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Doing The Business by George Nevin

Badpuppy Model - Robert & Edward

The photographs were such a turn-on, I was surprised there wasn't a queue on the pavement. Looking at the display box, I could believe what the sign said - that this was the best nude boy theater in the city. It stood on Nob Hill, not far from the big hotel where I was staying, and I'd idled down the street and come across it after dinner on my first night in the city. There were five photographs on display, and each of them was enough to give a guy an instant hard-on. The most spectacular was of two Mexican guys, alike enough to be twins - black-haired olive-skinned boys who looked about twenty; they stood with their arms about each other's shoulders, and they were probably nude - at least, the photograph cut off just where a line of black hair below their navels was about to be lost, I guessed, in a blacker bush of hair above their cocks. Another was of a tall, slim black guy, with a muscular chest and biceps, thick black hair between the nipples and under the arms. Then there was one of a Chinese boy, completely hairless - again, as far as you could see, for the photograph was also cropped below the navel, though so low down that I was pretty sure he was shaved. The absence of cocks was irritating - but after all the pictures were after all on view in the public street, and couldn't be much more graphic. None of them showed guys full-length - except for one of a slim, fair-haired guy looking over his shoulder, with bright blue eyes, his long back falling to beautiful firm round buttocks, then to equally firm, slender but powerful thighs, with what looked like the faintest mist of blonde hair over smooth skin.

I paused. Should I go in? Why not? It was ten o'clock, and I had nothing to do except go back to my hotel and count my legs.

'Hi!' said a voice at my side, and as the guy passed me and pushed through the strips of plastic at the entrance, he looked back at me with the piercing blue eyes of the guy in the photograph - the one with the beautiful ass. My eyes fell and just dwelt for a moment on tightly-packed jeans as he vanished.

'That'll be $30,' said the guy behind the counter. The entrance was a sort of shop, with a counter behind which stood small but powerful pug-nosed little guy who looked quite capable of dealing with any trouble. Behind him were shelves soft porn gay mags on sale, together with others in plastic wrappers, price tags tactfully stuck over the midriffs of guys otherwise naked, who looked as though they were enjoying themselves, and each other. Packets of condoms of all colors and flavors, tubes of lube, more trays of dildos... As I looked, 'You get free condoms and lube with admittance,' said pug-nose; 'you can come and go as much as you like during the next twenty-four hours on this passport.'

He handed me a little booklet with the date stamped on the cover.

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'Here's a key - locker 29,' he said. 'We encourage everyone at least to strip to their underpants - makes for more fun. There's a film on at the moment, but there's a show in...' he looked at his watch '... in five minutes.

I passed the end of the counter and went through the door. A rack of lockers faced me. A guy was just removing his underpants and throwing them into the end one. He was about forty, I'd guess, but with a well preserved body, a nice ass, a thick cock hanging limp above rather large balls.

'Hi,' he said. 'Haven't seen you before. First time?'

'Yes,' I said.

'Ah,' he said, 'a Limey. Enjoying California?'

'What I've seen,' I said; 'and I hope to see more.'

'No problem. You're going to enjoy it here,' he said. 'Stripping off?'

'I guess,' I said, doubtfully.

'Good,' he said. 'You'll find that the guys are a lot friendlier if you're buck naked.'

'I wouldn't be surprised,' I said, and took off my shoes and socks, shirt and trousers and stood for a moment in my pants. The guy grinned. I whipped them off.

'Nothing to be ashamed of!' he said. 'Very nice. I do like an uncut cock. Come on, I'll show you round.'

We went through another door, and found ourselves at the back of a hall. On the screen, one man was fucking another and at the same time sucking off a boy standing at his side. As my eyes got accustomed to the gloom, I could see the pale shoulders of rows of men who were naked at least to the waist - and no doubt most of them below the waist, because certainly in the back row, just beneath me, several of them were busily stroking their cocks, and sometimes the cocks of the guy in the next seat. One or two wore briefs, their cocks pulled out at the side; most were naked. I felt my own prick stir. My friend put his hand on my waist.

'There'll be a show in a while,' he said; 'we'll come back. Just have a look at the rest of the establishment.'

We left and walked down a corridor. Through an open door on my left I caught a glimpse of a TV set - on it was the same film that was on in the theatre. I moved to the doorway. The room was small, triangular, dimly lit - there were several couches, a small stage, empty a the moment, and three television sets slung from the ceiling - now I could see that each was showing a different film. There were two couples lying on benches, one pair happily sucking each other off, the others just gently stroking each other - and one guy just lying back, his hand on his cock, looking sometimes at one or the other of them, sometimes at the TV screens. My friend took my arm again, and pulled me away.

'Gets very busy in there later on,' he said. 'Don't know whether you're fucking or being fucked.'

He led me a little further down the corridor, and opened a door: inside was a plate glass screen, and behind it three shower stalls. 'If you fancy any of the boys you can come and watch them shower after the show,' he said. 'They can put on quite a display with a bit of encouragement. I'm Len, by the way.'

'George,' I said.

Badpuppy Model - Robert & Edward

'He, George,' he said, took my cock in his hand and gave it a little shake. I reached for his. It was warm and firm and semi-erect. I moved the skin gently over the surface, then for a moment weighed his balls in my hand.

'Nice to meet you too,' I said. He reached out, took me in his arms and hugged me; I felt our cocks rubbing together and rising in appreciation. Then the sound of applause reached us from the hall.

'Ah - the show!' Len said. 'You'll like this - two little Mexican guys - only been on this week. I was in last night and came back specially - they're hot stuff. And there's a bonus tonight.'

I raised my eyebrows.

'You'll see,' he said, and our cocks half-risen and bobbing, we made for the little theatre.

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The two Mexican boys were already on stage, each clad only in a pair of purple briefs. They really could have been brothers.

'They look like...'

'They are,' said Len. Twins. You know the old saying about Mexico - ' Incest flourishes where the roads are bad.'

The two boys reached out and took each others' nipples between finger and thumb and pinched them, grinning. Then they reached out with the other hand and pulled at the waistband of each other's briefs. These most have been held by velcro, because there was a little rending sound and the complete garments came off. Each cock was strong and firm and right up against the belly. They thrust their hips forward and rubbed their midriffs together, the cocks bobbing against each other. Then one turned his back to the other, who reached down and slid his hand down his brother's spine and into the crack between his buttocks. With one forefinger he began to probe. The other let out a little mewing sound and shivered with pleasure, then bent at the waist, and turning with his back to the audience, reached around and pulled both cheeks of his ass apart. A gasp of pleasure went up from the audience - and almost without thinking I found that my hand was on Len's cock, just as his was on mine. I could feel a slight slipperiness of pre-cum beneath my thumb and finger.

The second boy was now on his knees, his face buried in his brother's ass, and they swung round so that while nobody in the audience could see his probing tongue, there was the spectacle of the first boy's cock, now positively throbbing with his heartbeat as he threw his head back and laughed with pleasure. His brother's hands now came round, one lifting the balls as though for our inspection, the other gently stroking the shaft.

The second boy had now I guess lubricated his brother's ass sufficiently with spittle, for he suddenly stood, turned him so that he was side-on to the audience, and pushed his shoulders down until he was bent double, holding his ankles with his hands; then with one movement he pierced him with his cock, like a spear, and began to move - bringing his cock right out each time he moved away, and almost without having to aim it, sinking right in again until the black bush of hair at the base of his cock was right against his brother's buttocks.

But they had only been fucking for half a minute when onto he stage strode a third figure: it was the fair-haired guy who had brushed past me at the entrance. He was obviously older than the Mexicans, but probably only 24 or 25. He was completely naked except for a pair of shiny black leather boots which reached almost to his knee, and his cock stood out proudly from a haze of bridge blonde hair - a huge cock, the foreskin either cut or drawn back over a huge pink shining bulb.

He walked over to the two boys, took hold of the second by the shoulders and drew him away so sharply that his cock seemed to pop like a cork as he came out of his brother's ass. He then lifted the second, turned him, gripped him under the buttocks and lifted so that he could place his legs right up against the blonde guy's chest, and plunged his cock sharply into him, to the hilt; a wail of mingled pain and pleasure came from the boy's lips, while his brother simply stood and looked on as the blonde guy started almost to frig himself using the young Mexican as a tool, lifting him to and fro by the buttocks along the length of his prick. Then he turned his blonde head and nodded at the second young Mexican, who went around behind him, fell to his knees, and began to tongue the blonde's asshole.

The audience was now completely rapt; there was total quiet, except for a soft panting from one or two and a sort of slurping which I realised was the sound of cocks being energetically massaged by visiting palms. The guy next me moaned gently, and looking down at him I saw a spurt of cum shoot out between the fingers of his other neighbour's hand and cream his thigh. Len's fingers were gently running up and down the shaft of my cock, while my own hand enclosed his completely, just gently moving the skin over its muscled ribbed surface.

On-stage, everything suddenly came to an end: the blonde suddenly lifted the Mexican away from his cock just as a foam of yellow-white liquid shot from it up over the light brown skin of the boy's belly and chest. He lowered the boy to the floor, and immediately his brother left rimming the white guy, came round and squatted on his brother's cock, frigging himself as he rose and fell. The blonde stood, his cock dripping slightly, watching them - and within a couple of minutes they too came, one lifting himself off the other as they both shot. There was a burst of applause - even though guys had to drop what they were doing in order to clap.

Badpuppy Model - Robert & Edward

Almost without noticing it, I found that both Les and I had started stroking each other's cocks more attentively - in fact, I was on the edge of coming myself. I took my hand off his shaft and lifted his hand away.

'Quite right!' he said - 'early days. Come on, let's have a close-up...'

The two young Mexicans and the blonde guy were in the showers by the time we got to the room just in time to get a couple of seats on the front for of the benches, and pressing our noses almost against the glass screen we were only six inches or so away from them. They were even peachier close-up than on-stage: the two boys' bodies were absolutely smooth except for the black bunches at the base of each cock. They had come so recently that their cocks were of course limp - but they showed them off nicely, lifting them, white with soapsuds, on the palms of their hands, pulling the foreskin back to show the little shiny helmets; then they turned and bent to display their asses, pushing a forefinger into each little pink hole.

The blonde guy , standing between them, seemed was rather amused. He soaped himself slowly, running his hands up and under his arms to where silky hairs grew in twin clusters, then over his chest and down to where a line of pale, almost white hair straggled down over a flat, or rather very gently curving belly, to the thicker mist of hair - carefully trimmed, I thought (how I'd have loved to shave it off!) - from which his cock fell, limp but nicely thick. He saw me looking, and grinned, taking it between his fingers and squeezing it gently. I winked, and made a little circling gesture with my finger. He grinned again, and turning bent to show his ass. A mist of blonde hair covered the skin there, too - and just as he was about to reach back and pull the cheeks apart, the two Mexican boys saw what he was doing, and smiling turned, water cascading over their brown bodies, and did it for him - gently pulling so that his buttocks opened to show the little knot which nestled between them . His crack was completely hairless, and the asshole was delicious - the anus muscles well-developed, ringing the hole itself and throwing it prominently out almost like a tiny miniature volcano. One of the Mexican boys touched it with a forefinger: it opened to swallow the finger to the first joint, the contracted, pushing the finger out as it did so.

My mouth was dry, and when the blonde turned and grinned again, my own grin must have been far from natural; anyway he only had to glance down between my thighs to see the effect he had on me. Not that mine was the only erect cock in the room - in fact, I don't think there was a single guy there without a hard-on.

Les put his hand on my shoulder.

'Come on,' he said, 'I badly need some action.'

He led me out of the shower room and into the darkness of the voyeur's room. Before my eyes were accustomed to the dark, I felt a hand on my buttocks, sliding into the crack and feeling for my asshole. Then another, feeling for my cock, and one sliding over my chest and tweaking a nipple... I stood for a while and let the anonymous hands explore my body, while my eyes got accustomed to the gloom. There must have been forty men in that small room, and not a single garment of any kind! They were packed so closely that it was impossible not to be touching one or the other - even if they weren't touching you! Every kind of everything was going on - there was a lot of sucking - perhaps it was the favourite activity; though at least four guys were fucking, and as I looked I felt a cock probing my ass, and moved smartly away - I hadn't got a condom on me (nowhere to carry it, anyway) and as I felt, that cock was perfectly bare.

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I moved gently around, running my hands over anybody I liked the look of - and there were plenty of them: one or two gross, fat guys - but even they were popular with the chubby-chasers, so everyone was having a good time. I reached the edge of the little stage and sat for a moment, just to look around. My cock was beginning to ache, it was so hard - it felt as though I was wearing a condom three times too small.

Then I felt a hand on my shoulder, and a voice in my right ear said: 'You enjoy the act?'

I turned. It was one of the two little Mexican boys. He reached around and slid a hand across my chest and down to my belly. I grinned at his little pug face.

'I did,' I said.

'You like me and brother?'

'Very much,' I said.

'You like to suck my cock?'

There was no doubt about that at all. He stepped up on the stage and lay on the bench that stood there, in a dim pool of light which was as near as the room got to a theatrical spotlight. I hesitated: did I really want to be on exhibition? The boy held up his cock, and smiled. Well... I got up and turned so that my back was towards his face, and bent over. As I took his cock im my mouth I felt his face lift between my thighs, and felt him pull my cock down with his hand and apply his own lips.

Not surprisingly, it took a while to arouse him, but after a while, and with a little tickling of his balls, it began to swell, and in a while I was able to move the skin over the muscle with my lips. The problem was that I was so aroused I was going to come at any moment. I glanced out at the audience: dim faces were turned towards me. The only real light came from the doorway - and against it was silhouetted a tall, slim body. I realised that it was the blonde guy. As I watched, he put his hand down, turned sideways, and displayed his cock, half-hard. He began to pump. Sadly, that did my business: a great stream of cum flowed out of me, almost effortlessly; the Mexican boy swallowed every last drop, and as he did so I felt a slight saltiness between my lips - his act had clearly almost pu mped him dry.

There was only a smattering of applause as we left the little stage: the exhibition hadn't been nearly long enough for the audience's taste. I looked for Len, but he was occupied, deep in a 69 with some other guy.

Badpuppy Model - Robert & Edward

Though there was obviously plenty more fun to be had, there was a meeting next day which was pretty important, and after a while I left.

Next morning I got a cab to an office block a mile away, and sat in a stuffy office for three hours talking business. At midday, we had reached deadlock - there was no way I was going to sign the contract as it stood. I decided to call it a day until afternoon. 'You want to come for lunch?' asked the man with whom I was negotiating.

'No,' I said - I had had enough of him. 'I'll get a cab back to the hotel - there are some notes I need to fetch, anyway. I'll have a sandwich there.'

'Listen, take one of the company cars,' he said. 'I'll phone down.'

He lifted a telephone and ordered a car for me.

'It'll be outside by the time you get down,' he said. 'Black Chrysler. The driver's called Roy.'

I thanked him, and took the elevator down forty-three floors to the foyer. As he had said, there was a black saloon at the door. A chauffeur opened the door as I went out. He grinned at me. It was the blonde guy from the night before. Did he recognise me?

I sat in the back of the car looking at the neat blonde hair at the nape of his neck.

'Er - nice day,' I said inanely.

'It is that,' he said.

'You enjoy driving in San Francisco?'

'It's a job.'

'You work evenings as well?'

I caught his glance in the driving mirror. The sharp blue eyes looked right into mine.'

'Sometimes,' he said.

'Driving? - or some other job?'

'That depends on what's wanted,' he said.

We drove past the end of the street in which the little theatre stood. I turned my head and glanced down it. He saw me do so.

'Ah,' he said, 'do you know you're the first guy I've driven who's recognised me? You enjoy the show?'

'Very much,' I said. 'Those two little Mexican guys...'

'They're hot,' he said. 'Make the job a pleasure.'

'I'll bet.'

By now, I was really hot for him.

'You doing anything for lunch?'

'I wasn't,' he said; 'but I guess I am now?'

He parked the car in the hotel garage. By the time he reached my room, I was buck naked.

'You're in good shape,' he said, looking me up and down.'

'Do my best,' I said. 'You're in better shape, though.'

'Professional pride,' he grinned, and stripped. 'So what do you want?'

I turned round from the cabinet where the hotel had thoughtfully stashed a packet of condoms and some lube.

'Like to fuck you,' I said.

'Be my guest,' he said, and threw himself face downward on the bed.

'Kneel up,' I said, 'I want to rim you first...'

He knelt. I knelt behind him and pulled the cheeks of his ass apart. The smart little asshole was as smart as it had been the previous night. I leaned and touched the ring of muscle with the tip of my tongue. It tensed appreciatively - then as I pushed, relaxed, and the tip of my tongue entered him. I tongue-fucked him for several minutes, then couldn't bear it any more. I straightened, and picked up the packet of condoms.

'Let me,' he said, turning. He bit the corner of the packet off with his teeth, and slipped the teat end into his mouth, then bent, and slide the condom down my prick with his lips. He took some lube and annointed it - the soft, slippery touch, even through the rubber, almost did for me.

Badpuppy Model - Robert & Edward

Then, grinning, he lay back and drew his legs up unto his knees were against his chest. His cock lay back against his belly, his balls drawn tightly up beneath it; his asshole was still the prettiest I had ever seen. I put the tip of my aching cock against it, and after that delightful moment when the sphincter muscle - even his! - resisted the pressure, there was the even more delightful moment when it gave and the head of my cock slipped through, and then the long, lovely slide into him until my bush met his balls.

He gave an appreciate moan as I started moving. I put my hand over his half-hard and gently began to move the skin over the hard muscled surface. My excitement began to mount, and I bit my bottom lip, determined to make the moment last - but I was to far gone in exhilaration, and all too soon my whole loins contracted and a rush of cum fountained into him. As it did so, I felt his cock twitch in my hand, and a rush of cum shot from it, up over the brown skin of his chest, and fell above and around one of the dark nipples.

He grinned.

'Come out nice and slow,' he said.

I slid gently out. He closed his eyes and moaned again as the head of my still hard cock plopped out. I slid the condom off.

I wiped him down with a towel, and we lay for half an hour, my head on his thigh. Then he whispered: 'Going to let me return the compliment?'

To my amazement he was completely hard, again - which was more than I was.

I'm not very keen on being fucked, but if ever there had been a guy who...

I turned over and spread my legs.

His cock was big; but he rimmed me so well that saliva ran out of my asshole and down to my balls, and after the first pang when the crowd of his cock entered, there was no problem. I felt him spurt into me as he moaned. Then, with the professional politeness, I guess, of the first-rate hooker, he turned me over and sucked me until I came - which this time took the best part of twenty minutes, and twenty of the best minutes I remember.

He drove me back to my business rival's office, and there I quickly signed a contract which was a great deal less profitable to me than I had meant it to be. Roy had promised to spend the evening - and the night - in my room.

'Thanks,' said R. B. Bentley as he opened the door for me. 'I was afraid you'd drive a harder bargain. It must be something in the air. The car will be downstairs for you, and yes, I've given Roy the evening off. Don't wear him out completely - I've another contract to negotiate tomorrow...'

The models in these pictures are Robert & Edward

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