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Dishes by Hrtofgld

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The water flowed steaming and strong from the faucet, running sensually over my bare arm, tingling and wet. I squirted into the turbulent water, pink suds billowing up to surround my naked flesh. I plunged into the turbulent, foamy water and enjoyed the sensations a while longer, then turned off the water and dumped the dirty dishes from dinner into the sink. Not many people get off on dishwashing, but I have a fond memory that continues to excite me everytime my hands get into soapy dishwater...

...I had just started at the restaurant, eighteen and the freshest-faced kid you'd ever seen. My mom had run off when I was six, and my dad raised me with a combination of fear and love that still has me puzzled as to which is which. Anyway, I kept pretty much to myself in school, and got good grades to please my dad. As I grew older, I found that the awards and letters from track and swimming pleased my dad too. Track and swimming formed my body into a lean and lightly muscled machine, which combined with my dad's brown hair and blue eyes made for a pretty foxy eighteen year old.

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I was still virgin, peeking at the other boys in the showers at school, noticing new muscle and pubic hair as it grew on their bodies. I didn't know anything about being gay, heck, the mere thought of having another man touch me was enough to freeze me up. My dad, thinking to get me out of the library and into the world sent me to look for a job at a nearby restaurant.

The owner of the restaurant, Joe, was looking for someone to take over for some other guy that quit in the middle of Joe's heaviest season, which was Thanksgiving to New Year's Day. I noticed the sign in Joe's window that same day. Oh, sure, the pay wasn't great, but I got a free meal for every four hours I worked, and free sodas anytime I wanted. For a teenager, that's a good deal!

Joe showed me the dishwashing machine and how it worked, gave me a couple pointers on how to handle the cooks, then parted to take care of customers. I shrugged, put on the plastic apron hanging near the machine, and got to work.

The restaurant had four cooks working different shifts. Sam, a blond ex-marine with more muscles and tattoos that I'd EVER seen, worked the breakfast shift from 6:00am to 11:30am. Jim, a tall, gangly kid only a few years older than I, worked the Lunch shift from 10:30am to 4:00pm. Mark, a handsome black, worked the Dinner shift from 3:30pm to 8:30pm and Steve, an older guy, worked the After Dinner shift from 8:00pm to 1:00am. My school schedule, along with track and swim meets, screwed up my work schedule enough so that I had to work a few hours on each shift at some point during the week to make up enough hours to keep the job.

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It was a Friday night, and Mark had just started scraping down the big grill from dinner when the phone rang. It was Steve's wife calling from the hospital. Steve had been in an auto accident, and it was kinda iffy when he'd be back to work. Mark called Joe in and, after talking a little while, Joe decided to call Jim and see if he could cover for Steve. Joe would take Jim's lunch shift in the meantime. When he was called, Jim didn't mind a bit, and came in a half hour later.

It was customary for the cook and dishwasher on duty to lock up when the restaurant closed, since Joe and the waitresses usually left at 11:00pm. So I was elbow-deep in hot, sudsy water scrubbing out greasy pots and pans when they walked out the door promptly at 11:00pm. "Lock the place up good and tight, Mike," said Joe as he closed the back door, "help Jim out since he hasn't closed before."

"Sure thing, Joe." I kept cleaning up, picking up used cookware, knives, spatulas, etc., as Jim took the cash from the cash register drawer, slid it through the little slot in the office door and made sure the front doors were pulled tight and latched properly before he locked them. He was closing the shades on the windows and turning off the lights when I returned to the back to finish the dishes up.

The water had gone cold, so I drained it and made a fresh sinkful of pink, hot, soapy water. I had started the old dishwashing machine on the last set of plates, cups and silverware, the clanking and swishing of the machine drowning out any sounds around me. So, I was quite surprised when I felt a pair of hands slip underneath the apron from behind me and begin to unzip my pants!

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"Shhhh," said Jim as he pulled my pants down to my ankles and slid his hands into the front pouch of my underwear, "keep still and enjoy it..." I couldn't have moved anyway, frozen in my spot by these unknown and exciting feelings racing up and down my spine. One hand wrapped itself around my cock, squeezing every so often while the palm of the other cupped my balls. My mind tried in vain to sort out these feelings, while deep within me something was awakening, enjoying the feeling of another man's hands on my private parts.

Jim untied the laces of the apron from around my neck and pulled it down slowly, his hands dragging across my chest, leaving a smoldering trail of warmth. When the top of my apron hung from my waist, he grabbed my t-shirt and in one fluid movement, pulled it from my body.

My nipples, strangely harder and thicker than I think I've ever seen them, stood out from my body. Jim brought his hands up and rolled my nipples between his fingers, the sensation like lightning down to the head of my dick. I was now naked, save for a string tying the apron in front of me and my pants around my ankles. Jim's breath was hot in my ear as he moved his hands away from me. My mind was completely blank and so, when I heard another zipper and the soft "plop" of clothing hit the ground, I didn't move a muscle until I felt Jim's thick meat press against my virgin ass.

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He cupped my asscheeks with his hands, stroking the soft mounds while whispering how firm they were into my ear. His fingers moved into the crack and pulled my cheeks apart, something pressing against , then moving in a slow ring around my asshole. A few times I felt a little push, then a little pain which was over almost as soon as I noticed it. "You've got a tight ass, Mike," Jim said as he pushed and prodded, "We'd better take care of that."

I was slowly bent over until my arms resting on the edge of the sink. He removed my shoes and pants, then carefully moved my legs wider so that I was spreadeagle. I looked over my shoulder to see him pull his apron off, remove his pants, and kneel behind me. The next sensation was really strange, a warm, almost burning feeling around my asshole. Something sandpapery was rubbing against my asscheeks, and every so often something felt hot and wet around my asshole. At one point, I felt a stabbing feeling, and heard muffled slurping. I looked between my legs to see Jim squatting behind me, his naked body thrusting forward with each slurping sound, and his erect cock bobbing and slapping against his tight stomach. I didn't really know when it happened, but the stabbing feeling became kinda pleasant, and I found myself backing my ass into the hot, probing action behind me.

Jim stopped and stoodup, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand reached behind him with the other hand, getting a gob of fat from the oleo bucket we used for buttering toast. He ran his buttery fingers between my thighs for a few minutes. He reached behind again and rubbed some fat on his cock, then pushed his slicked cock between my thighs. He bent over me, wrapping his arms around my chest and whispering to me as his cock moved in and out in the slippery area, the blunt head of his cock bumping into my ball sack with each thrust. His body pressed tightly around me with his cock massaging my underside started to feel pretty good, and I relaxed a bit, allowing myself to enjoy it.

Jim pumped away at my thighs for a while, then stopped and had me remove my apron. When I was completely naked, he picked me up and sat me on the countertop. He laid me on my back and moved my legs over my head, exposing my ass with the grease and sweat trickling down to my asshole. He continued licking my asshole, working around the little ring of muscles and darting his tongue a little deeper inside each time. He licked between my asshole and balls, sucked my balls into his mouth a few times, and licked up the shaft of my cock, each time he did great waves of pleasure ran up my spine. He grabbed my cock and held it so that it stood straight up, then sucked it into his mouth nearly down to my balls. I might have even blacked out from the sensation, it was so intense it hurt. He licked the head of my dick some, little electric shocks in my balls as his rough tongue contacted the little slit.

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With all the attention my cock was getting, I didn't noticed that one grease laden finger began to circle my asshole. I thought it was just more of the feelings racing across my body from him sucking my cock . I propped up on my elbows to see his index finger disappearing up to the second knuckle at the same time my brain registered that it was a finger. In another minute I would have protested, but Jim moved his finger just so, and hit a spot that causing my cock to jump to attention. He started slow and deep finger thrusts, making sure he hit that area within me each time.

My asshole had two, then three invading fingers pressing inside, my hands holding my legs up so that I could get more and more. I had a dumb smile on my face throughout the whole thing, and Jim grinned at me, then said, "Are you ready for the big daddy?" Dazed with pleasure, I nodded.

He moved me back to the sink, bending me over the steaming, foamy water. I felt his hands press against my inner thighs, and widened my stance as well as my asscheeks until the pressure was gone. A little more oleo was applied to my asshole and then, without further ado, I felt the first inch of Jim's nine inch monster enter my ass.

I gripped the front of the sink with my knuckles turning white as his cock sank into my virgin asshole. Just as I was about to scream with pain, the head of Jim's cock struck my button, and the intense penetration changed from agony to sheer pleasure. The length of his cock, after a few exquisite moments, reached its full nine inches within me, his balls pressed tightly against the opening of my asshole.

Jim stood against me for a little while, letting me get use to his length and diameter, then moved slowly in and out of my asshole. One of his hands moved over my chest, finding a nipple and squeezing it in rhythm to his thrusting, while the other hand pulled me towards him. I reached under myself and found his balls, stroking and pulling on them as they bobbed back and forth.

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Suddenly, I was grabbed by both hands around the hips and Jim began slamming his cock into my ass. The rough slapping sound of his upper thighs against my sweat and grease coated ass increased in both tempo and decibel as he fucked me.

My button, having being pounded unmercifully for over an hour, gave up the battle and my cock erupted. Thick ropes of cum flew from my dick with each thrust, landing in the pink, foamy water before me. I felt a massive thrust, almost as if Jim was trying to shove his balls up my ass as well, and then experienced the sensations of his massive blasts deep within me.

We stayed hunched over the sink for a few minutes, Jim's cock slowly slipping from my dripping asshole. When his cock had dropped completely out, he turned me around and laid a big, wet, open mouthed kiss on me. "You're a pretty hot fuck, Mike," he said, fondling my ass and slipping a finger in my loosened asshole.

"I really enjoyed that a lot, but we're both a mess."

Jim grabbed two handfuls of suds and spread one over his cock, then reached around me and smeared the other into my asshole. "Try some of this, if it will clean greasy dishes, it will really clean a greasy asshole!"

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We rubbed each other's bodies good with the hot, soapy water, then rinsed off with the big sprayer from the dishwasher. I stood in the sink and let him spray between my asscheeks, his rough fingers parting my cheeks as the warm spray hit my asshole. Jim pushed a small funnel into my asshole and then sprayed water inside me, saying, "You need an internal rinsing also after all that fucking." I didn't mind, and it sure felt good.

Jim stood against the sink while I rinsed him off, taking special care to rinse his cock and balls. After I'd finished, his cock was hard again and his balls looked like they were full of fresh-churned cum. He looked at me with a little glint in his eye and looked towards the sink again, a small smile breaking over his lips. I smiled, pulled the oleo bucket closer to him and bent over...

...I remember that time well, for it was my first experience with men and the beginning of a wonderful relationship with Jim. Any minute now, he'll be home and sneak behind me, grabbing me like he did all those years ago. Now, where does that oleo go.....?

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