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Erotic Story Teller by Mark Gregg Richards

My boyfriend Tim is very special to me, so when he comes to my house for a visit, I do everything I can to please him. I stock up on his favorite foods, put a sexy video in the VCR, turn the lights low, and remove his shoes and socks for a sensual foot massage. I massage him all over before I slowly undress him. I know just when he is ready. He flashes a little grin, and then sinks down into the couch cushions. This is my signal to unbuckle his belt and lower his zipper. I love that moment when I pull his jeans off and gaze on his white tight fitting briefs, which contrast like night and day with his deeply tanned skin. Next I place my hand on his cotton-covered package. He does not say a word, but I know he loves it when I trace my fingers over his cock and balls. He runs, swims, and goes to the gym every day to keep his body fit, hard and well muscled for me, so I take the time to satisfy him.

When I sense the mood is right for sex, I lead my blonde lover to my darkened bedroom. Tim and I get naked and snuggle under the covers. Tim likes me to be in control, so I start with a long wet sensuous kiss. I know Tim's body as well as I know my own. I know he is ticklish under his arms and that he loves for me to slowly rub his nipples with my fingers. I have learned little things that excite him. Tim is 22 but often he likes to be treated like a kid. Occasionally he likes me to spank his bare ass and just recently I found out something that really arouses him. He loves an erotic bedtime story. I write them myself, I memorize then, and in my most sexy voice, narrate the story while he lies on his back and plays with his cock. The last time Tim and I were in bed together, I told him a story I wrote about Lance and his greenhouse friends. Here is the story I told Tim as he snuggled next to me naked while stroking his beautiful manhood.

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Lance felt the cool breeze bathe over his naked body as the osculating electric fan moved the morning air back forth over the length of his six-foot, bronzed muscular frame. He lay on his flat belly on top of a down comforter awaiting the first light of day to invade his bedroom. Lance could feel his hardon from a night of amorous dreams. He started to review in his mind the images that had visited him during his slumber. He rolled over and slowly stroked his engorged cock as he thought of the Graham Brothers. They had until recently all worked at the greenhouse together. The greenhouse was closed to the public on Mondays. Lance, the greenhouse supervisor, allowed his employees to dress very casually on Mondays. Because it was hot and humid in the greenhouse, Lance gradually allowed his all male employees to wear less and less.

The Graham Brothers, 20-year-old identical twins, soon took full advantage of the liberal dress code by working nude. Lance loved to watch their cute hairless asses as they unloaded plants from the trucks. He observed their dicks and balls swinging back and forth in unison. The head of their penises held a special fascination for Lance. The guys looked so much alike it was impossible to tell one from the other, except for one thing. One twin was circumcised and the other was not. Lance wondered if their parents had a strange sense of humor or just hit on a unique way of telling the twins apart. Lance once questioned the duo on this anomaly, and was told their mother wanted to have them circumcised and their father wanted to leave their foreskins intact. After much discussion the parents arrived at the apparent comprise. Both twins were happy because each felt he had his own sexual identity and was different in one way from his sibling. One night after work when the Graham brothers had consumed more than their usual number of beers, they told Lance one of them was gay and one straight. But they would not revel which one preferred dick and which preferred pussy. Lance would often fantasize about having sex with the both of them at the same time. He envisioned dozens of variations on the theme, but his favorite was sucking the cock of one brother while penetrating the ass of the other. Lance was fascinated with the uncut brother. He had never been with an uncircumcised man, and wanted to know how it felt to pull the foreskin back and forth over the head of an erect dick. He would miss the brothers because they were fun to be around, and they had provided him with many hours of jack off images. With the picture of a naked Graham brother lying on each side of him in bed in his minds eye, Lance shot a massive load on his stomach. Soon he would start the workweek, and it would be time to hire a new worker.

It was early morning Monday as Lance arrived at the empty greenhouse. Mondays the place was closed to work on the outdoor display of flowers and trees and to clean the fountains and ponds and unload the trucks. Lance liked the peace and stillness of the morning because he did not have any customers to please. He knew there would be much work to be done.

The morning was already sizzling from the heat and the prospects for the afternoon were only for more of the same. By the time Lance had unloaded one truck of twenty-five pound bags of potting soil he was bathed in sweat. His T-shirt was the first thing to come off. His smooth chest glistened with perspiration. He ran his hands over his nipples for a moment of pleasure before his next task. Lance loved the beauty of the greenhouse and its grounds. The chirping of the birds, the smell of the roses gave him inner peace. It also made him horny. He heard a sound that was not normal for a Monday morning. It was the sound of a truck on the cider greenhouse road. Lance wondered who it was. Soon the rather rusty red Ford pickup pulled up near Lance and stopped.

The driver got out of the truck and walked over to him. He was young and wore a baseball cap and sunglasses. He had on a pair of faded blue jeans and a black T-shirt. The young man asked Lance if he was in charge of the greenhouse grounds, and Lance nodded yes. The stranger told Lance he was Tom Robertson, and he was going to be his new assistant. "Oh, is that right?" exclaimed Lance. "I guess my boss did not tell you I would be making the final decision."

Tom shook his head no and then said, "No Sir."

"First I want to see whom I'm taking to. Take off the sunglasses and cap." Tom did as he was told while Lance gave the prospective employee a hard look. Tom became a little nervous when Lance gazed into his green eyes. "This job requires a lot of heavy lifting and a strong back, arms, and legs. Are you up to it, Tom?"

"Yes sir," came the answer.

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"Let me see your hands."


"Your hands, let me see them," spat out Lance. Tom extended his arms, and held his hands palms up for Lance to inspect. Lance firmly grabbed one and ran his finger over it. There were a lot of calluses on the hand. "So do you lift weights or what?" Lance asked.

"Yes, I got the calluses working out and from construction work."

"Ok, take off the T-shirt!" Tom hesitated for a moment and then complied with the request. Lance felt one of Tom's biceps and kneaded it like a baker handling dough. Lance then dragged his fingers across the young man's stomach and felt the beginnings of a six-pack.

"I didn't know this job would require a physical and one out of doors at that." Tom said nervously. "Do you want me to drop my pants?"

Lance's stone face started to form a little grin. "Yes, now that you mention it, drop your jeans. I want see your legs," replied Lance. Tom struggled to get his tight jeans pulled down and ready for the most unusual job interview of his life. Lance examined Tom's legs and then had him turn around. Lance was impressed with Tom's muscular body, and his eyes were drawn to the young mans underwear covered ass. He reached over and pulled down the tight Calvin Klein Briefs enough to expose one very white buttock, and gave Tom's posterior a little whack.

"You can have the job."

"Gee thanks," a red faced Tom answered.

"You did not let me finish. You can have the job till the end of the day, and if you work out, we will talk about it later."

"Oh, ok, you're the boss."

"You can pull up your Calvin's and jeans, but you will be cooler without the shirt," Lance instructed Tom.

The two walked back to the greenhouse to collect some equipment. Lance gave Tom a bucket containing some sponges and brushes and then gave him a tour of all the outdoor stock. He saw trees of all kinds, birdbaths, decorative stones, and plants of all varieties. Lance pointed out the fishponds, which were popular with the customers. They ended their tour at a magnificent stone waterfall. Lance had built it and was very proud of his handiwork. The structure had a fishpond, a grotto, and a spectacular waterfall. "Ok, Tom, grab a brush, and clear the algae off the rocks around the waterfall." Tom quickly removed his shoes and socks and hesitated about removing his jeans. "You will want to strip to clear that fountain Tom. You don't want to wear wet jeans all day. Go ahead; get naked. The store is closed, and no one comes back here on Mondays". Tom took off his jeans, folded then and put them down on a concrete bench near the pond. He left his CK's on. The water from the waterfall felt cold but good on such a hot day. Soon Tom was completely wet, and his tight fitting briefs where now clinging to his body. Lance was watching Tom's every move. He could see the outline of Tom's butt, balls and penis.

After a short time, the weight of the wet briefs became uncomfortable and Tom self-consciously removed them. Lance could feel that he was starting to get an erection when he looked at Tom's wet naked body. 30 minutes in the cold water was all Tom could take. He got out of the water and looked for a towel and found none. "Let the sun dry you off, it will not take long" suggested Lance.

"Well, you got me naked in less than an hour, do I pass the physical?" Lance looked over at Tom's stunning naked body standing before him and smiled.

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Lance got undressed in a second and invited Tom to sun bathe with him in the warm sand near the waterfall. Tom was nervous and excited as he tried to hide his growing manhood. The two men lay naked next to each other on their stomachs. "Better get a good dose of the sun on that pale ass Tom," Lance chuckled as ran his hand over the bubble butt in question. Tom did nothing to parry Lance's advances, which sent an obvious signal to his prospective boss.

"Ok, Tom, this is not part of the interview, but may I ask you a personal question?"

"You want to know if I am gay?" replied Tom.

"Yes I want to know."

"Lance, I'm curious."

"Curious! Now what does that mean? That you lust after every cute guy you see or that you jack off to every erotic story on "BadPuppy" or you want to have sex with a guy but you are afraid?"


" Yes to what?" replied Lance.

"To all three, I think I am gay but have not done anything yet".

"May I help you decide?" asked Lance.

Tom nodded yes as Lance rolled his new friend on his back. Lance knelt in the sand next to Tom and kissed him full on the lips. Tom first blushed and then put his arms around Lance's neck and gave him a hug. Lance gently pushed his new friend back onto the sand and licked one of his nipples. Tom became fully erect as Lance squeezed his friend's balls. Tom gripped his cock and began jacking off. Lance was about to let loose of the balls when Tom yelled out, "Squeeze my balls! Squeeze my nuts! Oh, that feels so good". Lance enjoyed watching Tom's frenzy in getting off and continued to hold and squeeze Tom's scrotum as directed. "I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum. Oh daddy, oh daddy, wow, that felt wonderful!" Tom exclaimed as he shot his enormous white load in cascading ribbons of man cum on the sand.

Tom fell back in the sand spent, exhausted, excited, and assured he would be curious no more. He knew now for sure he was gay and he was happy the years of doubts were over.

Lance took Tom's hand and helped him up off the ground. The two walked naked with their arms around each other. Lance turned to his new employee and said, "You think that was good, wait till I give you your first blow job."

As I finished the story, Tim and I were under the covers in a naked embrace. Tim's last word before he feel asleep in my arms were, "I love your stories and I love you."

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