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Eric and John by Hrtohrtofgldfgld

Badpuppy Model - Fred & Jae

I had known Eric for about a year, our mutual interest in movies and later on each other making a solid foundation for a great friendship. Eric was still underage, so all we did were the public movies and going out for pizza and soda occasionally, which was great for both of us as it helped make our bond tighter. On Eric’s next birthday he would turn 19, and then we’d see where our relationship was headed. My birthday was also coming up and coincided with his 19th, so we’d talked a little about our plans and out of the blue Eric invited me over to his place to celebrate both our birthdays!

When the day arrived, I drove to the apartment complex in which Eric lived, and was impressed by the management’s upkeep of the complex as well as the tenants’ willingness to keep up their own places. Eric’s apartment building was at the end of the complex, an upstairs outer unit that gave him an ocean view and almost complete privacy. I parked and walked up to the door with my present to him, a twenty five dollar iTunes gift card since I knew he had an iPod and liked downloading songs.

He was waiting for me, because I no sooner reached out to press the doorbell when the door opened and there stood Eric, his only attire a pair of blue plaid cotton boxers. “Come in, Mike!” he said, grabbing my wrist and pulling me inside, his other hand closing the door firmly behind me. “Sorry I’m not dressed; I just got out of the shower and saw you drive up as I passed the window.” His hair and shoulders were a bit damp still, so I smiled and took his words at face value. Of course, this gave me a great first look at his 19 year old body and I was very pleased with what I saw.

Eric had a slim build, but the V shape from shoulders to waist was still there, albeit slightly muted. He did have some nice pecs and very tight abs, which in an odd way looked better without all the thick muscle of my usually well built men. The boxers hinted at a full bubbled ass, though, and when he’d faced me I could see some promising bulges in front. His legs were more muscled than any other part, thick thighs and calves well proportioned to each other leading down to his strong feet. Other than his back and face, he was also covered in a thick brown pelt across his chest and abs, forearms and legs, the pelt fitting like a second skin over him and actually accentuating his body’s tightness.

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He grinned as he caught me eyeballing him and led me through a hallway to the front room with what had to be a small theater setup that faced a huge couch and coffee table. The table was packed with many DVDs, many of which we’d talked about viewing some day but had never accomplished it. I could see the small kitchen and the table already set for dinner. Strangely, three places were set and when I looked back at Eric, I heard a door close and then coming down the hallway in only a pair of red briefs was another young man.

This guy, while still slender, was more like my type with wide shoulders, tight abs and narrow waist and full six-pack of abs, thick thighs and calves and what looked like a firm butt and well placed bulges in front as well. His dark hair and eyes complemented Eric’s brown and his body hair was limited to only a sprinkling on his forearms and on his legs. Eric introduced him as his best friend John from his home state of Pennsylvania.

Badpuppy Model - Fred & Jae

“John came in last night late for a visit,” explained Eric as he started busying himself in the kitchen, “and we decided he should hang here for a few days.”

John’s voice was a good deep one, and he explained that he’d been meaning to come visit Eric for some time, but one thing or another held him up…anyway I wasn’t complaining, for two nearly naked and good looking young men didn’t hurt me one bit.

We had a nice dinner that John prepared including seared steaks, baked potato with sour cream and chives, and a vegetable medley that John sheepishly said were just frozen veggies that he’d tossed some butter and some herbs into to jazz it up. A hunk like him could have fed me peanut butter on crackers and I’d have gladly eaten it as long as I could stare at his gorgeous body.

Note that the two men had yet to put on any more clothing, I guess they felt comfortable with an old guy like me staring at them, for even John didn’t excuse himself to go get dressed. Eric got out an ice cream cake contraption he truthfully said came from the shop downtown and we each had a slice or two with some coffee before settling down on the huge couch to watch some DVDs.

All three of us liked anime and so the first movie was a professional studio’s take on an earlier fan-subbed download we’d watched and enjoyed in club. The second anime, which I had never seen before, seemed to be about two men who had a relationship that was very near being lovers, but never quite got consummated in anything more than passionate kissing. Finally, when the third anime was just about as close to gay porn as it could get without penetration, I looked over at Eric to ask him what was going on.

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Both he and John had been fondling each other through their underwear, Eric’s hard cock poking through the open fly of his boxers while John’s cock was straining against the confines of the tight red briefs. Eric’s hand was stroking along the cotton covered rocket of John’s boy meat and John was reciprocating by stroking Eric’s exposed cock. The two boys looked quite at ease with handling each other’s dongs and the sight of the two guys getting themselves horny was having its own effect on me.

I had dressed casually and so had on a polo shirt worn outside a pair of old comfortable jeans. Both articles of clothing accentuated my proudly gym-buffed body, the polo fitting over my pecs and allowing my tight waist to be seen, while my jeans were tight enough to show my muscled butt, thighs and legs. The jeans also showed my arousal state, a thick tube running into my right pocket and a little bit of dampness signaled a little precum. Eric noted this and gave me one of the biggest smiles I’d ever seen from him and startled me by reached down with his free hand to rub my cock through my jeans!

Badpuppy Model - Fred & Jae

“Glad you like the show, Mike!” he giggled as he fondled my bulge. “I’ve wanted to do this since the first time I met you, but you know, we had to play it safe until I was old enough.” His hands moved down my cock to grasp my balls lightly and gave me a little squeeze, then released me and in one fluid motion slipped out of his boxers to stand gloriously naked before me.

His cock was cut and looked to be close to eight inches long, the knob smooth and inviting to the touch. Eric’s cock was slender like himself, but his balls were large and heavy looking in their hairy sack. I couldn’t stop myself and reached out to fondle him, his grin getting a bit wobbly as he moaned from my touch and his piss slit opened to ooze a little precum onto my wrist.

“Ooh that feels great, Mike,” he moaned, slightly moving his hips so that he’d get a bit more friction in my palm, “keep doing that please.”

John wasn’t going to be left out of this fun, and with a ‘hey I want some too!’ had stripped off his briefs to reveal a slightly smaller but still impressive cut cock and heavy ball set of his own, his lack of body hair also keeping his sack hairless as well. I remarked upon seeing this that I’d always wanted to suck on a hairless ball sack, so it was with delight I motioned him over and sucked his balls into my mouth as he hopped up on the couch and pushed his crotch at my face.

I enjoyed myself for some time, Eric working my cock with skillful hands and mouth and John’s balls being washed in my mouth, when the boys decided it was time for me to get naked as well. Eric peeled off my socks and jeans (that one evening I didn’t wear underwear, which turned out to be lucky) and John tugged my polo over my head. Eric bent forward and with a practiced motion, sucked me deeply back into his mouth. John, seeing how much I enjoyed sucking on his balls and enjoying it himself, returned to dangle his sac into my waiting mouth.

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This went on for a bit of time until I discovered that both boys’ asses were just reachable and that I could start playing with their assholes. With one hand pressing between Eric’s hairy cheeks and the other working between John’s smooth ones, I rubbed my middle fingers over the swollen part of their cocks that lay within the boys’ perineums, slowly moving into the moist and throbbing ring of muscles that guarded their most private areas. With a groan they both pushed against my finger to get it inside them, and I could tell both were getting hornier for some cock up their butts. When John finally decided he preferred the finger to my mouth and pulled his balls away from my mouth to let me talk again, I suggested that he and Eric get really worked up and that I’d offer rides to the first one who got his nipples hard.

This was a contest like no other, for both young men’s nipples were the full pouty type, John’s a bit more pronounced on his fuller pecs, but Eric’s seemed a bit larger. In less than five minutes Eric was the winner, his nubs hard to my touch while John’s still felt softer and more pliable. With a huge grin, Eric produced a rubber and carefully unwrapped it, putting it over my cock and making sure it fit well before grabbing lubricant and smearing it all over the rubber. John helped Eric by squirting a small lubricant tube into Eric’s butt, the moans of this activity keeping my cock rock hard and oozing inside the rubber. When the boys decided Eric’s ass was as greased as it was going to be, Eric climbed up to straddle my waist and then settled down to put the tip of my cock against his pulsing and greasy asshole.

Badpuppy Model - Fred & Jae

Now many men have ridden my rubberized rod, usually stopping about an inch or so to allow their rings to stretch enough to let the rest of my cock inside, but not Eric. In one smooth slow thrust, Eric slid down my shaft until his balls rested on my abdomen and my entire cock was encased in his anal scabbard! He rested then for a few minutes, then slowly raised up until just the tip of my cock remained inside the ring, and then sank down all the way, repeating this movement until I was going crazy from the stimulation. John leaned forward between us and pulled Eric’s cock into his mouth, Eric gasping as he enjoyed the blow job along with the fuck. John soon caught my rhythm, and we had quite the teamwork going while Eric rode me.

Most young men can’t take too much stimulation and Eric was no exception, for he was astride me for less than fifteen minutes before he shouted, “I’m cumming!” and John pulled his mouth away to let Eric’s young man juice shoot all over between our chests. Eric relaxed against me a bit, the fur blanket against my chest of his pelt calming me as well before John tugged Eric off me.

“C’mon, Eric! I want some of that!”

Eric slowly pulled himself off me and John quickly replaced him, first placing his balls into my mouth to get me back into the mood and stroking my chest while I sucked on him. Eric was too blown away and just sat beside me, almost curled into the arm I encircled around him as John decided I was ready and settled his bubble butt’s smooth hole onto the tip of my cock.

John did almost as well as Eric, and although he did pause about a third of the way to adjust to my cock’s size inside him he didn’t wait long, and soon he too was fully impaled upon my cock. John’s idea of being fucked this way, as he moved up and down, was to also do a side to side and front to back movement with his hips. This new sensation was even better, and I groaned as John skillfully brought both of us to the edge. He was still a randy young man for all his skill, and soon he too had coated our chests with his fresh whipped boy juice.

The two boys now stroked my body, one on each side of me, keeping me hard and very horny for a bit longer than I’d like when I suggested the two get into a 69 on the rug and let me watch them work on each other. They gleefully agreed, and soon the two young men were busily working each other, their two cocks hard almost in seconds and in each other’s mouths. This was turning me on like crazy and, finding the stash of lube and rubbers, pulled on a fresh one and then went over to the two men.

Badpuppy Model - Fred & Jae

Eric was on his back, his hairy legs spread wide on the ground as John was on hands and knees over him, both young men sucking on each other’s cock and balls. I went over to where John’s pretty bubble butt bobbed sexily and, pushing his legs a bit wider, sank my greased cock into him. He groaned but kept on working Eric, and soon his spunk shot for the second time as I doggie-fucked him hard. Eric’s looked nice with his new pearl necklace and was groaning loudly with John’s attentions, so I pulled out of John, put on a fresh rubber and lube, then move between Eric’s legs, spreading them wide as I pulled his hips up and pushed inside him.

I fucked Eric longer than all the rest of the times, partly because he was my buddy and also because I’d had a crush on him too, so finding out he was interested in me was a big turn on. John had sat back by this time and so Eric’s full body was all mine, and I made use of it by playing with Eric’s hard nipples, sometimes sucking them and sometimes pinching them, his moans of pleasure increasing as I tweaked them. I played with his tight abs and thighs, running my fingernails down his hairy ridges and contours while I kept thrusting into him. The last straw for him was when I thrust deeper into him and then bent forward to kiss him full on the lips. This triggered his orgasm and as he moaned against my lips I felt my own jetting start, and decided to just shoot in the rubber as the feelings were too good to stop now.

The three of us collapsed in a heap onto the floor, the air scented with sweat and sex as we lay gasping upon each other until I slowly got up and helped the two younger men up. “I think a shower might be a good idea,” I said as I rubbed the cum-crusted fur on Eric’s tight abs.

Badpuppy Model - Fred & Jae

“Sounds like a good idea, Mike,” John said as he stretched and scratched his own belly with its own crusting of dried boy love. We trouped into the bathroom and, after the temperature of the water was adjusted, got into the shower and made a good stab at getting clean. Somehow we managed to have more sex with Eric fucking John’s butt while I fucked Eric, the water cascading upon us as we grunted our way to a third orgasm. Hastily cleaning this up, we exited the shower, dried off and then decided we were tired enough to actually sleep.

I was getting ready to get dressed and head out, when Eric pulled me over to his bed and said, “Mike, stay tonight with us, let’s celebrate both our birthdays as well as whatever else might have started here.” John had already gotten naked into bed, his body bared to the waist and a big grin on his face as he pulled the sheets open for me. I slid into the bed and then Eric got in beside me, and soon both young men were cuddled against me, their heads resting on my pecs as they drifted off.

I gave both young men a paternal kiss on the foreheads, and enjoyed the feelings of their warm young bodies against mine. I could feel John’s even breathing beside me and knew he was asleep, Eric’s breathing slowing down as well to an even rhythm. As I drifted off myself, I felt Eric’s lips against mine, and as my eyes flew open to look at his smile, he whispered as he snuggled close to me, “Happy Birthday, Mike!”

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