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Diplomatically Correct by Callan Smith

Badpuppy Model - Teodor

Iíve just got back from a week-end visit to Prague. My brotherís a high ranking official there. I canít tell you more than that for obvious reasons. It wouldnít be diplomatically correct. While there I was invited to dinner at my brotherís embassy. One of the waiters kept looking at me intensely every chance he had. Of course I looked right back, but as discreetly as I could. Still the fact that I was only there for another day made me rather daring. I left my personal card with my mobile phone number on my plate as he was clearing the table for dessert. Thatís the best I could do under the circumstances. He showed no sign of having received my message, so I had no way of knowing if heíd call. But he did, just as I was about to drop off to sleep.

Communication was difficult as he spoke no English. He just repeated a name which sounded like a park or something. I didnít know if he was waiting for me then or wanted me to go next day or what. All the same, I dressed quickly and went down to reception. I repeated the name a few times to the guy at the desk, and finally he understood and told me it was a little square on the other side of the bridge. It was within walking distance so I didnít have to take a taxi or anything. I still didnít know whether I should go there or not, but the whole thing was so exciting, so cloak and daggerish, and the waiter was so Slavic and good looking that I decided to risk it. I was there in fifteen minutes, and even though it was after two in the morning, the square was crowded.

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Badpuppy Model - Teodor

He was standing near a lamp under an ornate clock and I saw him at once. He smiled, and I gave a sigh of relief. It was a nice smile and contrasted very sharply with the dark, smouldering looks heíd been giving me at dinner. We shook hands, and he took me into a small cafŤ. We sat opposite each other, and he squeezed his legs against mine under the table. I hadnít done that sort of thing since I was a teenager and on my first date. Once again he stared intently into my eyes and muttered what sounded like endearments. I said similar things to him in English.

He lit a cigarette, took a few drags and then handed it to me. I donít usually smoke, but I put it in my mouth since I had a feeling this was the nearest we were going to get to a fuck that evening. There was such sexual tension between us it fairly crackled. I wondered when he was going to take me to his place so I could get my hands on him. I wanted to lean over and kiss him, but of course that wouldnít have been diplomatically correct. I handed him the cigarette, and he drew on it long and strong as if he was sucking my dick. At the same time he increased the pressure on my legs. I grew hard but I was also growing impatient. The easy solution would have been just to smuggle him into my room and fuck the ass off him, but that was out of the question given my brotherís position. It really was most frustrating.

Badpuppy Model - Teodor

Finally I took out my pen and drew diagrams on the paper tablecloth. I wrote my name and somehow got him to write his. It was Zesar. I drew a clock, a picture of the sun and a question mark. He smiled and wrote 10.30. Then I drew a picture of an empty building and another question mark. He wrote the name of the cafť. It was all I could do not to draw two matchstick men fucking and another question mark but I thought better of it. We left the cafť and he led me down a dark alley and kissed me all too briefly and put my hand on his dick. His lips were soft and his dick was hard and I knew he was telling me Iíd get both tomorrow. Then he was gone. A shadow in the night. I was so horny by now I wanted to pick up the first guy I met. I also knew there were rent boys under the bridge, but I decided to play safe and go back to the hotel room and jerk off. I couldnít take any unnecessary risks. It wouldnít be diplomatically correct.

Next day I was back at the cafŤ. He was there waiting for me. He took me to a bus stop and soon we were on our way to the country. He had obviously dressed to please me and was wearing a white shirt, blue jeans and a red belt. I liked the cute ivory bracelet he was wearing, too. We got off the bus near a wood, and he took my hand like a happy child as we walked through the trees. I forgot to mention he was very young. I suppose about eighteen. He seemed to get such a kick out of finally being alone with me. My dick was getting kicks of its own and I could hardly wait to get the throbbing beast inside him.

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I took hold of his shirt and kissed him roughly. He put his hands under my tank top and tweaked my nipples. He must have known instinctively that this was one of my most erotic zones. I flipped and pulled him down onto the grass. He lifted my tank top over my head and lubricated the reddening nipples with his tongue. I tried to open his jeans, but the belt impeded me so I opened my own and waited for him to bring his soft lips down to my dick. He did eventually, but first paid a swift visit to my armpits, another highly erotic zone of mine. I sighed in sweet contentment. For somebody who had no knowledge of my language, he sure knew how to make my body talk.

Badpuppy Model - Teodor

I lay there passively and let him do all the work. After all Iíd been taking all the initiative so far. The wait was worth it. Soon I felt his nose nuzzling my dick, and his mouth opening to take it between his lips. He sort of chewed it gently through the cotton of my briefs, and then worked his way in there slowly and surely with his tongue. All without actually pulling my pants down. It was incredible, I can tell you. Absolutely out of this world. Iíve never been licked to a climax before. Iíve been blown, and Iíve been sucked and fucked, but never licked by a sly, slithery, slathering Slavic tongue under a foreign sky, deep in a wood. And all the time I was willing myself not to come because I so wanted to fuck him. But while the spirit is often willing the flesh is always weak. It felt so good and his hands were here, there, and everywhere and I never wanted him to stop.

The next thing I knew my body was shuddering convulsively, and I was tearing at his hair and screaming grateful obscenities. All this while he was using his teeth to tear off my Calvins and drink the cum that was spurting out of my dick. I felt like a real asshole and wondered how long Iíd have to wait now to get in his pants. Even so, it was great lying there in the sun and making love in broad daylight. We ate some apples and drank from a stream, and then he picked up my camera and took my photo. I wanted one of him too. I indicated for him to undo the buttons of his shirt and it fell provocatively off his shoulders. Then he took it off completely.

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Now Iím the type thatís usually turned on by muscles, but Zesarís slender body really did it for me. There was something really attractive about his slim torso. I wanted to see the rest. I mean small guys often have great dicks. As if he could read my mind, he began to undo his belt and I took a few crotch shots. Then he looked over his shoulder to make sure no one was coming, and let the jeans fall to the ground. The shy way he did this gave him a really vulnerable look which contrasted nicely with the hardening dick in his hand. I took some really great shots of that too. Then one thing led to another, he became excited about being photographed in the nude, and before I could stop him, began to jerk off. So as he spilled his juice, I put my camera to good use. By then my softened dick was beginning to show signs of life and I wanted to get some more action. But Zesar was already down at the stream washing himself, so I contented myself with that spectacle.

Badpuppy Model - Teodor

We continued our walk through the wood and came to a kind of woodchopperís cottage. He knew where the key was, and by the photos on the wall and the general feel of the place, I knew it must belong to his father or something. He made me some coffee and there was some cake in a tin. There was also a surprise in store for me too. He drew me towards the bed and raised his butt to me. Naturally I knew what he wanted me to do. This time I had no problem opening his belt and getting him out of his jeans, and in no time at all I was where I had wanted to be since I first set eyes on him. His ass was firm and tight and I had a feeling that anally he might still be a virgin, so I went easy on him at first. However he was obviously hungry for all the meat I could give him and opened his butt and sucked me in there. As his tight little ass began to squirm with pleasure and beg for more, my dick seemed to get bigger and harder than the axe on the wall. I chopped my callous way into him till Iíd ground his butt to sawdust.

It was all over too soon. We looked at each other sadly when we got back to town. I so wanted to tell him that he was more than just a fuck to me, but I think he realized that. Before we parted, he handed me his bracelet to remember him by. I had some great photos of him, too. I wanted to send them but I didnít. I had second thoughts about it. It wouldnít have been diplomatically correct.


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