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El Nino Storm Boy by Sansaree

I laid there in bed listening to the local AM station's news; my usual routine each morning since I had moved here to the Keys. The high pitched squeal of the announcer's voice was grating on me...I thought how the hell did she get a job on radio? But then I realized that is was a nervous squeal that she was trying to calm as she told of the approaching storm. "The low has been gathering all night according to the Hurricane Center in Miami", she wined, "it's moving at 35 mph and heading directly for the Keys". "Shit", I thought as I rolled over onto my back, "just what I fucking need today"

The storm raged...

 waves pounded the

  beach in front of the house...

   I heard this frantic knocking and a

    muffled cry for help and then, looking out

     the rain smeared window, I saw him - saw that

      he was naked and crumpled over in obvious pain.

My mind was slowly slipping back into that euphoria that comes to one in a half sleep state. My body was still reacting to my sensuous dreams...dreams that hadn't been realized in the few months that I had been here in my new existence on Marathon Key. I had come here to shed the trappings of my former life; a life filled with corporate intrigue and a routine that bordered on pure insanity. A six day a week life that carried me from meeting to meeting, coast to coast, Europe, Asia and the Middle East without pause or care that I even had a life to lead. Sure I was rewarded with healthy paychecks each week and stock options too; but living as a nomad had finally killed all semblance of a life and above all, destroyed all chances of ever maintaining a relationship. I was a highly paid loner whose best friend was a tube of lube and my left and right hands.

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But now it was going to be different. The time had come for me to call the shots. For me to live as I wanted. Live each and every day for me. Live my dreams and not feel that they could never be realized. So I had packed my bags, sublet the apartment on East 63rd and moved here to South Florida...to the Keys where I could go back to my photography again as well as paint, write and begin my life again following no one's rules but my own.

So I lay here letting my hand roam across the moist wakening skin; letting it slide deliciously down into my pubes...feeling there the base of my still turgid dick. My dream had been so vivid, so sensual...more than erotic, much more. Having spent the weekend in South Beach allowed me to realize what I had been missing all these years being a slave to my work in Manhattan. The vibrancy of life here was just what I wanted...and was what I needed. "I am still a young guy", I thought to myself as my hand slowly stroked my engorged pole. My fingers surrounded my steamy balls and squeezed to feel the load that was messaging my brain for release. "Shit!", my reverie continued, "I'm 27, and damn well off from my wisely placed investments and I wasn't a jerk about pissing my money away on relationships that went nowhere". But my thoughts were broken by the more immediate need in my groin. The tempo of what began as a casual caress now increased. My hand tightened around my dick and began its more frantic pulling. The sensitive glans shed its protective sheath of foreskin and came under the pressure of my thumb. My pace quickened as my breath caught in my throat. I could feel the rampant electrical charge building as I stroked my now rock hard pole with wild abandon. My balls drew close up to the base as the first throes of orgasm hit me like a flood of lava washing over my body. My body tensed and my back lifted off the damp sheets as the first eruption of my white, hot jism blasted across my chest. A second, then a third, fourth and fifth...each drenching my nips, neck and abdomen as they flew from my dick in shuddering release. My heart was racing and my breath ragged as the oblivion of orgasm over took my whole being.

Rivers of cum were sluicing everywhere when I finally came back from this exquisite plane of sexual arousal. I slid my legs over the side of the bed and headed off to the bathroom to turn on the shower. The mirrored walls gave me a glimpse of my form as I entered. "Yep", I thought, "pretty damn good looking guy". And I am. Standing just 6 feet tall, I carry my 165 lbs. real well. Having nothing better to do in Manhattan than work out a few times a week, my body showed the results. My abs were tight and defined and my chest displayed well-rounded pecs that were capped with quarter sized nips. My slim 31" waist accented what was above and below as well. Strong, firm thighs and calves that parenthesized what hung in between... a still hard 7" dick that still had its full cover. I was glad I was uncut because regardless of what some might say, I know my foreskin keeps my dickhead more sensitive to the passions of unabashed sex. I leaned in over the marble vanity and looked closely at my face. My dark wavy hair framed my square jaw and seemed to set off my deep green eyes... "Hell, you are one fine looking dude", I blurted out loud with a smile and then stepped into the shower to get this day started.

Throughout the day, the weather alert in my studio kept blaring its warning. NOAA had issued an alert for the Keys from Miami down through Key West. The monotoned forecaster droned as to how the low was picking up speed and packing winds that were clocked at 50 to 60 mph, just slightly under hurricane force. "Severe thunderstorms with deadly lightning and large sized hail" was what they were saying now. But to looking out through the large French doors that opened onto the redwood deck, all I could see was the a glorious sun sparkling the turquoise ocean with a snowy white surf rolling in on the private beach. The sky was a deep clear blue that you only get here in Florida I thought...no signs showing of the drama that was to play itself out before very long.

I turned back to the canvas I was struggling with and tried once again to capture the image I had envisioned so many times in my mind's eye. The cerulean blue eyes stared back at me coldly...it was wrong...all wrong. It wasn't what I had seen in my mind. My irritation was building as I grabbed the flat head brush and struck the canvas with broad harsh sweeps. The image began to dissolve under my lashing strokes. And as abruptly as I had started my tirade against the cloth I stopped; picking up the more delicate brush and beginning again to capture the look that had captured my subconscious soul. For hours I worked with a renewed fervor. Blending, shading and adding color and hue.

The image was taking shape...the right shape now...the right look...the right feeling in those deep set eyes. It was beginning to take form the way my mind remembered him. But then, as I straightened my back to ease the tightness that had developed from being hunched over on my stool so enmeshed in my work, my concentration was broken by the rumbling that reverberated through this old frame beach cottage. It was then that I noticed that the air had chilled and the light was watery and gray. Again I heard it, that distinct sound of approaching thunder. I slid off the stool and walked silently across the satiny wood floor and out onto the deck. The storm was close. Very close now indeed. The wind had picked up considerably and the sea was broiling with foam that scoured the sandy shore. The blue was gone, replaced now with a cold steel gray that darkened into black on the horizon. I could see the flash of lightning streak in the distance as well. Yes, the storm was moving in and quickly by the looks of the sky. As I glanced up the beachline, I could see a few boats making their hasty retreat into the inlet that led to the marina in the cove. They were smart I thought by the looks of what was approaching. The NOAA station had said it would be bad and as I turned back towards the sea I could see that it surely would be.

As I headed back inside I glanced at my watch..."Jeeezzz", I thought, "it's almost five PM already". The day had rushed by but I was happy as I was doing exactly what I always wanted to be doing...leading my own life on my terms...even if it was by myself I mused. I went through the studio into the main part of the old cottage that had been opened up with high ceilings, oversized paned windows and yet made warm and homey with its rough hewn wooden plank walls and highly polished plank floors. The air had certainly chilled a lot. "Not very Floridian", I thought to myself as I kneeled in front of the stone fireplace and lit the paper that was crumbled beneath the oak logs. Here we were in late August in Florida and I was preparing a fire to stave off the chill. Once the fire took I walked into the adjoining kitchen to see what my dinner fare should be. Understand now that I'm not a great cook but I can get by better than most single guys who nuke everything right from the freezer. I flipped on the little color TV on the granite countertop as I started to rummage through the cabinets for ideas as to what to make. A special announcement broke in just as the TV was coming on. "This is a special weather bulletin from the weather center here at WVSM...let's go to Mike with an update on the progress of the storm headed our way...Take it Mike..."; the cute blond turned in her chair at the anchor desk as the camera cutaway to a shirt sleeved guy who looked a little weathered himself. "Thanks Jennifer, well folks ol' El Nino is about to deal us another blow here in South Florida tonight", the meteorologist began. I listened intently as he described the storm's intensity and direction. "Winds approaching 60 mph will begin hitting the coastline of the Keys around 8pm", he continued. Man, this was going to be quite a night. I thought of the emergency generator the previous owner had installed and silently thanked his good judgement. Surely we would lose power if the fury being described hits head-on here in Marathon. "Keep tuned to this station and we'll be bringing you updates as the storm closes in", the meteorologist warned as he wagged his finger at me through the camera lens, "but for heaven's sake folks don't head out anywhere tonight unless it's an absolute emergency" he warned again. "Not me", I thought, "nope, staying right in here tonight and watch some long put-off videos that I had bought". Thunder boomed a lot closer now and the sky had grown dark. I turned back to my immediate concerns of what to have for dinner and shuffled about the well-equipped kitchen pulling together a can of this and a box of that.

Dinner finished and the dishes all loaded into the washer, I wiped down the blue-gray stone of the counter and then walked into the living area to sit by the fire for a while and sip at my glass of Chardonnay. The ol' cottage was creaking and moaning under the strain of the howling wind. I could hear the torrents of rain bashing at the windows and the French doors alike. The storm was hitting us with all it had. Lightning lit the outside yard like flares being set off in rapid succession. The thunder following crashed as if some deranged drummer was exercising madly on his bass drum. The whole house shook to the floorboards with some of the crashes that the storm was creating. I thought back to this afternoon and those boats rushing for cover. Smart that they did for no one would be safe on the ocean tonight.

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When one particularly thunderous crash reverberated all around me, I went to the window to look out toward the sea. The storm raged...huge, angry waves pounded the beach in front of the house. It was then that I heard this knocking and a muffled cry for help and, looking out through the rain smeared window I saw him - saw that he was naked and crumpled over in obvious pain. My heart stopped for a fraction of a second as fear gripped my inner core. I rushed through the studio and threw open the doors to the deck. The rain lashed at my face as I went to him. He had fallen in a mass to the floor of the deck and I could see clearly now that he was bloody as well. With the wind pulling at me and palm fronds flying like thrown daggers, I bent against the wind's fury and got my hands under his arms and dragged him into the studio and safety from the storm.

He lay on the floor like a twisted mannequin; arms askew and legs bent up in a fetal position no doubt from his unconscious fear of what he had endured. I knelt along side him and heard him moan from deep down inside. I quickly turned him over to see how badly he was injured and to judge what I should do next. As his body turned and he lay on his back, once again my breath caught in my throat. His face, while scrunched up in pain, was magnificent. His chest was heaving as he tried to gain breath of his own and his left hand clutched at his right shoulder where I could see the source of the blood - nasty gashes like he had been slashed by a myriad of small razors. He was alert and knew he was safe now...he was calming down. His body was beginning to unfold and his breath was idling down. But mine was still in overdrive as I checked him over for other possible bodily damage. As my senses became calmer too I looked over this young guy who had been almost literally thrown on my doorstep.

I judged him to be in his late twenties, his sopping wet hair was wavy and dark like mine and he looked to be about 5'-10" and maybe 150 to 160 lbs. And as he was naked as the day he was born I could see that he carried with him a healthy length of circumcised cock with walnut sized balls as well. His body was smooth. The only hair he sported was on his head, under his well developed arms and around his rain shriveled cock. I looked back at his face and saw that he was definitely awake and looking right at me through deep cerulean blue eyes. The eyes. Yes, the eyes that haunt my mind. The eyes that I try to capture on canvas. In my mind's eye I've seen them a thousand times before and now they were here in front of me. His eyes. Beautiful eyes that were clouded now in pain. I jumped up and away from him and ran to my bedroom to get a blanket and I grabbed a towel as I rushed back out through the bathroom. He was sitting up still holding his shoulder as I approached. "What happened to you?" I said quickly. "You look like you've been through hell!"

"Hey man, thanks...I didn't think I was gonna make it", he said as he rubbed his face with the towel I had handed him. "Fuckin' unbelievable! I'm some god damned jerk", he continued as he ran the towel through his hair. And just then he winced and howled in pain as he had moved his injured shoulder and it obviously was hurting badly. "Let me take a look at that shoulder of yours", I offered. "Why don't you come into the living room by the fire while I see how badly your hurt", I said as I helped him to his feet and draped the blanket around his naked form. It was clear that the warmth of the house was settling him, as his cut cock no longer was as shrunken but now instead, while still limp, it hung down thickly to perhaps 7" over his ample balls. He brushed the towel over his chest and groin and down his legs and when he bent the blanket slipped to the floor revealing a firm set of ass muscles that flexed tightly with his moves. "Sorry for getting everything wet and making a mess, man", he said in a whisper as he reached to gather the blanket from the floor and drape it over his arm. "Hey, don't worry about it, man", I countered a little hoarsely as he had not bothered to put the blanket back around himself as he walked ahead of me into the living area and stand near the fire. He moved with a lithe grace that belied the pain in his shoulder. My body was reacting now to his. The first tremors of unabashed lust had hit my groin and my own cock had started to harden. "Why don't you sit down here on the sofa and let me have a look at those cuts", I said as I moved closer to him. I eased him down and sat next to him so that I could assess the damage done to his shoulder. "What the hell happened?" I quizzed again as I looked closely as the gashes that continued to ooze blood. "As I said, man...I'm a fuckin jerk. I thought I could get my jet ski back to the inlet from down the beach a ways. The storm was blowin' pretty good already and I was afraid that the waves would wash it away if I left it out there unattended." "But what were you doing on a jet ski with this storm coming in?" I asked as I wiped the blood from the cuts. " I'm here on vacation and rented the ski to have a look around the area...I didn't even know about any damn storm 'til it was right on top of me", he offered as he watched me dab gently at his wounds. "I was way the hell down the Key, in fact, I was laying on the beach takin' a snooze when I was woke by the sound of thunder. Man, I almost shit. I got the ski back into the water but by then it was rainin' and man, the storm was blowin' like a son-of-a-bitch. I got out into the surf but I was knocked around like a fuckin' cork. I couldn't do a thing, man. I tried to keep headin' into open water away from the breakers but it was no use...the wind kept pushin' me into shore." I was watching him intently as he relived the drama of his battle against nature. " Man, it was unbelievable, I got washed off the ski like 6 times...that's how I lost my trunks. Ripped right off my fuckin' body, man." At that moment I smiled a little to myself and thanked the powers that be for the forces of nature. "Finally, I knew I wasn't gonna make it and that's when I saw the lights of your house...I headed in hopin' to make it to shore alive cause those fuckin waves were monstrous. I almost did too but I got knocked off again and dragged by the current right through those coral covered rocks out on your beach. I guess I was knocked into a kinda daze cause I don't remember much after that til you brought me inside here." He was lucky indeed. He could have been killed...crushed on the rocks and drowned.

I got up and I went into the bathroom to get the first aid kit I had purchased in case of emergencies but my secondary thought was to escape for a few minutes from my own trauma that had been building while I sat there next to this fantastic looking guy who just happened to be sitting on my sofa....naked. My dick was hard as a steel rod and my sweatpants didn't do much to provide me any cover. I needed a minute or two to think of something like investment funds or bank transfers to let my unadulterated lust abide a bit. After gathering a few items I needed I came back into the room to find him sitting with his legs spread wide as he leaned back against the sofa pillows. My pulse quickened again but I made it to the sofa and sat before my rod hit full mast. " By the way", he began, "my name is Glenn and I sure wanna thank you, man, for helping me out like this. I thought for sure I was a goner". "Glad I was here and could help", I replied knowing full well that my voice was thick and throaty. " My name is Matt...nice to meet you Glenn but I wish the circumstances were a bit more pleasant", I answered trying to manage my voice. Glenn leaned forward and put his hand on my thigh, "Look Matt, if it wasn't for you being here like this I don't know what I would have done. I owe you big time man...really!" My body shuddered at his warm touch. His hand rested there and pressed into my flesh. I could feel the heat radiating from him. I moved closer to apply the antiseptic and cover the cuts with a bandage. But my hands trembled as I tried to administer to him. He leaned in closer. Those amazing eyes seemed to look right into my soul. It was like he knew of my inner passion. Like he knew I wanted to hold him in my arms and cover his lips with mine. And with that thought still upfront in my mind, Glenn came closer and kissed me. His hand that pressed my thigh now moved to my bone hard cock and gently squeezed. My lungs froze and my heart shuddered inside my chest. I kissed him back with wild abandon. His tongue sought the inner recesses of my mouth and mine tasted his essence. I threw my arms around him and pulled him onto me as we both fell back into the softness of the pillows. His hand rubbed my cock with an urgent message of lust. I wanted to hold him close. His lips moved to my neck as his other hand plied its way under the waistband of my sweats to grab at the hot flesh of my cock. "Oh God Glenn...you're incredible", I moaned. And as he licked at my ear he whispered deeply, "And you my man, are one hot dude...my caretaker...who is so god damn fine". He sat back up and looked at me and smiled. His brilliant white teeth, his sensuous eyes combined to make me melt into a quivering mass, driven by my lust.

The cries of the wind and the thunderous claps of thunder still raged around us. But we were in another world, insulated from the tempest's rage by our passion. I slipped off the sweatshirt that now was drenched with my sweat. Glenn helped pull the sweatpants down over my hardon. It smacked back to my abs with an audible thud. He pulled the sweats totally off me so I too now was as stark naked as he. And with our arms once again encircling our bodies, we slipped to the floor and snuggled close into one another as the fire cast its undulating glow over our sweat sheeted skin. The temperature in the house had warmed considerably with the fires' glow but our bodily temperature was heading toward scorching as Glenn once again placed his lips on mine. But I wanted to taste more of him. And I slid down and turned my body around so that my face was just inches from his 8.5" rigid dick. His wide cum hole was leaking the clear crystal honey that my mouth yearned to taste. My tongue darted out on lapped at his juices. My lips opened to engulf the flaring red-hot mushroom head and I swallowed him down my throat as far as I could. "Oh Matt, yeah man, do it...suck me man...take all of me inside your mouth", Glenn moaned as his body writhed in ecstasy. "Oh Matt, suck me man...drink my cum man...oooohh...yeah, that's it...oooohh fuck I'm gonna cum man." I sucked him in until my nose was buried in his dark brown sweat curled pubes. I drank in his scent - the sweat mixed with his masculine musk, the scent of a man in lust. My head rode his bone up and down. My lips tight and sucking his cock flesh. I brought my mouth up to his cockhead and let my tongue dance over his now ultra sensitive glans. He was leaking precum in huge amounts. It's salty taste firing my need for him...my desire to have him empty his balls into my waiting mouth. I sucked like a child reveling with his first lollipop. My body convulsed as I felt him take me into his mouth. His lips and tongue were caressing every nerve ending in my blood-engorged cock. I almost lost consciousness as the sexually charged feelings sent electrified spikes throughout my brain. I could feel my balls tightening as my orgasm approached.

We writhed and rolled on and off each other as we sucked each other off. Our hands were a blur of grasping and groping and our bodies were drenched with sweat. "Matt, I'm gonna cum...I'm cummin' man...oh fuck yeah.... Oh Matt...yeah...oooohhhh!" I could feel his cock tense and grow rigid in my mouth. It seemed to expand even larger as he groaned. And then the first shot of his thick mancream hit the back of my throat. And then another...more, thicker, salty yet sweet at the same time. My mouth was flooded with his cum and the feeling of his juice sliding down my gullet sent me over the edge and I blasted my cum into him. My entire body shuddered like an epileptic in an uncontrollable frenzy. I shot again and again. My mind went into a metaphysical change that only takes charge when a man is in the throes of orgasmic bliss. I drank his love juice and he savored mine. And as we began to come down from that extraordinary high plateau I curled back around and took Glenn into my arms and kissed him hard on his lips. My tongue pushed some of his own cum into his mouth and he shared mine with me. Our seed had formed a bond that would be almost impossible to break.

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"Oh man, fuck me...that was incredible...you are incredible Matt...fuckin' incredible", Glenn spoke in a hushed voice as he laid his head on my sweat-soaked chest. I ran my hand through his still moist hair and asked, "How's your shoulder feel now my buck?" I was smiling at him as he turned his head and looked into my eyes..."Shoulder, my shoulder...what shoulder man", he laughed. "You just performed the miracle cure", he whispered as his lips met mine again. "Oh, by the way", I said in an amused tone as I breathed into his ear, "what you just said...'Fuck me'...well guess what? That's exactly my plan for your continued treatment." Glenn laughed from deep within his soul and threw his arms around my shoulders.

After lying snuggled together for what seemed like hours, we both got up and as I took his hand in mine, I led him down the hall to the bedroom. The storm was still delivering its wrath to the Keys, but for me now, El Nino had delivered a gift that was to change my life for a long time to come.

* * * * *

EPILOGUE: The following day dawned bright and clear. The damage from the storm was evident everywhere as we drove into town toward the marina. A Coast Guard launch had found the jet ski beached on a sand bar at dawn's first light and had towed it in. Glenn headed toward his jeep and turned to give me wave so long. Yes, so long, because during the night that we spent consumed in lovemaking, Glenn promised to go back to Atlanta where he lived and pack up his things. He would be back next week and we would begin to build a relationship on that love we found last night as a result of being thrown together, by chance, at the hands of the El Nino storm.

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