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Distant Cousin by Barringer

Badpuppy Model - Roman My parents have a vacation home north of Portland. It’s little more than a log cabin but it’s comfortable and has a stupendous view of the lake. I’m not really into hunting or fishing so I usually don’t know what to do with myself all summer as there’s nobody else around. Of course there’s the occasional bear but they tend to keep a low profile. Still I take some mace with me when I go for my early morning hike. Not that I’ve ever used it but you can’t be too careful. Although nowadays I find there’s more danger from the potential beast lurking under the surface of your average human. And I speak from experience.

This summer Daniel, or Danny, came to stay. My mother said he was kith and kin but she couldn’t quite remember whose kith or whose kin. Our extended family is rather dysfunctional what with the many divorces and all that. Anyway she informed me that Danny was probably my third cousin twice removed. Whatever that means. She told me he was interested in sports and put me in charge of him. I’m not at all interested in sports and was not a happy camper as I’m something of a free spirit and don’t like to be tied down.

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Still, he looked pleasant enough. In fact he looked liked butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. He also looked about sixteen, if that, although according to my mother he’d already ‘come of age’ and would soon be celebrating his nineteenth birthday with us. She’d already bought the ingredients for the cake. I didn’t know it at the time but I was about to supply one of the candles.

The first day, rather against my will, I took him for a row on the lake. It was late summer so we had the place to ourselves. Except for the bears that is. The sun was pleasantly warm and the early morning air fresh and clear although it was the kind of calm that usually comes before a storm. As soon as he took hold of the oars, I noticed he had a lot of tight muscle and pent up energy in his boyish arms and was only too happy to lay back in the boat and let him do all the work. I also noticed, between half-closed eyes, how his over-large shorts flapped in the breeze and couldn’t resist looking up his inside leg.

Badpuppy Model - Roman He wasn’t much of a conversationalist but as we crossed the lake his body seemed to be doing a whole lot of talking for one so young and presumably innocent. As he thrust his hips provocatively forward in the boat and tensed his legs in an all-out effort to get as far away from shore as possible, I couldn’t help asking myself why he was in such a hurry. Although, of course, somewhere inside of me I knew full well. He grasped the oars strongly and firmly like someone with a mission, his muscles in perfect sync with the ripples of the lake. And the fluttering feelings that suddenly rippled right through me.

Presently he took his top off and I was hornily aware of even more ripples. The ones on his hard muscular little stomach.

He smiled at me and said, “Isn’t this great?”

As if an answer to his question, my own rigid muscle made quite a ripple of its own in my boxers in spite of the fact it was in full view of my kith and kin. Still, I was happy to see that beneath his voluminous shorts something large and long was showing some interest in me too.

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“Why don’t you take off your shorts so I can see your dick?” I heard him say. Not the kind of question you expect from a cousin even if he is twice removed.

As if to encourage me, he let his own dick emerge from the side of his baggy shorts and I had to agree with him. It certainly was great. I slid my foot up his leg and touched it tentatively. The heat it exuded was tremendous and nearly curled the tips of my toes and made them tingle at the same time. I rubbed his hot hardness slowly with the cool sole of my foot. He moved forward in the boat so I could get even further inside his shorts. Now I was able to wipe my feisty foot on his welcome mat of a dick. I almost creamed my pants at the feel of it. For a moment I wondered if it was possible to jerk somebody off that way. Then, just when I was beginning to think it was, he pushed me away.

“I’ve shown you mine now it’s only fair you show me yours,” he said.

By now I was having a problem of serious seepage and decided the sooner I satisfied him the better. We both slipped out of our shorts simultaneously and our dicks stood proud and tall in the morning sunshine. In silent competition. We were so close to each other by now we were literally kissing cousins. In an effort to go down on each other at the same time we overturned the boat and were soon cooling off in the water. We swam to an uprooted tree sticking out of the lake and stretched out diagonally with our feet in the water to dry off.

Badpuppy Model - Roman There wasn’t really enough room for both of us on the tree so we couldn’t really make love although with a bit of manoeuvring we were able to take turns sucking each other off. He’d lie with his feet in the water, his back on the tree and his head dangling in space and I’d swim up between his legs and blow him. It was a very ‘slitherful’ experience. My legs slithering in the water, his dick slithering in my mouth and both of us slithering off the tree as he came.

He was a bit better at it than me as he was so light and lithe. I’ve never been blown in full daylight and on the trunk of a tree but I’d recommend it any day. Of course there was the added danger that somebody might come by and catch us cummin. But that only made it all the more exciting. Also the fact that we hardly spoke and didn’t really know each other. Still we soon made up for lost time and didn’t remain distant relatives for very long.

Strange the chemistry that takes place between two people. He wasn’t really my type and I probably would have passed him by in the street but the sight of his throbbing legs and pulsating muscles in such close proximity had really turned me on.

It was as if that boat had turned into our own special sex capsule. We were naked and unashamed in front of each other and both our dicks were intent on doing a bit of sexual checking out. I couldn’t wait to be inside of him. I solved that problem by getting the tent out of the car and pitching it in a secluded spot where I hoped even bears feared to tread. Then I slipped straight into him. Once again with hardly a word.

He was hot and ready and his ass fitted me like a glove. It had been driving me mad with lust and desire ever since I’d seen it sparkling in the river sunshine. Always just that little bit out of reach like an unpicked apple. And my dick sparked at the juicy sight of it. Now I was in him and up him and we were fucking as one.

Instinctively I knew it was his first time and his eager little ass told me that he wanted it to be with me. I told him to close his eyes and listen to me move with him. Feel me pierce his sphincter and his soul. Let my love rod activate the pulse of his being. I’d never waxed so lyrical before. I surprised even myself. But that’s how the insides of his ass made me feel. Like I was visiting hallowed ground. A safely guarded sanctuary where no man had ever been permitted to enter and could not be allowed to defile. Maybe his being family made me feel that way. I don’t know. All I know is I wanted the experience to be a memorable one for both of us.

Badpuppy Model - Roman Like any responsible lover—or cousin -- I was using a condom and fucking him from behind so that he had the lush grass to cushion him from the ever hardening blows I was dealing his virgin ass. But it seemed he wanted to be battered and bruised. From the very start he opened himself to me like a thirsty rosebud unfurling its petals to receive the dew my dick was liberally producing. He rose and fell with me and let out little puppy-like groans that told me I was hitting all the right buttons. But as the rhythm between us intensified and his moans became more carnal, he tore himself free and ripped off the condom.

“I want to feel you and see you,” he cried, “I want you to look me in the eyes and fuck me with every glance. I want you to know how good you’re making me feel. I want you to spit at me with every stab of your dick. I want to swallow every drop of your spit with my mouth and every drop of your cum with my ass.”

Such a savage impassioned declaration from one so young and inexperienced inspired me to even greater heights. I threw him on his back and used his legs as levers as I ground my way into him. I spat at him like a wildcat as per his request and he spat back until our mouth juice met in a terrific tongue-fuck kiss. A storm was brewing outside and soon the wind and the rain were lashing at the tent. But by then our bodies were lashing at each other with an even greater intensity. He dug his nails into my back and I dug my teeth into his nipples. He squirmed and squealed in painful pleasure. “Suck me, fuck me, jerk me off!” he sobbed sluttishly.

“Make up your mind,” I managed to say between butt thrusts, “You’ll have to sit on me if you want me to do all that.”

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He worked his way down on me. I let the hot cylinder of his cock slide in the palm of my hand like a trombone player getting sweet music out of his instrument. His dick grew harder and thicker at my touch and I grew harder and thicker inside him. I drew my hand up and down his shaft and my dick in and out of his ass until I drove him nearly delirious. He leant back in mid-air just as he had on the tree trunk and waited for me to climax.

“I want to come, I want to come,” he sobbed “Make me come.”

“All in good time,” I said sadistically and threw him on his back again and began to pump the very stuffing out of my beautiful butt slut cousin as if I was drilling for oil and his ass was the only place I was going to find it.

Badpuppy Model - Roman “Don’t stop, don’t stop.” he begged, thrusting himself further down on me.

All too happy to obey, I continued to fuck the shit out of him until his groans and his moans became cries for mercy and his nails which were tearing chunks out of my back told me he was about to cum spontaneously of his own accord. As he shuddered in happy coitus, I pulled him towards me and held him tight as a baby as my groin muscles began to contract and love juice fairly flowed out of me. Out of him too. Jism met jism and made our bellies slop and slither with the combined fallout. At that climactic moment the wind tore the tent from its moorings and the rains engulfed us and washed us clean. We opened our mouths and drank the elements and each other in. It was more than memorable. It was phenomenal. Almost Biblical. We got home drenched to the skin and pleasantly purified.

“And to think we only met this morning,” I said as we entered the house.

My mother made us soup after our shower. Both were steaming hot. Then she asked me if it was alright if Danny bunked down with me. “Of course,” I said. After all we were no longer distant relatives. And we got closer still as the night wore on and we wore each other out. You might say it had literally been a day of wear and tear. My bed creaked like crazy so I ended up cranking him on the floor. He heaved and sighed and couldn’t get me far enough inside him. The horny little bastard.

A few days later it was his birthday. We got pleasantly high and that night, as a special birthday treat, I rolled over and let him fuck me. It was great. Greater than expected. Still, as his nine-inch, nineteen-year-old dick pricked my thirty-year-old rosebush, I told him not to get any ideas and made it quite clear that I was usually a top and was only doing this for him.

“Don’t worry,” he said, “I promise to keep it in the family.” And I could swear there was a twinkle in his dick when he said it.

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