pack was empty. I went immediately into action and offered him one of mine and indicated the seat beside me. He stood up and lumbered slowly over to me leaning back on his hips as if he were fucking the air. I could see a mound of hard muscle moving slightly ahead of him. He stretched out beside me languorously and sucked at the cigarette as he'd done with the biscuits and milk. I wasted no time on introductions and formalities. I clamped my hand on the animal lurking in his trousers. He put up no resistance. He'd probably joined me for that very reason. The problem was how to get inside his pants which were designed like a portcullis. He soon had that under control and lowered the drawbridge for me. The beast inside sprang forth like a wild animal freed from its cage.

As if to help me to discover what breed of animal I was dealing with, he pulled my head down to meet it and I soon realized I was dealing with an animal with absolutely no breeding at all. It slipped sloppily in and out of my mouth like an undisciplined puppy, but one of Doberman dimensions, and was in need of some strict control. It's master was no better trained and was soon ripping open my pants and getting one hand round my dick and the other one into my butt almost simultaneously. There just wasn't enough room in that confined space. I suggested we move into the toilet, not that there was much more room in there either, but at least we could stand up to eat dick and fuck butt.

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The train and the toilet rocked to and fro and we rocked to and fro with the train and the toilet. I've never been with anyone so hot and horny, before or since. Having sex with him was like trying to digest your food before you'd even got it out of the packet. He wanted to fuck me and suck me at one and the same time. The way he'd sucked the biscuits and cigarette was nothing compared with the suction job he did on my dick. He literally made my hair curl. If there's a Nobel prize for dick suction, he should get it. I had one leg half down the toilet and the other half way up the wall and as if that wasn't enough he was driving my balls crazy and making my butt open like the Holland tunnel. He knew what he was doing because as soon as Dobie was let off the leash, my hair was doing far more than curling, it was getting a permanent wave.

Badpuppy Model - Drake He flexed his loins like a taut rope, and then sent his dick up my butt like a greyhound leaving the starting gate. I ripped off what was left of his immaculately white naval uniform and buried my face in his hairy chest sobbing for joy as he lifted me up on his dick and fucked me in mid air. My legs akimbo, I swung on his dick with my arms clinging to his neck as he clasped my thighs and rammed me across the finishing line. My body felt like molten marshmallow and I shot forth a sweet stream of caramel cum over his chocolate chest. The sizzling of saliva as we kissed threatened to solder our lips together. We had hardly spoken and were complete strangers, but what passed between us in a cramped toilet on that speeding train to Rome last May will go down in my sexual history book as the stuff of legend.

His name is Saverio and he is only eighteen. My name is Philip and I'm only twenty three, but I don't think either of us will ever reach those sexual heights again. The illicit thrill of sex with a perfect stranger, in what was, after all, essentially a public place combined with the relief from the boredom of a long train journey, and the risk of being discovered, made the whole experience out of this world for me. He wasn't due back to his barracks until the next day, so I took him home, washed and ironed his uniform and made myself acquainted with his butt. Neither of us was disappointed with the results, but we're thinking of doing it again soon, on a roller coaster if we can.

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