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Dog Park by Hrtofgld

Badpuppy Model - Alexander Keus “Spike! No, Spike!” Too late, my mutt Spike was busily sniffing up the butt of another dog, one that didn’t seem to mind really, but the gaze from the stud that held the other end of that dog’s leash made me embarrassed anyway. I tugged on the leash and finally Spike minded me, coming over with a hurt look on his face as if to say that he was just being a good neighbor. I fished around for something to say to the well built guy whose dog just got nose raped by mine when he smiled and reached out a hand.

“No harm done as I can see and anyway, dogs will be dogs. My name’s Rick and Henry’s my dog.” I introduced myself and Spike, who decided since I was talking nicely with the fine fellow that it would be ok to start sniffing HIM. He’d just began at the man’s shoe and I hastily tugged on the leash again in fear that he’d complete the “trick” that I’d taught him.

“No, Spike, no!” Again, he gave me that hurt look and came back to ‘hmpf’ at my feet, watching both Henry and Rick carefully just in case I changed my mind. Indeed, I would have been quite pleased to have Spike perform his “trick” with this young man, for he was tall, muscular in all the right places and had that smile that made me just melt when one was directed at me. His hair was dark blond, close cropped military style and his eyes were a deep blue that sparkled as he watched Spike and I. Clean shaven and wearing tight ‘mufti’ type t-shirt and shorts, I’d pegged him as one of the countless marines living off base as they had for many years. His body was in fine US Government shape, evident from the tight clothing as was the fact that he was well endowed at the crotch area. Later on I was to find that he was in the Reserves and actually it was that membership that brought us together through our dogs.

As we talked we had headed to the apartment complex’s newly created dog park, a fenced area of well maintained grass and benches where dogs could run off leash and play in a secure area. I found it amusing that in the year before this same area was a children’s ‘tot lot’ but as it was never used by the few families with kids it was converted to what was really needed. We entered the dog park and secured the gate behind us, got ourselves a set of plastic poop gloves and released our dogs!

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Off they tore, like two school kids let loose after chores, romping and peeing on everything, sniffing everywhere and, of course, each other. Both dogs were ‘fixed’ males, but it was funny to see them still highly interested in each other’s butts. Rick and I settled on a bench and chatted about various things, until he got quiet as he watched our dogs play.

“What is it, Rick? You seem distracted.” I said as I broke from watching HIM to see what was up.

He shrugged and turned towards me. “Well, I got to leave here in a few weeks for my Reserve shift and I have nowhere for Henry to stay while I’m gone.” Rick sighed and I sighed as I watched his muscles flex under the tight clothing. “He’s a good dog, but most of my friends just don’t want the burden of taking care of a dog, even if it is only a few weeks out of the year.”

I thought about it some and murmured that things would work out somehow. I had the same problem when I went on vacation, but made enough money to board Spike with the vet if I had to. Seeing this guy all concerned about his dog tugged at my heart (as well as his body did my cock) so I offered to take care of Henry as it was obvious to both of us that our dogs got along quite well.

“Two dogs for a short time can’t be that much of a bother,” I said, basking in the growing smile on Rick’s face, “and I’m sure that they don’t eat so much that I’ll go broke. I figure I can take them for walks together and if Henry doesn’t mind going out to do his business when Spike goes, I think we can do this with no problem.” Rick looked like somebody just handed him a million dollars and to my delight, hugged me hard before I realized what he’d done.

“Oh man, you just relieved me of my worst worry!” His hug had, of course, brought our lower bodies close enough to touch and our hairy lower legs pressed together briefly until he released me and sat back, grinning broader than any time earlier that day. “I know Henry and Spike will get along great and of course I’ll leave money for Henry’s food. I don’t think having a brother will bother Henry at all, in fact he’ll be almost on vacation himself!”

We laughed and then it was time to head back to our respective apartments after policing the park as good citizens should after their dogs. Disposing of the used gloves in the special trash cans, we put the leashes back on our dogs and headed out through the gate. Rick stopped and grabbed my arm before I turned off towards my apartment. “Here’s my phone number and address. Feel free to drop by. I’m home most evenings and always keep a six pack and steaks in the fridge for my buddies.” He handed me a card from his back pocket with this information on it.

Badpuppy Model - Alexander Keus “That sounds great, Rick,” I said as I pocketed the card and shook hands with him. “I’ll give you a call when I get back to my place and pass my info to you as well.” He grinned and we headed our two ways with our dogs, who looked a bit disappointed they couldn’t play more with each other. I called Rick a few minutes later and gave him my address and phone number and we also exchanged cell phone numbers just in case. After I’d hung up I was rather horny and had Spike perform his ‘trick’ before showering and setting up for my own dinner.

A few days later Rick called and invited Spike and I to dinner. “Like I said, I got beer and steaks, but if you want to bring something that would be ok.” I volunteered to bring what I called a ‘man’s salad’ which made him laugh and later that day arrived with Spike and my salad. Rick whistled at the hearty salad I’d made and I explained that the idea of a ‘man’s salad’ was to make it chunkier and put more stuff in it than most women did. We shared the salad and steaks while our dogs had a little bit of steak as well and then took our beers out to Rick’s balcony to relax.

I complemented Rick on his steaks and he made a comment that meat was his specialty, something that was loaded with innuendo and after a few more comments like that I turned and, emboldened, asked Rick if he was bisexual.

“No, are you?” When I told him I was gay, he smiled. “Me too, cool how that worked out.” We laughed and now we openly cruised each other, checking out each other’s hard bodies and especially each other’s thickening crotches. Spike noticed us and happily went to Rick, first sniffing his bare leg and slowly sniffing and licking upwards until he got to where Rick’s shorts began.

“Spike, No!” I wasn’t sure if Rick was ready for Spike’s ‘trick.’

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“What’s wrong, Mike, he’s just interested in me, that’s all.”

I shook my head, watching Spike as he ‘hmpft’ again and lay at Rick’s feet. “I taught Spike a special trick that you might find embarrassing, Rick, and unfortunately Spike likes the reward so much he tries his trick with every guy I meet.”

Rick’s eyebrows went up and he said, “I’d like to see this trick if I can. Do I need to do anything special?”

“The trick works best if you’re naked, at least that’s how I taught Spike,” I said, reddening a bit in embarrassment. My embarrassment changed to lust as Rick just nodded and stood up, peeling off his tight t-shirt and pulling off his shorts to reveal that he was going commando. He settled back in his chair, spread his legs and nodded to me. “OK, Spike, ‘Trick!’”

Spike happily got up and started sniffing and licking up Rick’s leg again, moving up past his knee to where his thickly muscled thigh began. He paused a second to check to make sure I hadn’t changed my mind and then moved up Rick’s meaty thigh to where a nicely engorged cock was growing. Rick was uncut, and Spike got confused for a bit as he watched a different type of cock, but understood what to do after Rick’s head appeared from its skin covering. With a happy grunt Spike zeroed in on Rick’s balls and began licking them with long, slow strokes.

“Umm… oh…” moaned Rick as Spike worked his heavy balls, licking up from the bottom of the ball sack and catching one ball lightly in the cup of his tongue before completing the stroke and going for the other one. The signal to move to the cock was always the presence of precum, and as the first pearly drop appeared at Rick’s cockhead, Spike move forward and began licking the underside of Rick’s hard cock. Of course, Spike had no way of knowing as I did that uncut cocks are very sensitive right there and, like a switch being turned on, my doggie was getting well rewarded in precum as Rick moaned louder and deeper as his cock sent pleasure signals all across his nerves.

Rick moaned louder when Spike’s tongue would scrape lightly against his frenum, the most sensitive spot on men and, for uncut guys, where the biggest trigger was located. That and having a more sensitive head that would receive licks from Spike as he got his precum treat were enough to set off the orgasm and Rick was no exception to the rule. “Oh fuck!” yelled Rick as he began shooting thick cream from his cock, Spike yelping again happily as the man milk began coating Rick’s lap and chest. Spike kept up the work until Rick stopped shooting, and then helpfully licked up every drop of cum that had gone on Rick’s body. Weakly, Rick looked over at me and whispered hoarsely, “Some trick…”

Badpuppy Model - Alexander Keus I grinned and motioned to Spike who headed over to where I sat, now naked and throbbing with my own need. “Spike, Trick!” Soon I was moaning and shooting my own load while my doggie lapped up the goods. Seeing neither man with a hard cock, Spike gave one last lick to my crotch and sat at my feet, watching the both of us just in case we were ready for a second round.

Rick got up and came around to my chair, bent close to me and planted a big kiss on my lips. “Ok I think it’s time Master got a chance to have fun with me as well…” I grinned and told Spike to stay, which he did, content (and full of man spunk) to wait until I called again. The two of us headed into Rick’s bedroom and, after collecting a rubber and some lube from a handy side table drawer, Rick was on his back, his ankles resting on my shoulders and my rubberized cock ready to enter his pulsating hole!

I slowly entered him, his moans deepening to groans as I spread his legs wider to get better depth and, when I hit his joy button, his cock leapt up like a startled fish. Long deep strokes slowly moved to the short ‘almost ready to cum’ ones and, with a yelp from Rick, his orgasm began pulsing around my cock, his cock coating his ripped abs and thick pecs with creamy goodness. I was in hog heaven with the feeling on my rod and it didn’t long before I was filling the tip of my rubber to bursting. When I was done I carefully pulled out of Rick’s fine asshole and rolled over onto my back beside my raggedly breathing fuck buddy and then carefully removed the rubber to empty the spunk inside it onto my belly. “Spike, Trick!” With a galloping sound my dog hustled into the bedroom and, nose aquiver, began vacuuming up the spooge on our bodies.

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Rick began laughing as Spike happily licked off his cum from his belly, saying that it tickled a bit and, with a little woof Spike continued cleaning of my buddy’s upper torso until he couldn’t find any more. Turning towards me, he cleaned off my belly, carefully licking out the depression where my belly button lay as well as a nice deposit of cum. I agreed with Rick, Spike’s tongue on the belly was rather tickling to the sensitive area right after cumming, and we giggled like two school girls as Spike completed his trick.

We rested, side by side with our hands idly stroking each other as we waited for the post-orgasmic buzz to fade away and when we felt like moving again we got up and showered together, itself creating another post-orgasmic buzz, although this time it was my butthole that was stretched. Poor Spike didn’t get to do his trick this time as the shower cleared off all the spooge before I had a chance to call him into the bathroom. Towels around our waists, we headed to the living room and, with a couple more beers, chatted about not much of anything until Rick suggested I spend the night…

…the next morning, after rounds of heavy sex that left my dog so full of spunk, the last time I called out “Trick” he just hmpfed at me and went back to sleep. Rick and I laughed at that and cleaned ourselves up, had breakfast that morning and then Spike and I went home to prepare for Henry’s stay. A few days later Rick and Henry came over, Henry all excited and sniffing everything in the apartment before we headed to the dog park together. Rick was getting Henry used to my place and that evening he and Henry stayed overnight, Henry confused by Spike performing his trick three times that evening and finally deciding that it was interesting enough to try for himself. I thought Rick’s smile couldn’t get much wider when he realized that his dog had found his crotch and was happily licking up his master’s cum. “Guess I don’t have to do cum rag laundry anymore,” he said, giggling as Henry’s tongue lapped at his belly button, “now I have my own personal spooge vacuum.”

I nodded, Spike cleaning my belly off as well. “Saves a lot of energy and water too.” We both laughed and let the dogs finish before we settled into each other’s arms, slowly falling asleep…

…unfortunately, the next morning Rick had to report for duty and we got up early, Rick taking a quick shower and getting dressed in his reservist’s uniform before eating what he called his last home cooked meal for awhile. Before grabbing his duffel and walking out the door, he stopped and pulled me into a huge bear hug. Kissing me, he whispered, “Thanks, Mike, for not only taking care of Henry for me but also taking care of me. When I get back, I’ll show you how appreciative I am!”

I grinned and rubbed my ass. “Can hardly wait, Rick! Henry, Spike and I will get along fine. You go off and do your duty and when you get back in a few weeks, we’ll have a celebration all ready for you!” Another hug and kiss later, Rick had driven away and the dogs were now resting at my feet while I sat on the couch still tingling from that last kiss.

Badpuppy Model - Alexander Keus The weeks rolled by and indeed, the two dogs were good friends and not any problem at all to manage. I developed a bit more muscle in my arms from having to restrain two dogs rather than one, but overall it worked out fine. I reinforced Henry’s newly trained ‘trick’ and Spike had to share the wealth, so to speak, but I knew Henry had received all the training he needed and now was in practice mode, the dogs again got along as long as they shared my cock, balls and spooge.

There were three happy mutts when I heard the knock at the door and Rick stood there, Henry because master was home, Spike because Henry was excited and myself because I had really missed Rick! He laughed as we all tried to hug, lick and rub against him and finally we got ourselves organized on the couch, the two dogs at our feet and the two humans in each other’s arms.

“I’m so glad to be home!” Rick said, smiling into my eyes as we embraced. “It was sheer torture to be without you guys, even for two weeks! I haven’t jacked off or anything as I shared bunk space with five other guys, none of them gay and too ‘uber-straight’ for me.” He grinned and continued, “Besides, my buddy at home and my dog will help me take care of that problem!” We laughed and then we got a bit more purposeful with our hands, finally stripping each other and kissing until we were so horny it was time.

“Spike! Henry! ‘Trick…’!”

The model used to illustrate this story is Alexander Keus. If you'd like to see more photos of him, click here.

The model in these pictures is Alexander Keus

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